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Aftermath Kirenex Assault AEG Airsoft Rifle

Aftermath Kirenex Assault AEG Airsoft Rifle

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NOTE: The manual for the AfterMath guns states that you should charge your battery up to 11 hours. This incorrect and will result in an overcharge of the battery that may damage your gun and ruin the batteries 'memory.' On your first charge it is recommended to charge the battery for 4 hours maximum and any charges after should only be 2-3 hours. The easiest ways to make sure your battery is charged fully is to purchase a Universal Smart Charger or simply feel the battery and when it's warm to the touch it is close to being fully charged and should be unplugged.

The Aftermath Kirenex is the embodiment of the M4 S-System. Allowing it to have a fully tactical RIS fore grip that flips open to reveal the battery connection and storage with no modification is a huge plus. The LE tube stock locks in three positions with the buffer tube being strictly metal and the stock being compromised of the colored OD poly plastic allowing it to be light and functional. The top mount RIS (Rail Interface System) runs along the length of the gun allowing you to place any optic, where ever and when ever on the gun with ease. The external barrel %100 metal and allows you to house a 363mm internal barrel giving you the accuracy that is needed for those long range shot.

The Kirenex allows you to get a gun that can not be beat in its price bracket and style, with power and a 30 day warranty!

Features :
Metal Gear Box System
Metal Skeletal Frame with ABS Plastic
Full Length Receiver RIS Rail
Adjustable RIS Rails on Fore Grip
Flip Up Adjustable Rear and Front Sight
High Torque Motor
Adjustable Hop-up System
LE Three Point Collapsible Tactical Stock
Upgradeable with Tokyo Marui Parts
Compatible with Most Major Brands of Magazines
30 Day Warranty Through the Manufacturer

Body Components: ABS Plastic with Metal Skeleton
Mechbox Type: Version 2
Bushings: Plastic
Spring Guide: Plastic
Overall Length: 33.46 Inches
External Barrel: Metal
Inner Barrel Length: 363mm
Motor Type: Long Shaft Type Motor
Hop Up: Adjustable
Fire Mode: Semi & Full Auto
Gun Weight: 7.5 Pounds
Muzzle Velocity: 380 FPS with .20 gram BBs
Front Sight: Flip Up Adjustable Horizontal
Rear Sight: Flip Up Adjustable Windage
Effective Range: 175 Feet
Battery Pack Size: Small Pack with Mini-Tamiya Connector

Package includes:
Kirenex AEG Airsoft Rifle, Manual, Fore Grip, 300 Round High Capacity Magazine, 8.4v 1200mAh Batter and Charger.

We recommend only using high quality .20g and .25g BBs for higher performance, better accuracy and to prolong the life of your gun.

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  • ManufacturerAftermath
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Barrel StyleSmooth
  • MechanismAEG
  • UseSkirmishing
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Aftermath Kirenex Assault AEG Airsoft Rifle
4.5 Stars based on 58 Review(s)
airsoft 5
5 Stars

February 13, 2011

3 Stars

January 16, 2011
pros:decent accuracy and rof, rail space cons: its pretty heavy, battery is hard to get in, stock is very wobbly

football player 12
5 Stars

real gun
January 3, 2011
this gun is sweet i love how this gun is olive drab green and black it provides great protection when i am whering my camo. the waight of the gun makes it feel real. i love the fact that it switches to semi and fully-automatic so fast for different needs when in combat. the only thing i do not like about this gun is that its battery position is more to the front pushing the front down at more of a 40 degree angle instead of a 50 degree angle it seams that where ever you shoot it it shoots 10 degrees under where you want to shoot it so i suggest that you shoot about 10 degrees higher of where you want to hit your target. but this gun has great fps. it even looks and has the feal of a real m4. one thing i love about this gun is that it shoots very fast then if some one is coming up on you you have the ability to make it semi auto again and hit the person more accurate. i have bought a couple of walmart and dicks sporting goods guns but they stink and do no good but with this gun it makes me want to stick with aftermath forever. this gun could be the difference of winning and losing a match with your friends.

5 Stars

Kirenex M4 Carbine
December 20, 2010
Awesome gun! Shot great from the box. I've put a 9.6 v battery on it and a 6.03mm tightbore barrel and it shoots like a charm. I can hit 4" circle from about 30-50 yards now. Great buy!

5 Stars

August 21, 2010
super accurate and powerful. very nice.

5 Stars

July 16, 2010
i love this gun

Josh DLR
5 Stars

Aftermath Kirenex AEG
June 6, 2010
i've had this gun for a year now and it is great! it is perfect for closequarter field/indoor battles! it has a wonderful realism and has plenty of tactical rails for what is needed. it is just a little off on accuracy if on full auto you can see a spray of bb's about a foot in with but other than that it is PERFECT!

5 Stars

acurate ,hurting gun
May 10, 2010
when i first got this gun i had to get in a war so i did and my freinds dad was crying and he loved it and i said go get one then and he did and made me cry this gun is great!!!!!!

Ethan V
5 Stars

April 24, 2010
amazing gun hasnt failed me yet droped it over charged it (accidents) still going good awesome gun

Andrew corvera
5 Stars

Best gun ever
February 27, 2010
I just bought this gun it is amazing how acurate this gun is and it's heavy and feels very real and looks real too and all my friends love it too.

4 Stars

Great Gun
February 25, 2010
This is a really good gun when I first started using it some bbs were not coming out and I had to wind it often. But still great gun recomend it.

5 Stars

Cool, heavy,and awesome
January 28, 2010
I love the Hop-Up system. Powerful, accurate, easy to assembly, and capability to install all kinds of accessories. But still some defects. Cause place of battery, weight of this gun is too focus on front barrel. It's harder for user to aim. The mount is hard to parallel laser pointer with trajectory. However, i still give this gun 5 star. After all, the price is really awesome compared to retail

5 Stars

Cool, heavy, awesome
January 27, 2010
I love the Hop-Up system. Powerful, accurate, easy to assembly, and capability to install all kinds of accessories. But still some defects. Cause place of battery, weight of this gun is too focus on front barrel. It's harder for user to aim. The mount is hard to parallel laser pointer with trajectory. However, i still give this gun 5 star. After all, the price is really awesome compared to retail

airsoft gun crazy
5 Stars

amzaing gun
January 22, 2010
this gun is great for ppl just get in airsoft and has been in airsoft it has mostly metal parts not many plastic parts shoot's 380 fps real good for cqb and field i would recmend this airsoft gun to anyone

big o
5 Stars

carson ca
January 16, 2010
this gun is totaly awsome.i will highly recomend it.

5 Stars

freakin awesome
January 8, 2010
i love this gun it owns my friends dpms s-system and it cost him almost 300 dollers thank you airgun depot

5 Stars

great gun
January 5, 2010
i got this gun 2 and a half months ago and it is great. hasnt failed me yet. i would highly recomend this gun to every one and it feels wieght wise very realistic to the real thing. i have handled an ar15 an ar 10(original verson of the sr25) and m4 and they fell almost identical.

5 Stars

Worth every penny
December 30, 2009
This has to be one of the best guns Ive used. Its very accurate and its heavy weight so it feels realistic. 380 fps is as good as it gets.

The Raw
5 Stars

The Best M4 ever made
December 26, 2009
I just got this gun yesterday,and let me tell you its the one this gun is a beast.this gun is very impressive compared to the one my friend got,he spent around $300.00 on that gun and its not nearly as good as this gun.I'd say this gun shoots around 400fps,and the hop up is sweet fully adjustable to pro upgrades.the baterry dies not so fast its normal,reccomend u use .20 gram bbs for gorgeouse performance. this gun is an A you need to get this gun ooorraahh.
5 Stars

best gun eva
December 25, 2009
this gun is beast it fires heca fast but i did have some problems with the thing that pops down when you pull the bolt also the straps mount snapped of this gun is like my sniper rifle (tsd m700 "430 fps" upgraded customly) in full auto you should get this gun no matter what

5 Stars

Best Gun on the Market
December 1, 2009
This has got to be the best gun around. All my friends have bought airsoft guns that are hundreds of dollars, but this one takes the cake. This gun shoots harder than 380fps more like 420fps and it is extremely accurate. Hop up is great, and the gun feels very realistic. If you are unhappy with the smaller 300 round magazine, you can always buy any type of m4/m16 clip and it will fit perfectly. This gun is super reliable. I've had mine for almost a year and I've had tons of wars and its never failed me. Seriously buy it! Best gun

5 Stars

Great gun works great
November 30, 2009
This gun is a great gun for people that are pro or starter's. I would recommend this airsoft gun for anyone.

5 Stars

great. but needs work
August 22, 2009
Its a great gun. Looks awesome. Dead accurate. But would be helpful is aftermath sold extra clips for the gun and if the battery didnt die so fast. Id suggest using only semi when in wars or ull be out of the game with a dead battery fast.

5 Stars

cool gun
August 14, 2009
This is a great gun. I just got it and it kicks butt. GT THIS!!!!!!!

5 Stars

get this
August 4, 2009
awsome gun i lovet

5 Stars

July 25, 2009
this gun is so frekin kool i thought it would do ok but damn it is way better than ok

5 Stars

Awesome gun
July 20, 2009
This gun is my first and will probably be my last because its so good. The whole gun just "fits".

Dirty S / G
4 Stars

July 5, 2009
I bought this gun on sale at $149 and think it was a Steal. I have had no issues with it jaming up. I have been playing against guys using $300-400 guns and have been keeping up with them. Before reading the gun specs here I had figured it"s effective range to be 170ft. Here they say 175ft. I am using a BSA Red Dot sight and the 5000 round powered amo box and assume a roll of Sniper / heavy gunner. The rate of fire is 700-800 rpm so if you get the box for this one plan on getting a second battery.

5 Stars

June 19, 2009
this gun is great and i got it today. This gun kicks ass! i went into a battle this gun. it was the best of all the guns. GET THIS!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

June 4, 2009
with this gun you own the battle and a for great price the only down side is the shell isnt metal but all the internals and moving parts are metal and you can get a bunch of accories buy this gun

5 Stars

goog gun
May 18, 2009
I have the gun and I have to say it is pretty inpresive after all I just got it yesterday

Dirty Harry
5 Stars

February 28, 2009
this gun rocks for the price! it works with my classic army an ics m4 mags im ok with the shell bein plastic but the spring guide and bushings should be metal

Steve Burns
5 Stars

good gun
February 11, 2009
Its a good a gun, realistic, accurate, and for a real good price. It's a bit heavy and the batterys tough to get in but thats easy to fix. Good Rifle i would recomend it.

5 Stars

great gun
February 4, 2009
great gun... heavy...... very acurate very good gun after adding atachments

3 Stars

pretty good
January 27, 2009
good gun bad motor

Hockey Nut
5 Stars

December 30, 2008
My friend got the kraken, which is a good gun but mine is better. The Kirenex shoots harder, it's more accurate and it looks sweet. Get this gun!!!

5 Stars

December 29, 2008
great gun, also very accurate

Bruse smith
5 Stars

November 26, 2008
WOW...all that need to be said

5 Stars

its great!!
November 16, 2008
omg this airsoft rocks! can do 65 rounds in under 4-5 seconds. I suggest u get the 9.6 v battery for this because the one that comes with this is only 8.4 and it wont last as long. all in all ITS GREAT get it!!

Dave F
5 Stars

New to Airsoft.
November 14, 2008
I'm new to airsofting. The guys at Air Gun Depot really helped me make a great decision. This gum fit my budget and performs great. So far I've had no issues and have really enjoyed this gun. I havent had it chronoed yet, but based on range and accuracy I'd guess it fairly close to the advertised 380 to 400 fps. I put a NexStar Red Dot on mine and it's dead on accurate between 20 and 60 yards. Great for CQB and short range open engagements. I can't say enough about the great service I've recieved form Dustin. Air Gun Depot will be my only source for Airsoft equipment from now on...

5 Stars

Real airsoft gun
October 28, 2008
this is a real airsoft gun! Almost all metal parts many moving parts too. I got this gun and my brother got the Broxa (mine is better) bigger, stronger,tougher you name it!

bacons brother
5 Stars

Bacons Brother
August 14, 2008
i havent gotten shot since i have this baby!!

kenny mclean
1 Stars

it sucks
August 8, 2008
this is th e worst gun i ever bought it always jams and the metal parts suck. i hate it so much!!!!!!!

4 Stars

August 7, 2008
380 fps not true its more around 320 and thats with .20 gr it works good it needs an aftermarket battery cause the one that it comes with but it feels good and works well all my freinds are jelous

5 Stars

Airsoft AEG Rifle- Aftermath Kirenex Assault Rifle Full Auto
January 27, 2008
It's awesome

5 Stars

Good gun
December 27, 2007
Very good gun great for people just geting into to metal gear boxes. awsome for CQB battles.

4 Stars

Fine firearm with mass verseatility
December 23, 2007
The gun is extremely heavy and considerably loud. But the speed, accuracy, look, feel and performance of gun is superb to most in it's class. A fine gun and extremely powerful. I would reccomend this gun only to serious airsoft connosuers. --------------------------------------------------------------- Gun uses a lot of enrgy and is a massive strain on battery, it is sugested to have more than one battery and kept fully charged at all times.

5 Stars

December 9, 2007
it's great, the power and accuracy are excelent

the guy
5 Stars

M4 system
December 2, 2007
strong, good for .20 bb, good and sturdy

5 Stars

AfterMath rules
October 30, 2007
Grate and awsome gun for price. It's rate of fire is spectacularly fast. Lost of metal parts jus a few plastic ones. Very High quality. Still no broken parts. Very acturate in fully and semi auto. Grate for stray cats and birds. A full mag last's a long time. Lots of moving parts makes it seem even more real. p.s a realy cool gun!!!!!!!

5 Stars

Best gun yet
October 22, 2007
This has gotta be the best gun that you can get for your money. You'd have to treat it like complete crap for it to break and it still shouldnt break. If you are in a firefight with someone, turn on full auto for 2 or 3 seconds and they're gone. Its got excellent accuracy too.

Airsoft Pro
1 Stars

October 20, 2007
Gun is full metal body, but everything else breaks really easy. Gears strip if you hold full auto down more than 4 sec. and it is highly inaccurate compared to Tokyo Mauri.

airsoft beast
5 Stars

excellent beginner gun
September 29, 2007
I was surprised by the rate of rife fps and accuracy of this gun. The gearbox is full metal along with most of the guns internals which is great. Important!! 370 fps is with .12 gram pellets which only a complete tard would put into an aeg. It will ruin your piston and the accuracy will be awful. I get around 330fps with twenties. The only problems i had with my gun were that while the iron sights were fine my rail was extremely crooked and when I was screwing on this little thing that comes with the gun that lets you put a sling on the part you screw in broke off and is now stuck in my side rail!! But no biggy. Good gun

5 Stars

the all seeing man
September 17, 2007
i bought this gun for fun and i love it. Dont by the cheap spring guns get the good one like this one. i power is great i let my mom shoot me in the butt and i still have the welt. BUY THIS GUN IT IS TOTLY AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

August 17, 2007
i know this gun is awsome i bought it a while ago for $150 i like metal barrel and gears are awsome plastic side not so cool but thats what you get with around $150. don't get me wrong this is the coolest gun i own definitely buy it. p.s hasnt broke buy buy buy buy!

5 Stars

great gun for great price
August 12, 2007
it has awesome accuracy for any AEG. It packs a bigger punch than more expensive Tokyo Marui models

4 Stars

After Math Kierenex
July 27, 2007
Good fire power and very acurate in semi and auto modes. It might jam but if it does it is usually the battery. All in all it is a good gun for your money.

Dan Carver
5 Stars

Aftermath Kirenex
July 4, 2007
excellent firepower, long lasting batterypack, suprisingly accurate in semi-auto

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