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Benjamin Trail NP®, .22 cal

Hardwood Stock and CenterPoint 3-9X40mm AO Scope

Benjamin Trail NP®, .22 cal

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  • Code: BT9M22WNP · 0.22 cal · 950 fps ·
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Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood- .22 Cal- 950 FPS

This Trail NP rifle features a hardwood stock. This rugged breakbarrel boasts an impressive 23 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, providing for 16% more downrange energy than .177 caliber and a velocity up to 950 fps. Independent research by Intertek found that Nitro Piston technology reduces noise by 70% during the shot cycle comparted with traditional steel spring break-barrels!

With Nitro Piston Technology
70% Less Noise then the competitor’s “quiet” break barrel
Gas Piston Technology uses Nitrogen as the power source, instead of a steel Spring
Dramatically reduces felt recoil by eliminating the "double hit" and "spring torque" of a steel spring
Quicker lock time leads to increased accuracy
Hardwood Ambidextrous Stock w/Thumbhole Grip
Integral Rail Mounting System – make mounting optics quick and easy
Sling Mount and Swivel Studs Included
Includes CenterPoint 3-9x40mm with adjustable objective and Mil-Dot reticle


  • Model Number- BT9M22WNP
  • Power Source- Nitro Piston
  • Caliber-.22 Caliber
  • Velocity- up to 950 fps
  • Weight (oz)- 8lbs.
  • Length (in)- 43 inches
  • Barrel Material- Bull Barrel

Benefits of the Nitro Piston vs. Spring Piston:

  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring

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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity950 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Barrel StyleRifled- Break Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight6.65
  • Overall Length43
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismGas piston
  • OpticsVariable / 1 inch Tube
  • RailWeaver Mount
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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By Benka László from Hungary on December 13, 2011
Transported to Hungary?
By Staff on December 29, 2011

Sorry but we do not ship to Hungary

By Peter from mill valley on August 18, 2012
What settings should I set the center point scope to? ...
By Staff on August 21, 2012

It really depends on how far away your shooting, what type of pellets, if the wind is blowing and how hard, etc...

By Strshp1 from Washington State on June 16, 2012
How does this rifle compare to a Crosman Nitro Venom .22 cal. Noise is a big factor. I can't make up my mind which one to purchase. The Benjamin Regal is another one that I am considering.
Thank You,

By Conor from Sunnyside, Washington on August 15, 2012

The Benjamin Trail NP, the Regal, and the Venom have the same loudness, and roughly the same powerplants, but this will be the best of the three. It has a weaver rail, thumbhole stock, etc.

By xavier from mexico,veracruz on January 4, 2012
can this rifle ship to mexico?(due is NP)
By Staff on January 9, 2012

I am sorry but we do not ship to Mexico.
By Staff on January 9, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For question about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

By Michael O' Callaghan from Cork,Ireland on January 5, 2012
Do you need a license to purchase this item
By Staff on January 9, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For question about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

By hunter from wellsville pa on December 1, 2011
Is there a difference other than fps in the benjamin trail 1100
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 3, 2012

The XL series is longer, heavier and harder to shoot since the fps is up there.
By Carter from Sunnyside, WA on February 11, 2012

Yes, it weighs more, harder to shoot since the recoil is harder, but hits with a lot more punch.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

Yes, it is bigger, more powerful, harder to cock, and heavier.

By terry from big piney wy on May 31, 2012
By Staff on June 1, 2012

It sounds like the gun may be defective or need some tightening at the joint.
If you can tighten it yourself, that should fix the problem. If you cannot, feel free to contact our returns department through the link on our website (if you are within your return period with us).
If you are not within your 30 day return period with us and you cannot fix it yourself, The manufacturer may be able to help you. (Crosman)

By ross Caldera from san diego, ca on June 20, 2012
Is it possible to get a pellet gun with night scope?
By Staff on August 15, 2012

When you say night scope are you referring to the Gamo Night Hunter Kit- Incl 3-9x40 Scope, New Mount, Laser and Flashlight? Most pellet guns do not come with that scope. There are a few Gamo guns that come with that scope. Most scopes come in the box with the pellet rifle but not attached.

By nick from CA on April 7, 2012
what are some good ammo choices that i can get for this gun?
By Gene from Chandler, AZ on April 12, 2012

Well, I have the 950 fps version. Within 60 yards the Crossman Hollow points at 500 ct or the Benjamin Discovery Hollow points are a good choice. They are about 14.4 gr. and you can't beat the price. They seem to fly well and have good expansion. I have better accuracy with a heavier pellet like JSB Diablo 18.1 gr or even the Beeman Kodiack 21.14 grain.....they are really on the heavy side. Both fly well but the velocity is diminished. Regardless, they hit hard and do the job. Inertia makes up for the loss on FPS. I like round points over hollow points for hunting. For plinking, I shoot whatever is cheap, but I sight my rifles in with what I hunt with. I think the JSB Diablo 18.1 gr are a good choice for this gun.
By Bill from Saint Charles, Illinois on April 12, 2012

I have had my Benjamin Trail NP for a couple of months and intend to use it for squirrel shooting. I have been using Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets and have been impressed with the accuracy. I can hit the center of a soda can consistently from 40 yards which is sufficient accuracy to solve my squirrel problem.
By Kelly R. from Southern CA. on April 12, 2012

The best ammo I have used for good grouping shots a 25 yards is JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy 25 gr.
For just pinking But still good grouping at 25 yards I use Crosman Premier Hollow Points.
Dont use light ammo under 14 gr. It just flys every were but were your amming.
Enjoy your new gun it is my favorited pellet gun.

By John Campbell from Avoca,PA on November 17, 2011
Is this set up for left hand shooters or is it only right handed????
By mrkaether from Wisconsin on November 21, 2011

With the Benjamin TrailNP having a central forward/back trigger safety and a ambidextrous stock(right-left same) this gun fits both right and left hand shooters very well. In comparison some other rifles may have right/left favored cheek rests,safeties and actions.
By Ryan from Muscatine, IA on November 21, 2011

The entire gun, including the raised cheek rest on the stock, is symmetrical and therefore ambidextrous.
By Denver D. from Lebanon, TN on November 21, 2011

I am right handed but have problems with my right eye. I found by shooting left handed it increased
my score considerably. So I consider the weapon to be pretty much ambidextrous. I use it both ways.

By Mohammed Jamil from Chicago, Illinois on June 2, 2012
I recently bought this sniper and I noticed that the scope is not straight because when I try to hit a target it usually fails to hit where I am aiming.

By Tom Brandt from Stevens Point, Wi on December 3, 2011
I note it does not have an adjustable trigger--How do you describe its trigger action
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 3, 2012

I think it is adjustable, but not very much. It is very bad quality, creepy and somewhat hard.....
By Carter from Washington on February 11, 2012

Slow and hard. :)
By Todd from CA on May 30, 2012

It is adjustable, but the screw supplied is too short, probably for legal/safety reasons. Try a 4-40 x 1/2", that will give you the full adjustment the trigger was designed for, just be careful because now you can adjust it down so light it will fire all by itself w/o warning. I have mine set just enough to be safe, and combined with a lightened (bent to weaken it) trigger return spring, it's turned a pathetic lawyer trigger into the trigger it was designed to be, which is actually very good! It's not match grade or anything, but it's better and lighter than any firearm I've shot and certainly better than I could've asked for. So don't settle with it as-is, and don't waste your time buying an aftermarket trigger either.

By randy from worthington mn on April 10, 2012
if this rifle is nitrogen charged does it require a compressed cartridge of some sort
By Staff on April 13, 2012

The Benjamin trail is a break barrel rifle so you simply pull the barrel down and that will cock the gun and provide all the firing power.

By Doug Hill from Madison, Alabama on November 20, 2011
This gun appears to be the same gun that Wal-Mart sells. The one at Wal-Mart is a Benjamin Trail with the same basic specs. It also has the word Titan GP on the box. The model #'s are not the same, but simular.
This one - Mod.#- BT9M22WNP
Wal-Mart - Mod.# BW8M22NP Does any-one know the difference? Is ther one?
By Staff on November 25, 2011

This is the same gun they sell at WalMart

Check out all the positive reviews for this refurbished model. Great gun for the money. If you want to spend more for a nicer rifle the Trail NP is a great choice.
By mrkaether from Wisconsin on November 24, 2011

Although the TitanGP looks like a TrailNP they are different.
Cost: TitanGP=$150
TrailNP =$250
Why, The TitanGP has lower quality included scope and scope rail than TrailNP.
The TitanGP does not have full shrouded barrel(more flex) TrailNP full shroud(less flex).
The TitanGP is shorter in length than TrailNP
Overall the the TitanGP has some differences than TrailNP but its still a great Youth/smaller shooter rifle.
The TitanGP also makes for a great "1st rifle" for someone looking for a good shooter under $200

By Uncle Rog from Atlanta, Ga on June 7, 2012
Does anyone know of a great bipod to put on this that would not interfere with the cocking?
By Conor from Sunnyside, Washington on August 15, 2012

If you put a bipod on that clamps onto the barrel, it'll work. Just make sure you put it forward enough.

By Matthew from new jersey on December 8, 2011
what should i get benjamin trail np hardwood or benjamin trail np xl im 14 and not the tallest kid so i dont want a hudge gun but i need one for hunting with my dad ???
By Douglas from Overland Park, KS on December 23, 2011

I own both the N P Hardwood in 22 and the N P XL 1100. Both are excellent guns. The N P XL is over 9 lbs and one of the longest air rifles available. I hunt with my N P Hardwood and target shoot with the XL 1100. I am an experienced hunter, over 46 years, 6 feet 200 lbs. Both are equally accurate and well made. Also, the leverage needed to cock the XL is greater than the N P Hardwood. As you mention you don't want a huge gun, the XL is huge by pellet gun standards. It's as heavy as my heavy barrelled Weatherby Varmit Rifles. Doug V
By Jeremy from Baton Rouge , Louisiana on December 23, 2011

Benjamin trail np .22 is everything you need, the xl is heavier and longer and since you arent tall that would be too much to carry. The np .22 is powerful and choice!
By Dave from Madison Wi on December 24, 2011

I really love this gun and it has plenty of power to take down most small game. I find it is very easy to carry around in the woods and pretty easy to cock once you get it broke in.
By john from mich on December 24, 2011

Have you held the benjamin trail np hardwood or benjamin trail np xl?
So the weight of the gun and balace is going to be with you until you grow into it.(I would focus on how you feel about the Weight & balance)
Hard to make that call for you sorry!
By jeff from Bartlett TN on December 26, 2011

I would go with the hardwood. The stock is a bit shorter. I'm an average size man and the XL feels a bit long for me. Also, don't be too impressed with the XL's stats. The hardwood is easier to cock and STILL has all the knock down power you will need. If you are planning to use it as a hunter, go with the .22 version. I have been dropping squirrels for months with mine without any problem. Make sure you scrub and polish the bore right out of the box so you can start grouping pretty much right away.
By Dave from Kansas City Missouri on December 27, 2011

I got the Hardwood and it is amazing. I'm 6'1" and it fits me perfect but my wife really likes shooting it as well and she is only 5'3". We got it zero'd in within 25 shots and can now shoot a 1" group at 30 yards pretty easily. It is a really quiet gun as well and i think the .22 caliber is going to be really nice for hunting as well. The scope on the Hardwood is really nice as well and very easy to use. Happy shooting..
By forrestdad from felton, CA on December 29, 2011

I do not know about the benjamin trail np xl but I got the Benjamin Trail NP Hardwood .22 Cal Air Rifle and am satisfied with it. The scope needs to be Zeroed in but all the tools needed to do so came with the rifle. at 35' I can get 2" groups. which is fine for squirrel or quail. I have only put only 40 rounds through it so far others have stated that it may take 500-1000 rounds to tighten up the groups (though I did run a Bore Snake and cleaning oil through it straight out of the box). The cocking is easy and smooth, but the gun comes with the trigger adjusted so that there is ALOT of travel (1/2-3/4") though the manual says that the trigger pull can be adjusted so I am sure that can also be remedied. One last thing that surprised me was the muzzle noise. It doesnot bother me that much but for a rifle that is touted as being so quiet, there will be no silent sniping with this rifle. substantially quieter that a .22 rim fire rifle but much louder than my old .177 10 pump Crossman pellet gun. over all I like the look and feel of the gun the sling is substantial and very adjustable. construction and finish are good and tight. I would recommend this to anyone willing to put the time into tuning something that should be good enough to pass down a generation or two. hope that helps

By Joseph Rusenko from Allentown,Pa on May 19, 2012
how much force is needed to cock this rifle?
By Staff on May 21, 2012

this rifle requires about 30-35 lbs cocking effort.
By Staff on May 21, 2012

this rifle requires about 30-35 lbs cocking effort.

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