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"Write About What You Love" Contest- Here's the Winners!

Thanks to all who participated in our Product Description Submission Contest!

Congratulations to Jordan Calder for submitting the winning entry. Jordan submitted several quality entries so thanks again! For his efforts, Jordan will receive two RWS 350 Feurerkraft Air Rifles, valued at $600! Though he submitted several good entries, the description below was voted the best overall. Here is his GRAND PRIZE WINNING product description:

Walther Falcon Hunter- 25 Cal

The Walther Falcon Hunter is one serious hunting rifle. Lets break down this gun from barrel to butt stock.


The Falcon Hunter features a Mossy Oak Camo synthetic stock. The stock is very high quality and attractive. Synthetic stocks tend to be lighter than their wood counterparts, but the hefty Falcon Hunter weighs in at just over 8 lbs (slightly less than one of its competitors- the Gamo Hunter Extreme). Overall, the Walther Falcon Hunter is well balanced and comfortable to shoot. It also has a nice vented butt pad that is adjustable, and a raised cheek piece for added comfort.

The Falcon Hunter has also received a stock upgrade in recent months. Most Airgunners refer to it as the 2 screw stock as opposed to the 4 screw stock. The new two screw stocks have the SAS (shock absorber system) installed. This new system helps prevent the scope mounts from coming loose due to vibration. The way it works is it directs the vibration back towards the shooter rather than up into the scope. This is a feature usually reserved for only top of the line rifles.

Barrel / Cocking:

The Falcon Hunter has a blued barrel with a compensator at the end which adds leverage for cocking ability. This rifle takes around 40 to 42 pounds of cocking effort which is respectable considering other air rifles in this class can take upwards of 60 lbs. Still, this is definitely an adult air rifle and will take an adult to cock the gun.

The Walther Falcon Hunter includes TruGlo fiber optic sights and you can adjust the rear sight for both windage and elevation. The sights are great if you prefer shooting with open sights rather than a scope.


The Falcon Hunter's trigger pull comes in at just over 5 lbs. It’s definitely not a competition trigger but it is respectable for hunting rifle like the Falcon Hunter. The newer .22 cal version of this rifle received a trigger upgrade (the Quattro Trigger) which is an adjustable two stage trigger, but the .25 cal has the original trigger.


A unique feature to this rifle is that is deploys a weaver mount rather than the usual 3/8 dovetail mounts found on most air rifles . The weaver mounting system makes mounting the scope much easier and allows for a much broader selection of optics that could be mounted to the gun. This package includes a 3-9X44 illuminated scope (blue) and weaver mounting rings. For low light conditions, consider purchasing a flashlight or laser sight as well. The weaver system allows for a quick change of optics or other accessories.


As with any air rifle velocity depends on several factors with weight of pellet being most significant. Other factors include temperature and altitude. Some sample velocities are listed below:

14.3 grain alloy pellet- 802 FPS
17 grain lead pellet- 775 FPS
24 grain lead pellet- 675 FPS
27.8 grain lead pellet- 650 FPS

If you are looking for a hunting air rifle for small to medium sized game at a great price, look no further than the Walther Falcon Hunter. -by Jordan Calter

Other Prize-Winning Entries

Below are a list of other winners that will receive a Crosman 1377C Air Pistol- close to a $40 value! We want to congratulate Jason Lindsey who submitted six great entries. We decided since Jason submitted six of the top 20 winning entries, and probably doesn't need six 1377Cs, we are upgrading his prize to a Brand New Walther Falcon Hunter .25 Cal Air Rifle. Jason put in a lot of work to make his entries stand out and he earned a prize upgrade for his combined efforts!

Here are the top 20 winning entries, in no particular order:

Crosman Brand Description

Crosman has been a leader in airguns since it's inception in 1923. Crosman offers a wide variety of shooting sports products including pellet guns, bb guns, airsoft guns, archery and includes other popular brands such as CenterPoint optics, Benjamin Sheridan and Remington. They also offer a wide variety of shooting accessories. The airgun line up at Crosman is one of the most diverse in the market. Crosman offers CO2 air guns, break barrel rifles both spring and Nitro piston powered, multi-pump pneumatic air guns, and pre-charged pneumatic air rifles and pistols. Crosman has developed some classic and groundbreaking products including the 1377 released in 1977, the Benjamin Discovery known as the first affordable PCP in 2008 and the vastly popular Benjamin Marauder in 2009. New for 2011 Crosman is offering another gun that is the first of it's kind. The Benjamin Rouge, and electronically controlled PCP big bore rifle capable of amazing air efficiency. Crosman is known for its high quality products and great customer service. This US company is an innovator that offers diverse choices of affordable quality products. If you are looking for an entry level gun, a competition gun, or even an extremely powerful adult hunting air gun Crosman has you covered.

-by Jason Lindsey

RWS Superdome Pellets

The RWS Superdome pellets is a high quality dome pellet. RWS offers it's Superdome pellet in three caliber choices .177, .22, and .25. The .177 caliber Superdome weighs in at 8.3g, the .22 caliber version weighs in at 14.5g and the .25 caliber pellet weighs in at 31g. The Superdome offers a dome head for long range accuracy and increased hunting performance.

The Superdome also offers something many other pellets lack, a substantial pellet skirt. Many other pellets in this class offer thin skirts that are very fragile. The skirt on the Superdome is durable and does not distort easily with normal handling. Damaged skirts can decrease accuracy so this feature helps with more consistent accuracy. The Superdome is made from a soft lead. This offers substantial deformation upon impact giving the pellet superb performance on game. While offering good deformation, penetration is also quite adequate. In testing with multiple pellets I have found that the .22 caliber RWS Superdome pellets have been very accurate and quite deadly on many types of small to medium sized quarry. If you have not tried the RWS Superdome pellets in your air gun you are missing out on one of the best pellets out there.

--by Jason Lindsey

Crosman 1377C Air Pistol

The Crosman 1377 is a classic air gun that has a huge following. The first variant of the 1377 hit the market in 1977 and it has been going strong ever since. The 1377 is a multi-pump single shot air gun that in stock form is rated up to 600fps and is available in .177 caliber. The 1377 is highly customizable with aftermarket parts ranging from slight power or cosmetic modifications to full custom guns that are hardly recognizable as a 1377. My 1377C from Airgun Depot has been a wonderful addition to my air gun collection. I bought this gun because I remembered how much I loved my 1322 from my youth. This gun is just as much fun as I remember. I use my 1377 for plinking and frog hunting with my son. It is powerful enough that I have even taken a squirrel with it. For anyone wanting to get into air guns for a reasonable price the Crosman 1377 is a great starting point and I would highly recommend it. The 1377 is a very versatile gun that can grow with you.

-by Jason Lindsey

Crosman Titan .22 Cal Air Rifle

The Crosman Titan is one of the best values in air rifles today. The .22 caliber version of the Titan spits out 14.3g pellets at around 715 fps. This has proven to be plenty of power for squirrels, crows, and starlings. I have even taken a possum at 26 yards with my Titan. One shot and he was down. The Titan is also capable of very good accuracy. It is more accurate than I am. I can easily shoot dime size groups at 20 yards, and in the hands of a better marksman I am sure that the gun is capable of much more.

Unlike spring rifles the Nitro piston allows the gun to be left cocked for long periods of time with no ill effects. The Nitro piston is also said to have a longer life expectancy than springs. I have several thousand rounds through my Titan and I enjoy it more every time I shoot it.

The gun can benefit from a scope upgrade. The stock scope is serviceable and is what I used for several months but with a gun of this quality it deserves a better mil-dot adjustable magnifications scope.

I have highly suggested this rifle and will continue to use it as a great hunter/plinker. I have taken countless game with mine from possums to cicada's (cicada's taken at 16 yards) this gun can do it all and it can do it at a very attractive price point.

-by Jason Lindsey

Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle

The Daisy Powerline 880 is Daisy's best selling multi-pump pneumatic air rifle and it is easy to see why. The 880 was introduced in 1972 as Daisy's first adult powered pneumatic air gun and was an immediate hit. This fantastic rifle shoots both BB's and pellets and is rated at 750 fps with BB's and 715 fps with pellets. The 880 is accurate with it's rifled barrel and is suitable for target practice, small game hunting, and pest control at close distances. It has plenty of power to kill cans and targets or squirrels and starlings with proper shot placement. As a young boy I recall looking at my grandpa's 880 from the early 1980's and wishing I could have such a cool, powerful gun. Now I do and I was able to purchase it for a very reasonable price. The Daisy 880 is one of the best values in multi-pump pneumatic air guns. The 880 is light, easy to pump, and a joy to shoot. For an all around fun gun you can't go wrong with the Daisy 880.

-by Jason Lindsey

Leapers Golden Image 4X32 Scope

The Leapers 4x32 Mil-dot scope is a great value is scopes. It offers very clear optics and finger adjustable turrets. The scope is shockproof, fog proof, and rainproof. Unlike many scopes in this price range this scope can be used on heavy recoiling springers. This scope a great hunting scope when simplicity is desired. The clear optics and mil-dot reticle help to increase accuracy. The 4x set power offers quick target acquisition and enough magnification to easily find your mark. If you are looking for a superb scope for a value price look no further. The leapers 4x32 mil-dot scope is just what you need.

-by Jason Lindsey

Gamo Carbine Sport Air Rifle

Do you want .177 cal immediate gratification? Then the Gamo Carbine Sport is the air rifle for you. The composite stock is forgiving of drops and scuffs while maintaining a solid and secure feel with properly placed rubber grips. Put this rifle to your shoulder and feel the positive grip that the rubber pads provide. Secure and solid describes this air gun. Whether plinking or eliminating varmints, this air rifle performs admirably. Take some time to properly sight in the scope and you will be the hero for the neighborhood when it comes to eliminating squirrels, turkeys, ibis or other noxious creatures on your property. This is a fun rifle for just plain target shooting, too.

-by Larry Miller

Crosman 2300T Competition Training Air Pistol

This product is a high end competition pistol, and it does indeed perform extremely well. This piece was obtained to help train a 7 year old and 11 year old girl in the art of handling guns. Because it was unnecessary to constantly cock the piece ( as in spring power ), or pump up pressure, we could focus on the techniques related to safe handling and target acquisition. Both girls came away from this experience with good feelings and new skills. They are looking forward to the next outing. The father of the girls was delighted with the outcome. We experienced no malfunctions or imperfect performance of this airgun. The sheer convenience and consistent target patterns provided by this airgun is greatly appreciated. Hats off to Crosman.

-by Ronald Berkman

Walther CP Sport Pellet Pistol

The CP Sport is a great CO2 pistol. In my experience, it is exceptionally "fuel efficient" and has a nice, predictable trigger pull. The pellets shoot at a consistent velocity for about 30 shots. After the first 30 shots, power drops slightly but still works great for putting holes in targets. Although I wouldn't recommend this pistol for small game hunting, it's definitely a lot of fun. One of the great features of this pistol is the ergonomics, the grip fits perfectly in the hand and lining up the sights comes without effort. This pistol lacks a blow-back action, but this results in high efficiency and great accuracy. The noise level is acceptable, fine for shooting even in suburban neighborhoods. Finally, I recommend using either hollow point or wadcutter pellets, they tend to maintain accuracy at longer ranges of 15 yards or more compared to pointed pellets, which tend to get larger groupings. You're just one rotary clip and a CO2 cartridge away from a few hours of fun, realistic can plinking.

-by Timothy Delany

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle in .25 and .22 cal

I’m proud to say that I own an “American Made” air rifle; The Benjamin Marauder. Benjamin manufactures one of the most affordable, accurate and powerful brands of air rifles anywhere. I own both the .25 and the .22 Marauder and they are everything you will find and more in the imported models that cost well over twice as much. When I go shooting with fellow air gunners using their imports, they know they have their work cut out for them. A superbly quiet, very well constructed rifle, the Marauder line out-classes them all. From the multi-shot magazine to the shrouded choked barrel, Benjamin is the first choice of air gunners here and around the world. Go first class; Go Benjamin.

-by Dave Cole

GAMO CFX Fixed Barrel Air Rifle

I have been shooting air rifles since I was a child and I've owned many different models over the years. The Gamo CFX is the most powerful, accurate, and solidly built air rifle I've ever owned. For the price point, I don't know of any other air rifle that can compete with it. I did a lot of research before I made my purchase and it really paid off. I primarily use my CFX to keep the squirrels and rabbits out of my garden and so far I've never had to take a second shot. One shot, one kill. Just for fun I also like to shoot targets with my CFX. The only problem that I have encountered is that I have to keep my distance or I will blow the back out of my pellet trap due to the high power of this gun. The CFX really packs a punch. In my opinion the CFX performs best when fed a round tip, medium weight pellet. This will give you good power, good accuracy, and long life for your rifle internals.

-by Andy Jones

Stoeger X50 Air Rifle

I've always felt a little too old to play with pellet guns, but after buying a Gamo pellet rifle for my father, I got the fever. I looked though all the reviews on line for the biggest bang for the buck, (finding it hard to justify dropping a few bills on myself, with the family and all), and happened upon the Stoeger X50 air rifle. Yes, I chose the Stoeger X50, not to be outdone by dear old dad's Gamo Big Cat, and let me be the first to say... WOW! I think I strained both biceps cocking that monster they call an air rifle the first time. As I steadied that solid steel barrel down on the beer can in the back yard and slowly squeezed the trigger, two things happened at the exact same time - My arm fell numb from the mule's kick that was the recoil (For reference, do hold this weapon tight to the shoulder), and the beer can didn't flinch. Yea, I thought I missed it until I walked over with unbelieving eyes and retrieved it. Hole in, hole out. No movement. I tried a quarter next from twenty feet. Oh yes, the quarter moved - and Washington's nose moved about a quarter inch deeper after I found it six feet past the hit. Need I say more?

-by Christopher A. Cox

Umarex Steel Storm Tactical Automatic BB Gun

SHREDDING your targets has never been this much FUN! Whether you are shooting cans, plastic bottles, or paper targets this fast action automatic bb gun will make short work of any of them! Steel bb's fly out at 430 fps in 6 round bursts in Full Auto mode, or Single Shot in Semi Auto. Two 12 gram CO2 cartridges power this gun sufficiently and easily with a drop-down magazine, but if you really want to expand on the experience of this automatic bb gun get the optional Bulk Adapter and a 20oz CO2 tank for LOADS of FUN! Once you have shot this Automatic bb gun Powerhouse you WILL find it hard to put down!

-by Richard Chaves

Benjamin 392 Air Rifle

The Benjamin 392 is an American Classic. Masterfully crafted from rich hardwood and solid brass, its sleek styling is matched only by its rugged reliability. It will shoot straight and last a lifetime. And with a design proven by over four decades of shooters, you can plan on passing this one on to the grand kids. This is the only gun you need. The versatile multi-pump powerhouse does it all: A few quick pumps and you’ve got a family favorite for back-yard plinking, target practice, even rodent control... but fully charge it, and you’ve got some serious hunting power! It can propel a .22 pellet at 685 ft/sec to cleanly take down small game; and with no spring to generate recoil, kill shots are easy. The Benjamin 392 is legendary. From the first “Model 342” produced by the Benjamin Sheridan Air Rifle Company in 1968, the design has remained an American-favorite for nearly half a century! And many of those old guns are still shooting today! If you appreciate quality construction, time-honored design and rich hardwood, grab your own Benjamin 392. Happy Hunting! Features: Multi-pump pneumatic (up to 8 pumps) Elegant hardwood stock w/ Monte Carlo comb Fully rifled brass barrel (finished in black) Smooth bolt-action loading Fully adjustable Rear sight (windage and elevation) Cross bolt safety

-by Joshua Dickey

Benjamin Trail NP Combo 22 cal

This Trail NP powerhouse by Benjamin will not only amaze you with its precision and power, it will awe you with its sleek good looks. The Benjamin Trail Nitro piston is packed with features, like the hardwood ambidextrous stock, the integral rail mount scope system, and it uses compressed nitrogen as a power source instead of compressing a spring. Airguns are changing with the times and this beauty is on the cutting edge. With the compressed nitrogen you get 70 percent less noise then a conventional spring break-barrel. It also functions far better in cold weather, is not affected by staying cocked for hours, and also has a whole lot less recoil. This modern marvel is a tin can destroyer (not just knocking them over, but sending them flying- even coffee cans)! With over 23 ft.lbs of muzzle energy and velocities up to 950 fps w/alloy pellets, this pellet gun is a hard hitter. Also included is a Center Point 3x9x40 adjustable Mil-Dot reticle scope to help make this sleek powerhouse super accurate. You will be hard pressed to find a better airgun in this price range.


Beretta PX4 Storm Tactical Air Pistol

This amazingly accurate replica of the PX4 is a functional copy of a great pistol. This Co2 powered version of the newest design by Beretta helps me train inexpensively and in the comfort of my own backyard. when I can't make it out to the range. This air pistol helps me save time and money spent on ammo and gasoline. The weight and sight picture are extremely similar to the actual firearm. I can practice draw downs, rack the slide just like the real thing, and the sight picture is almost exactly the same as the 9mm and .40 S&W versions. Overall, a great investment that is fun and economical.

-by Alexander M.W. Sliber

Crosman Quest 800x- .22 Cal 800 FPS w/4x32 Scope (C8M22X)

The Crosman Quest 800X air rifle is a great starter rifle. It is very powerful, accurate and a great value. I've owned mine for a few years and have dispatched many a pesky cottontail garden thief. It's a very comfortable gun and fits well with my small stature (I'm only 5' 6""). I've had the most accuracy using the on-gun sights as I haven't had the time to sight in the scope. The break barrel is a little stiff, but smooth. My only complaint about the gun is the trigger. It is very loose and difficult to find the actual release point for firing. I replaced it with a $30 trigger I found on the Internet and now it fires like a dream. The replacement trigger improved my accuracy by 50%. I would highly recommend this gun as an inexpensive entry level air rifle. Perfect for backyard pest control.

-by Norton Lam

Crosman American Classic 1377 Air Pistol

The 1377 is a great shooter as well as a great value. You have the option of selectable power, ten pumps for full power rated at 600 fps, or use less pumps for backyard or indoor fun. The 1377 has one of the best after market selections of parts and services of any air gun today, and can be personalized to fit your style of shooting, without breaking the bank. I was introduced to the 1377 years ago by my brother and I never got over it, even after purchasing two for myself and my daughter I find myself looking for excuses to get outside and work on improving my shooting skills. This has also been a great way to spend time with family and build the discipline in myself and daughter to be safe and effective shooters.

-by James R. Stout

Walther CP88 Competition Pistol

All metal Construction..German Craftsmanship. A solid rifled barrel. Comes with a compensator which increases velocity and accuracy. Velocity is one of the highest for Co2 air pistols at 426 fps. I was told to use wadcutters only in this gun. That being said. I've used Beeman pointed pellets that work fine without jamming. That is merely my experience with this pistol. I have yet to try the hollow point. All in all a solid piece of all metal workmanship all the way around. Comes in a nice padded box with 2 hex screws for adjusting. Simply pro all the way. Now I have to find my piggy bank so I can buy the 1911 Colt and the more expensive version of the 357 Magnum. I would definitely buy from AirGun Depot again.

-by Charles W. Hyman

Crosman Quest 1000X Storm Air Rifle

I was raised in a liberal household and could not understand why people would enjoy shooting guns. We were taught that guns have only one purpose - to kill. Then I was over at my friends house who was shooting at some air gun targets set up behind his house. Now let me be clear, it took some coaxing before I tried his Crosman Quest 1000X but after that first shot, I was hooked and I did not even hit the target! The Quest 1000x air rifle is perfect for a beginner like me, and I was soon hitting even the most challenging target. After I thought about it, I had lost years of shooting fun simply due to my ignorance. So I decided I would not let my grandchildren miss out on the enjoyment of shooting air rifles and ordered one of the Quest 1000X rifles because it is an economical, yet good quality, entry level air rifle that will provide a bonding experience with my grand kids and many hours of quality entertainment. After my friend gave me thorough safety instructions and was sure I had retained what he told me, the fun began. I found that the Quest rifle I tried had sights that were instinctively natural to use. The front sight is a green single dot while the rear has two red dots. In just a few shots I was able to hit everything I tried. The power of this air rifle surprised me because it was very easy to cock. The Quest I ordered comes with a scope, I am eager to try it out. Now I will be the first to admit that I have little experience with air rifles but one thing I am certain of - should you decide to take up the sport of air rifle shooting like I have and buy the Crosman Quest 1000X, you will not be disappointed. My only regret is that I did not learn about this sport 35 years ago.

-by Morgan Prewett

Come back soon for our next contest. Thanks again to our winners and all who participated.

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