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Crosman Comrade AK Rifle Kit

Free Gun Case, CO2 & BBs- $25 Value
Item #: CCA4B1-k
Crosman Comrade AK Rifle Kit
Crosman Comrade AK Rifle KitCrosman Comrade AK Rifle KitCrosman Comrade AK Rifle KitCrosman Comrade AK Rifle KitCrosman Comrade AK Rifle KitCrosman Comrade AK Rifle KitCrosman Comrade AK Rifle KitCrosman Comrade AK Rifle KitCrosman Comrade AK Rifle Kit
In Stock
Only $79.99
MSRP $129.99| Save $50.00 (38%)
Suggested Use: Plinking/Fun
Fire Mode:Repeater
Steel BBs can ricochet. The shooter and everyone in the shooting area should wear safety glasses when a gun is being handled (even if it's unloaded). Remember to remove all pets from the area, as rebounding ammo can hit them, too. Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects (including metal targets) or water, as that increases the chance of ricochet. The removable shoulder stock makes this rifle accommodate people of all sizes. Shoot your Crosman Comrade AK air gun all weekend for a lot of family fun.

Made in the USA! With the cost of firearm ammo, you need to find something else to shoot. And this airgun is the perfect tool for punching holes downrange at just pennies a shot. If you're used to getting just 50 or 60 shots out of a 12-gram CO2 cartridge, be prepared for a surprise. You'll get as many as 150 shots from this gun! So, let's add this up: (1) Really inexpensive, readily available ammo. (2) Incredibly economical with CO2. (3) Fits just about everyone because of the removable stock. (4) Low price. It's a win-win purchase!

  • Semi-auto
  • 22rd BB magazine
  • Removable shoulder stock
  • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Fixed front sight Fully adjustable rear sight
  • Manual safety
MSRP $129.99
Our Price $79.99 Save $50.00 (38%)
airgun mechanismCO2
airgun usePlinking/Fun
airgun railWeaver/Picatinny
overall length28.5
barrel styleSmooth bore
fire modeRepeater
gun weight4
product conditionNew
warranty1-year limited warranty
Crosman Comrade AK Rifle Kit
2.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Tommy Lane
Gary, In
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 11, 2014
It's a great gun!!!

Cam D
1 Stars

Terrible gun
June 5, 2014
This gun is made of really cheap plastic and was a big disappointment to me I would say the true value of this gun would be about 20 dollars there is almost no metal parts at all unless you include internal parts. The picture looks cool but in reality it looks like a 5 year olds toy gun.
Fairly accurate
Cheaply made Not durable Not worth the price Looks like a toy

Stow, MA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This is a cheap AK style air rifle, and not much more
June 4, 2014
Let's face it, the only reason you're reading this review is because the gun looks cool. I've been looking for an AK style air rifle too, until this came along. I didn't think about it too much, I've generally been happy with Crosman quality and this gun isn't much different. It's all plastic, that's for sure, but feels relatively sturdy. I hate to say it's "good quality" plastic, but that seems to be Crosman's niche with these realistic assault style rifles they're pushing now - low price point, cheaper materials. If you're even considering this gun it's because of the look, right? For me so far the grip feels the flimsiest. It splits in half like many CO2 guns to reveal the CO2 housing, and when I hold the gun one-handed and turn my wrist back and forth I can feel the two halves of the grip sliding against each other. It feels to me like the trigger is metal but that doesn't make much sense to me and I'm not 100% sure about that. I'm definitely with the other reviewer on the CO2 performance. I can't get 80 shots, more like 40-50 per cartridge. You will lose CO2 loading a new cartridge, Pelligun oil or no. That's been my biggest disappointment so far, especially since Crosman claims 150 shots per cartridge. Maybe they tested on a prototype that takes a 30g cartridge, but this pistol-that-looks-like-a-rifle takes one 12g and not all that well. I wasn't looking for any great accuracy with this rifle, you just don't expect that from smooth bore BB, but it's fun to pull the trigger again and again quickly. You get something like 20 shots before needing to open the reservoir and shake the gun a bit to load more BBs into the internal magazine. This process only takes a few seconds and then you're shooting again and now it's fun to pull the trigger again and again... again. But then you're out of CO2. The fun is short and sweet with this gun. I'm giving it 3 stars because it's what I expected - I wanted an AK style air rifle and I got one. It was less painful shelling out the $80 when I got the bag, CO2, and BBs in Airgundepot's kit here. And it is fun to do the semi-auto thing for more than 10 shots at a time. If the CO2 performance were better I'd give it a higher rating.
Removable stock is a nice detail. Magazine storage for BBs and CO2 is a small, small bonus. Semi-auto CO2 action is fun. Cheap! Especially with the bag and accessories Airgundepot's offering. Um. Two words: A. K.
All plastic. Flimsy grip. Gets less than half the number of shots per cartridge Crosman advertises. Smooth bore rifle, shoots BBs only, so low accuracy and very limited usefulness besides for-fun backyard plinking.

West Covina, CA
1 Stars

Maybe a Lemon
May 23, 2014
Leaks lots of CO2 between piercing and fully seating cartridge. Was able to shoot only 84 shots max from a cartridge on a warm day. I took breaks to let the cartridge warm up. Was not very accurate, I didn't mind since this is a repeating, double action, CO2 powered, smoothbore BB gun. Flimsy construction, barrel will most likely break off if dropped, something rattles around in forend. This is my personal experience. Maybe others will get better performance out of their Comrade AK.
Magazine CO2 and BB storage feature. Fully adjustable rear sight. Realistic looks. 150-Shot reservoir.
Impossible to avoid more than normal CO2 leaking when installing CO2. Could not shoot more than 100 BBs using one cartridge. Poor materials used throughout. Not a good value.

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