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Crosman Stinger S32P Pump Airsoft Shotgun

Crosman Stinger S32P Pump Airsoft Shotgun

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Stinger Airsoft Shotgun! The single-shot pump action shotgun Stinger S32P is a short-barrel pump gun with a pistol grip. The spring-powered Stinger fires up to 17 plastic BBs and has an impressive velocity of up to 350 fps. For greater distance and accuracy, the Stinger S32P uses the Hop-Up system.

Power Source: spring
Caliber: 6mm plastic BBs
Max Velocity: 350 feet per second
Weight: 47 oz (1.33kg)
Material: Synthetic
Barrel Material: Smooth bore aluminum
Mechanism: Pump
Safety: Cross Bolt

Item Description Caliber Velocity
Black Singer S32P
6mm short barrel pump soft air rifle
6mm 350 ft/sec
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • Velocity350 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Barrel StyleSmooth
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • UseSkirmishing
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman Stinger S32P Pump Airsoft Shotgun
4.5 Stars based on 30 Review(s)
5 Stars

Best beginner gun ever.
June 8, 2011
Great gun. Pros: - Long distance - Hop settings - High FPS Cons: - Low capacity. 19 rounds or so. - Only the barrel is from metal, rest is plastic. - The gun cocking part breaks pretty fast. Recommeded for a beginner shotgun.

5 Stars

August 13, 2010
this gun is so accurate and fast that it blew my mind when i began to shoot it. it is very reliable and durable and as a very impressive range too. this gun is diffently a keeper in my book!!!

some guy
4 Stars

pretty good
July 20, 2010
first thing i noticed is that its mag was fits like 19 rounds.your out in the blinke of an a speed loader if this is your primary wepon...if not buy one anyway its ten times easyer to load and ten times faster too.if i could chang one thing(beside mag capacity) it would be more metal parts mainly the trigger.the trigger feels like its gonna break when you pull it.i wouldnt use this in a war but it is fun to target shoot. over all buy this if you want an inexpencive shotgun

5 Stars

June 1, 2010
the gun was great and alot of fun. i loved it because it has slam fire and can fit with any scope

4 Stars

Not bad for cheap price.
March 20, 2010
Very good gun for a cheap price, but the clip is extremely annoying. If anything, get a larger clip for it, cause after a while your bound to lose the clip or the loader. Shoots very fast and accurately, but ammo capacity is always the thing. The areas on the sides for holding things/attachments is very helpful for like pistols, extra clips or a scope. The two holes at the back are useless unless you decide to buy a stock or a retractable stock. Either way, it's a great gun.

awesome gun
5 Stars

december 17 2009
December 25, 2009
this is a very powerful gun it is awesome!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

nice gun
December 17, 2009
nice gun

4 Stars

October 10, 2009
I got into airsoft a few years ago and this is the gun i started with. I have learned that shotguns are a great gun for almost any levels of airsoft. The barrel and pump bar on this gun broke off after about 5 months of steady use though. It is a great gun for the price though.

3 Stars

its ok
September 4, 2009
It was good while it worked but after 2 monthsthe pump broke on the inside, i would recomend it to begginers but not to advanced users. overall its OK gun

4 Stars

Verry Powerfull!
July 12, 2009
This is the most powerfull airsoft gun you can buy for less than $40. It can give your friends a reason to run in a battle and is easly manageble. But through my fun a plastic peace broke insidew the gun. it was used to cock the gun. over all, it was worth the money in the small time i had it.

3 Stars

July 7, 2009
for around the same price you can get the tac 1 which i have. Its amazing and better than this gun

3 Stars

June 15, 2009
im saying this is a decent gun because all it is, is a beginner gun. if you are a beginner than this gun is perfect for you. i actually have a JG M4-A1 2008 upgraded version which shoots 430 fps with .2bbs so i must say, compared to my gun, this gun does not even compare to the welts or pain you have when you get hit. a couple good things about the gun is that it is pretty accurate for such a cheap gun, it is also very easy to cock, it has some cool features too, such as shooting multiple bbs and if u hold the trigger down and cock the gun then it will shoot and that can be helpful when you are trying to shoot quickly. some bad things about this gun is the CLIP!!!!!!!! the clip is extrememly hard to load and it doesnt store many bbs, so my recommendation is to buy a 150round hi-cap magazine for fast loading and no worries about space PROS: accurate easy to cock fast for cheap gun CONS: terrible clip can break if not too careful

5 Stars

Slam Fire
June 13, 2009
This gun can slam fire

1911 fan
5 Stars

January 20, 2009
This is a great gun. I've had it for a year now and it has a good feel and great power. Friends don't like to play a pain tolerance round with you when you've got this. A fellow reviewer called Michal probably had a one time thing.

4 Stars

its okay
January 1, 2009
ive had it for a while now and the accuracy is okay but the power is great. I cant pump it that fast unliike my friend who can shoot it very fast. though it is made very cheap for it already has a crack in it. my clip is broken(the spring in it wont work past a certian point)and every other crossman gun(which is three) i have is broken or wont work properly. I have had two shotguns before this, both were crosssman and both broke though they were not the same type of shotgun. but for a begining airsofters it is a good gun. i cant say that its failed me,somewhat good.

4 Stars

December 28, 2008
this shotgun man it is powerful i went up to a trash can and shot it i saw a small hole on both sides O_o its accuracy can be good or bad depending on the bb type you are using plus i shot a dart board made for bbs it bounced off and hit me all i can say is ouch but the reason for the 4 star rating is because my little bro smacked it into a wall 1 time and it broke so overview pros-powerful acurrate cons-fragile? i dont know about this 1 for sure but i can assure you my bro got his punishment ;)

2 Stars

Not a good construction
December 28, 2008
This is a good gun for shooting close up. In medium and far distances, the BB flies upwards dramatically. The BB's get stuck in the magazine and fall around in there so you get to shoot about 5 before reloading. Very hard to reload. Nice power, though.

4 Stars

Nice Gun
December 21, 2008
This is a nice gun. I got it with the stock and 250round clip and i have to say it can work as a very nice rifle. It also has the fastest firing rate with a high velocity. hurts when you get hit

Jon Paul
4 Stars

Accuracy Test
June 25, 2008
I'm one of those people who are very picky about the weapons I use. ACCURACY ------------------------------------ The shotgun is the most accurate airsoft gun I have ever seen. I tested it on a sunny, breezy day with hundreds of shots so I could inform buyers what to expect. First of all, even if you buy the same shotgun the results will vary. A friend bought this gun but it shot less accurate. These results are not completely accurate, because I fired from a standing position without any support for the gun. I am firing a a paintball mask resting on top of a stone wall. The range is clear. ----------------------------------------------------------- From 0-35 feet you have 100% accuracy. From 40-45 feet you have 85% accuracy. At 50 feet you have 60% accuracy. ----------------------------------------------------------- Most bullets missed by centimeters, as only a couple shots missed by a foot. I shot hundreds of shots to accurately convey the results and compensated for my inaccuracy. I also tested two pistols, the P226 and the Smith and Wesson. The shotgun offered 40% better accuracy than the P226 at 45 feet. The shotgun offered 20% better accuracy than the Smith and Wesson at 45 feet. ------------------------------------------------- HANDLING The cocking bridge is metal, adding durability and weight to the gun. The clip can only easily be loaded with the speed-loader. It is very difficult to load by hand as the chamber is hard to push bullets through. Every time you removed the clip from the shotgun, 2 extra bullets fall out. Bullets that were never used. So in reality, you have a 15 shot clip with two bullets wasted. --------------------------------------- HOP-UP The hop-up doesn't work well for any bullets below 0.20 grams. Most curve high up and loose about 30% of their accuracy. But it will make the bullets shoot far. I haven't tested heavier bullets. -------------------------------------------------------- OTHER The shotgun ONLY SHOOTS ACCURATELY WITH 0.20 GRAM BULLETS. Anything lighter is upredictable. Can be cocked multiple times to shoot a spray of bullets. With two bullets fired at once you only loose 50% of your accuracy. ------------------------------------- OVERALL Durable. Consistent. Worth $40. Annoying clip. As Accurate as Airsoft gets.

5 Stars

January 26, 2008
I've had this gun a year and it's GREAT! I mounted a small scope on it and I've been sniping like crazy! it is VERY powerful. the clip holds about 21 BB's it's very fast to cock & shoot and it's very durable. I highly recommend this.

5 Stars

freakn sweet
December 4, 2007
awesome gungives welts like crazy and is awesome at long short and medium range id recomend a speed loader and a red dot sight to add but one of the best weopons for asuch a cheap price

5 Stars

Preety sweet... only if
October 20, 2007
This gun is really crazy, you can get one for about 40 bucks, and you can do what I did with mine is buy a 100 capacity magazine clip and a stock for it... after that its just plain amazing.

5 Stars

August 17, 2007
this gun is so amazing unbelieveabal power it hurts a lil time consuming loadin but the gun makes up for it i never had a airsoft better

5 Stars

Great GUn
August 16, 2007
This gun is fantastic and well worth buying it! I lost my speed loader so loading takes a while..but other than that it shoots straight with pretty much any ammo...and when you use .20 gram or up the hop up system works well. Overall its a great gun for sniping or close combat because you will really leave a welt on your enemy!!!

5 Stars

May 28, 2007
wow this gun is fun but it hurts! its worth it. what are the two holds in the back for though i always wanted to know.

5 Stars

April 22, 2007
This gun is awsome but ur gunna want a quick loader or another clip b/c it is slow to load! The hop up system doesnt do much at all, but this is a great gun for the price. buy it!

5 Stars

February 17, 2007
this gun never jams but the magazine dont hold much bb,but i shot my friend in the hand 100 yards away.

3 Stars

it is okay
January 8, 2007
it is a good gun but it takes to long to load. if u practice u can load it fast but thats not good if u r in an airsoft gun war. they sell extra magazines that hold more BBs and if they do i cant find them. there arent many accesories for it either so it is hard to find stuff to soup it up. it is a good gun but there are a few flaws. by it if you are going to snipe stuff, but not for close range. if u get this gun get a airsoft pistol to go with it for close range.

4 Stars

December 28, 2006
it is time consuming to load but other than that its a great gun its cheap powerful and is great performance for a spring gun

Michael Blyzes (AKA Typewriter)
5 Stars

One of My best
November 25, 2006
This weapon is one of my best weapons, it works flawlessly, I have had no problems with it, and it works good in the field too, it would serve good long range, and short range, and the hop-up makes it suitable as well, I would reccommend it to anyone. The Magazine is easily loaded with a speed loading tool in about 3 seconds, for me. And if you get hit by it, let me tell ya, you'll feel it.

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