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Crosman Stinger Airsoft Shotgun and Pistol (S32P & P36) Camo SWAT Kit

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Item #: PY-1053
Crosman Stinger Airsoft Shotgun and Pistol (S32P & P36) Camo SWAT Kit
Was $59.90
Suggested Use: Skirmishing

The single-shot pump action shotgun Stinger S32P is a short-barrel pump gun with a pistol grip. The spring-powered Stinger fires up to 17 plastic BBs and has an impressive velocity of up to 350 fps. For greater distance and accuracy, the Stinger S32P uses the Hop-Up system. The Stinger P36 pistol makes a perfect sidearm backup. It features a sleek black look, front blade, and rear fixed notch sights and an easy-to-load clip. Operation: Spring air repeater.

Kit includes:

  • Stinger S32P pump-powered shotgun air rifle
  • Stinger P36 spring air repeater air pistol
  • Speed Loader
  • Soft Air Holster
  • Soft Air Goggles
  • 500 6mm BB's
Stinger S32P
Power Source: spring
Overall Length: 21inches
Barrel Length 9.75inches
Caliber: 6mm plastic BBs
Weight: 2.86 lbs (1.33kg)
Material: Synthetic
Barrel Material: Smooth bore aluminum
Mechanism: Pump
Safety: Cross Bolt
Stinger P36
Mechanism/Action: Spring
Weight: 0.66lbs
Length: 7.5 inches
Clip holds 14 plastic BBs
Velocity: Up to 200fps
MSRP $74.99
Our Price $59.90 Save $15.09 (20%)
airgun mechanismSpring-piston
airgun useSkirmishing
barrel styleSmooth
product conditionNew
warranty1 Year Limited
Crosman Stinger Airsoft Shotgun and Pistol (S32P & P36) Camo SWAT Kit
5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
5 Stars

July 27, 2011
one of the best deals ive seen shotgun is great and extremely accurate pistol isnt the best but it comes with a holster and is camo so why not get it

5 Stars

love this gun
February 27, 2011
love it

5 Stars

very handy
February 26, 2011
i got this set at walmart a few years ago the shotgun only shoots one bb but its still the fastest airsoft i have owned

id get it
5 Stars

Looks like a good gun
January 31, 2010
Looks like it can pack a punch. I didnt get it, i might even not, but shot guns in wars make you look deadly in war, with the gear, so if you want a rapid fire crowd control weapon, and a weapon just to cover you, with 500 bb's, and safety goggles, i would recomend this.

pulse r76
3 Stars

sounds googd
December 4, 2009
im experienced in target shooting but just started wars but i would recomend this

4 Stars

November 28, 2009
i think the guns are good, shotgun has good accuracy but pistol not so good power and accuracy on shotgun very good i reccomend it

5 Stars

I OWN! its AWSOME!!!!!!
August 4, 2009
this gun is the best shotgun out there verey accurate, hop-up, clip hold 20 6mm bb's, and the pistol is prity good for when your reloading the shotgun which only takes about 3-10 sec. just depends how u do it, nice camo to blend in and hide and a verey good price i use mine every day i have had it for 2 months now and has never jamed or broke its a gun for every one i thank every one should own it

5 Stars

great guns
February 17, 2009
great shotgun. shoots increadibly accurate!!! the pistol isn,t very accurate . great deal!!!!

5 Stars

great gun
January 15, 2009
amazing shotgun with great power and a desent pistol with a good holster and free ammo

5 Stars

December 28, 2008
shotgun pistol goggles extra bbs=best deal ever shotgun is powerful and accurate pistol is a little weaker but still the same anyways if you need a shotgun and pistol plus some bbs this is fo you

5 Stars

havent got yet but i can tell it rocks
November 16, 2008
this gun is camo it makes it blend in.its small and shoots 17 bbs at the same time can hold like 200 maybe.when i get it ill get another review.I think you should get it.

5 Stars

I love this gun
March 4, 2008
this gun is really good you should buy it the shotgun has a lot of power and the pistol is a good backup gun

By Benjamin from Belgium on August 3, 2012
Whats the power in joules of this gun?
Sorry for my bad English.

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