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Hatsan Model 95 Vortex Video Review

A closer look at the new Vortex Gas Ram system

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Video Transcript

For some time now I’ve been searching for the best airgun for under $200. My criteria is pretty simple. It needs to be accurate, easy to shoot, and follow through on its promises for power. I’m happy to say that I may have finally found what I would call the best airgun for under $200 with the Hatsan Mod 95 vortex. Mine is chambered for .25 caliber. It impressed me with the very first shot, and its’ only gotten better since then.

Up Close

The original spring version of the Mod 95 was a winner in my book from the beginning. I was a bit apprehensive when I heard Hatsan was going to move to the Vortex air ram for its power plant. But, that was very quickly resolved after a few shots with this new version of the Mod 95.

The rifle is made from Turkish wood and steel. There’s very little plastic on the gun. Parts that are plastic feel very rugged. There are front and rear fiber optic sights which are great for the short range pest elimination this rifle is designed for.

Hatsan bundles a basic 3-9×32 scope with the rifle. The rings need to be properly and securely mounted or you may have issues. I’ve been using the bundled scope and rings for my review, and they’ve not given me any problems. The key to success is in the initial mounting and setup.

The Mod 95 Vortex has the SAS shock absorption system as well as the fully adjustable Quattro Trigger which can be adjusted for 1st and 2nd stage length, as well as pull weight. The lowest pull weight is about 3 to 4 pounds. The trigger can be set to have a very clean break which makes shooting from the bench or the shoulder equally enjoyable.

Operation of the Mod 95 is very simple. To cock the rifle, pull the barrel downward until you hear a significant “click.” Next, load the pellet making sure to keep the barrel secured while loading. Close the barrel, aim the rifle at the intended target, release the safety and gently squeeze the trigger. The cocking stroke is very smooth. Even younger shooters should be able to handle the rifle with proper supervision.

The performance and accuracy

My Mod 95 came in .25 caliber. Since I’ve never shot the Mod 95 in .25, I was up for a new experience. The rifle is marketed as producing up to 650 FPS with lead pellets. My test rifle shoots the 19.91 Vortex Supremes at an average of 632 FPS with an extreme spread of only 10 FPS and generating 17.68 foot pounds at the muzzle.

What’s most impressive with the Mod 95 Vortex is the very low amount of recoil. There’s always some recoil with any gas ram or spring gun, but the Mod 95 with the Vortex gas piston, has done a wonderful job of keeping it to a minimum.

The .25 cal version is perfectly suited for 20 to 25 yard small game hunting and pest control. Kill zone accuracy is easily repeatable time and time again. Here are a couple of 5 shot groups at 20 yards for your review.

So lets look at our final Summary

My original apprehensions about moving to the Vortex air piston over the traditional metal spring proved to be completely unwarranted.

Hatsan markets the Mod 95 as a medium powered hunting airgun. It does that in its sleep. This .25 cal version puts a big heavy lead pellet right where you want it over and over again without the shooter needing to jump through hoops to achieve that repeatable accuracy.

I was a big fan of the original Mod 95. I’m a huge fan of this new Vortex model and it’s why I’m making it my current choice for the best airgun for under $200. Hopefully the price won’t go up anytime soon as it just barley squeaks in under the limit.

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