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RWS Model 48 Air Rifle- .22 cal Side Lever w/4X32 Scope

RWS Model 48 Air Rifle- .22 cal Side Lever w/4X32 Scope

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  • Code: 216-6202 · 0.22 cal · 900 fps
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When RWS first introduced the Model 48, we expected it to become a classic. What was unexpected was its rapid rise to classic status among knowledgeable air gunners. At 1110fps in .177 (750 mps), (.22 up to 900 fps). This tremendous power is generated by the use of a very robust spring piston power plant cocked by a side lever action. The action is mounted into an extended beech stock to reduce felt recoil and to aid in achieving accuracy potential. Not designed for the faint hearted, this is one impressive air arm, both in performance and presence. It fulfills its purpose as a potent, full-size sporting airgun suitable for either pest control or field target shooting, yet it does so with both balance and grace. The substantial one-piece stock allows for comfortable offhand shooting and adds to the overall sensation that the Model 48 is a force to be reckoned with. The rifle is fitted with a finely rifled, fixed barrel system loaded via sliding breech opening. Its full accuracy potential can be realized by the use of a quality RWS airgun scope mounted to the scope rail. Other standard features include an adjustable trigger, an adjustable rear sight, and an automatic safety. Lifetime warranty.



WEIGHT: 8 1/2 lbs.


.22 900 FPS

TRIGGER PULL: 3.3 lbs.



300, 450


Meisterkugeln, Superdome,Supermag

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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity900 fps
  • Airgun MechanismSpring-piston
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Airgun UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Barrel StyleFixed Barrel
  • OpticsScope
  • Product ConditionNew
  • WarrantyLimited Lifetime
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RWS Model 48 Air Rifle- .22 cal Side Lever w/4X32 Scope
4.5 Stars based on 15 Review(s)
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

RWS 48 scope combo
March 15, 2014
Excellent combo. The scope locks into the rail so it will not move. It has 2 screws the screw down into the rail which prevents the mount from moving back and forth. It shooting 3/4 groups at 60 feet right out of box. This is very excellent gun. Should have brought it sooner. Air gun depot is an excellent place to purchase from.
Great groups

United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good rifle
October 25, 2013
I bought this rifle and when it arrived it had an issue with the cocking mechanism. Airgun Depot sent me out a new one and I have had it a little over a year. At 80 yds. I can hit a bell that is about 1.5 inches by 2.0 inches fairly consistently. You do have to figure the artillery hold. You can probably find youtube videos that explain this. For a scope you have to have a droop compensate mount. Overall, one of the best made springers available but it is heavy.
Quality of construction.

Wills Point, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Quality at a price you can afford
August 3, 2013
I was amazed at the overall appearance of this gun. Quality all the way. But then I went to cock it and I have been use to a break barrel and found I needed more power. After about 10 shots it was easier to cock or I was learning how to cock it. Striaght shooting with the iron sights. The barrel has a droop to it so I had to order a different mount and it zeroed right in. Good groups at 30 yards and plenty of power. I had a cheap bullet trap and this was bending the metal with each shot. I then tried it at a 12 ga piece of metal at 75 yards and hit it the first time and put a dent into it. Tree rats beware there is a new sheriff in town. Totally pleased.
Quality and power combined for the perfect gun.

Stephen King
Winter Park, FL
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My First "Adult" Airgun
January 5, 2013
Very sophisticated air rifle. I could not believe the power. As I was sighting it in, I found at 30 yards, the .22 cal 13.4 grain JSB domed pellet penetrated my 1/2" pine target backer, and then penetrated deeply into a cypress fence! And I wondered if this gun would be able to humanely kill squirrels! Also, very high quality, and superb workmanship. I only have one beef. It is a heavy gun. Really, too heavy to carry far into the field.
Excellent workmanship. Extremely powerful, this is no toy!! Very accurate.
Only one thing...too heavy.

Portsmouth, Virginia
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My first air rifle, and I am proud of it.
November 6, 2012
Long story short, my hunter friend took me target shooting and told me that I'll be wasting my ammo trying to shoot over 102yds. I tried to shoot the 186yds target and hit it. He was surprised. He was impressed with the scope also, which the rifle comes with through airgun depot package. I have yet to experience all that this gun could do, but I am very happy with it in the field. I hope to be skillful enough to hunt with it in the future. Good gun.
Good quality, good feel, and shoots far into the target.
I don't have much experience with air rifles, but I think the lever mechanism should be more robust.

Western Massachusetts
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

One serious Air Gun
February 2, 2012
My first air pellet gun lasted for 45 years. Squirrels were having a good laugh, watching the pellets miss them. Time for a new pellet gun. Selected with the help from Airgun Depot support. We selected the RWS Model 48 22cal with scope. Once the scope was installed and sighted in. Gun was very accurate. Easy to pump. RWS quality is excellent. This is one serious Pellet gun.
Quality Accuracy
At this time, none

Bill G.
4 Stars

RWS Model 48 with telescopic sight
January 5, 2011
The air rifle is as advertised, and is a quality product. With the rifle's iron sights it shoots well and is accurate. The supplied scope is, as best I can tell, a good quality product. There is one fault with the scope - its mounting system places it very high above the stock. I have not been able to rest my cheek on the stock while sighting through the scope - cannot achieve 'cheek weld', and therefore cannot accurately sight the target. I will have to construct a pad to raise the comb of the stock high enough to rest cheek on it. That should allow accurate sighting.

Gene Rooker
5 Stars

RWS Model 48 Air Rifle
June 16, 2010
I am very happy with this rifle. Very accurate. I especially like the side cocking lever, rather than cocking with the barrel. I did find, however, that the scope that came with the rifle did not stay zeroed in, so I replaced it, after which the rifle stays zeroed in.

a professional pest killer(not really)
5 Stars

rws 48 .22 cal x = awesome
June 12, 2009
THIS GUN IS AWESOME. I'VE SHOT RABBITS FROM 60 YDS AWAY AND SMOKED THEM AND I KNOW IT SHOOTS FURTHER THAN THAT ACCURATELY. 20 yds/ mosr all going through the same hole 40 yds/ most withen 3/4" of the bulls eye 60 yds/ most withen 1 1/2'' of bulls eye (havent shot futher than 60 and if i were a better shot the groups would be even better) THE SCOPE IT COMES WITH IS ALSO GREAT!

4 Stars

July 23, 2008

Glenn Vieira
5 Stars

Great rifle
August 10, 2007
Just got it and its a well made rifle that looks great and fires straight. Scope needs to be upgraded or purchase the rifle without a scope. Only shot a small bird at 20 yards, blew it up with the 22 cal. Service at airgun depot is excellent.

Jim Martin
4 Stars

RWS 48 .22 cal/scope combo
July 22, 2007
Great quality rifle accurate and solid. The Scope seems OK however the "C" mount rings are sub standard in my opinion . Rings are designed to be able to adjust windage instead of the scope "too many moving parts to come loose". One of the windage screws on the rear ring stripped and now the scope is loose and accuracy is gone. We will see how the warranty works out.

5 Stars

RWS Mod 48 Good Gun!!
June 13, 2007
this is an adult gun. it has some heft to it but it will shoot. straight and hard. it likes some pellets a bit better than others but it groups nice with most quality pellets. if you have ground squirels, prairie dogs or starlings they don't stand a chance.

Tyler H.
5 Stars

Great Gun!
May 19, 2007
I got this gun for my b-day, and unlike many other guns I have purchased, this one isn't getting sent back! My gun likes the .22 crosman points, but varmints don't! Check out straightshooters for chrono results with different types of pellets. Besides being powerful this gun is accurate, which many experienced airgun hunters know is the key to humanley taking down game.With it I can manage to put five pellets into a 1/2" group at thirty yards. I reccomend a mil-dot scope such as the leapers line, but make sure it is springer rated. This gun also shoots like a dream, no spring vibration, just a healthy clunk when you shoot it. I dropped a ground squirrel at 82 yards with a clean neck shot. Even at this range the hard pellet penetrated clear through the squirrels neck and hit the ground behind it. Many people fall for the 1100fps gimmick with this gun in .177 but that is with the lightest pellets, and besides .177 pellets going that fast cannot stabalize in flight resulting in terrible groups.

Mike Krezman
5 Stars

Awesome Air Rifle
February 24, 2007
Very powerful and accurate

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By SSCOTT00 from Tennessee on August 18, 2012
What trigger is on this gun? Is it the T05 or the T06?
By Staff on August 21, 2012

They have switched over to the TO6 model with all there rifles. They do have some TO5 still around.
By Staff on August 21, 2012

They have switched over to the TO6 model with all there rifles. They do have some TO5 still around.

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