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Airsoft AEG- Softair Schmeisser MP-40 Machine Gun

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MSRP $19.99/Only $14.50
Item #: 71009
Airsoft AEG- Softair Schmeisser MP-40 Machine Gun
Airsoft AEG- Softair Schmeisser MP-40 Machine GunAirsoft AEG- Softair Schmeisser MP-40 Machine GunAirsoft AEG- Softair Schmeisser MP-40 Machine GunAirsoft AEG- Softair Schmeisser MP-40 Machine GunAirsoft AEG- Softair Schmeisser MP-40 Machine Gun
Was $189.90
Suggested Use: Skirmishing
HOT NEW AIRSOFT AEG!! The Softair MP40 is a replica of the German Wehrmacht Schmeisser machine pistol that was regarded as one of the best submachine guns ever designed. It is a famous WWII German SMG and will be a serious addition to your airsoft arsenal. Here are some of the great features:


  • Velocity: 320 FPS
  • Color: Black & Brown
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs
  • Length: 24"
  • Caliber: 6mm (plastic bbs)
  • Suggested Ammo Weight - .20g +
  • Capacity: 55 Rounds
  • Powerplant: AEG, Battery 8.4 V
  • Construction: Full Metal
  • Gear Box: Metal
  • Grips: Simulated/ Pistol


  • High power Automatic Electric Gun - 350 fps
  • Adjustable Spin-up system
  • Folding metal stock
  • Threaded For Optional Silencer
  • Full Metal Construction w/Historically Accurate Simulated Bakelite Grips
  • Full metal gear box with reinforced steel gears and metal bushings
  • Includes: MP40 Rifle, Metal Magazine, Speed Loader, Battery and Charger
All Softair products are manufactured under exclusive worldwide licenses by Cybergun for Softair USA.
MSRP $229.99
Our Price $189.90 Save $40.09 (17%)
airgun mechanismAEG
airgun useSkirmishing
barrel styleSmooth
product conditionNew
warranty30 Day Limited
Airsoft AEG- Softair Schmeisser MP-40 Machine Gun
4.5 Stars based on 16 Review(s)
5 Stars

February 10, 2011
Had this gun for almost 2 years and has seen me through countless airsoft wars. I love it and it still works great. The only problem is that the mag is too small.

5 Stars

No more welts
April 9, 2010
I was tired of going to my friends wars and getting shot, I had a P22 which is good, an uzi which sucks, and an M16 which sucks. Since I got this gun, I haven't gotten a welt yet. My only complaint is that the magizine is to small, so buy another one.

3 Stars

ok gun
March 8, 2010
It was great at first, and left my friends with quarter-sized welts,but i've only had it for 6 months and the piston is cracking and my mag fell onto GRASS and the spring popped out. i had it fixed, but a week later the loading part came off during a skirmish and shot out.

no more smg's for me
3 Stars

perrfect smg but...
January 31, 2010
it is durrable but it lacks the mag cap and the acuracy.. my mag also broke 2 times and still need a new one

== this gun rocks
5 Stars

mp 40 but ckicker
November 26, 2009
I got this gun for x-mas Ihave peppered my friends they think its a great gun to the welts prove it .only problem withit is that I have not seen a clip for it biger than 55 round. But all in all it kicks but I love it you should get it it rocks

4 Stars

good gun
August 21, 2009
pretty good gun and also durable i recomend it

4 Stars

Buy the tommy instead
July 31, 2009
i have this gun and its good, dont get me wrong, but i just bought a aeg m1 a1 tommy waay more powerful. same price too. so unless ur a German replica collector (i am) get the tommy.

Harry Pitsikoulis
5 Stars

May 14, 2009
Its amazing and durable. GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

May 2, 2009

5 Stars

its so great
April 27, 2009
i love this gun it is so good seriously i think this is one of the best airsoft guns AWESOME!!!

5 Stars

April 24, 2009
it is great this gun is such a fast airsoft gun and is pretty loud inside

5 Stars

BA dude, BA.
March 20, 2009
i got this gun for my bday. awesome. hefty price but well woth it. i have airsoft battes w/ my neibors i waste them w/this. they have the cheap shotguns a m16s. all plastic. buy this NOW if your sireous about giving your friends welts.

5 Stars

strong fighter
January 31, 2009
in my bb gun wars this gun tops all the others .

the Twin Saint
5 Stars

the Schmeissenator
February 25, 2008
ive got a pulse R 72 my friend has a schmeisser and the ppulse is a great gun and all but compared to the rate of fire and the power of the schmeisser its a deer in the road. waiting to be killed. GET THIS GUN!!!!

the twin saint in a grove of trees
5 Stars

This gun dominates!
December 5, 2007
i love the Look, and feel of this gun. it is amazing. the power and accuracy is great

5 Stars

August 9, 2007
its a great gun

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