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TSD Tactical Series SD700 Black Airsoft Rifle

Item #: PY-1440
TSD Tactical Series SD700 Black Airsoft Rifle
Only $79.99
Suggested Use: Skirmishing

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An excellent addition to any Airsoft collection. The TSD SD700 is a complete replica of the same thing used by field agents and special operations in the Police and Military. Shooting at whopping 450 FPS and using a long barrel this gun is great for a would be sniper for a seasoned pro. Its construction is of ABS anti-shock plastic and Metal. Its stock and trigger guard is made of ABS and its barrel, outer barrel, trigger, receiver, RIS rails, bolt and bolt handle are made of metal. Don't forget to pick up a scope for this weapon to make an actual Sniper rifle.

Metal Barrel
Metal Bolt
Picatinny Weaver Scope Rail
Functional Safety
ABS Anti-shock stock
Adjustable Hop-Up

Package Includes: 2x30 round magazines, Sling, and BB speed loader, Rifle and Operating Manual

We recommend only using high quality .20g and .25g BBs for higher performance, better accuracy and to prolong the life of your gun.

Simple steps on out how at assembly your SD700

1) Remove the barrel assembly and stock from the box. Remember to remove the magazine that is inserrted the stock already.

2) Insert the barrel assembly into the stock, bolt end first. Then push down on the front end until it clicks into place.

3) There should be a small ziplock bag in the box that had two screws and a spring in it. Remove the screws from the bag.

4) In between the Picatinny Weaver rail and the mag release button insert and hand tighten the shorter screw until hand tight.

5) In between the magazine well and the trigger guard insert and hand tighten the longer screw.

6) Attach your optional scope or optic, load up your magazine and insert into the gun and pull back the bolt and your ready to go!

MSRP $99.95
Our Price $79.99 Save $19.96 (20%)
airgun mechanismSpring-piston
airgun useSkirmishing
barrel styleSmooth
gun weight5.35
product conditionNew
warranty30 Day Limited
TSD Tactical Series SD700 Black Airsoft Rifle
4.5 Stars based on 19 Review(s)
5 Stars

January 21, 2011
This gun is amazing after sigtin it in with red dot scope... i destroy in battles

4 Stars

not bad
December 3, 2010
I bought one of these because it was the closest bolt action airsoft rifles that closest resembles my mossberg 100 ATR as a training aid to keep myself sharp between deer hunting seasons. So far I am fairly impressed with the gun. I consider it a toy with a purpose. The Idea is to build a body memory so I can quickly aquire a target, take the shot and automatically chamber the next round for a follow up shot if needed. This is ideal for my purposes because unlike my 100 ATR it costs fractions of a penny to fire, holds more than 5 shots, and I can fire it indoors at home. For the money it is a good gun.

4 Stars

August 1, 2010
Great gun for the price, a must buy. Shoots hard and fast with amazing accuracy. I recently bought a scope and its even better. I highly recommend this gun to anyone out there looking for a cheap priced gun without having cheap performance. GREAT GUN BUY NOW!!!

4 Stars

July 25, 2010
i got this gun the other day and i've already put at least 500 rounds into it. its a great gun. im getting a scope for it this week

5 Stars

May 9, 2010
THIS GUN IS A MUST BUY! if u havent had a chance to buy it yet, idk what u r waiting for!?!?!?!?! its cheap, durable, and amazingly accurate!

cutie ;)
5 Stars

kicks a$$
May 9, 2010
this gun kicks a$$ everytime and is perfect for a 15 year old like me! me and 6 of my friends have the same gun witch makes it harder but more funn 2!!!!!!!!!!

Jo Jo
5 Stars

October 24, 2009
amazing accuracy. i love this gun.

5 Stars

October 21, 2009
Deadly Accurate!!

5 Stars

5 stars
June 11, 2009
5/5 very very powerful. shoots hella far easy bolt to load spring only bad part is the cheap bb speed loader, i recomend getting a 5 dollar one so you can load easier

5 Stars

best sniper ever
May 19, 2009
this gun shoots so hard and far. Perfect for airsoft wars. Fun to use. so if u buy it i hope u enjoy

4 Stars

solid sniper
February 15, 2009
powerful, and accurate, overall very fun to use.

3 Stars

January 13, 2009
I bought this rifle at a local airsoft store and was very impressed with the range and accuracey I put about 300 rounds through it and the accuracy went to crap!!, I took it back where I bought it they had to send it back to TDS tactical, that was 2 weeks ago... I loved this gun when it shot right.

G36-E killa
4 Stars

November 20, 2008
(greate gun..lame gun?..) A: the best back to back or 1 vs 1 snip-rifle. problen lacking scoop so need an extra....$40.00 to get a scoop ...but iff u have good acuracy ..Game on !! have Funn u rifle buyers..and a low price end with!!!$70.00!! wow have fun!

5 Stars

really good
November 19, 2008
This gun is really good. good weight and very strong. The bbs tend to go to the left though. But im using .20s im going to try .25s. but overall great gun

5 Stars

November 4, 2008
strong sniper,goes through a pop can in one shot.

5 Stars

best ever
September 7, 2008
best sniper ever cheap too

5 Stars

super fun
August 30, 2008
i love this gun it hits it's mark every time

3 Stars

August 10, 2008
hit straight on and was good, but for unknown reason air leaked and now shoots good for about 10 shots and then shoots only a few meters, let it sit for a while and will shoot for 10 more

5 Stars

super awsome
July 20, 2008
this is the strongest most accurate and durable gun ever it rocks

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