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UTG Multi-Shot Combat Commando Shotgun Airsoft Shotgun

UTG Multi-Shot Combat Commando Shotgun Airsoft Shotgun

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UTGs M3 series is about as close as you can get to a real shot gun. Using three barrel technology each shot shoot three rounds at 320fps with great power and pinpoint accuracy. A must have for indoor or CQB! Made of durable ABS plastics and metal the M3L features a full butt stock and pistol grip like many S.W.A.T. and tactical style shot guns. Professionally painted front and rear sites make it easy to aim in any situation under even the harshest conditions and using an authentic shot gun shell like cartridge that holds 30 rounds giving you 10 shots it is one of the funnest manual cocking shotguns out there.

Triple Barrel Technology- 3 BBs simultaneously with great power and pinpoint accuracy
Authentic shot shell cartridge holding 30 BBs
Muscle spring action with most dominant force
Complete with spare shell, speed loader and quality sling
Matte black non-glare finish
Allows for single triple shot and continuous everblast triple shots

Package Includes: Manual, Shotgun, One Shell and Sling

We recommend only using high quality .20g and .25g BBs for higher performance, better accuracy and to prolong the life of your gun.

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  • ManufacturerUTG
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • Velocity280 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Barrel StyleSmooth
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • UseSkirmishing
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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UTG Multi-Shot Combat Commando Shotgun Airsoft Shotgun
5 Stars based on 13 Review(s)
Get This Gun!
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 18, 2012
This gun is EXCELLENT for any Shotgun users out there, it fires multiple bullets AND the spread is nice and tight AND Dead Accurate
3 SHOTS!!! Tight Spread Amazing Accuracy & Range Actual Shells! (I Know) Looks Sweet and VERY INTIMIDATING Hurts Like H(fill in the rest)L!
Somewhat Hard To Pump, this is no regular Pump Shotgun my friends (If you have weak arms)

J Dog
5 Stars

best shotty ever
August 7, 2010
this gun is AMAZING. it has pin point accuracy (i wuz able to hit a 1 inch target from 25 feet away easily!!!). It is also great for airsoft wars: for CQB or medium range. I had an airsoft war wit my frend and shot him in da face six times with it!!!!!!

fat boy
5 Stars

March 29, 2010
This gun rocks! i got this gun and I love. I had a airsoft war and i kicked his butt. this gun is good for CQB.

5 Stars

August 5, 2009
the full stock is easier and quicker to aim but this is still a great gun

5 Stars

July 24, 2009
This is the coolest gun ever. They say that it only fires three at a time but mine fires sometimes FOUR to SIX bb's. it may be just my gun but im not sure. P.S. be sure to get extra shells because in deep combat the ammo can tend to run out quickly

5 Stars

May 18, 2009
This gun is the best! It is really accurate and really fast. No question about it. Extra shells would have helped, but no doubt this shotgun is sooooo much fun! The grip on it feels so good. Highly RECOMENDED! Pros: *good price *fast *accurate *good assembly *good accessories *EXCELLENT GUN! Cons: *strap is not that good *only 2 shells(4 would have been good *less plastic more metal

1911 fan
5 Stars

February 1, 2009
WOW. i have had 5 airsoft guns so far and this murders them. my friend got hit on the kneecap and he surrendered immediantly people want to be on my team cause they dont want to go against this beast

5 Stars

December 28, 2008
let me start off by saying that i love shotguns i mean half of my airsoft guns are shotguns what i hate though is some shotguns shoot 1 bb (come on its a freakin shotgun at least make it 3 or 5) when i saw this and its price i went mehh i can get better but when i opened up my christmas gift here lied this beauty anyway on to the actual review. 1st off it shoots 3 bbs how much like a shotgun can you get? they shoot far and spread pretty far also when i went to my friends house to show him this he went holy crap!!! so me and him did a test we got three soda cans (empty) then spread them out then shot from like 50ft away all 3 bbs hit each can so that proves its accuracy is good we did another test (kinda stupid) he got 1 can i loaded the gun went right up to it and then shot it close range you wanna know the results? a big hole in the can so its pretty powerful too so i would recommend this :)

4 Stars

November 16, 2008
IT is all perfect except for it's speed. The pump isn't to stif, just give it some oil and u can dominate. If they had just made it 340 fps...

5 Stars

Whoo Hoo
October 21, 2008
I LOVE THIS GUN!!! It is my favorite gun. I actually purchased this gun from a friend. I was gonna use it as a secondary weapon, but as soon as I shot that first shot I knew I was going to LOVE this thing. Anyway, totally get the spare shells.

5 Stars

AWESOME GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 25, 2008
This is one of the best shotguns ever . Everything works great it's alittle hard to cock but the best gun. I suggest you get extra shells and ammo thats what i did and i have the best shotgun. This thing looks intimidating.

me and not you
5 Stars

best shotgun evah!
August 6, 2008
this is not only the sturdiest and most realistic shotgun i have purchased, it is also the cheapest

4 Stars

Awesome Accuracy!
August 5, 2008
This model was recently purchased by my police department. I was very impressed to say the least with its accuracy, and range. From a distance of 20 yards, I scored multiple hits on a 6" diameter light pole several times on a test fire. The shot pattern was tight. I just placed an order for my own enjoyment so hope it lasts.

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