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Definitive Guide to Beeman QB Series

The QB series CO2 bolt action rifles have become a staple in the airgunning world. The QB air rifle is straightforward in an honest way, with exceptional accuracy. The QBs simple, yet effective design make it a standard for those looking for a simple backyard marksmanship trainer or a solid start to building a custom rifle. With ergonomics and controls very similar to many single shot rimfire rifles the QB78 & QB79 really has cemented itself into our sport, but what is the backstory to these fantastic little rifles? What can you do with this simple but efficient platform? Where did they come from and why do we love them so much?
Detailed Review
Many of us grew up with an airgun as our introduction to the shooting sports. Chances are, if you grew up during 1955 and 1972 then the QB air rifles will look very familiar to you. During that time period Crosman produced the Model 160 and 165 series of CO2 rifles. These simple and lightweight single shot CO2 guns became very popular and some were even purchased by the US Air Force as training rifles. However, like all good things, production of the Crosman 160 and 165 models came to an end and left the market yearning for something to fill its place.

According to a 2006 article written by Tom Gaylord, this is where the original concept of an overseas produced, improved version of the 160 came into play. A man named Henry Harn commissioned a tuned Crosman 160 from Tim McMurray ( of Mac 1 Airguns fame) and then sent the resulting rifle to China for mass production. However, due to higher than expected pricing, sales were not as good as anticipated. It was not until the Chinese released their own version of the QB at a much lower price that sales really took off. Since then the Chinese versions of the QB have been imported under many different brands as the licensing has changed hands, while the rifles still remain essentially the same. For quite some time they were sold under the Tech Force name as well as the Industry Brand name (yes quite possibly the worst brand name ever!) , but as of late they have been brought in under the Beeman name (not to be confused with the made in Germany Beeman brand.)

The Basic Anatomy of the QB

The Beeman QB rifles come in essentially two configurations: the QB78 which uses standard 12g CO2 cartridges and the QB79 which uses bulk fill CO2. The 78 uses two standard 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Loaded back to back. Providing on average about 60 usable shots per fill.

Both guns are available in .177 and .22 calibers and the QB78 is available in a deluxe model featuring an upgraded 2 stage trigger, Truglo fiber optic sights, and brass hardware. The stock on the Deluxe models also features a Monte Carlo style cheek rest for better sight alignment when using a scope. Definitely worth the slight bump in cost in our opinion.

The QB79 air rifle is the more versatile version of its QB78 brother. The ability to use a bulk fill CO2 tank means more shots and more consistency across its FPS range, but it also gives you the option to remove the bottle when you are done shooting, this eliminates the need to de-gas the rifle when you are not shooting as CO2 guns should not be stored with pressurized gas inside. Out of the box the QB79 is designed to work with 5 or 7 oz CO2 tanks, however when an AirVenturi CO2 adaptor is used a standard 9 oz paintball CO2 tanks fits just fine.

Regardless of the model chosen all the QB air rifles feature a single shot bolt action, dark finished hardwood stock, zinc alloy trigger guards, and a steel rifled barrel.

Triggers on the QB series are adequate. Though the triggers are a bit on the spongy side, they do have a light break and clean engagement making accurate shooting easy. All point considered we found the QB trigger perfectly serviceable when compared with the relatively low cost of the rifles.

Overall you can expect a QB Series air rifle to be well made and reliable, but at the same time don't expect heirloom quality, rather the QB is the type of rifle that you don't feel bad about it showing a little wear as it sees use. The perfect gun to throw in the back of your car, always reliable and ready to have fun with.

Shot Accuracy, Velocity & Loudness

Accuracy on these rifles far exceeds their price point. For our initial accuracy testing we chose the standard QB78 in .177 caliber to get a good baseline for the entire line. After testing several pellets we found the rifle liked the Crosman 7.4 grain Crosman wadcutters. With open sights at 10 meters point of impact was high and to the right but we were happy with the resulting groups.

However put a scope on your QB78 and this gun really shines. In keeping with the theme of an inexpensive rifle,we topped ours with a CenterPoint 3-932 scope. After only a few shots to get it sighted in...well, let's let the groups speak for themselves.

As far as power and consistency go you have to be very happy with the chronograph results of the little .177 rifle. Over a 10 shot string our average FPS was 610.32 FPS, perfect for backyard shooting and working on accuracy out to about 20 yards. Doing the same test with the .22 caliber version we got an average of 446.94 FPS. Due to the low velocities of the QB we recommend it as a plinker or a target gun, but if eliminating pests is your main use for an air rifle then the QB may not be the best for your needs.

Sound testing with the stock QB air rifle produced decibel readings consistently right at 65 dB. Considering that the QB has no sound suppression system that makes it pretty quiet for what it is. Think of just how quiet they would be if they did have a sound suppression system? Someone should make that... seriously, because we think it would be great. Nonetheless, the QB is still very backyard friendly.

The AR2078 & 2079, The QB's Flashy Brother

Considering what we have seen the QB to be capable of in the accuracy department, it's no wonder that the factory elected to come out with versions of the QB rifle tailored to those who are serious about punching paper. The AR20 series of rifles is essentially the same rifle on the inside as the QB's, but come in biathlon and 10-meter target inspired stocks as well as equipped with peep sights for more accurate shooting.

The AR20's are very comfortable to shoot, and though only the thumbhole version of the AR20 is truly ambidextrous, the right handed stock of the biathlon style AR20's are still decently comfortable for lefties to shoot.

The AR2079 allows for using bulk fill CO2 tanks, and is only available in the biathlon stock. Though our test gun seems to handle at least our 9oz CO2 tank without touching the barrel. We'd still recommend that you use the CO2 adapter to lower the tank and be sure. It's just that close.

Whether it be for training for an upcoming event or you just like the style, the AR20 gives you the same accuracy and reliability as a QB with a little extra flair on the design end. The addition of peep sights is also an added benefit for those whose eyesight causes them to struggle with standard open sights. The use of a peep sight causes the pupil to focus more readily and relieve some of the strain of shooting with standard sights.

Mods, Mods, and More Mods

Both the QB78 and 79 have become very popular platforms for modification. From simple power upgrades to bolts, to sights, the QB's have done it all. If you're interested in modifying your QB, check out Airgun Depot's full line of tune kits from AirVenturi.

The most essential mod is the power mod. This easy to install kit replaces the bolt as well as the transfer port seals of your QB allowing more gas to flow through the port and into the chamber. To see just how much power these mods can give your rifle we chronographed a stock .22 cal QB78 Deluxe for 10 shots using JSB pellets. We then took the same rifle, added the AirVenturi Tune Kit, and then re-chronographed for 10 more shots using the same pellets. The results made us very happy!

As mentioned previously, if you'd like to use standard CO2 9oz tanks, you'll need to pick up an Air Venturi CO2 Adapter. Without one a 9oz tank will push against the and can affect accuracy. If you don't have a 9oz CO2 tank, you can pick up an inexpensive one from us, easily refilled at any paintball shop as well as some sporting goods stores.


The QB's are pretty worry free when it comes to maintenance. The only real parts you will need to worry about replacing are O-rings and seals, all of which can be found at most hardware stores. If you do buy a tune kit for your rifle, we have included 2 full sets of o-rings so you can replace them as needed. Pellgun Oil or Ultrair CO2 lubrication cartridges are a great option to keep your seals and O-rings lubricated and for all moving metal parts we recommend a greaseless lubricant such as LPS 1. LPS 1 has been a leader in industrial lubricants for decades and has recently made the jump to the firearms and shooting markets. LPS is available in a spray can or handy single use wipes and is also great for treating the finish on your stock and removing any unwanted greases or leading from your rifle.

Accuracy & Power Accuracy on these rifles far exceeds their price point. Whether you use the open sights, slap on a basic scope, or go all olympian with the ARs diopter sights, you will be able to obtain sub 1-inch groups. The QB may just be the perfect plinker. Perfect for the seasoned shooter who wants to shoot in his/her basement & backyard, and the perfect youth gun for those who want their child to have a gun that feels like a gun, and not like a cheap plastic toy (In our opinion, if it feels like a toy, theyll treat it like a toy...).

Mods, Mods, Mods! Both the QB78 and 79 have become very popular platforms for modification. From simple power upgrades to full on PCP conversions the QB's have done it all. In fact, at under $200, a QB79 with an HPA tank provides an incredibly inexpensive but yet accurate PCP. And because the QB family is so straightforward and simple, it's easy to maintain and modify without fear of breaking it. Its like owning an old '65 Mustang whose simple engine compartment you can practically climb in to tinker with compared to a modern Mustang you need a computer science degree to mess with.

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