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Benjamin Trail NP®, Synthetic, .22 cal

Includes CenterPoint 3-9X40mm AO Scope and All Weather Stock

Benjamin Trail NP®, Synthetic, .22 cal

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  • Code: BT9M22SNP · 0.22 cal · 950 fps ·
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Benjamin Trail NP All Weather- .22 Cal- 950 FPS

The Trail NP All Weather features a durable, all weather synthetic stock. This rugged break barrel boasts an impressive 23 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, providing for 16% more downrange energy than .177 caliber and features velocities of up to 950 fps*. Independent research by Intertek found that Nitro Piston technology reduces noise by 70% during the shot cycle compared with traditional steel spring break-barrels!


  • With Nitro Piston Technology
  • 70% Less Noise then the competitor’s “quiet” break barrel
  • Gas Piston Technology uses Nitrogen as the power source, instead of a steel Spring
  • Dramatically reduces felt recoil by eliminating the "double hit" and "spring torque" of a steel spring
  • Quicker lock time leads to increased accuracy
  • All Weather Ambidextrous Stock w/Thumbhole Grip
  • Integral Rail Mounting System – make mounting optics quick and easy
  • Sling Mount and Swivel Studs Included
  • Includes CenterPoint 3-9x40mm with adjustable objective and Mil-Dot reticle


  • Model Number- BT9M22SNP
  • Power Source- Nitro Piston
  • Caliber-.22 Caliber
  • Velocity- up to 950 fps
  • Weight (oz)- 8 lbs.
  • Length (in)- 43 inches
  • Barrel Material- Bull Barrel

Benefits of the Nitro Piston vs. Spring Piston:

  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring

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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity950 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight8
  • Overall Length43"
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismGas piston
  • OpticsVariable / 1 inch Tube
  • RailWeaver Mount
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsNone
  • Rear SightsNone
  • Trigger Pull3.5
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Benjamin Trail NP®, Synthetic, .22 cal Reviews
4 Stars based on 47 Review(s)
Houston, Tx
2 Stars

Nitro piston failed after about 50 shots.
September 24, 2016
It was great while it lasted, but having the piston fail that fast makes me unhappy. It went from being loud and powerful, to quiet and barely able to penetrate the first couple pages of a magazine. I guess I will need to find out how to replace the piston. I am sure the warrantee must be expired.

Tenino Washington
1 Stars

Another inaccurate break barrel
August 13, 2015
Lot of money for an inaccurate rifle had to put 2000 rounds in a Ruger explorer for so so accuracy after 200 rounds still all over the place
scope, gas piston that you can leave cocked
heavy, INACCURATE, louder than advertised

Camanche, IA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Has potential but refinement needed
May 9, 2015
This rifle is hard hitting and accurate. The stock feels solid and all metal is nicely finished. Initially, I was very impressed with this rife. It sighted in easily and the included scope and mounts are very good for a combo package. Over time, I have come to dislike this rifle a bit. The trigger feels like a toy. After 2 months, the stock screws worked loose. This was after I tightened up the stock screws before the gun was ever even fired for the first time. Perhaps this problem was my fault because I didn't use loc-tite but still frustrating. This gun is HEAVY!! I own high power rifles that are lighter than this thing. A sling is not an option its an absolute must if you plan to take this gun into the woods. It just doesn't shoulder properly with all that weight, also the weight makes this gun very hold sensitive. Final summary is that if you bench shoot or hunt stationary then this gun will serve you well. If you shoot offhand or spot and stalk hunt, you need to get something lighter!.
Fit and finish are exceptional. Stock doesn't feel hollow Comes with a great scope and ring set Has sling mounts
HEAVY!!!! Trigger is a joke Loud even with shrouded barrel (Its like shooting a .22 rim-fire)

Marquette, Mi
2 Stars

sloppy assembly, bad power
April 20, 2015
I've have owned this for about 2 years now. Originally i thought it was weak due to sloppy assembly. I viewed tuning directions from youtube. Rebuilt, deburred and used molly grease on reassembly. While is more consistent for accuracy it still doesn't have all whole lot of power. At 20 feet it wont completely sink a crossman premere domed pellet flush into a pine 2x4 You have to seat each pellet in order for it to fire out of the rifle. It is a tack driver now though after putting in the new seals and trigger. Won't recommend this rifle at this price.
Nice scope. Best for targets made of paper
Poor performance. Bad builds are common. Heavy. Hard to find a soft case that fits.

Minburn, Iowa
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 24, 2014
Hits hard. Accurate. Makes a nice rabbit gun for sure. Count on buying an aftermarket trigger since the stock trigger adjustment does not work. Only gave it 4 stars since I had to spend 33.00 on an aftermarket trigger.
price, style,quiet
Stock trigger is horrible.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Thanks Airgun Depot
December 20, 2014
Just received my order and everything appears to be in great condition. Items were packaged very very well. Thanks Airgun Depot. The five stars are for the great condition and packing of my package. The rifle appears to be well made but I have not fired it yet. I will post again after I get to put it through the wringer. I have high hopes for the rifle but may need to work out a few kinks as I am new to adult airguns.
Package packed very very well. All items arrived in great condition. Rifle appears well made.
None at this time. Have not fired the rifle yet.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 12, 2014

Houston, Texas
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Accurate Chooter. Bad Peeper.
November 16, 2014
I have two of these Black Synthetic Trail NP .22 rifles. One had a barrel that dipped down in the middle. Once I got it straight it shoots good, but the scope jumps off zero. My other one I put a Simmons 4-12X40 AO on it and it shoots very good on zero. The velocity is medium. Not blistering, but not weak either.
It is a little heavy so it doesn't have much recoil. Cocking effort is not too heavy. The Ambidextrous stock feels great. Great ergonomics. Can make some good shots.
A little heavy, so you wouldn't want to carry it through the woods very far. Upgrade the scope to make it great.

Bob La Londe
Yuma, Az
1 Stars

Good Potential - Bad Execution
September 17, 2014
Zero Stars. Sadly not an option. I can't give any positive ratings for *just* a good idea. I have spent two months trying to learn to shoot an NP Trail with synthetic stock, and I'm about ready to toss it. The point of impact will just randomly change. I don't mean that it shoots a large group (which it does) or that it has occasional fliers (which it does), but that with any pellet the gun it will start to group, and then the point of impact will be somewhere else. I'm so frustrated with it, that I bought a PCP as a daily shooter. I feel this is just a bad gun design, so I bought a different brand PCP. I do not believe in rewarding bad behavior. The stock trigger is so bad that if it were on even the cheapest powder gun it would be considered defective. Its supposed to be adjustable, but the stock screw is too short to have any affect. I installed a slightly longer screw, and now its merely a poor (but atleast shootable) trigger instead of a defective trigger. Atleast now I know about when its going to fire. The Center Point Scope on mine might be the problem, or it might not. I'll try another scope when I get a chance. However the Center Point scope has another problem. The parallax adjustments moves from the pounding of the gun. I site in air guns at 30 yards (well maybe not this one) and after 50 shots or so I'll look at the adjustment and see it has moved back to the 25 yard mark. I haven't torn into the gun yet, and I don't have chrony (I will in a coupled days), but it feels like the power is all over the place. Even when it stays tight left to right the elevation drifts up and down a lot. The most frustrating thing about this gun though are the airgun forums. Everybody says, "Oh its you," "You have to learn how to shoot it," "It took me 5000 rounds to learn to shoot mine," "Have you torn it down to its components parts and rebuilt it from the ground up yet. If you haven't then all the guns problems are your fault," "you have to try atleast a20 or 30 different pellets in it to see what it likes (if anything)," and "what do you expect for the price." Almost forgot. The stock screws loosen up. They must be snugged up every 10-20 shots. Now I have to comment on one thing at this point. It seems to shoot better right after you snug up the stock screws. Or maybe "less bad" would be a better description. If I give up on having any warranty I might just put some loctite on those. I've got about 700 rounds down range with it, and I have to say I don't think 7000 rounds down range would make much difference. I'm no great shot, but I know my capabilities.
The Nitro Piston Concept

john potterfield
Waukesha, Wi
1 Stars

August 26, 2014
Gun is screaming with potential and is a monster. but is not well made at all!
Bad scope
too heavy

Jim Bob
houston TX
2 Stars

Horrible accuracy!
August 26, 2014
Great gun to shoot, I got it sighted in at 25yrds and then it went high then low then left then right. it sucks with accuracy! this is the 2 Benjamin trail this has happened to that I have owned. I'm not bashing Benjamin by any means! We have a Benjamin Discovery that is hitting one inch targets at 50 yards. I would deffinatly not recommend this gun to ANYONE! Save your self the trouble and get the Stoeger X-20 hunter. I give this gun 2 stars because it is still fun to shoot.
horrible scope cant hold center.
nice pistol grip but does not complement the trigger.

Riverside, CA
3 Stars

Must be lucky to get a "Good one" then it's a great rifle
August 21, 2014
Bought this rifle after the wood stock version's barrel started to pointing towards the sky for no reason so I returned it Got this one instead. I have not yet been lucky enough to get a competent piece of gear from Benjamin NP series. These are made in china and the quality control is amazingly horrible. Which makes sense. The less they get rid of in quality control the more product they push out at the end of the day. And who cares if someone in America get's a broken rifle sent to their doors. I got this rifle and when the trigger releases the piston it sounded like my 30 year old Gamo spring rifle that has never been taken apart, just shot over and over "CLUNK" is not something you should hear from a NP rifle upon firing. Not to mention this rifle throws pellets every where and I know I care enough to wipe the barrel down before testing "out of the box" accuracy. I know you are supposed to find the right pellet to feed this rifle. But my rifle seems to not like anything. I gave this rifle a 3 star and it hurts me to do it. The design is beautiful and if everything is made with care this rifle is a tack driver, and it will shoot beautifully. It has potential but those who made this rifle doesn't really care if they made it well or not so we get so many bad ones constantly being returned. Those who gave 4 stars and above - you are lucky and I envy you. Because this is really a 5 star rifle. Would you bother buying this and sending it back over and over until you get a "Good One"? I've given it 2 tries and I'm going for an RWS 34 instead. This rifle is wonderful if built right and I wish all my fellow air gunners out there the best of luck!
Great concept and when done right it's a keeper. Does well in plinking and hunting quiet, powerful, and so so smooth.
As good as the gun is, if it's made with negligence then you know you are taking a gamble when you purchase one Need to replace the trigger because you will fall in love with this rifle and want to change the trigger to make it perfect anyway I'm not very lucky so I wish everyone else does not experience the frustration of getting a poorly made rifle. So many things can go wrong when it's not made with care

Spring, Tx
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 22, 2014
This was a refurbished gun in box looked brand new. At first was shooting well but kept losing its zero so I tried several different scopes with same results. I was getting 6 inch 5 shot groups with Crosman Premier at 20 yards. I was about to give up on it but decided to give it a tune and new seal. Wow what a difference it made. I now am able to put 10 shots at 20 yards (measured) in a single hole the size of a Nickel if I do my part. I regularly get 5 shots connecting. The seal that was in the gun was really chewed up.
Power and now accuracy
Heavy and the trigger could be better

Nashville, TN
2 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

think i got a bad one
July 21, 2014
hopefully it was just mine, but after about a week, close to 500 shots, this gun had a loose rivet looking pin on the lever that cocks and fires the gun, the rivet would spin sometimes while cocking, and then the lever would slip off when you straighten the barrel causing the trigger to not work. as a result, i would have to take the stock off of the gun to reset it...loaded. very dangerous defect. sent email for return and have not heard back as of yet. hopefully i get a better a replacement. As for the shooting, a little scattered, but i don't think i fully got it broke in. my other np (wood stock) is half as loud, way more accurate and still reliable after a year and a half. i'll write a better review when/if i get a better rifle.
Merchant Response:
Hi, please contact us and we'd be happy to exchange this for another one. Definitely not the norm for this gun. Fill this out and we'll be happy to assist you. Thanks Airgun Depot Team
good price, enough power to take a raccoon, possum, groundhog etc..
cheap trigger, long pull. poor workmanship on this one.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Trail NP Far Superior to New Trail NP2
June 20, 2014
I'm going to start out by posting my review of the new Benjamin Trail NP2 rifle. Once you read it, you'll see that the smart decision is to stick with the previous model Trail NP. But in both cases, I cannot recommend buying it with the wood stock (see below). I wrote a previous review on the Crosman web site that wasn't good. Thus far, it hasn't been published by Crosman even though I was right on target with my comments. Before I review those comments, let me offer a follow-up after using the Trail NP2 for a couple weeks. The wood stock cracked in three different places: 1) on top, behind where the receiver mounts to the stock, 2) where one of the front mounting screws secures the stock to the receiver, and 3) top front on the stock where the front of the receiver mates with the wood. Bottom line is get the synthetic stock version. I compared my Trail NP to the Trail NP2 relative to noise and found the NP2 to be noticeably louder. Also, the Trail NP2 barrel shroud is loose (rotates) where the Trail NP shroud was good and tight. The new CBT is better than the stock Trail NP trigger. However, it's still unacceptably too hard and gritty. I installed a Charlie da Tuna CBR trigger which fit perfectly. The CBR now offers a fantastic trigger pull for only $30 post paid. You can also adjust the Charlie da Tuna trigger for either a two stage, or very crisp and light single stage pull (thanks tons Charlie!). Here's the overview of what I wrote before: 1. bundled Trail 3-9x32 scope offers a darker image relative to the Trail NP bundled 3-9x40 2. bundled Trail NP2 scope has no parallax adjustment where the bundled Trail NP does 3. Picatinny scope mounting base is shorter, not going fully to the rear, which makes it much harder to mount the scope for proper eye relief when set for maximum magnification 4. Picatinny scope mounting base is welded on at three locations, each location separated by an air space; thus not as strong as full length welded Trail NP scope base 5. Over hyped Clean Break Trigger is better than stock Trail NP. But both triggers are unacceptably lousy and I replaced both of them with Charlie da Tuna triggers. Now the trigger pull on each air rifle is great, as it should have been from the factory. This is especially true for kids with less hand and finger strength than adults. 6. Couldn't get the front mounting screws to pull the stock tight to the receiver. Inspection of screw holes found metal shavings, which when cleaned out, then allowed the screws to fully enter holes to tightly mount the stock. 7. Trail NP uses an aluminum transition shroud where the barrel shroud stops at the barrel near the breech. Trail NP2 uses a cheap piece of plastic that looks like heat shrink tubing. 8. Quality of wood used for stock is poor, no checkering on the grip or for-end, thus the stock is slippery to grasp. 9. Rubber o-ring air seal at breech was nicked. Trail NP uses a harder synthetic o-ring which is much more durable. The new Trail NP2 is a definite NO BUY and I recommend buying the Trail NP with the synthetic stock and install the Charlie da Tuna GRT-III trigger. The Trail NP is close in velocity to the Trail NP2, quieter, with a better scope and is less money. I contacted Crosman regarding the broken stock and nicked o-ring. Their customer service was great. They are shipping out a new replacement stock in synthetic and replacement o-ring at no charge. In summary, Crosman had the opportunity to "do it right" with the NP2 and they failed big time. They need to have real shooters be in charge of making the decisions rather than penny pinchers.
All but a lousy trigger.
None except for lousy trigger. Buy a Charlie da Tuna GRT-III and you'll never regret it!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun
June 4, 2014
This gun is great if you're looking for some back yard fun. Breaking the barrel was a little difficult at first, but after oiling it a few times it works fine. It is pretty heavy because of the synthetic stock, but it's not really an issue. In terms of shooting it's pretty consistent, but every once in a while you'll get one or two "crazy shots'. It also comes with a very nice scope that is easy to sight in.
Great hunting or pest control rifle
Trigger pull is long, but you'll get use to it

Covington, KY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Power and Comfort
April 5, 2014
I have had this gun for a few weeks now. So far its a pretty nice gun. I see what everyone is saying about the trigger but I think its just made that way and not a mistake or anything. I am use to it now and doesn't bother me a bit. Its not hard to remember where it actually fires when pulling it. The scope it comes with is pretty nice also. Not top of the line or anything but stays centered. Overall it's a good buy if you are looking to move up to the next caliber. The best pellets I had found so far are Crosman premier hollow point. I have a can of Beeman Silver Arrow Pointed on the way which work great in my Crosman Phantom so hoping they will in this. I tried ball and JSB Jumbo Monster and both hit hard but not as accurate as I would like. I also like the Crosman Power shot Premium for their penetration and are pretty accurate. I just wish the Power shot ones were around 5 grains heavier then they would punch a better hole in things. This gun should get cheaper as the NP2 comes out.
Nice look for synthetic stock. Balance is good. Hits hard and pretty accurate overall. I like the feel of it. It almost feels like an assault weapon.
It is pretty heavy but not too heavy.

Innisfil, Ontario, Canada
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent Shooter
February 7, 2014
Things I liked:My first "Nitro-Piston" a/g,,,,and I like it, Do I like it more than my springer's, only time will tell. So, Far, I'm just testing out its accuracy with different pellets/weight's, and after roughly 250 rounds from various makers, and varying weights, In my conclusion, FX Smooth Twist pellets @16gr,. came out on top nudging out the best JSB, and H&N had to offer, and surprisingly out of the economy selection, Daisy Field Points were consistently more accurate than anything from Crosman, and Gamo, although in Alloy, Gamo PBA Armour rounds @10.8gr,. beat H&N Baracuda Green's, and FTT Green's, while Crosman SSP's provided the highest Consistent velocity at an average of 1075 fps,even though all the shots were in the black, they were scattered(Tests made indoors, at 20 M). Things I would have changed:This gun is heavy, and I'm a fairly large individual(pushing 50 though;), Thank goodness it come with swivels. What others should know:I would give Honest, and Fair Velocity accounts, Crosman achieves those numbers using Alloy pellets, Be Honest, much like Hatsan. I was very surprised to achieve the numbers I got w/ the Crosman SSP's, judging from previous review's. I consider myself lucky. All in All, I highly recommend this gun, and I can't wait to see how it performs at distance in the field. From what I've seen so far,,,,Dinner's in the Pot. Cheer's, and Happy Huntin', Andy.

tallahassee, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Ben jammin!!
February 2, 2014
I purchased this gun in the camo version about a year and a half ago and absolutely love it. Its is the rifle in my collection that I take squirrel hunting almost every time I go, This gun is very accurate for a combo rifle. The included Centerpoint 3x9x40 AO scope is a decent scope. It's a higher quality scope than most air rifle combos come with. Its actually a nice scope to put on a .22 rimfire ,or even a high powered rifle because it will look further out there than a air rifle reach. In the picture below you will find that I have upgraded the scope to a Centerpoint 4x16x40 adventure class. the old scope is now on my Hatsan .25cal. rifle. The Benjamin is a great rifle for adults. It is extremely quiet to reload. the cocking effort is not to heavy and really smooth. This is a very quiet rifle when fired. the sound of the pellet hitting a squirrel is louder than the gun report. The down sides are that it is a heavy rifle, and when accessorized its weighs over ten pounds. The trigger is like most air rifles, long and gritty ,leaving you waiting for it to go off. You can adjust it and it makes the pull bearable The sling is a must if you stay out on a extended hunt. It is advised to use locktight on the stock to receiver screws to keep them from working loose. I have fired over 2000 rounds through this gun and it just keeps getting fall off in performance like most springers . Squirrels never hear that lead headache coming! The heaviest of pellets are no problem for this rifle and really send the tree rats for a long dirt nap.This rifle combo is a great deal in the $200.00 price range.
quiet, powerful, accurate, and really cool looking (see picture below)
its a heavy rifle, the trigger pull is long and gritty

Silicon Valley, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Accurate Gun After Many Tweaks
October 12, 2013
I'm finally getting consistent groupings after owning and tweaking for 3 months plus shooting 600 pellets. I was ready to return the refurb'd gun after 3 weeks when shots would consistently group then after 8 shots, it would start shooting several inches low (at 20 yards). Instead, I decided to stick it out and try the various tweaks suggested by others. Here are the tweaks that I did: 1. Clean the bore. Shoot 50 pellets. Tighten 3 screws. Clean the bore. Shoot 50 pellets. Tighten 3 screws. Repeat until you've run out of daylight then do it some more on another day. After 600 pellets, the bore is clean and the gun shoots consistently. 2. I didn't purchase a better trigger to improve it. I chose to go the route of adding a wheel bearing 5 mm (inner) x 9 mm (outer) x 3 mm (width) like I saw on YouTube. Trigger squeezes now break smoothly. 3. I locktite'd the screws after doing the trigger mod. I kept on thinking there was a problem with the scope but after doing the tweaks listed, I feel the scope is adequate and doesn't need to be upgraded. Also, I wanted a gun case for transporting the gun from home to the field. Finding one that fits was a challenge. The gun is very tall with the scope and the grip. I found a really nice case on Walmart Online for $22: Plano Gun Guard 400 Series Soft Rifle Case, RealTree AP. It's a snug fit and has plenty of padding. I'm pretty happy with the gun now. I gave it 4 stars because of the extra work needed to make it usable.
Accurate, consistent shooter (after making tweaks) Quiet Fun to shoot Inexpensive tweak available to improve trigger, etc.
Tweaks needed Very gritty trigger (right out of the box)

Robert Synesael
Tucson, AZ.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Benjamin Trail NP .22
September 19, 2013
In two words, "love it." I bought a refurbished and don't have any issues with it. I put a new Vortex Crossfire 4-12x40 AO scope on it and now it is a tack driver. I didn't expect it to shoot this well. I bought it because I have a rabbit problem, or should I say I had a rabbit problem! This gun will put a pellet through a rabbit end to end!
Job well done on the refurb. No issues. The gun is tight, clean and mechanically sound as if new.
Did not come with a sling. The factory trigger is less than desirable so I put a custom trigger from Airguns of AZ. IF YOU USE THE CUSTOM TRIGGER FROM THEM MAKE SURE TO RE LOCK-TITE THE ADJUSTMENT SCREWS! They will loosen with this guns recoil. The scope that came with the rifle only lasted about 75 rounds before the reticle would lose zero and move when adjusting the power ring.

Chris Paul
Plymouth PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Refurbish Is just like new
August 25, 2013
works great, can't tell that it was used before. Must, Must clean the barrel before you use it for the first time. I have been in this game of airguns for about 30 yrs, and all of the negative comments I hear about this gun made me get one to analyze what's the issue. Some problems 90% of shooters get is from a dirty barrel, the next problem comes from loose mounting screws for the scope, the next is very poor shooting technique. I cleaned the barrel and torqued down the scope screws, and I have hit dime size groups at 30 ft with over 100 crosman premier hollow points without resting the rifle using the artillery hold only. The trigger does have a long travel before the break, but you can get use to that over time, new shooters may want to upgrade trigger, but a veteran like myself can adjust to the long pull and have fun without the extra investment. I will not be changing the trigger, hopefully it will smooth out.
Refurbish is good for those who are on a budget and want a nice air rifle for a decent price. Just like new to me, can't tell the difference between used and new. Accurate if you clean the barrel tighten the scope screws and use proper technique. Feels good in the hand nice and balanced, quality good for the price.
Must clean barrel, trigger a bit on the long travel to break side, no sling with refurbished rifle.

Gene hubbard
Colo Ia. U.S.A.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hunting season starts sept. 1st. can't wait !
August 23, 2013
Wife got it for me on fathers days . Great gift , love this woman ! Been shooting it since that day in the back yard . I can shoot about 35 yds back there , and this gun dose the trick I shoot golf balls I have drilled out and hung on wire . There very close to a squirrels head in size , and the squirrels are in trouble ! Got use the trigger and now missing the balls are very rare very nice rifle like it much more then my RWS , the Benjamin Trail Nitro beats it all. I'm a welder so I've also make up a few metal disks targets about 1 1/2 inch in diameter 1/8 in. thick. Knocks them right off the stand they wt. about 3 ounces and the 14.3 gram pellet knocks them 2 or 3 ft. back .
none for this old retired Marine !

Weldon Keating
Poway, CA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Accuracy Issues
July 5, 2013
I have had this gun for about 3 months with over 200 shots down range. I have cleaned the barrel and got all the goop out. I like everything about it, including the weight. It's well made and it is very quiet (hope to have no complaints from the neighbors.) The trigger is horrible and I run out of breath as it just pulls and pulls with no surprise when it goes off. I plan to get a CT GR III trigger and hope it clears that issue up. At a measured 33 feet I have had 3 shot cloverleafs dead on. However, the next time I take it out it's 4" high left or 3" low right. I dial the sight in and then start to get 2-2 1/2" groups. I use Benjamin hunting pellets and they seem to be well made and consistent in form plus I'm careful in loading so I don't bend the pellet skirt. If the trigger doesn't work, I think I'm going to take it back. I have no interest in spending more money (other than a trigger) or try home shop tweaking which usually cancels any ability in trying to return it for a reissue or refund.
Appears well made, comfortable stock, quiet and like the heavy weight which dampens any recoil.
Worst trigger I have ever had on any gun I have ever owned (many) Still concerned about the wandering zero (trigger ??? scope ??? or just the nature of the brand-model ?????

Madison, WI
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Found the accuracy issue(s) with mine.
April 30, 2013
I have had this air rifle about 2 weeks. Bought 8 different pellet types/brands to try. First impression was great out of the box. Had a quarter group at 30 feet... but then it started to drift and then I started getting flyers 9 inches off. As I loaded pellets I started to say, this one is going to "fly...". What I learned was the breach of the barrel is not relieved to allow the pellet skirt to be flush with or inside the barrel. Sometimes when you close the break barrel it deforms the skirt if the pellet sticks out. You need to seat your pellets into the barrel with a tool or a bic pen. I machined an aluminum tool to seat them consistently. This took care of the 9 inch flyers. Next I set 4 targets to start sorting pellets. First target was quarter sized group at 30 feet. Next pellet type grew, third pellet type was even bigger. I went back to the best pellet and it was the worst! Something was drifting. I thought it the scope. Went looking at scopes, but I can't justify a 600 dollar scope on this rifle. In the process I came across a gent who re-crowned the barrel end. I know how important this area is on my 22 cal. bull barrel match pistol, so I paid attention to this article. I went and removed the shroud (fake suppressor) with the American sized allen wrench. Note it is a bit tight and epoxied in the threads. When I removed the shroud, I couldn't believe the muzzle of my barrel! Encrusted with gunk and epoxy and debris! My pellets were shooting through this gunk. I found that my barrel was "crowned" pretty poorly, with about a 30 degree angle taper about 0.080 deep. I measured the squareness of the barrel end, and it was reasonable. I took a mill file and took about 0.050 of material off the barrel end to shorten the factory crown. I checked for squareness with my final strokes. I then took a brass screw with valve grinding compound and honed the crown until it appeared all surfaces were lapped to the root of the rifling. My eye says the factory crown is a little bit off. If my testing proves that there is still a problem, I'll file off all the factory crown, and re-crown it. Now for the test. It took about 30 shots for the newly cleaned barrel to "settle in". My pellets were now hitting about 8 inches high and 3 to the right with my new crown. After about 50 pellets I had a pretty good group with all three pellets of a quarter or less at 30 feet. The remaining problem, at least for me is the trigger. I ordered a charlie tuna GRT III yesterday. After I install that and run another tin of pellets through it, I'll decide if I need to do a more drastic recrown. Bottom line, you should remove your fake supressor and check for gunk on the end of the barrel if you are experiencing accuracy problems.
Decent stock, and scope, barrel rifling looks good. Pleasant ergonomics. Picatinny rail scope mount good.
Trigger is the pits. Debris on barrel end (inside fake supressor) totally degrades accuracy. Factory barrel crown job is poor.

Silver city nm
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing gun
April 9, 2013
I love this gun. Doesn't sight in very well till well over 100 rounds. After that, it's amazing. I actually like the scope that's included. Trigger pull is long but I got use to it already. Really quiet as well. For the price you cannot beat it.
Quiet, accurate, and powerful.
Long trigger pull

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Scope or Rifle?
March 17, 2013
Well, not sure if it is the scope or the actual rifle but can't get any consistency. Some shot right on, others off to the left. Had to crank the scope all the way down to get on target at 50'. Maybe the cheap scope - I hope so. Gun is well made and really packs a punch - two holes through a bean can at 50', through and through. Just won't keep on center.

Charles W. Willcutt
Warrenville, il. 60555
2 Stars

Benjamin Trail NP (Nitro Piston) All Weather Air Rifle With Scope- .22 Cal
December 15, 2012
I have had this gun for almost a year and have tried over a thousand pellets and I still can't get it to zero in. It keeps going high then low or left to right. There is something wrong with this gun. Can't figure it out. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE. I have not contacted the company with this complaint yet but will very soon.
Looks and feels great.
Can't zero it in, long trigger pull, and made in china.

Spencerville, Ohio
2 Stars

The Trail NP is a Monster Air-Rifle but poorly made.
September 21, 2012
This gun has a lot of potential. It's a sweet gun to shoot. It looks and feels awesome but some things are too good to be true. Without a good bit of modification, this gun is destined to self destruct. I have had this gun for a total of two weeks. I have shot close to 700 pellets, maybe more. I have used the Crosman Premier hollow points and their pointed hunting pellet. From day one I could not get the gun zeroed in. Low left then high then low. Finally, it grouped 2 inch groups at 20 for a few shots then back to low left. Upon inspection, I had seen that the Centerpoint Scope cross-hairs were moving counter clock-wise. They had been jarred loose and Crosman said to send it back for replacement. Upon further inspection all the screws holding the stock to the gun had come loose and literally where backing themselves out of the threads creating all kinds of wobble and accuracy problems, especially from a bench rest. I tightened the screws and used Loctite to keep them from backing out. Good idea? Well after another few hundred shots I snapped the left stock side screw plum in two. Wow that's torque. The screws used to secure the stock to the gun are inadequate. Too small and probably should have been reverse threaded. Crosman said to send it back as well and they would send me a new gun. Oh yea, the trigger is different and it is difficult to initially use. But you do get used to it and patience is a virtue, especially with this mile long pulling trigger. The cocking and the pulling of the trigger are the only consistent things I have got from my Nitro. If you're a gun-pro this is your dream gun to modify and kill the neighbors pain in the butt cats with. Otherwise you may want to pass this Walmart special up.
Heavy gun Very powerful Awesome looks Smooth cocking
Poorly constructed, cheap fasteners, accuracy stunk but you could club a varmint to death though. Scope must be poorly constructed as well, China needs a better Quality Program.

Jared Smith
Milford, Massachusetts
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Lots of fun to shoot, highly recommended!
September 1, 2012
I just bought the 1100XL .22, strictly because of how much fun, and success I've had with my Trail NP all weather. I have put several thousand shots through this gun in the six months that I've had it. I shoot it every single day, even if its just a few shots. The only mod left to do is the obvious GRT-III trigger...but I'm hesitant. I'm so used to this mile long trigger pull (which I've adjusted as short as the adj. screw will let me) that I'm almost hesitant to do it. I mean, if its not broken, don't fix it right?! Anyways, this gun has proven very accurate, although not as powerful as I was hoping, or as the manufacturer lead me to believe. I've added a Center Point 4-16x40 illuminated reticle scope, an adjustable tactical style bipod, and a laser/flashlight attachment to the scope with pressure switches to operate them both separately. I've attached a couple of pictures, i hope you enjoy! I highly recommend this gun, it's the most relaxing rifle I've ever shot, almost therapeutic! No spring torque, no loud twang, no headache. Buyer beware, if you buy this gun, you're going to get sucked into the 1100XL, so start saving your pennies! FYI, don't believe the bad reviews on the 1100XL or the Trail NP, they are both great guns!
accuracy smooth cocking and loading smooth shot cycle
The obvious trigger pull complaint, although I'm so used to it, i don't think I'm going to upgrade. FPS not even close to what the manufacturer leads you to believe, but not enough of a complaint to steer me away from grabbing one of my rifles to play.

Craig H.
Morgan Utah
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

More than what I expected!
July 10, 2012
I purchased this rifle yesterday July 9, 2012. Today, I was able to set a target at 50ft. I first put a bore sight on it and tuned it in. I was shooting tight groups about 5 inches above and 2 inches to the left. After some adjustments and tinkering I was able to group shots consistently in a 1/2 inch dot without fail. I was shooting into a 3/4 inch of plywood that is very dense. After a few shots I went to see what the gun had done to the wood. It does not feel like a spring powered gun nor does it sound like one. I thought that it may not have the punch I was looking for. Upon examination I found I blew the hell out of my fence and the plywood looked as if a 22 rim fire had hit it. I doubled up on the plywood to 1-1/2 inches thick and the pellets still went through with ease. I am shooting 22 cal. Gamo Rockets and wow! My last three shots were in a dot the size of a dime and all three were touching to make one hole with room to spare. I have heard about and read about how bad the trigger pull is. For me, I have many High powered rifles, hand guns, and air rifles. Not one has the same trigger pull as the other. I admit it is a little different but something that can be overcome with continued practice. Upon close examination I found only one flaw that bothers me. "Made In China".
After sighting this gun in it is the most accurate of any air rifle I have owned and extremely quiet. Every gun takes some getting used to but the results on paper tell the story. It is what I have always wished I had.
Made in China

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very accurate once you fix an issue
April 7, 2012
I bought this great rifle expecting it to be as accurate as all the reviews suggested it would be. Many reviews said you had to shoot a couple of hundred shots for it to settle in, but that was not happening in my case. At 30 yards with the rifle fixed, the trajectory would vary randomly +/- 3 inches. It was frustrating, as I suspected the "cheapie" scope, or the barrel not returning to the exact same spot after cocking it. Finally I figured out what was happening. The outer barrel exit hole is part of some kind of silencer system and the hole they have is not a hole but a hexagon. It turns out the hexagon was not concentric with the actual inner barrel, so when the pellet would exit its flight would carry it closer to one side of the hexagon. This asymmetry would cause a difference of pressure on one side of the pellet at the exit hole and bend the flight path. So, I took a tapered T-handled reamer and opened the hexagon into a hole, then followed by drilling out the silencer end with a 9/32" drill. Do this carefully, use rubbing alcohol as a drilling lubricant, and be careful not to drill more than ~ 0.5" depth. Clean out all aluminum chips with the rubbing alcohol. Follow by crowning the exit hole with a 45 degree countersink to chamfer the edge ~ 0.020". Shoot the gun empty once to clear the barrel of any debris and alcohol. After that the accuracy was phenomenal! At 30 yards the grouping was consistent and very tight. The noise level did not change a bit, so I would say Benjamin Trail should change their drawings to reflect this change. The Chinese manufacturer apparently cannot keep the machine tolerances necessary to make this work right out of the box, and Benjamin Trail should have known this.
Good overall design, and accurate after modifications. Cocking is easy and the rifle has a very solid feel plus tremendous power.
The scope has very little eye relief, but still works pretty good once it was eliminated as a culprit. The long pull of the trigger takes a lot a getting used to (which I have). I might make the trigger mod everyone else seems to be doing.

Big Bear Lake,California
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Lj on .22 All-Weather Benjamin
January 16, 2012
Wish to thank Air Gun Depot on a good price ,not great for a fun weapon. Many thanks to those of you that have tried the Benjamin and YOUR opinons,most are Right on concerning the trigger. If you own this weapon you really should read reviews and consider the up-grade of trigger first thing! The GRT111 by Charlie the Tuna ,makes this weapon so much fun ,with increased accuracy due to unbelieve trigger pull..WOW I have owned this weapon over a year ,used old phone books as back stops to try most all mfg. pellets..not sure as yet where I stand ,except the gold plated by Gammo is expensive and most pellets did not fit ....Ugh. To achieve a group of 5 in nickel size hole ,braced with sand bag @ 90ft using RWS pellets,I first had to change trigger,use semi -blu locktite on all screws, clean weapon and tighten all scope screws,(scope is next to go) as it changes off and on and must be re-sighted..bah not a good scope for serious shooters. This weapon is my favorite ,fun and accurate air gun to shoot have enjoyed many fun hours,Thank you again to those of you that have stated your problems and possible soultions most have hit the target....Sincerely Thank You.
Smooth cocking semi Quiet love sling nice job by Benj pwr great Accuracy with modifications...SUPER
Very poor trigger design,extra long pull Trigger pulls you off target Scope is cheapie for nice weapon Workmanship (china?) could be better

Tom Maranda
Tupelo Ms
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

The Gun is good but there is Problems
January 7, 2012
I got my Benjamin Trail Np not long ago.. I have shot it 800 times maybe tryed 3 differnet kinds of ammo... Crosman Premier, Gamo Rocket, Beeman Copper Plated-- The guns shoots great but the trigger sucks I replaced it with the GRT 3 (charile da tuna)... made it shoot great for about 100 shoots it started shooting in coesint went from 1 in groups to 5 inch groups... after 50 shoots i though about it and... Changed the scope for a second to see if it was it... and yes it was I put my NightForce optics scope on the gun 3.5-14-50mm I started shooting 1/2 groups and better... I moved to 40 and 50 yards for the first time and the pellet dropped a ton... 12 inchs at 50 yards I Gave it 16 clicks up and dead on i shoot 10 shots and cleaned it and 10 more shots-- 2 in groups but i think it was less... The Center Point scope sucks the trigger sucks the GUN is great...
Trigger,Scope, Price or could just get a contract and get a better scope and trigger for a little more

4 Stars

benjamin trail np
August 28, 2011
good gun, but barel keeps falling open when i get ready to shoot, i tightend up the srew but it keeps looseing up, by the way, does anybody have any recomendations for that problem, i dont want to tighten up the srew to much and bend something. other than that, awsome gun, very powerfull, did alot o reseach and this gun came out on top. its worth it to spend a little bit more and get the nitro piston. and i love the scope, but the gun is alittle heavy, overall great gun.

5 Stars

Benjamin Trail NP
August 7, 2011
This gun is 110% quieter than my Gamo 1000 and it shoots 110% better as well. Buy a Benjamin NP and you'll never buy another Gamo piece of crap again. The trigger is very manageable after you adjust it. The gun is a little heavy but worth the weight due to its performance. Too bad they don't make one this nice from the USA rather than China.

5 Stars

Benjamin guns rules
August 4, 2011
This gun is good I love this Gun It is a great gun. Hard to cock at first, best scope ever. accurate gun. It is pest poison. but the barrel scratches easy. Otherwise it's great.

5 Stars

July 22, 2011
This is my first pellet gun ever. If you want to spend time with your kids, this is it, when my kid hit's a can from 50 ft away and see his face light up. Thanks Benjamin for a great product.....

5 Stars

best gun ever!!!
July 6, 2011
great gun I got 50 squirrels in two hours with this gun. It is great, the trigger, the scope, the size, the stock, everything is just great. I think that if anyone has a big pest problem they should git this gun. It's well worth the money, buy it. It is the missing thing in every one's life. Best gun ever.

Don Oliver
5 Stars

This rifle is awesome!!!
May 13, 2011
I just purchased this air rifle today after reading hundreds of reviews on the web. Everyone seems to complain about the trigger but I thing it is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. This rifle is powerful and deadly, well worth the money.

Ghillie in the Mist
5 Stars

Benjamin Trail NP All Weather .22
April 11, 2011
This gun is deadly accurate. It has the power to make even wadcutter pellets puncture squirrel skin and kill. I wouldn't change a thing, and the trigger problems people have been having isn't bad at all. I actually like the long trigger pull so before I go for the kill, I have a moment to thank the squirrel for its life.

5 Stars

Benjamin Trail NP
March 7, 2011
I would say that after you replace the trigger on this gun(I did) you have one of the sweetest shooting .22 cal. around. Extremely accurate for a .22 cal., I have got 3/8" groups with this gun at 25yds, and 1/2" goups at 40yds!!! Ive killed many squirrels, rabbits, and crows with this gun, its incredible how deadly this gun is. I love target shooting with this gun, its just a blast to shoot.

5 Stars

Everything I've expected of an air rifle
November 13, 2010
Upgraded my Big Cat 1200 to this one, what a great decision. Once sighted in, it is dead on. It is quiet, smooth and powerful. I never had a .22 before, but once used it on small games, will never go back to .177. Some reviewers are concerned with it being made in China. However, with good specs and tight quality control, I have not had any concerns. The only drawback is the bluing on the barrel is rather thin and scratches off easily.

5 Stars

Great Rifle
July 29, 2010
Great accuracy and power straight out of the box! This is an excellent rifle for plinking, target shooting and all around varmint hunting. What a great buy!!

peter g ciliberto
5 Stars

benjamine trail
June 10, 2010
Great gun, powerful and extremely accurate. Just add a G111 trigger for $33 and you have an excellent preformer. Strictly quality. Quiet and smooth to operate.

Anthony CA
5 Stars

awsome air rifle
April 29, 2010
This gun is great right out of the box, I was impressed. It was so worth the money. Great power, quiet, and sleak. And the famously long trigger pull everyone seems to write about; not me. The trigger feels great not bad at all. It is a killer!

5 Stars

Benjamin Trail 22 cal
November 30, -0001
Pretty awesome pellet rifle! took a while to sight it in but now it shoots great, so far so good.....

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By Ron from New Orleans, La. on May 25, 2012
Please, What is the "max. distance" I can expect to kill a varmit with this gun.
And what is the max. distance the pellit travels when it comes in contact with Nothing. Thanks, Ron
By Staff on May 25, 2012

If you could hit it, 40 yards is very possible for killing an animal. But, 40 yards it tough for accuracy.
That would apply to squirrels and such.
Raccoons, more like 15-20 yards.

By Bill from Bloomington IN on July 25, 2012
Is this Air Rifle Made in the USA?
By Dennis from Gilbert, Arizona on July 29, 2012

No, it is made in China.

By John Brown from Oregon Coast on February 12, 2012
Can the all Weather stock be interchanged with the Hardwood stock on the NP XL 1100?
By Staff on February 22, 2012

For this type of information I would recommend speaking with the manufacturer of the rifle.

You can reach Crosman/Benjamin by calling 800-724-7486.

By Jimmy from CT on June 28, 2012
I bought the Gamo Whisper .22, but I'm thinking of exchanging it for this Benjamin, because I find the Gamo to be too hard to cock. How is the Benjamin for cocking?
By Conor from Sunnyside, Washington on August 21, 2012

The cocking effort of the two guns are roughly the same. These are stiff to cock, but definitely not difficult for a 15+ year old.

By Rick Pabst from Dayton, Ohio on February 3, 2012
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

It is a chamber of compressed gas that works like a spring.
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 15, 2012

It is a compressed chamber of gas that acts as a "spring".

By Keith from Texas on July 20, 2012
Is the Trail a louder rifle than the Stoger 20?
By Conor from Sunnyside, Washington on August 21, 2012

Probably not, but the pellet hitting the target will be louder than the gun.

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