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Sheridan Airguns- .20 Caliber Blue Streak Air Rifle

Sheridan Airguns- .20 Caliber Blue Streak Air Rifle

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  • Code: 8030005 · 0.20 cal · 675 fps ·
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Made in the USA

The best of the past and the present combined. We've proudly offered this excellent design for over four decades, now upgraded with today's quality sight, tighter tolerances, superior trigger mechanism. Custom fit butt plate; black finished barrel.

Helpfult Tip: To maintain the seals for a long time, remember to put one pump of air into the gun when putting it away after shooting. Whether you plan to shoot again the next day or not again for another 2 years, always put one pump into the gun when you are done shooting!

Features :
Amazing 'Blued Steel' finish on barrel
Elegant hardwood stock
All metal barrel construction
Beautiful and functional Nickel bolt and hard ware
Fully Functioning safety
One year limited warranty

Caliber: .20
Ammo Type: Pellets
Body Components: Wood Stock with Metal Barrel Assembly with 'Blued Steel' Finish
Power Supply: Multi-Pump Pneumatic Rifle
Overall Length: 36.25 inches
Barrel Length: 19.25 inches
Fire Mode: Bolt Action, Single Shot
Gun Weight: 5lbs 8oz
Muzzle Velocity: 675fps
Front Sight: Fixed
Rear Sight: Fixed
Scope: Requires B272 intermounts

Package includes:
Sheridan Blue Streak Air Rifle.

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  • ManufacturerSheridan
  • Caliber0.20 cal
  • Velocity675 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleFixed Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • MechanismMulti-pump pneumatic
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Sheridan Airguns- .20 Caliber Blue Streak Air Rifle Reviews
5 Stars based on 41 Review(s)
Ottawa, Canada
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Older Sheridan Pellet Rifle 1952-1954
July 9, 2017
I have a older Sheridan Pellet rifle. I probable got it around 1952-54 from my dad. It is still functioning. I do not know the actual model type. It has the "Sheridan Products Inc Racin Wis. Made in USA stamped on the USA.stamped on the right side of the air tube. The rear site has two dimples on the left side and a set screw on the right side. The top of the bridge is serrated. It is very powerful. It is very powerful and accurate. The original specs say that the muzzle velocity is up to 760 ft/sec depending upon the number of pumps you use. Hope this helps.....Dave

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

carried mine in my cruiser
March 31, 2015
The only pellet gun to own. I had one since I was a kid (long time ago, I'm 67 now) carried in my cruise as a cop to finish of injured raccoons, skunks, dogs and cats. quiet was good.. Loaned it to friend to cut down on varmints in his garden and he finally screwed it up so it won't hold pressure. Hunted squirrels and rabbits a lot with it too. would like a new one if they become available. Have over 6000, 5mm pellets.
really accurate, reliable and quiet.
My old one is DOA

Paul R. Jones
Sandston VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

New sight installed
June 21, 2014
I installed a peep sight on my rifle and now have a quiet and much more accurate pest remover. The Williams Peep sight took a little filing to mount up correctly.
Very well made rifle.

Austin Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My first "real" gun.
June 15, 2013
I got this gun for my 7th birthday (1956) and it is still my favorite shooter. I loved to split pellets on an axe head and hit 2 cans :-) I really liked the thumb safety, had to hold it down to shoot.
can't think of any.

Fort White, Fla
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Old Friend is Back!
May 20, 2013
This really a great product and my 3rd one too! My Dad bought me my 1st in 1960 and my brother still has it and still works perfectly! My second was purchased around 1995 and was lost by my Son (he left it on the top of his truck tool box). Now I have a new one again! USA made, deadly, accurate, simple, and perfect for invading pests. Never had an issue with any of the rifles, NEVER! Keeps your arm muscles toned too! Safety, sight, front cocking lever stock, and the trigger group are the only changes noted and all seem great! Buy this one and forget the "break barrel" types - they follow the name - they break! My original will out last me! Good deal here too with the free shipping! Enjoy!
USA made, life time investment!
Semi-auto would be nice - just kidding!

Long Beach, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great buy!
September 25, 2012
I have a Sheridan blue streak 5mm that shoots Benjamin pellets very well and cannot recommend this rifle enough. I dont know what it is but I dont look at the dings and scuff marks as negatively as when I was a kid. I wouldn't consider refinishing it unless I had to now. The more it wears the more nostalgia there seems to be, and the more I pick it up when I want to shoot. The .20 hits hard and doesn't drop as bad as any of my .22s over distance. Ammo is more difficult to get and more expensive to boot, however if I had to pick any of my pellet rifles to keep, it would be my Sheridan Blue Streak. Everyone should have a Sheridan in their collection. The only real question you need to ask yourself is do you need to get 1 or 2 of these.
Accurate, even with the iron sights and lots of kinetic energy in the pellet. 4 pumps is plenty for target work.
Ammo is more difficult to find and is more expensive. Stock up when you can.

Carson City, NV
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Still a great pellet gun
September 1, 2012
This is the 2nd Sheridan 5mm I have owned. The first one I bought in 1988 and was almost identical to the one I bought in August 2012. However, I find two things that are irritating with the latest rifle. 1) The trigger is very hard. I hope that a few hundred shots will help it to loosen up, but right now it causes me to flinch each shot as it is so hard to fire. 2) The rear sight is adjusted all the way to the left, and it barely is centered at target. This seems very odd to me. Even looking at it top down, you can see that the center notch is to the left of the barrel, but it shoots centered. I hope I don't have to adjust it further or I am in trouble. The first one I owned also had to adjust to the side a lot but not this far. Other than those two items, it's an excellent gun and the shipping and service at Airgun Depot has been perfect.
I can vary the fps of each shot by the amount of pumps. Very dependable. Sturdy.
Hard trigger. Rear sight is maxed out.

1 Stars

July 11, 2012
Rear sights are slanted a few degrees to the right, and missaligned with the barrel, so I ordered another one. These are severely angled and missaligned with the barrel. A rifle is of little value if it cannot hit its target, and only as good as its sights. The old rifles were FIRST class these two new ones are not even good copies.
Maybe could be used to salvage parts to repair an older rifle.
CHEAP copy of an old friend.

Scott B
McKinney, Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sheridan wins again.
June 13, 2012
After conducting a long and detailed search that involved reading countless reader reviews and articles on various air rifles, I purchased the Sheridan .20 caliber Blue Streak from Air Gun Depot. The main concerns or considerations that I focused on were brand, accuracy, decible level and service. In my opinion, Crosman / Sheridan builds a heck of an airgun. They offer many choices at affordable prices and promote their products through reputable dealers like Airgun Depot. I have owned several Crosman products and been happy with them all. This was my first Sheridan air rifle but I can tell you it won't be my last, it is truly a great all around plinking and small game weapon. Out of the box, with open sights and no scope at 15 yards, the rifle shot 6 inches high and 3 inches to the right. Even after adjusting the rear ramp screw all the way out, I could not get the point of impact low enough and pellets into the bullseye. To remedy this I loosened the windage screws to either side of the rear ramp and depressed the ramp itself, then retightened. This did the trick...the rifle produced and continues to quietly produce consistantly tight groups...on target. I am thrilled. A worg of advice to all, make sure you provide ample backstop for your target as this gun is quite powerful even when pumped only 4-5 times. As for service, Airgun Depot provided excellent customer support with a package tracking service that kept me informed at all times where my rifle was in transit. I was very much so I "freinded" them on my facebook page for others to see..
This rifle is extremely quiet, very accurate, dependable and very well made. Airgun Depot provided a very competitive price with quick, easy service and ability to track my shipment online.
No negitive comments to share at all.

Copan, OK
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sheridan Blue Streak Air Rifle
February 24, 2012
Best pellet gun I have ever shot. My Grandson has a breakover pellet gun, the Sheridan is 10 times better than his gun. It is awkward to pump, but after shooting one for almost 50 years you don't think anything about it. I am old ald don't see as well as I use to, but on a good sun shinny day, a good rest and no wind, I can hit a 1/2 dollar coin every time at 20 yards. This gun came sitted in out of the box, I have not touched the sights, that was a first.
Most consistent shooting pellet gun that is air charged you will find. I shot one for almost 50 years, they don't wear out.
The things I dislike is that it is awkard to pump, the stock is a little to straight for me, but after 50 years of shooting them, I am use to it. Also, being old as I am I could use some tru glo sights.

Douglas Kelton
5 Stars

April 22, 2011
Just remember a cousin of mine having one when I was a kid. Now I am planning to get one. I remember the sound it made when fired and I said to myself oneday I am going to get me one of those, and now I am!

Danny Ray
5 Stars

Benjamin/Sheridan Blue Streak Air Rifle
February 26, 2011
First off I am a Disabled Vietnam Vet. I know my guns. When I got of the service in 1975, I wanted to buy a quality made air rifle. I knew what I wanted because I had one of these air rifles when I was in Junior High School during the early '60s. I shot so many pellets through that rifle I lost count and bagged many cotton-tail rabbits with it. Before I got married in 1971, I sold the rifle to get some extra money. I got more than I paid for it when I bought it new and she was still punching rabbits at 40+ yards with no problem. I had no major problems with that rifle. I kept it cleaned and oiled and always kept the one pump in it recommended when not using it. The Benjamin/Sheridan Blue Streak I bought after I got out of the military was just as good of quality and punch than my lst one. I was getting over 800 fps using 8 pumps and Silver Jet pellets. Silver Jets were known to increase your fps by 100 and my B/S loved them. Then unfortunately in 1997 I was forced to quit my job of 21 years because my health went bad due to being exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. I was forced to sell everything I had, including my B/S to keep my head above water until I could get my DSS/VA pension started. I am in good shape financially now and I am going to get me another B/S Blue Streak. The .20 caliber is the best of both worlds. The speed of many .177s and the punch of a .22 caliber air rifle. Thanks B/S for making such good quality & dependable air rifles all of these years. God Bless!!

Gilbert Quiles
5 Stars

Sheridan Air Rifle
February 16, 2011
I'm 49 yrs. old, at the age of 15 I bought a used Sheridan Air Rifle for $60 and I refused to use any other air rifle from that point on. It has great range and it's powerful. I refinished the stock and owned it for 3 yrs. I have great and happy memories while I owned it. I highly recommed the Sheridan Air Rifle as a gift from a Father to his son, making sure the son takes a gun safety course. Enjoy.

Jeffrey Reede
5 Stars

The Sheridan pellet rifle
January 1, 2011
recomend extremely so, looking to purshase another after growing up with them as a kid in the 70s used a lot of air rifle's an dthis one by far is the Cadilac of the industry borrow a friends or find one to shoot, you will never want another, and no neither I or any family member is assoiated with this company, I just realy like this air rifle.

5 Stars

December 29, 2010
this gun was great for me my dad passed it on to when i was eight. It is great for target shooting and for pest control such as squirrels and birds. This gun dead brake because i did not put one pump in after i was done shooting but i will be byeing the same one soon

5 Stars

blue streak
December 27, 2010
got mine in 1972, still shoots strong and i can amaze my friends with its accuracy. My 2 boys, 9, 11 just got theirs for x-mas, they were pumped. Accurate right out of the box. These are great, great air rifles!

5 Stars

November 23, 2010
I've had this air rifle quite a while i am not the best shot but at 35 yards even in windy conditions 3" from center the rifle is well worth the money would recomend this rifle to any one.

5 Stars

Nice Gun
August 5, 2010
This is an amazing gun, but most gun stores don't carry the ammo. Still, it's an old gun and works very well. It is a lot of fun.

david ganter
5 Stars

blue streak
May 23, 2010
my dad bought me a blue streak in 1969 with scope when i was 14... now at 55 i still love to shoot this old friend. we have spent countless hours in the woods from mich. to maine and the streak still impresses me with quality & accuracy. i bought the gun for 38.75 and scope with intermount for another 24.00$. i wish in hindsight i had bought a few! had the gun overhauled (new seals) in 1991 and she is still going strong.. wish i could still find the old bantun 5's ammo! an awesome product!

5 Stars

Since '67' and still going
January 24, 2010
Got my Blue Streak in 1967, never had any work done to it. Sill as strong and accurate as it was back then. I keep it oiled and always one pump in it when its put away. my grandkids will be fighting over this gun when i'm gone

Jon R
5 Stars

Great rifle
December 25, 2009
I got mine for my 8th birthday. I'm 25 now. It shoots great.

5 Stars

Another Oldster
September 11, 2009
I got mine in 1977 and still have it. I sent it to the factory back then to have the Williams peep site installed. I still dispatch gophers with it. Having said that, I really doubt the new model is any where as well constructed as the old models most of us are writing about in these reviews. I bought a Benjamin pump pistol recently and it's a complete piece of junk compared to the same model of yesteryear. Junk. Horrible trigger pull. Lousy fit and finish. I wonder if the Sheridan of today has the same brass barrel, crisp trigger pull, smooth thumb safety, rubber bumpered pump handle to reduce noise, etc. etc.

5 Stars

Since I was a kid
May 26, 2009
I got my Blue Streak in 1971 when I was 11 years old. The reason I have it was because my dad bought me an old Crossman .22 that had a crooked barrel! The Kmart store upgraded me to the Sheridan. I still shot it and it is still deadly accurate! This week I finally ordered some scope mounts for it.

5 Stars

April 4, 2009
It is the most accurate air gun i have ever owned. I am 14 and my dad bought this gun for me when i was 8. I have shout all kinds of creatures with it like squirrels rabbits grouce and many more. I think it is the greatest air gun made today. You should get one if not own one.

5 Stars

Still like it after 30 plus years.
December 28, 2008
As a young kid, my Grandfather raised me as a shooter first on Crossman 760. When I was about 10 he purchased a Sheridan Blue Streak for me to use and oh how I loved that gun. I am now 45 and the gun still impresses me. My dad has it for now but, it really brings back memories when I shoot it. Spec's may not agree, but I think it has as much power as my 1200fps Gamo, and is probably more accurate. We only used the Sheridan pellets and I remember them passing through rabbits. The only slight disadvantage is having to "pump" it over a break barrel, but there is plenty of power for plinking even at 4-5 pumps. Something to consider is the 5mm or 20 caliber rounds are not the common round you'd find lin the hardware stores ike the 177's. Our 30 plus year old model has been problem free. If you decide to buy one, you won't be dissapointed.

taters colt 45.
5 Stars

December 24, 2008
this is a great durable gun ours is 30 years old and was left in a burning building and we wiped it off and it works great it is definitely worth the price

5 Stars

great gun
December 22, 2008
i love this thing i put a center point scope on it and i can take head shoots allday on rabbits ducks coons and it even got me a goose and more i use Benjamin pellets one down fall its kinda hard to pump

Robert Riedel
5 Stars

Dove slayer
November 12, 2008
My father bought me a blue streak in 1971. I was 13 at the time, I'm 50 now. We would visit my Aunts out in the country in south Texas. I would go out to the woods and creek hunting with it almost every weekend. This rifle has had several thousand rounds through it and still out shoots any air rifle I have used. I have killed several hundred rabbits, dove, snakes, squirrels, and other creatures including small racoons with no problem. The accuracy is impeccable, if you do your part it will do the rest. I am going to buy another one to give to my grandson now. If you get one of these you will not be sorry. Who knows, I may need to use it to get small game for food in the times to come. Silent, deadly, and inexpensive to shoot. What could be better?

5 Stars

24 Years of shooting
October 24, 2008
I have had mine since 1984 and it still shoots great! I have it sighted in for 100 ft. and it sure does the job.

5 Stars

Handed down
September 25, 2008
This was the first gun I had ever shot, I was 8 years old. My father bouth this gun in the 70's. I thought it was the greatest gun I have ever shot , and I am 25 now. I will never forget thoes memories.

Eric Goodrich
5 Stars

Great Air Rifle for 33 years!
July 20, 2008
I saved up when I was 12 to get this gun(BlueStreak). I had "Match Sites" put on it. That was in 1975. It still shots great! My sons have discovered how much fun it is to shoot with it. The 20 caliber was a great idea, not to small for impact and not to large for velocity. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a solid air rifle that will last generations. ~e

Francis F
5 Stars

My Favorite Gun of many
July 4, 2008
My Dad bought my Blue Streak when I was 9 which was in 1961.It has been shot thousands of times and is still in great condition.Has never had a single repair done to it.Awesome product.

Quest T
5 Stars

wow it still works
December 20, 2007
great gun uncle bought his in 1969 and i still use it today

5 Stars

30 years and still going strong!
October 9, 2007
I bought this gun when I was a teenager. I think I paid $40. I have been using it with my kids in the last few years and it shoots like new. A great product!

Tony W
5 Stars

My First Gun
September 17, 2007

Hugh Rhodes
5 Stars

September 9, 2007
My father bought a Silver Streak in the early 50s and bought me a Blue streak in the early 80s. Both still work fine and now my two sons both have a great pellet gun. Thing is far and away better than anthing else I have played with.

5 Stars

Excellent Airgun
April 22, 2007
I love this airgun. I have had it for about 3 years now, and it is one of the most accurate and reliable airguns you can buy. It's great for shooting varmint (Rabbits, birds, etc.) But I almost always have to come up to whatever I shot and shoot it in the head to kill it, because I never seem to kill it in one shot. But maybe it's because I only pump it about 5 times, but it doesn't matter. Overall, a great buy, not too expensive, great accuracy, dependability, get one if you dont already own one!

yellow boy
5 Stars

grampa's gun
April 22, 2007
last summer my granpa gave me this gun which he baught like 50 years ago. it still worked fine! I even got a few rabbits with it

5 Stars

Blue streak
April 6, 2007
I got this rifle a few weeks ago and overall I am impressed. It outshoots all of my springers including my gamo CFX. The most accurate ammo is benjamin sheridan cylindrical pellets. But if using these pellets make sure to go for a head shot on squirrels and rabbits. With a chest shot they always seem to run and then flop around for a while. Accuracy is outstanding, and it is almost as accurate as pcp airguns. I have pumped this rifle so much lately it feels like I have a knife in my chest because im so sore. If you get this gun you can throw away all of your weights because you wont need them after pumping this rifle!

5 Stars

A Quality Product
March 8, 2007
I purchased a Blue Streak in 1962 and have been using it ever since. I have never replaced anything on it, including the O ring on the bolt. I lubricate it from time to time with silicone. I believe it has lost very little of its original power and is just as much fun today as when I first purchased it at age 12 !!

Parker Webb
5 Stars

Silver Streak Shines through
January 22, 2007
I have owned the Silver Streak for about 8 years. It has been one of the most reliable and accurate air rifles I have owned. Whither to go hunting for small game; squirrels, rabbits, quail and doves, or just for plinking, it is an all around economical way to have fun and enhance your shooting ability.

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By jiang from china on May 3, 2012
can you sent it to china?
By Staff on May 4, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

By James from vallejo,ca on December 31, 2011
what scope would be a good choice for this pellet gun
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 28, 2012

A 3-9x32 scope of your choice.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

I have a 6x32 on mine. Works great.
By johnson from Rainbow City, AL on August 24, 2012

ncstar dtb130 red dot scope

By Darren from Indianapolis, IN on July 5, 2012
Anyone know of a place in Indiana where I can get my circa 1975 BS overhauled?

By colin from washington on May 27, 2012
what is the maximum amount of pumps per shot?
By Staff on May 29, 2012

8 pumps is as much as you will ever want to pump this gun.

By Ken from Fort Walton Beach, FL on March 15, 2012
I have 2 Sheridan .20 guns. One I bought in approximately 1968 and the second my dad bought many years later (after he saw mine). Both guns are showing their age and they don't hold pressure for long. Is is possible to buy seak kits to refurbish these guns? I love the guns and probably have over 1500 pellets on hand (my Dad had a large supply when he passed away).

By Staff on March 16, 2012

I would speak with Crosman/Benjamin who manufacturers the Sheridan rifles, they should be able to help you fix up your rifle.

Crosman/Benjamin: 800-724-7486

By Linda from Ohio on March 16, 2012
How do you work the safely on this air rifle. It's a real old one and I don't know if it is just stuck from not being used by a friend or is there something you need to do. Thanks much. Linda.
By Staff on March 19, 2012

It is just press to change on and off, if it is stuck you could use gun oil on it to get it to move. Don't use WD-40 as that can negatively effect your gun

By Jake from Sussex, Wisconsin on December 2, 2011
How is this gun for killing small pest such as gophers and squires i want to know because some people says it can and some people say it sucks when they look at the fps plz get back to me soon.
By Rock from Tennessee on December 6, 2011

I owned this Blue Streak model as a kid and it killed birds, squirells, and rabbits. I loved it!
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

This will work for the critters mentioned.

By Vince from LA on January 26, 2012
How do oil my Bluestreak? The pump works super hard, almost impossible to pump
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 28, 2012

Put a couple of drops of Pellgun Oil on the piston seal....use more muscle to pump it;)
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

Put some pellgun oil on all the seals.

By neil from pontefract on March 3, 2012
hi could you please let me know where you can get a manual from plus parys.
By Staff on March 6, 2012

You should be able to contact Crosman and have them email you a copy. Crosman 800-724-7486.

By bert from dunlow west virgnia on November 20, 2011
I bought a bs in the 70s but had a problem with it and sold it.The problem i had was what the company called an air lock.Quiet often it would act as if i had not pumped it up!I was raised up using a benjaim and never once had such problem.Some say i over pumped it ,not so ,never one time did i pump more than recommend.Any one have an answer?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 28, 2012

You just needed new seals on the valve.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

You needed seals or a new valve.....

By joe credeur from houston, texas on May 18, 2012
what is the normal amount of pumps should one use?

By Staff on May 21, 2012

pump guns use 6-8 pumps unless they are break barrel. Then it is only 1.

By bob from B.C. Canada on December 27, 2011
are these the same as the ones made 50+ years ago that were made with a brass barrel?
By Federico from TX on January 10, 2012

To the best of my knowledge and based on the research I did on my first air gun purchase, I understand that they are the same design. I am totally pleased with mine and it is a great deal of fun to shoot and hunt with.
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 8, 2012

Yes, just with slight modifications.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012


By Alan from maine on March 27, 2012
where to get a seal kit for this gun.
By Staff on March 30, 2012

You will want to call the manufacturer for that.


By peter from england on July 22, 2012
Can any body tell me a second hand price for this air rifle in english pounds?

By Dieter from Lakeside, AZ on March 10, 2012
Where can I purchase a replacement stock (both pieces) for a Sheridan Blue Streak Air rifle ?

By Staff on March 12, 2012

I would contact Crosman for this type of question.

Crosman 800-724-7486

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