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Bulk Fill Adapter for DROZD BB Gun- Use a Paintball Tank!

Bulk Fill Adapter for DROZD BB Gun- Use a Paintball Tank!

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Tired of changing out your CO2 cartridge on your Drozd every minute? Stop using standard Co2 cartridges. Our Drozd Bulk Fill Adapter will accept all paintball tanks. This adapter is for the Drozd only. If you have a Blackbird checkout our Blackbird adapter.

How many shots can you get?

  • Using a standard 12 oz. Paintball tank you can get approximately 2000 shots before you have to refill the tank!
  • Using a standard 9 oz. Paintball tank you can get approximately 1575 shots before you have to refill the tank!
  • You can refill your paintball tank at any store that refills paintball tanks (such as The Sports Authority and any other major sporting goods store) or at your local paintball field.


Our standard coil-style bulk-fill QD adapter for the Drozd (Shown mounted in a Drozd magazine in one of the secondary pictures) is a 10-minute easy installation with a hammer, pin punch and 5/16 or an adjustable wrench. They are all steel, hot blued and have an integral male Quick disconnect machined on the end. The geometry of the QD fitting is compatible with ALL known paintball remote Quick disconnects. No fittings to buy or connections to leak.

The turnkey bulk adapter kit, which includes the QD adapter described above, a Foster type QD, a slide check, (shown in the picture with the Drozd), a heavy duty 3000 psi coiled hose, and a tank top with on/off. The kit will work with either CO2 or HPA paintball tanks. All you add is a tank and pouch or backpack. Illustrated installation instructions are included with either item.

There are other bulk-fill adapters out there, but this is the best design we could find so we opted to go with the coiled remote. The advantages of this type adapter over the stock mount tank adapter that our competitors sell are the following:

First, the gas supply can be quickly detached from the magazine with minimal gas loss because of the integral side check and quick disconnect fitting. This allows you to have spare mags preloaded so you just snap them in the Drozd, snap on the hose, open the slide check and shoot. Disconnecting the magazine also allows for easier ammo loading since you don't have the magazine attached to the Drozd by a short hose as with the tank as a stock configuration.

Second, Having the tank below the magazine allows for an expansion chamber. This insures that only gas gets into the valve. This is the most efficient configuration. Using the tank as a stock allows liquid CO2 to drain down into the firing valve. This wastes a lot of gas AND it lowers the gun's performance by lowering muzzle velocity.

Third, and MOST important, SAFETY. Having the tank next to ones face exposes the face to the tank burst disc. If it blows, and they do quite often, liquid CO2 will be sprayed into the face and eyes. You can imagine what that could do! This is the safest, best option to add a paintball tank to your drozd.

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  • ManufacturerJimC Innovations
  • Caliber  cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypeCO2 Accessories
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  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Bulk Fill Adapter for DROZD BB Gun- Use a Paintball Tank! Reviews
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars

Top Quality and Design
October 24, 2008
This is the best designed and best built adapter for the Drozd. All parts are of quality materials and even the finish attests to the workmanship. I use it with a Pure Enrgy 3000 psi tank regulated at 850 psi. My chronograph shows with the stock Drozd barrel I get 535 fps, my 16" barrel increases to 650 fps, and my 24" barrel tops 705 fps. This is a must have.

5 Stars

Best Paintball tank adapter
June 3, 2008
The quality and engineering of this product exceeds all competitive products! The installation process takes a little extra work and a big hammer, but the end result is perfect. I like the coiled air line; this keeps the line organized and in check but has the extra length when you need it. The extras like quick detach and in-line valve make this the best money can buy. Air Gun Depot has a winner.

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