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Crosman Nightstalker, .177 cal

CO2 Powered with Blowback Action
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  • List Price $145.99
  • Code: CRNS1200 · 0.177 cal · 580 fps ·
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Made in the USA

Blowback CO2 action! Crosman Night Stalker Semi-automatic blow back rifle.

Shoots up to 350 shots per 88gr CO2 cylinder. Light trigger pull, 12 shot rotary clip.

11mm dovetail on top to mount scope or laser. Capability to mount tactical accessories to the top, bottom, and sides. Ergonomically designed synthetic stock. Comes with 2 12 shot rotary clips. Mohawk sight sytem lets you sight through two aperture sized peep sights with adjustability for windage as well as unique front sight that is fully-adjustable for multiple levels of elevation.

Item Description Caliber Velocity
Power Source: Crosman AirSource
0.177" 525 ft/sec
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity580 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSemi-Automatic
  • Magazine Capacity12
  • MechanismCO2
  • Mounts11mm Dovetail
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman Nightstalker, .177 cal Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 27 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

crossman nightstalker
February 25, 2013
This gun is super accurate. It will kill anything you shoot at. It is a little weak but due to the fast firing and accuracy it makes up the difference. Buy extra clips they vanish quickly lol.

5 Stars

sweet gun
September 2, 2011
most excellent, very accurate, lots of fun, great for shootin anywhere

5 Stars

April 28, 2011
To begin with, this gun is amazingly accurate, and in my experience at least a gun that will last you YEARS! I got mine almost four years ago as a christmas present, and it has worked fine ever since, i have even submerged this gun in muddy water and it has shot fine. Back to the accuracy, this gun will place the pellet right where a well sighted in scope's crosshairs say it should. Overall my only complaint, like im sure most everybody else is that this gun shoots at a velocity that renders this gun somewhat limited in practical use. In other words, you cant kill much of anything with it, but thats probably a technical limitation of the power source, use up too much co2 in one shot and the co2 source will freeze up giving you ultra lowe powered shots after that first solid 700fps shot, crossman probably found taht this was teh gun's sweetspot velocity, since it is afterall marketed more towards young shooters, i mean look at the box! SHOOT 12 SHOTS AS FAST AS YOU CAN PULL THE TRIGGER! oh and i found that all of people's complaints about the co2 leaking and what not is a load of crap, i just sue a pipe wrench to tighten my co2 in and i can actually set my gun down for a month and come back to it still at shooting pressure! Buy it if you want it, you wont be dissapointed!

anthony martin
5 Stars

target hits
February 18, 2011
i own the tactical version this is a very accurate pellet rifle i've had only afew jam ups due using daisy pellets i stoped using them. right out the gate it is a great pellet rifle and is equal too the berreta cx4 storm the only draw back is power it should have been more then just 580f/s like 890f/s

5 Stars

not bad
February 15, 2011
the gun is not bad..very light all plastic wish it came witha scope of some sort for the price...ive had mine for 3 weeks shot it about 3000 times

5 Stars

December 25, 2010
This gun is fun at first, but after 24 shots mine broke. I was really sad. I wouldn't recommend this to others because like the other guy said, everything is plastic except the barrel.

2 Stars

December 17, 2010
The seals are weak and blow out easy, moving parts break easy. I returned at least a dozen of these to crosman, each fell apart, some without firing a shot. I finally got one that worked... kind of, and then hung it on the wall. I'm actually afraid to fire this gun as I have had a few blow out seals and spray me with pressurized co2.

M. Davis
5 Stars

Crosman Nightstalker
December 4, 2010
This is our first "Airsource" gun. Were happy because it does what it sopposed to. Granted the low price on this unit is reflected throught out the build. Accuracy seems fine.

5 Stars

crosman nightstalker
November 11, 2010
got it great gun no hard times no pelets stick . git a grip guys you git what you pay for using for thing thats its not made for is uncall for ------graet gun airgun depot keep going -----------thx

tristan sanders
5 Stars

June 21, 2010
This is my first Co2 rifle and i love it. The first day I got it I sighted it in right on at 30 yards with a 4x32 scope and then soon as I went hunting I nailed a crow in the head it went strait down i went over there to get the crow and it was right where I thought. The only thing I think needs modified is the speed it needs to go about 725fps it only goes about 575fps.

4 Stars

Not bad
May 24, 2010
I went through alot of these. Each one I got was broken or broke within the first 100 shots. I kept sending those back to crosman. I finally sent a note with it that they need to pull one off the assembly line and test fire it and make sure it works reliably. I finally got one from crosman that works well. The peep sights are about worthless but a crosman reflex sight both improved the profile to look like a very nice assault rifle and more than improved the accuracy which was next to none with peep sights. I'll be installing the optional weaver sights, laser, and bipod next to trick the rifle out and increase the value. If this one falls apart, it will be nailed to a board and hung on the wall. I'll trust this rifle as much as I trusted the M-16 in my army days, which is never. We were told back then to grab the first ak-47 we could and save the m-16 as a back up weapon, which is good advice for the nightstalker as well... if you get one that actually works....

Bryan M
4 Stars

Good value
April 13, 2010
Read the manual first, then read it again. If you don't remember what you read, try it a third time. Now, load up some clips with proper pellets, screw your tank in until its ACTUALLY SEATED, then, have fun! RWS Hyper Velocity pellets WILL NOT WORK in this gun, they are TOO LONG. Any pellet the extends past the front of the clip is too long to use. Currently using Crossman Premier Hollow Points and hitting soda cans with boring consistency at 45 to 50 ft. And yes, I measured the distance with a tape. I bought a limb saver buttpad for it, not because of recoil, but just to increase the length of pull by an inch or so. Makes it a lot easier to see through the rear sight and center the front. Much better. Interesting note. This gun can not be distinguished in low light from my Highpoint 995 with the ATI after-market stock. Exact same length, height, and silhouette. The Highpoint 995 without the optional compensator will drop right back into the Crossman Nighstalkers box. Even external barrel diameter is the same. It's a little tough to figure out how to operate at first, and the trigger feels like a sliding aluminum door that's fallen off a track, but it IS fun to shoot. And pretty accurate to at least 35 ft. Remember as with all air guns to loosen up your hold, slowly and steadily squeeze the trigger, and keep the sites on target until after the pellet hits. This runs contrary to what is taught for standard firearms, but it's what'll keep your groups tighter and land more shots with an air gun. Be sure to order some Crossman Pellgun oil while you're at it. Need to place a small amount on the top of the CO2 bottle every third change. Enjoy!

Shaggy TxTs
5 Stars

March 23, 2010
I would like to thank the good people at AIR GUN DEPOT for helping me and there servie peopel are top notch!!! Shipping to Sacramento Ca. was supper Quick it took 2 day (UPS GROUND)THANKS GUYS As a left handed shooter this gun works. The breach lock seams to be a bit easyer to get to on the left side of the gun. The clips hold 12 pellets you get 4 in the box. I did stock up on some more clips. This made it more fun just change out the clips and keep shooting I shoot 16 full clips on (1) 88gr CROSMAN AIR SOURCE cylinder. Me and my friends were shooting at a Birchwood Casey GRT17 Airgun Gallery Resetting Target from 30'and 45' and hitting targets (thats with no scope) just out of the box. There is one thing I think gun needs and that is a bulk fill conector. So you can refill the tank and use it again. Thanks again Air Gun Depot Be safe shooting & plinkin everyone

monster 93420
5 Stars

exellent rifel
February 20, 2010
what is everyone talking about ,jamming??? I have the nightstalker and have never had a problem with it . i bought the full kit ,scope , bi-pod and light . and it is awsome . put cheap ass pellets in it and imbeded them into a 2x4 behind the bucket with a target painted on it at approx 35 to 40 yrds. maybe it was a wednesday afternoon gun instead of a friday 5;00 gun . but i will say that the pellet clip is slightly difficult te remove from the well . however my grandson was plucking a 2 inch target @ 35 yards the very first time he shot it and he has never shot anything besides a nurf gun in his life . yet he hasn't missed a shot with this rifel . he has to use the bi-pod because the gun is too big for him with the but to his sholder he can't reach the trigger so he has to put it under his arm to shoot it . it looks kinda dificult to aim kinda fuuny as well , but nobody laughs after they see how accruretly he shoots . it has got to be one of the best pellet guns on the market . i reccomend it to anyone looking to buy an air rifel . all around great gun!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

good little carbine
September 8, 2009
Right out of the box it was dead on the money as far as accuracy goes. I put a 3x9x 32mm scope on it and key hole with consistancy. No jams yet however i do recomen using a quality light wieght pellet like RWS super "H" or super dome. Right now I'm using a Sheridian version of the super "H" . I also like the clip depth allows my to shoot a longer pellet such as a Gamo Rocket which like to hang up in other rotary clip guns like the 2 Walthers I have.

4 Stars

Great at last
June 24, 2009
USE CROSMAN PREMIER PELLETS. PERIOD! I had the same clip jams as other reviewers. Then I tried the Crosman Premiers. After firing 10 full clips - NO MORE JAMS. The Crosmans have a thicker skirt than other pellets I have tried. No need to push in, just make sure the rear of pellets is flush in clip. Very accurate rifle. The peep sites were worthless for me (I'm farsghted). I mounted a Tasco 3-9x scope. This gun rocks now!!! Great value for the money.

ole redneck
5 Stars

good little rifle
April 15, 2009
I bought the kit. Read the instructions. installed red dot scope & adjusted. Nightstalker makes holes side by side @ 20 yards with my shooting. I'm not steady anymore. I also think the red dot is subject to parallex error. I didn't do so good with the peep sights, but still good. The pellets are fully imbeded in a 2x6 pine board. The trigger pull is quite acceptable due to the auto advancing clip & recocking using blowback. I had some trouble loading clips. Clips need to be rorated into place gently and the clip cover must be fully open. I admit I've only used 2 Air Source cylinders so far. No jams, but I also used a diablo speedloader( which still requires full pellet seating with a ink pen or something ). I still had some pellets fall out, but not in the rifle. I had to screw the air source cylinder in tight & it still leaked until I pulled the trigger. The fact that I dry fired before I loaded the co2 may have caused that. The 2nd cylinder leaked a second. I'm glad I got the nightstalker.

Momma, Jo
4 Stars

March 30, 2009
This gun is very accurate and is fun. But, After a while it broke. The clip woouldn't turn any more so we had to send it back. Overall, it is a good gun that is accurate and lots of fun, but you have to take care of it and load the pellets right.

3 Stars

Crosman Nightstalker
May 30, 2008
This gun is fun but it could use some work like more power say 850fps or so and like every one says it jams occasionlly. Also the trigger is very stiff on it it could use some work aswell as the butt plate cover for the co2 cover is kinda cheesy. If you use a big scope it is hard to insert the cartride in and fit it on top i used the .22 mount and not the forward rail.I shot it thru a chrony with a half full Co2 cartridge and the average velocity was 594.84 fps with crosman 4.8 grain pellets and the energy weight was 4.00 ftlbs. Before all this i shot 2 rabbits at about 35 yards and took them down with the nightstalker while trying not to step on some cactus. I like it and want to mod it out as much as I can.

5 Stars

sweet gun
May 19, 2008
just an over all great gun

5 Stars

Crosman Nightstalker old faithful
May 10, 2008
The Crosman Nightstalker is a very good pellet gun for the money. It is the first pellet gun I have ever bought and I see no reason to buy another. I also bought a scope to go with it. I do recommend buying the best scope you can afford. I bough a Bushnell 4x32 for about 100 dollars. You should let a gunsmith or a person who is knowledgeable in this area to mount your scope. I am sure you could do it your self, but there is something about when somebody who is very knowledgeable in their field of expertise, If they just touch the item it becomes better, and ask them how to sight in your scope. Before you first load you 12 shot cartage be sure all pellets are pushed in below the surface of the cartridge, (A ballpoint pen works well) and only use quality pellet. (Even in a can of quality pellet there may be a damaged or a defective pellet). Loading the cartage can be a tight fit, you may have to push and hold the cartridge slide door open to get the cartridge in. Shooting the Nightstalker very rapidity may be cool, but the cartage is made of plastic, and there are tiny plastic teeth that are used to turn the cartridge to the next pellet, and these teeth can quickly ware or become damaged. The blowback feature is cool, but to me it is a waste of air. I wish I could shut it off. I still can get about 300 rounds on 1 Crosman AirSource bottle. When the bottle get low on pressure, the shots start to wonder, and I start adjusting the scope thinking That I may have bumped it, only to remember the characteristics of low pressure. When everything is fine, good bottle, good pellet, scoped in well, and low wind, I can hit a dime every time at 50 feet.

generial T.J.
5 Stars

the best co2
March 27, 2008
this is my first co2 gun and i must say im very imprest with it.and as for the price of the night stalker well lets just say that if thats not a deal nothing is :).i once opened fired on 50 crows in my 50 acre garden and i hit 12 crows out of 12 shots. and lets get one thing strait this gun dose not jam like every one say so ive shot over at lest 1000 shot though this gun and not one jam yet. botom line this is a great gun with a great price, good grops [best at 20 yd. and lower ] when it comes to looks this gun comes out #1

TJ Nicholas
5 Stars

great rifle
March 8, 2008
Very fun to shoot. Works as well as expected. I use WD-40 in the chamber and not one jam up.

5 Stars

a really kool gun
February 17, 2008
loaded the gun went outside took a few shots at a target a hit each time loaded more clips an at a very faster pace shot same target still good solid direct hits. I shoot a 357mag pistol an a browning rifle that I can't use next to the neigbers this gun is just what I needed to take care of the distructive possoms in the yard ( a very satisfied customer)

5 Stars

cool gun
May 29, 2007
this is the beast gun iv ever goton it is very accurate

4 Stars

A fun Gun
February 23, 2007
This gun is fun to play with! The 12 shot semi-automatic action is great and I can shoot it all I want all day long in my very own backyard ;-). However, it is made of mostly plastic and although this has yet t pose a problem, I don't much trust it without a complete, proper maintenance regiment - maybe even a little more than what is recommended in the manual. I have also read this thing likes to jam a lot after a while which I have yet to experiance. I can understand it getting jammed when the CO2 is running low because there isn't enough pressure to spit out what's in the barrel but I'm sure that's easily fixed with a cloths hanger if nothing else - the barrel is detachable after all. Furthermore, there are two or three manuals that come with it - all are the same but all are in different languages! Yes, each language has its own language which I found really bazaar when I first opened the box. I'm used to seeing all languages on the same sheet just in different places. Obviously, it has nothing to do with the gun itself but I figured I would mention it. The only place I have found the accessories for this thing is Crosman's website so, if this is an issue and you have an extra hundred bucks I would recommend buying the whole kit-and-kaboodle and save a little money while you're at it. All in all (assuming it doesn't start jamming more often than not like I've been reading) this is a really fun gun! I love the 12 shot semi-automatic. ...the Drozd is next :-)

4 Stars

night stalker
January 17, 2007
This gun is very accurate despite the fact that its semi-auto. the only thing i have to complain about is the revolving magazine that holds the rounds some times jams up. but over all gun is very good compact easy to cary. fun to use, and i would recommend the .177 cal. hollow-points if u want to take out some small game.

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By chris from Wi on April 7, 2012
what pellets are used and how to load properly. owners manual download?
By Staff on April 12, 2012

Any .177 cal will work fine, higher quality pellets with yield better results. For a manual download you should speak with the manufacturer, Umarex.

By brandonslayton from greensboro nc on June 3, 2012
Where can I find a replacement seal for the the co2 because it is leaking co2 out as soon as i put it on even when I tighten it with pliers.

By cory from sudbury ontario on May 20, 2012
how do you fix the gun my brother dropped it now it's not working

By Staff on May 21, 2012

I am sorry, but we do not do repairs. You may be able to get it fixed through the manufacturer, but would have to pay since it was damaged from dropping it, not from a defect.

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