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Crosman Pro77 BB Pistol Case Combo

Includes Hard Case

Crosman Pro77 BB Pistol Case Combo

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  • List Price $99.99
  • Code: PY-1091 · 0.177 cal · 325 fps ·
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Made in the USA

CROSMAN PRO77. You know power when you see it. You know realistic action when you feel it. This exciting new blowback pistol fires 17 fast, accurate shots as quickly as you can pull the trigger.This compact, realistic, semi automatic air pistol is a .177 caliber BB repeater with realistic recoil. It comes with an equipment rail to mount accessories and has an ergonomically designed grip for a firm, more comfortable hold. Made in USA.

Note: This edition of the Crosman Pro77 features and is shipped in a small hard case.


  • 17-shot clip
  • Length: 7 (17.78 cm)
  • Weight: 1 lb. 13.5 oz.
  • Material: Slide: Metal Frame: Black poly
Item Description Caliber Velocity
Crosman PRO77
0.177 325 FPS
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity325 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • MechanismCO2
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman Pro77 BB Pistol Case Combo Reviews
4 Stars based on 29 Review(s)
Nathan West
Canada, New Brunswick
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Realistic feeling BB pistol, with the looks to boot, good value for the price!
February 23, 2012
I've had the PRO77 for a little bit now, and I just love it for what it was designed for, which is backyard plinking, like shooting at pop cans, for example, and as a Trainer. The pistol fits nice in the hand and the metal slide as well as trigger gives it a even nicer feel. Other than the crappy magazine, when inserting, The way the pistol feels, functions or reacts, when shooting it, is quite similar to the overall feel of most .22, slide-action, semi-auto, rimfire pistols, mainly due to the wonderful "blow-Back" effect of the PRO77. The trigger-pull is very impressive for an air pistol in this price range, its very smooth and light as well as having a nice Constant break, even when fired in double action. Power level is kinda low but the over all feel of holding and shooting it makes up for the lower power. Accuracy is what I would expect from a BB pistol with a smooth boar barrel and again for what it was designed for accuracy is just fine. Depending on how fast you shoot it you can get anywhere for 3-4 clips from a 12 gram Co2. Like a lot of co2 air pistols on the market the seals can end-up leaking on you, even shortly after purchase, so its always a good idea to buy a spare seal kit and learn to install them yourself, as most "Gunsmiths" will not even think about attempting to repair airguns. Final notes: A Great fun "pop-can popper". A great trainer for kids and adults alike. Great for indoor training, training with this pistol should help you to improve over-all pistol and trigger control. Caution: make sure your backstop is proper for indoor shooting, remember BB's do ricochet!
The Price. The realistic "hold" feel and shooting feel. the Blow-back action. The metal slide and trigger. The magazine Capacity.
The Co2 seals seem to becomes leaky easy, (in mine anyway). The Low Power, (400+fps would be better).

East Moline, IL.
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun
December 2, 2011
Great first gun for my husband to teach my girls to shoot with!

crazy guy
5 Stars

great gun
April 13, 2010
i absolutly love this gun

crazy guy
4 Stars

great gun
September 3, 2009
I absolutly love this gun !!! It looks and feels very real. I almost got shot by the police beacause they thought it was real. I had it with me one day and got attacked by a pitbull, i had no choice but to shoot it, i guess it hurt him pretty bad cuz he yelped and ran off. I also have shot two raccoons with it, even though it didnt kill them it hurt them bad enough. The accuracy isnt the greatest, its hard to hit a 1'x1' target at 15-20 feet away, it usually goes up and to the right. the co2 only lasts for about 3 clips though. but the blowback action can let u shoot 17 bbs as fast as possible.

4 Stars

August 5, 2009
I love this pistol. Its gets alot of rounds out on one 12g co2 cylinder. The mag is really cheap, its the part that holds the bbs and the bottom of the mag and If the 2 seperate the spring shoots out and you need 2 find it. I suggest you glue the inside of the bottom of the clip. The slide is metal and the grip is nice plastic. The only other problem is I dropped the gun 1 time and it cracked the cheap plastic bolt carrier in the inside and it will only shoot every other bb.

3 Stars

Pretty Good
June 27, 2009
i have not had many problems with this gun. the part that holds the bb's has a peice of plastic broke off and does not like to stay on the clip. NO POWER AT ALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! co2 does not last long! maybe 3 clips. love the blowback action. the twist screw where you screw the co2 in at is bent. clip is a peice of crap! leaks co2. bought it at wal mart for $70 plus bbs and co2 ($100) i would half recomend this gun.

Mike (aka) Jun-yaaa!!!!!!!!
5 Stars

Great 2 have
June 17, 2009
It's a great gun even though I ended up paying 200 4 it, it never let me down, and it's fun 2 use I ended up fitting a lazer sight just to make it look more tactical. This gun is awesome

3 Stars

good for first one...
June 7, 2009
i did not get this one from here and ended up paying about 80 ish for one (speding abot 100 for bbs and 15 co2) i got it before work and afer i got home i loded it up and went out to look for a safe place to try it out (i live in a sub urban area ) after about 15 min of walking i herd a niose comming from the gun (loded at the time) the sping had come out of the clip i had yet to even shoot ( only have about 10 bb in at the time) it it took like 5 min to get it back in aftr a few shots it happend again and afer about 10 min this time i ended up bending the spring and the clip was un useable. took it bak got another this one seems to work better but i but tape on the bart the spring came out of. kinda hard to do but it works fine. de coking is easy. if its loaded be sure to hold it up right so the bb wont fall out. also invest in a screw driver the screw on top likes to come lose after every shot if it falls out it would probably be hard to put it all back together both of the guns i had the clip fell out easly with out any bb in them and the grip if comfy. but im lookig at the px 4 now mostly because if the clip only thing this has they px 4 does not is when the clip is empty the slide stays back te px 4 does not. hope that helps. moose ps the costumer serves for air gun depot is AMAZING if you get them during the week they will get back to you REAL quick (took me about an hour OMG) they are closes ( i guss) on the week end. any farther questions can reach me at

4 Stars

Realistic, Excellent Pro 77
May 31, 2009
I got this C02 based BB gun as a gift from my parents. I have a Crosman TAC-1 airsoft shotgun, and I had a 1088. I like the quality of both, and this one does not fail to leave my jaw dropped! PROS:: -Heavy ( According to my father, close to as heavy as a Glock 17) -Quite compact: It is much smaller than the 1088 I had. -Blowback (Self Exclamatory) -Quick Fire: Even though the gun is heavy, it still fires as fast as you can pull the trigger -Realistic looking: To me it looks sort of like a P99 from both sides. I believe the Pro 77 was modeled after the P99 from the looks. -Large (17 BB) Clip. -C02 lasts about 4-5 clips. -The strength is great for my (325-350 FPS), but for some, this might not be enough. CONS: -Accuracy: Good from 10-15 feet, OK from 15-20 feet, but don't even try to get a pinpoint shot from over that. -The Clip feels cheap, as it is made of plastic. So far, this gun is amazing! Compared to the 1088 I had, it feels much more realistic. It is a great gun for just shooting a target, even a pest if need be (rat, squirrel). The blowback, weight, and look make it seem like a real gun. While the accuracy isn't the best, it makes up for it with the feel it gives you. Overall, this is one of the best purchases that I have made!

5 Stars

April 20, 2009
good gun

Eric S
4 Stars

Pr077 pros and cons
April 19, 2009
I will keep this as simple as possible to assist anyone who is looking to buy. Pros: Fun Realistic feel Quality make Reliable Good Co2 life (as far as blowback goes) Simple Rails to mount accessories Sleak brushed metal finish Looks real Makes a great noise Fairly inexpensive Tight gun if maintained properly Can be taken apart if needed* Fully functional hammer Plastic bits are few in number but are amazing quality Cons: Not incredibly powerfull or accurate Plastic clip feels cheap Constant lubrication is neccessary of course Top slide loosens easily** Trigger must be pulled in one fast motion with no half squeeze or bb will fall out if not level or pointed up*** Clip release doesnt drop clip out because the clip is so light, it must be pulled out bb will fall out if trigger is pulled even on safe or if gun isnt cocked. *do not take apart unless you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! **one tiny screw holds it on so make sure it stays as tight as possible...i put locktight on mine because it will loosen often. ***because Co2 release and the bb loading into the barrel are done bb first, then Co2 NO pre sqeeze unlike a real weapon. one single fast pull will fix this problem and may take getting used to. All in all, I do love this gun not for and power or accuracy because that isnt what this gun is meant for. It`s meant for fun, realism or whatever else you would like in an airgun. I really could go on forever about the PRO77 from Crosman... To bad I can`t.. i hope i helped some people out and if you have any questions on this airgun you can e-mail me at (I will disregard all emails unrelated to this subject and i only use this email for things like this.) I am quite knowledgeble in this field and i know that when buying any products like airguns, theres quality and theres cheapness. Don't be disapointed. -Eric S, Canada.

5 Stars

Crosman Pro 77
March 21, 2009
This bb pistol is the best i have ever had!! I love the blow back action and all metal body, wich makes it feel like a good , nice handgun. Though the speed is not as good as some other handguns, the quality of this gun has you cant beat! Great 4 plinking around and training!(training people to handle guns befor they get to the "REAL" handguns. overall a great gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

great gun
February 14, 2009
this gun is da bomb!!! it works like a charm! if you dont have this then go out and buy it !!

3 Stars

no power
October 27, 2008
Looks very nice.But weak as ever

3 Stars

July 11, 2008

5 Stars

What a gun
March 16, 2008
This is the bestgun i have ever had in my life. I have the crosman 1088, it does not have the real life feel of a gun. If you are looking for a pistol, this is the gun you want!

kevin (revised)
5 Stars

look no further
October 28, 2007
As I wrote in an earlier review, this gun is awsome. It seems that some poeple were having issues with the accuracy after a few shots. I have 2 solutions. you can A; put on a m16 fore grip or B; put you finger that isn't on the trigger, parralel with the gun above the trigger guard. ONLY USE DAISY STEEL BBS or your barrel will wear out. My gun is perfoming great 4000 shots later and after 1 whole year. There are only 2 guns I feel are way better the PX4 storm on pyramid airguns or my custom 1088 both shoot the more accurate "pellets". ps crosman does a great job always exept for there airsoft products even there cheap Phantom1000G1

5 Stars

Completely Fabulous Gun
October 3, 2007
The gun has a great feel to it and the slide is just the right weight to feel like a real pistol. Admittedly the gun does drop in power and accuracy after a couple of clips, but that is to be expected with a CO2 gun of any model or brand. As CO2 is depleted, and there is no liquid left in the powerlet, constant pressure can not maintained, since there is no liquid to vaporize to fill up the excess volume. The slide may stick a bit after you shoot a lot, but this is simply caused by the loosening of the skrew on top of the slide, and is easy to fix with a phillips head skrewdriver. The gun is very accurate for me. I tore a tin can to shreds at about 30 feet. The sights are nice too. The gun is very durable and you can tell it. The entirity of the guns mechanics seem to be metal. I have not had a major problem at all with it yet.

2 Stars

September 16, 2007
If you must choose this gun then so be it, but please know that you are purchasing a 'throw away' pistol. The gun seriously lacks power compared to other Crosman pistols, only accurate at the begining of CO2, and after a while the slide begins to catch the hammer due to the unnecessary blow-back action. A much better gun is the Crosman T4. (No blow-back though).

3 Stars

Somewhat Disapointed
September 6, 2007
Good realistic blowback action and good accuracy for the first clip or so (15-20 shots). After that, accuracy is gone. Shoots high and all over the place. Will only shoot level or pointed up. If you point it downwards, the bb's just roll out of the barrel...Flimsy plastic magazines....Not too impressed.

5 Stars

pro77 crossman does it again
September 6, 2007
heres one you will love ,lacks power ? change the hammer spring, the slide was scratched soon as I touched it . no problem ,strip the paint and now you have nickel finish or repaint. muzzle brake easy added to this gun so many mods can be performed.this is the real deal .posabilitys are a love it.

1 Stars

August 9, 2007
broke after the first box of co2, and it was weak and unaccurate

Big Z
5 Stars

Nice gun!
July 22, 2007
Very nice air pistol! A lot more fun than my two year old Daisy C-O2 pistol! Feels like shooting a "real" gun. It definitely preferrs new,clean BB's to some mildly surface rusted ones I have (kept in dry storage, no less!) "Loads" of fun! By the extra clips, for sure. I love it! -Z

5 Stars

July 20, 2007
if you dont have you must

5 Stars

July 8, 2007
This gun rules!!! It is metal which is very realistic. and it has great blowback. BEST AIRGUN I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!!!! Recommend .

3 Stars

Sexy but Weak
May 31, 2007
This gun feels really nice, but it seriously lacks power. Great design however.

5 Stars

May 27, 2007
awesome gun. I took down two Doves today after i got it. The blow-back action is smooth and fun. although the bb's arent the most accurate ammunition you can still kill some pests with it. this is a must buy!!!!!!!

5 Stars

all mine!!!!!!!
April 25, 2007
hell of a kick. max of 400fps 4 15 shots-350fps 4 30 shots- 300 4 20 more shots. ACCURATE. SWEEEEET looking. took down a crow a squirrle and a snake.fires fast. nice blow back. range is effectivly 120 ft max range is 250ft

5 Stars

Graet Gun
April 5, 2007

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By william from West Haven CT. 06516 on April 17, 2012
How do I stop the co2 cartrage from leaking empty when I install a new one. I see nothing bent but will not hold a cart. Completly leaks empty upon installation
By Staff on April 20, 2012

It may be defective. Make sure you are tightening it up as best as you can.
Our return policy is on our site. If you are not able to return it here, I recommend contacting the manufacturer. (if it is even broken)

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