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Crosman Quest 1000, .177 cal

Was $86.99
  • List Price $124.99
  • Code: 8020039 · 0.177 cal · 1000 fps ·
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Crosman Quest 1000 Air Rifle. If power is what you want in an air rifle, look no further than the Crosman Quest 1000. Light cocking effort gets velocity up to 1000 fps, and a scope stop means less recoil movement. Plus, there’s no need to resight after each shot. And with a two-stage, adjustable trigger, you can customize this quality, affordable gun to suit your every need.

Cocking Method:
Overall Length:
Mass Weight:
Spring Piston
Break Barrel
Fiber Optic Front Sight and Adjustable rear
Single Shot
Manual Safety
Rifled Steel
1000fps .177cal
45 in.
6.0 lbs
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity1000 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleBreak Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • UsePest Control / Plinking /Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman Quest 1000, .177 cal Reviews
5 Stars based on 32 Review(s)
West Virgnia
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Crosman is the best.
November 5, 2013
I have owned my Quest for about two years and have several other brands of air guns and for the price crosman is the best.I use mostly crosman pellets because they are also good and the price is right. I love this Quest it is accurate ,light weight,shoots hard, looks nice .It is a little hard to cock but I am 70 yrs.old and if i can do it I am sure most any one can and i shoot it a lot.You will not be sorry if you get this.
Well worth the money .

16 cameron st
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

awesome gun
November 16, 2011
i have had this for 30 days and i have got 40 birds in 45 shots its really accurate and fun to shoot
backyard fun and madness

5 Stars

totally awesome
September 4, 2011
i got this gun when i was 12 the day i took my hunters safety course. now Im 14, and it still works great! i recently sent it out for tuneing, and hopefully to get a nitro piston i have a savage edge .243, and the two guns have the same grouping at 100 yards (1.5 inches)! i would reccomend destroyer pellets for hunting

5 Stars

Quest 1000
May 28, 2011
The quest 1000 is a good and powerful gun with a wonderful wood stock. I love this gun both for hunting And for target practice and I would recommend it to both exert shooters and beginners :) the gun works grate with the RWS hyper velocity pellets and is good just with iron sights .

5 Stars

Crossman Quest 1000
March 6, 2011
1st off I've shot some very expensive, high quality air rifles...but my wife bought me the crossman quest 1000 with scope included (centerpoint precision scope 4x32) for$125 tax included & it is just as accurate & powerful as the expensive models I had. We took the gun out to sight it in & within 5 shots it was hitting in center circle of target 1/2-3/4in groups @ 25yds...shot several more rounds @ new targets with same results. Haven't even mounted scope as of yet & have had no problems with sights needing reset. HAVEN' FOUND A BETTER AIR RIFLE YET!!! Quest1000 is a rugged, durable & very accurate air rifle...PLUS NOT EXPENSIVE!!!

5 Stars

Crossman Quest
February 2, 2011
This is a fantastic little gun for the money. It really cracks when you shoot it especially when new. Its light and fairly accurate and very cheap. I never use my GAMO $450 gun anymore, in fact I just bought another Crossman Quest to have as a spare.

5 Stars

the best ever
November 5, 2010
I have killed at least 50 chipmunks with my crossman quest and im only 13 and had it for 2 years now it is powerful and never disappoints me but the sights suck so i put a scope on and its is awsome

5 Stars

crosman quest
August 24, 2010
i added a centerpoint 3-9x32 AR22 series RG illuminated scope, and these are the results i got crosman premier lights(the ones in the cardboard box)shot very well at 20 yards, i get a 1inch group in a lying positon using a beanbag chair as a rest, so fairly accurate with these, and good for hunting gamo PBA raptors, the raptors gave a 2inch group at 20 yds,i was in a lying position(used the beanbag chair) so not very accurate with the raptors, im sure it would be if the pellets were more uniform(some fit tight, some loose). So not the best pellet for this gun. so all in all, the quest is a good model and is lightweight, making it good for hunting, iron sights are ok, but i dont care cause i like using a scope, this gun gives anywhere form 13-14 ft-lbs energy, making it good for hunting squirrels, rabbit, and groundhog

5 Stars

Ryans gun
January 16, 2010
This gun kicks butt! The sight cuold be better.Ive killed about 30 squirrels with it and 40 birds. its sturdy and light. Its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

awesome gun
November 27, 2009
I love thiis rifle. best one yet. the sights are flimsy though. second time I shot it i got a squirrel right in the head

5 Stars

Great Gun!
October 14, 2009
this gun is great! you can hunt squirrels, rabbits, piegons, and even groundhogs! my chicken coup was overrun by groundhogs, so with this gun and JSB pellets i went to work! three groundhogs later it still shoots just as powerful as the day i git it.

Doug Ramset
5 Stars

quest 1000
September 24, 2009
My first air gun purchase ..4 rifles followed this.. plus 5 pistols ..I keep coming back to the Quest ..Fitted with a 3x9x50 Center Point . ( HAD PROBLEM WITH FIRST SCOPE SENT BACK .AIR GU N DE[POT QUICKLY SENT OUT REPLACEMENT .this is awesome ..followed the reviews for the gun and scope couldn't be happier

4 Stars

great power
September 18, 2009
Bought the Quest 1000 X a few days ago. The first pellet I shot was LOUD! The first patern was all over the place at 25 yds. Have been shooting 25 to 50 pellets a day and the groups are tightening and the gun has gotten alot quiter. Goes straight through 1/2 in plywood so make sure what's behind your target. Yesterday set up a 2 ltr plastic bottle filled with water the pellets went straight through the jug, 1/2" plywood and stuck into my shed! Went so cleanly through the jug it was just dripping water from the holes on both sides. Great "bang" for the buck!

5 Stars

GREAT(ok accuracy)
June 29, 2009
i thought this gun was very good and have tooken down a squirrel with my first shot lol. it works ver y well for the price but im not sure about the accuracy. im getting a scope and hope it works.the problem might be that i do not hold the gun properly.(most likely is problem)

crossman quest 1000
5 Stars

good pest controller
April 14, 2009
this is anazing i would definately recomend this to anyone i know who hunts it is great for the price the only bad thing is the sights easily get knocked off but other than that wondefull buy this

5 Stars

March 29, 2009
ok, ill tell ya the bad first, then the good, to make you hopefully leave with high spirits. flimsy, plastic, over sized, iron sights. if you use when its cold outside (-0f with wind) the spring CAN snap (or i think thats what happened, all i know, is that it wouldnt cock). it happened on one of these, and one of the plastic versions. dont get the plastic. (for it IS plasic, and not synthetic) and its rough on your hands. the gun DOES have some recoil, which is good, telling you that its real, and not crap (comparable to a heavy 22lr, MORE than a 17hmr). dont use light pellets for more than about 25 yards, they lose so much speed out of the barrel, and energy, and hardly expand. they are highly deadly on birds. bang, plop. oh, it IS a bit noisy. it starts to quiet down, and get a bit more accurate (so dont worry when you first get it) after about 500-1000 shots. it will sound like a 22lr for the first 8-10 shots. i HAVE hit a bucket on a windy day at 100 yards offhand. it took a few shots (note the windy and offhand) but it did go through both sides. it will make a BIG geyser in water even at 100 yards. it does have a bit of rainbow with heavier pellets (under 10 or so yards, it be under your line of sight) but it will teach new shooters to compensate for distances. its a tad heavy for younger kids. the scope stop does help. just dont make the mistake of puttin the scope on in front of it, or it will skoot back. lol. great gun. great money. get it, or... well, just get it.

5 Stars

February 9, 2009
I got the Quest 1000 about a month ago, slapped a one piece scope mount and Barska 3-12x40mm Scope on it. Amazing power and accuracy! The single best upgrade you can do for this gun is the GRT III Trigger upgrade by CharlieDaTuna.. It costs $32 shipped and reduces trigger pull from 7 or so pounds to less than 2lbs. Greatly increases accuracy of the rifle.. I love the nice wooden stock, and its got a nice bit of weight to it giving it a sturdy feel. . After I added the GRT III trigger me and my friends were shooting cigarettes from 75-80ft away.. Very nice gun for the money, and I would feel foolish if I spent more money on somethin else.. I love this one so much, I am ordering a Quest 800x just to have the .22 cal version of it!!

5 Stars

January 2, 2009
Sweet gun, me and the coon dog hit the bush for anything moving and once your sighted in with this little beauty.... bada boom bada bing asta la vista i love it

5 Stars

December 8, 2008
powerful, accurate, and great for small game, pests, and target shooting..... well worth the money

Doug Ramsey
5 Stars

Crossman Quest 1000/177
November 5, 2008
Wow ..First of all .. the reviews....Took a Customers reccommendations ... bought this rifle ..and a center point 3x9x50..AO power of this 177 is scary @120 feet ..right through 1/2 plywood.. Beautiful Hard wood stock,great finish..Center Scope easy set up ..groups to i/2 each first 25 shots ..and it's far from break In ...

5 Stars

Great Gun
October 19, 2008
I have one of these rifles its a great gun except for the scope it comes with that thing sucks probaly gonna put a red dot sight on it since squrriel season is here

Deadeye D.
5 Stars

October 13, 2008
I just purchased this gun and it is a great shot. Takes a little bit to sight it in but overall is great for targets and squirrel,sqirrral, sqerril, squiraeirrl,l and sqerrl

5 Stars

great gun
September 10, 2008
ok i have had this gun for awhile. it took me a few shots but its dead accurate once u get used to it.

5 Stars

Great gun
August 21, 2007
This is an awesome gun. The open sight sucks, all you have to do is bump it to mess it up. After your get a good sight on it, it is a great gun!

4 Stars

August 2, 2007
First off, the open sights it comes with are completely useless. They are made of this flimsy plastic that can be tweaked easily with your hand. At 10m I could not get groups any smaller than 3". After I removed the open sights, I added a Bushnell 3x9AO air rifle scope mounted on a Beeman adjustable scope mount, sighted in at 10m, and was able to group, 3 rounds .23" C-T-C using Beeman Crow Magnum Hallow Points. Being made in China, workmanship and quality was almost flawless, equaling that of European spring rifles.The wood on the stock had no dings or dents, the finish applied evenly with only minor blemishes near the breech area. The trigger IS NOT TWO STAGE. It is more like a single stage with 'adjustable' breaking point, adjusted to have about 1/4th inch of 'pre-travel' which seems fine. For a 100$ gun I must say this is definitely a very impressive piece, higher quality than ANY 100$ new FIREARM OR AIR RIFLE I have ever seen.

D Farley
5 Stars

Crosman Quest 1000
July 11, 2007
Transaction was handled smoothly and in a very timely manner. Product was received in several days without any shipping damage. Absent sighting in (yet to be done), it shoots fine and is everything I expected it to be.

5 Stars

Great Rifle!!
May 18, 2007
this is the greatest rifle I have ever owned. Its accurate, has great quality wood, doesnt have major kick, and looks great.

5 Stars

Quest 1000
May 6, 2007
This is my first gun have Most power ,INDOOR ,I will NESCAFE 3 cans affixed to the walls linear distance of about 10 feet, the shot can be launched through three bottles, half a tablet of bullets penetrated through the walls .

johnny Calvo
5 Stars

Crosman quest 1000
April 13, 2007
This is a great, sturdy gun. Its ideal for hunting, to target shooting in a backyard. A friend and I, found a fairly thick wood board and used it for shooting. The the pellets went deep in the wood. It is kinda hard to cock at first. Its a great starter gun for a child. Its FPS matches the FPS of a 22 rifle. Judging on it FPS, its great wooden stock, all the things you could use it for, and its maker, I would say its definetly worth the money.

5 Stars

Crosman Air rifle
February 19, 2007
It is the best air rifle Ive ever owned.

5 Stars

February 1, 2007
one of the best for the money.all around good pellet rifle

Sam Crawford
5 Stars

Crossman Quest 1000 Air Rifle
January 14, 2007
I havent bought one nor shot one but it is my present ambition to purchase one so i can get back into the woods. I especially like it for its hard wood stock

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By zach from austin, texas on November 23, 2011
does this gun come with a scope mount
By Robert from San Diego, CA on February 4, 2012

It has a dovetail cut into it for mounting a scope, and should have a scope stop included which you can see in the picture as the little bump on top above the trigger. The best deal if you want a scope is to find one or similar one with a scope included for about $10 more. Separately the scopes are about $40-50 and not worth it imo.
Great gun btw, well worth the $. Any of the ones like this are great and basically the same, like the Optimus, Storm XT, Phantom, G1 Xtreme. The Remington Vantage is the same too, and possibly some others. I bought the Vantage and G1, the only difference is the stock and name tag. And yes they all have a dovetail cut into them.
Look for the refurbished guns too, the Quest goes for $59. My G1 is a referb and it looks 100% brand new, the only diff was it came in a plain brown box. It makes me wonder if the only thing wrong was a damaged box. Most all the referb reviews say the guns look new so I doubt you can go wrong.

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