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Crosman Quest 800X, .22 cal

Includes CenterPoint 4X32mm Scope
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  • Code: PY-552-1538 · 0.22 cal · 800 fps ·
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Crosman Quest Air Rifle- .22 Cal 800 FPS

The Crosman Quest 800 is 45 inches long, weighs 6.02 lbs and is a classic single shot, break barrel, spring air rifle. It features fiber optic front and adjustable fiber optic rear sights.

CROSMAN QUEST 800X. If power is what you seek in an air rifle, you will find it in the Quest. Light cocking effort (37 lbs) delivers velocity up to 1000 fps in .177 and 800 FPS in .22 cal. The Quest features a scope stop to prevent scope creep and point of impact drift as you shoot. The Quest has a high quality stock, among the nicest in the Crosman line. INCLUDES 4X32 Scope!

Item Description Caliber Velocity
0.22 800 FPS
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity800 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleBreak Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman Quest 800X, .22 cal
42 Reviews
69% (29)
24% (10)
2% (1)
2% (1)
2% (1)
2% Recommend this product (1 of 42 responses)
By James T.
Waikuku,New Zealand
Great Gun!
December 20, 2012
I use it for shooting birds and it's perfect for the job! I love the wooden stock too. The gun is very Accurate and powerful! Great Gun!
Prosthe hitting power
Consnothing its perfect
By James B.
My Crosman Quest 800
August 1, 2011
Highly accurate and packs a punch. Hitting 12 oz cans at 40 yards and making the can go UPHILL from the impact. GREAT GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Norton L.
Great inexpensive, accurate gun
June 15, 2011
I bought this rifle a few years ago. I have dispatched many a bunny with it.

It's most accurate using the on-gun sights, especially after replacing the stock trigger. I have had trouble sighting in the scope as others have had.

It's got great power and can really pack a punch with hollow tipped pellets.

I would highly recommend this gun as a starter rifle.
By nate
crosman quest 800x
August 25, 2010
power was ok, fires 14.3 gr crosman premiers at about 650fps(quite short of 800fps, but still good), accuracy is within an inch at 15yds with included scope, groups would get better if scope was better, the scope is not bad, but not good, it needs to be resighted every 500 or so rounds, but its clear and fits the size of the rifle

so all in all, i gave it 3.5 stars(but rounded it up) because of the scope, and the lack of fps
By Bob M.
Crossman Quest 800x
July 15, 2010
Nice gun for price but the scope is useless. Fired 200 rounds and could not zero in. Groups kept drifting. Had to adjust scope about every six shots or so. Exchanged scope with a Gamo scope I had and it seems to be much better. This gun should be packaged with a better scope or just sold without it. Iron sites seem to be of decent quality along with the rest of gun.
July 12, 2010
By Jesse
lots of fun
July 7, 2010
cant go wrong for the price. accurate and powerful rifle. lots of fun, my boy who's only 10 years old can chalk, load it, and shoot it.
By Darrell
quest 22cal
May 30, 2010
i have many guns and many different brands.bought this one because it was cheap in price and want to have one for my ia a decent gun for the price.shoots well and fairly accureate out to 30 yards with 10.65gr pellet.easy to cock and light weight too.I would recomend for a virst time shooter.its pleasant to shoot.
By Brian
bird hunter
March 4, 2010
i like this gun alot the stock is very pretty and i when out as soon as i got it with just open sights not sighted it in yet after abot 5 shots of shootin a birds and dove a shot a chick-a-de at 35 yards !
By small h.
coyote killer
June 15, 2009
me and my cousins were out shooting rabbits,birds, and squirrels,etc.
its this back route you can take that leads you to a creek where all the rabbis and foxes are drinking from. shot a rabbit with open sights.(i only use the scope when im sitting waiting on game becousa there are no range adjustments). i went out to get the rabbit and a large coyote came out the bush growling. my cousins aimed at it but i told them no because they only had LITTLE .177 MULTI PUMP Gun (daisy 880 to be exact..which is good for large birds and medium squirrels). i reload immediatley after shooting. then the coyote came out and i aimed at it and shot right in between its eyes. it dropped immediatley.
By jg
kinda of a good gun
June 11, 2009
i like the gun but sorta the scope.i think the price is high for the gun.out of one to ten i give a 7 or 6.i would buy this gun them anoying black birds
By Rick
Great Rifle, not scope
April 22, 2009
Rifle is great. Hits targets and powerful. Loud at first but drastically becomes more quiet after more shots. Still breaking the gun in but the scope is garbage, I just took it off and use the sights.
By Adam
Greatly Suprised
November 27, 2008
I started with simple crosman pump pellet guns but needed more power and certainly a more accurate rifle for picking off pests in the backyard. when i first fired it, it was very loud and was wonderfully spot-on and powerful and actualy drove though a 1 inch thick piece of pli-wood. I have yet to hunt game with this but i highly highly recomend this for anyone looking for a step up from pump .177 guns. thanks crosman and airgun depot.
By Dennis
Excellent hunting rifle
October 26, 2008
Firstly, Airgun Depot did a fantastic job of filling my order, with fast, competitively-priced shipping and all accessories sent in the same shipment. I was immediately struck by the quality, durability, and craftsmanship, especially in relation to the extremely affordable price. With a good quality scope included, the rifle was ready to shoot right out of the box, with frankly astonishing accuracy and power. This is no plinking toy, but a genuine varmint hunter, a true .22 rifle that with a quality hunting pellet is nearly as lethal as a .22 rimfire, with less noise and no spent cartridges. Turkeys, mongooses, hawks, and even small feral mammals are all within its kill capacity, given good shot placement. I found the 4x scope to be literally spot-on without any adjustment, out of the box. Shooting at a life-size javelina target, I shot the pig's eye out at 25 yards using a Daisy Precision Max pellet. To take down turkeys and mongooses, RSW Superpoint Extras are effective within 20 - 30 yards. Shoot turkeys in the neck, and mongooses in the brain pan, preferably through the mouth. You can sting a hawk with an accurate .177 (an effective deterrent) but with this .22 you literally blow it out of the tree (a permanent solution). I highly recommend this rifle for its power, versatility, ease of use, accuracy, and, not to be overlooked, its affordability. I'm looking forward to stepping up to a 9mm precharged hunting rifle (for 50mm an in-line muzzleloader is going to beat out any of the high-priced air-powered offerings.) Frankly, for the price, power, and accuracy of the Crosman Quest .22 rifle/scope combo, I can't see the advantage of spending 2 or 3 times as much on any other armament in this category.
By Jeff
Just got it
September 20, 2008
I should start out by saying that the last pellet gun I had was about 25 years ago. I generally use firearms. We just moved to a new home and the neighbors are just a little too close to be firing off rounds. We don't want them fearing for their lives!

So I began researching and thought this would be a great first air gun (well first in a while). Sheesh, how these things have changed since I was a kid! First, another reviewer was right, it takes a few rounds before you get the hang of this one. There is a considerable recoil, much more than say a standard .22 rifle. After about 20 rounds or so after I sighted in the scope, I was hitting the bulls eye dead center.

I had a 1X1 board tacked to a tree with a target on it, and the pellets went right through it and buried themselves into the tree. A lot of power!

Some reviewers were lamenting the quality of the scope. I myself had no problem with it. It seems to be working fine for me once I adjusted it a bit.

This gun is loud. I was rather shocked at the sound of it. It sounds almost like a whip being cracked. Not loud enough to alarm the neighbors, but loud.

The weapon is very solid in its construction. In fact, I noticed the weight when the box was delivered. I almost thought I received a real firearm instead of an air gun.

I basically bought this more for varmints than anything else. We have a squirrel issue here and they have been getting into the eaves and attic of the house so it was time to do something about it. State law prohibits the catch and release of them so next to poisoning, this was the only other option.

Just bagged my first squirrel with it today and it took him right out at about 100 feet. He did manage to run about 10 feet before he realized his heart was missing.

For the price, I am pleased. I plan on posting another review after about a month or so about whether the power has significantly decreased or not.
By ktm
not bad
September 17, 2008
this was my first .22. i bought this one for one reason... it is cheap. it is a great gun for the money. good stock and open sights. decent accurracy and packs a good punch. overall its a good inexpensive .22
By Elvis
Nice rifle
September 6, 2008
Excellent rifle for the money it's powerful and deadly accurate. Only thing bad is the trigger which is easy to fix with a MimiII trigger insert and some grease. Also scope and mount need to be replaced by better units. Highly recomend this rifle. Would buy it again @ AGD. Thanks
By Elvis
Excellent Gun !!!
September 3, 2008
This rifle has power and groups tight! I also like the stock and color of the stock "Clasic Crosman". I am very happy with this rifle and would recomend it everyone wanting a good all round 22 cal rifle. Only thing wrong with it is the trigger, which is an easy fix with a Mimi II insert or one of the others.
By Elvis
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!
August 23, 2008
Excellent .22 rifle for the money! Stock is nice, power great, accuracy excellent. The only thing I dont like is the trigger which can be sorted by lubing and adjusting or modding. Love the classic Crosman color on the stock. Love it. Great deal!
By John
Take Two
August 21, 2008
This gun is bottom of the barrel type. The parts are shadey and my mainspring broke after 1000 shots. I recommend getting a RWS 34 if you can afford it.
By z m.
gun sucks
July 25, 2008
get a rws this gun broke after 1000 shots not very accurate
By justin
Quest 800X
July 18, 2008
this is a very good air rifle, i have already killed 11
squirrels, and over a dozen crows. the scope sucks , it doesn't hold zero very long, but the gun is very accurate, i hit quater size targets at 25 yards and beyond. one of the squirrels i shot with this rifle was about 50 yards away, i hit him right in the side of his head, i also hit a chip monk in the head from about 24 yards away, this gun is definitly worth the money
By smallgamehunter
sorry my email is
July 11, 2008
By The H.
Excellent quality for such a low price
July 11, 2008
My dad helped me pick out a rifle and i always thought that more money meant better. Well after buying this rifle I found i was wrong. Right out of the box it looked and felt very solid.When I first started to shoot it I was getting frustrated when I couldnt hit a can from 10 yards, because I stepped up from a Rem air master 77 this was all new to me,and some research on the internet exlained to me that spring guns shoot different from pumps. So I started to shoot it and noticed it was getting more accurate with every shot. And dont worry about the power issue.Just because it doesnt break the sound barrier doesn't mean it is not good.I have shot a couple of birds with it but my main trophy is a grey squirrel I shot out of a tree from 40 yards in the head. I'll admit it was still breaking in and I didnt think it would hit it but it did.If you dont believe me email me for pics{[email protected]} for pics.And with crow magnums it will shoot straight through a 5 gallon bucket at 35 yards. So power is definately not an issue. Just dont get mad if its not hitting toothpicks from 50 yards right off the bat. Just give it time and show it some love and it will show it back. I have added the clamp on barrel bi-pod from and this doubles the accuracy right of the bat. The scope that came with it was not the best so I bought a centerpoint 3-9x50 scope and hopefully this will complete this gun. So in the end it is very well made
and a excellent buy I would buy another one in a heartbeat. And looks awesome all shined up.
By Jim T.
Terrible gun
May 26, 2008
Bought this gun and within 2 weeks velocity had dropped significantly. Was practically worthless....bouncing off aluminum cans, etc. Tried thouroughly cleaning and oiling to no avail. I would never recommend this gun!!
By Carl J.
Very Accurate
May 4, 2008
Okay were do I start, I got this and I was bragging to all my friends. When sighting it in I advise wait till about at least 100 shots because when i first started I couldnt keep it in a 5 inch pattern but wance i shot a bunch of times it started to look like a different gun. I wouldnt reccomend getting all of those famous hunting pellets if your going to be hunting birds or squirrels. Just use crossman pointed pellets. But if you really want to hunt with it you should get a different scope. But overall excelent gun and quality just reccomend a better scope.
By John
Value/ Quality
April 26, 2008
This is a beautifies rifle that looks twice its price. The €œiron sights for this are crap, but it€™s accurate & overall a good air gun.
By jason
squirrel killa
March 25, 2008
good power, very good groups, my brother shot a squirrel in the head around 50 yards great for the price can easly kill any small game animal and some bigger critters like raccon if you shoot them in the head
By justin
good for squirrels
March 23, 2008
this gun is pretty powerful, I have already took 7 squirrels, 3 doves, and many nasty birds, some of the shots were over 50 yards, there is no problem with the gun, but the scope is not very good, I reccomend getting at least a tasco scope
By Jon B.
Good quality all around!
November 24, 2007
I'm a big fan of .22 air rifles, so I was biased favorably towards this one right off the bat. The accuracy of the rifle is outstanding and the finish of the stock is plain and elegant. One caveat: if you are not used to a scope or don't know how to zero it in, you will be frustrated! It took me more shots than usual to zero the scope at @50 yards. I have a feeling the negative comments about accuracy come from lack of knowledge about scopes in general.
I would buy this rifle again in a heartbeat!
By Alan
Quest 800X
November 10, 2007
I like the rifle a lot. Nice quality. Good value. Loud the first 10 shots until the oil burns out. It detonates under the pressure. Sounds like a 22 short. By some silicone chamber oil from Crosman to prevent this in future.
The scope is terrible, because the mounts are not strong enough and do not have a stop built in so it slides. Plus, it is a cheap scope without an adjustable objective.
I bought a Center Point CP394AODP 40mm 3X9 that comes with good strong mounts. Completes this rifle. Love it. With my 50 year old eyes- I need a scope.
By Joe
Nice Gun
November 8, 2007
This is a nice, basic no-frills shooter. Certainly has decent power, scope isn't the greatest but for the price the fact that it comes with a scope at all is quite a deal. If i were a real serious shooter I would probably step up to a nice (more expensive) gun, for I really think this one is a great value.
By bill
October 8, 2007
hits starlings from about 60 feet and keeps going
By Price
Quest 800x
August 30, 2007
still trying to get the open sights adjusted, had no luck with the scope, I'm from the old school that uses only open sights anyway, it has plenty of power, I've enjoyed what little shooting I've had with it
By Stoner
800x crossman
May 31, 2007
blew through a starling at 50 yards and kept on going I could hear the pellet bouncing off tree branches behind the bird . I think it should do well on rabbits this season. AIR GUNS ARE THE COOLEST
By joe
smooth gun
May 7, 2007
nice looking gun, smooth shot, not to loud, killed a racoon and possum already
crosman 800
April 10, 2007
very happy, just perfect to to spend hours shooting on the targets with friends. it's pretty acurate and you'll have lots of fun. i need to try different pallets to say how acurate the gun is.
By Matthew
March 25, 2007
This is a very nice gun. Kills any small game animals. Very nice just to go in the woods and use.
By Frank
800x Crosman
March 25, 2007
By Matthew
March 25, 2007
This is a great little gun! Once I adjusted the scope, I was hitting targets over 60 feet with no problems. This gun has very little kick and has power to spare.
at 60 feet I was going through 1/4 inch paneling and still knocking the bark off the tree I used as a back stop. And for the money, great fiber optic sights and 4x32 scope too... Not a bad deal if you ask me. Pretty bad gun for advanced shooters. Just a word of advice.
By Jim
February 22, 2007
as promised.
By Champ
Crosman Quest 800
January 15, 2007
This is a great little gun! Once I adjusted the scope, I was hitting targets over 60 feet with no problems. This gun has very little kick and has power to spare.
at 60 feet I was going through 1/4 inch paneling and still knocking the bark off the tree I used as a back stop. And for the money, great fiber optic sights and 4x32 scope too... Not a bad deal if you ask me
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