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Airsoft Guns- Walther P22 6mm Clear Soft Air Pistol Kit

Airsoft Guns- Walther P22 6mm Clear Soft Air Pistol Kit

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Low-impact airsoft technology is aimed at people who enjoy target practice and indoor plinking, hobbyists and collectors, those involved in sport games, law enforcement training applications and theatrical productions. Walther P22, a spring operated pistol with a 20 round, removable magazine. The kit also comes with safety information, extra spare magazine, and 400 plastic BB's. It comes with a built on rail for mounting accessories. A laser can be mounted on this rail in just minutes! Gun comes with orange paint on tip. Uses .12 BBs, Caliber - 6mm, Length - 6in (15.24cm), Weight - 6.7 oz (.19kg)
Two 20-shot BB magazines
400 6mm plastic blue BBs
Extended life trigger system
Hop-up BB system
Metal parts
Authentic Walther replica
Velocity up to 260 feet per second!
Available in clear or black.

Caliber Action Power Capacity Total Length Weight Velocity
0.12g 6mm Single Spring 20 6 in 6.7 oz 260
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  • ManufacturerWalther
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • Velocity  fps
  • Ammo Type 
  • MechanismSpring
  • Optics 
  • UseSkirmishing
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Airsoft Guns- Walther P22 6mm Clear Soft Air Pistol Kit Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 25 Review(s)
5 Stars

SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
August 17, 2010
nice gun.

matt m
5 Stars

April 8, 2010
very cool

4 Stars

Very good
December 25, 2009
This is a really great gun. Here's some pros and cons: PROS: -Extra mag -comes with 400 12.g 6mm bb's -nice FPS -has only jammed a couple times(easily fixable) CONS: -It CAN and will jam regaurdless of how many bb's are put in -bb's arent great quality -when cocking, your hand can accidentaly turn the switch to safe. Overall, this gun is VERY good. I reccomend it, especially for beginners. (and with all the stuff it comes with, its a steal!) 4/5

5 Stars

December 9, 2009
this was my first gun and i love it. works very good and is acurate. i shoot about 100 times a day and always have good results.only prob is tht it jams sometimes not much though it has only 2 times in 2 months. jams are not bad they can be easily fixed by removing the clip and cocking the gun and firing. this gun is very nice to have with you in a airsoft gun war if you are carring a sniper with you. the saftey and clip release are in nice positions tht are easy to get to. overall a good gun small price high fps it shoots through cardboard.

5 Stars

Great gun for noobies
November 19, 2009
This is my first airsoft gun and i have to say it works quite well. For all you people having trouble with the saftey all you have to do is make sure when you are turning it to off that you feel a click and it will stay put.

Shane Carlson
5 Stars

Smnal and portable
August 2, 2009
This gun is awesome i like how its small portable and still shoot at a good fast velocity of fire.

4 Stars

good gun
July 17, 2009
I love this gun its my 1st but it has no penatration. it cant go throw aluminum cans, it cant even go throw duck tape. But it really herts when your shot with it. this would make a great sidearm for airsoft wars. and dont listen to greek kids report of shoting multiple shots. cause the first bb out of the barrel flies ten feet with no power and the 2nd bb loses most of its power. if it ever jams dont pull the slide all the way back or youll just have more of a jam just drop the clip and then pull the slide back.

Greek Kid
5 Stars

Very accurate
April 19, 2009
this thing is amaizing i can hit targets out to 25 yards and if im lucky 30-35. also its great for the price. i almost never have it jam. the only time was when i first got it and didn't know what i was doing, so read the direction. other than that its perfect. you can even shoot multiple bbs out at once but once you get over three you lose too much power. overall this is well worth it.

Sharp cheddar Snipe
3 Stars

Good for money
April 7, 2009
If you want to get ur first airsoft gun, this could be it. It doesn't cost much but can still get you enough fun. The gun itself is flimsy and very plasticy (but u get what u paided for) and very light. The gun also doesn't shoot very fast and is very inaccurate. Ive had mine for 6 months and it always curves down left. At most this gun would be for fun indoor but it still is a very good first gun

Bond, James Bond
5 Stars

Tons of FUN!
February 5, 2009
This is a very accurate little pistol, once you find the 'sight picture'. I can hit Altoids at 15 feet with it, continuously. I also have a 'real' P22, and this interchanges with the laser module, holster, and feels exactly like the real thing. (Of course, the weight is lighter with the airsoft version.) Cocking it is a bit of a chore, especially for fast follow-up shooting. The trigger let-off is consistent. I had no problems regarding the safety, nor any breakage. I have fired about 500 rounds, both the blue and green variety. Blue seems more accurate, but green has higher visibility. It will hole a styrofoam drinking cup, and obliterates Altoid candies. At $20, it is truly one of the best returns on my money I have ever spent. Now, if it only could take the silencer...

5 Stars

not to bad
November 8, 2008
not to bad for 25$ bb's that come with it suck but thats to be expected

pistol kid
5 Stars

nice sidearm
October 29, 2008
Awesome sidearm to my m4. If you don't use it too roughly and break it it can be a great deal for 20 bucks. My neighbor's electric gun is weaker than my p22.

4 Stars

My 1 gun
October 6, 2008
So far it works pretty well for its cheap pricing. I did notice that it curves when it hops up. I put in about 17 Bb's and it didn't jam. The safety is ok but i saw that the plastic next to the trigger is wearing out already.

3 Stars

July 2, 2008
when you cock the gun make sure you do it quick or it will jam also, i find the gun jams a lot less if you only fill it with 14 bbs,saftey doesn't stay on overall it is great for the price

3 Stars

Great TOY
June 4, 2008
Pretty good airsoft pistol. Not to hard to cock and shoots really well for a spring (non-electric). Though there is one issue to the gun. The trigger has a piece that connects to a rod that connects to the plunger realeser. This piece however is very easy to break off. Thats how mine and a few other friends of mine broke. The pistol is easy to field strip from upper reciver and lower, but getting to the barrel is more of a challenge and may cause damage. Once you are able to take apart the upper reciver it is quite complicated to put back together if you can fix the trigger. It is a great pistol if it doesn't break.

4 Stars

very nice
April 16, 2008
great gun for starters. It's awesome tinyness and booming power go in a great duo. Plus whats to lose on an awesome gun. its a freaky 20 bucks. What a steal. Overall, this a good gun for anyone.

5 Stars

great for begginners
December 2, 2007
it is good,thought in the middle of cocking if you stop then pull back during same cocking it will jam,easy to fix though,just pull the slide(or watever its called) back and then 2-4 bbs will fall out,it will still be cocked with one in barrel,the safety resets itself sometimes

3 Stars

August 25, 2007
I bought two of these guns last year. It's a great sidearm for a n00bie. After a lot of use and wear and tear the trigger mechanism wears out.

5 Stars

Great Starter Springer
August 15, 2007
Its a great spring pistol. The grip feels great in your hand, the gun is perfect for smaller handed people, but it's long enough to hold mos people's hands. It has a nice weight to it too. The magazine's spring curves around, so the small magazine can hold 20 rounds. It fires well, but with .12g bb's the hop up is too much and it curves up, but .20g bb's seem to work quite well. once its broken in the hop up might wear down a little and work with .12's.

5 Stars

Good Sidearm
August 7, 2007
good accuracy and enough distance make it a great sidearm to my Stinger R34 [or any primary for that matter]

5 Stars

Speed and comfert
June 16, 2007
I bought this gun a while back at a store- except it was 10 dollers more, though it came with a second clip and it was black. It was my first airsoft gun, and i'ld say it makes a great secondary gun for tournament airsoft games- not just for practice and scaring away rodents.

Branden Cave
5 Stars

Stealth and Accuracy
March 27, 2007
I love this product I recently bought it at Canadian Tire in Red Deer Alberta. I also hav my first gun which is the fully auto pulse m70. I used it to spray my brothers with it. I had very bad accuracy but now with only 2 weeks of using the pistol my accuracy has improved so much that I don't have to line up the sights. This thing is so useful for steath missions that when I went up in our loft and fired down on my friend he didn't even know I was up there. Also it is so easy to reload by just popping in another clip. The Clips are even easy to reload. Thanks You

Old & Young Guns
3 Stars

So So
February 11, 2007
The gun is just OK. You can't load the clip to capacity or it will jam. Even with half a clip it will still jam.

The Boy
5 Stars

January 7, 2007
My friend has one and they are awesome for a little one on one battles in your basement all you need is a small area that doesn't care if it gets a little dent or two. Make a couple of forts and your set it's a lot of fun!!!

5 Stars

Love It
November 27, 2006
Had it almost a year now, still works great. Not the most accurate, not the most powerful, but for it's size, it's great. The extra mag is very handy. Capacity is great on the gun, and it's easy to use. I'd buy another in a hearbeat. A great "cheap" backup gun/2nd gun. Also great for night-time combat when you've got to climb tall trees or roofs, etc.

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