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Daisy Air Pistols - Powerline 15XT - Co2 .177 Semi Auto

Daisy Air Pistols - Powerline 15XT - Co2 .177 Semi Auto

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  • List Price $47.99
  • Code: 8040015 · 0.177 cal · 480 fps ·
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This 15-shot, CO2 powered, semi-automatic pistol is a natural for handgun training. The 15 Shot built-in BB magazine and 3/8 inch dovetail mount for optics makes this gun well equipped for hours of fun on the range. Manual trigger block, Smooth bore steel barrel, molded black checkered grips 7.21" OA. Blade & ramp front sight, Fixed open rear sight. Velocity-480fps. Shoots BB's only.

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  • ManufacturerDaisy
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity480 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • Barrel StyleSmooth
  • MechanismCO2
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Daisy Air Pistols - Powerline 15XT - Co2 .177 Semi Auto Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 50 Review(s)
Sweetwater, Tennessee
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Fun little pistol
November 20, 2015
My wife uses this gun, @ 20 yards, to discourage squirrels from visiting our bird feeders. It will not harm the squirrel at that distance, but it stings enough to put him on the run.. If I wanted to kill them, which I do not, I have a 22 cal. break barrel pellet rifle. I also have a Crossman 22 cal CO 2 2240 pellet pistol. Since I'm not trying to kill anything I prefer the Daisy fifteen shot pistol over the Crosman single shot.
It is lots of fun to plink with around our woods and back yard and it feels great in your hand. It's easy to load after you have had it for a while and the spring becomes less stiff.
None! It does everything I would expect a BB pistol to do.

Dallas Texas
2 Stars

My gun powerline 415 Lasted 2 hours
June 29, 2015
My trigger is stuck and the safety switch is stuck as well... Not sure how this happened but i guess this was a defective one. Gun shot fine for 4 Rounds, Paid 30 for it at wallmart but wallmart wont refund me i trashed 30.00! I wont buy another daisy just in-case!
Made in Japan Heavy less plastic more metal feel stylish Cheap and made by daisy
The Trigger and safety is stuck cant shoot gun no more Load from the top instead of a Clip

duane evert
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

easy to load with a small modification
April 11, 2014
At first the small carrier that you have to push forward to load seems too recessed to move. I drilled a .025 hole in it about 1/16 inch deep. I got some .030 wire from a hobby shop and pushed it in the hole. I then snips it off so about 1/16 inch protrudes. This makes it very easy to move. I cut off some soda straws and plugged one end with hot glue. After loading it with bb's I plugged the other end with a small piece of dowel rod with some masking tape wrapped around it to keep the bb's from coming out. I made several these . When the last shot is fired you have to just move the carrier forward with your left thumb and pour the bb.s in. With a little practice I can reload in less than 5 seconds.
great buy

Scranton, Pennsylvania
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Pretty Good
November 18, 2013
This gun is pretty darn good for being around the $40 range. The power is awesome, I took out a bunch of aluminum cans in a couple shots, but it uses a lot of gas, and the trigger is not too sensitive.
- Awesome power - Good accuracy -Good price - Good rate of fire
-The trigger gets stuck often and needs to be flicked to be unstuck - The co2 chamber can rupture, which effectively ruins the gun permanently

Just Me
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Gun!
November 5, 2013
This is a good gun. Uses 12g Co2 canisters. MUCH better than crossman air mag.
Very accurate! Great price!
No mag, 15 shot internal mag. Other than that,nothing!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A Must Have, if you like Target Shooting.
June 4, 2013
The pistol's cost is a real saver all the way to the bank. I bought it for laughs and it totally surprised me. I own a few real guns as an ex-law enforcement officer but prefer to practice defensive shooting with this one. Great way to learn, probably the only gun I use for practice at close range. Highly customizable. I even painted the gun (to each his own). Might put a stock on it. There are some good videos out there to get you started. DON'T put a suppressor on it, it's not that loud, you will loose your right to own a firearm, when your now friend turns you in.
I get way over 100 shot compared to my C-11 Crosman. Daisy company is easy to deal with, for support and parts or even repair, free the first year. Don't underestimate this pistol, it will do damage, if not respected, like go through your hand.
Hard to load, holding back the spring and putting Steel BB's into the tracks' opening, took practice and patience at first. Great gun, old time company with a silly name.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

First timer Review
January 16, 2013
This is my first Co2 gun, and it's pretty good. It probably won't leak if u tighten it good and carefully. However, DO NOT take out a full Co2 tank by loosening it quickly. It will freeze-burn you. It gets real cold, but it looks cool.
Good FPS Safe insertion of Co2 Easy to pull trigger Appearance Probably could kill a squirrel or rat And more....
Can leak if the Co2 is not tight enough, rare for me. Can't quite see the site (being nearsighted and all). Hard to put in BB's. Looks real (could cause a misunderstanding). Doesn't shoot pellets, they are safer.

Boston, MA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Buy It!
July 26, 2012
Compact, quick safety feature, nice balance, sturdy and accurate enough - good at 20 meters. Very Powerful and dead on. Has a punch. Much better than "high-end" Co2 semi's. If it fails, return and get another - you won't be disappointed. Simple and very effective. In fact, be careful with it!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Powerline 15xt
June 8, 2012
Nice inexpensive pistol. I take it along in the woods for target practice, great for keeping sharp.
* 15 shot capacity * lightweight * inexpensive * ample power
You will need extra co2 with you.

nowhere, connecticut
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 29, 2012
great little gun had it for over 8 years now. compared to pistols offered today it has to be one of my favorites, very small and concealable. extremely powerful and deadly accurate. for the price that it is it cannot be beat i love more than some of my more expensive pistols.

4 Stars

Very nice
March 10, 2011
It's a very nice pistol. But I usually prefer air guns that are usually meant for small game. It's only good for like target practice and just plain fun. I also like the power of it. Never use bb's for small game tho.

Cole K.
5 Stars

March 7, 2011
Amazing gun! My friend has this, holds 15 rounds, very powerful and accurate. Good for rabbit or squirrel hunting. Pretty heavy trigger pull though. From about 20 yards I shot a small wire in half. Buy this.

2 Stars

February 20, 2011
when i see 15xt i just frown everybody thinks this is a good bbgun by daisy and its not.. daisy makes much better bbguns for a lil bit of extra money this 15xt is cheap , doent go 480fps i kno for sure and after a day of leaving a co2 in the next one i screwed in leaked all out if you dont mind these problems i just typed then this gun is for you

5 Stars

great gun
September 10, 2010
i love this gun it is amazing. also at a great price. the only thing i dont like is the thing to tighten the co2 it kind of annoying. still great gun highly recomened

5 Stars

Daisy Powerline 15XT
July 1, 2010
I just bought this airgun and have shot several hundred rounds so far. I haven't had any problems with the co2 leaking although when the co2 is depleted the rounds will not travel the 480 fps. I could actually see the rounds travel out of the barrel. I do have to say the gun is very accurate with shooting at the targets I have set up.

5 Stars

Great Gun
January 16, 2010
This gun is POWERFUL!!! I shot a truck window and it shattered it and went through to shatter the second window on the other side.

Rob R
5 Stars

I Like It!
September 27, 2009
I've had this gun for 3 years now and I love it! I've has lots of other airguns, mostly pellet pistols, and I wasn't thrilled with the idea of having a BB pistol with a smooth barrel, but I liked the price and the advertised FPS. This airgun has impressed me so much! It is POWERFUL for a bb pistol! And you can really shoot fast and very accurately within 10 yards if you are any good. Only 2 bad things, if you have a very slow and controller trigger squeeze (which you should) and you are aiming downward at something slow the BB will roll right out of the barrel at about half way through the trigger pull. The other thing is that the gun isn't very accurate at longer distances but then again it's a smooth barrel BB gun! Very fun, it's also worth noting the gun is very small, and if you are an adult or teen with large hands maybe too small. But I like it because it easily fits in my pocket.

5 Stars

September 3, 2009
its prety good some people say its only 100 fps but it gose more than that around 450fps but that means it lets out alot of gas i recomend it

3 Stars

Alright gun but not great
July 23, 2009
Let me star by saying i have shot real guns and real nice airguns and this one isn't one of them... First the velocity that it claims is of by about 100 fps maybe only 80 but close up there... Also you can't rapid fire or the BB's will start to fly all over and seriously you wouldn't believe how inaccurate this gets... Finally co2 is very expensive and gets costly after a while so if your looking to buy an air pistol i would recomend you save up and get an Anics Skif a-3003 much higher velocity and really accurate and TOO MUCH FUN

3 Stars

ITs ok
July 14, 2009
let me remind u this is a cheap wepon i get what you pay for. its not a bad gun it has its pros and cons some of the cons are no clip u get about 75 good shots and i shot every day for about 2 weeks and i beleave the air seals are bad

5 Stars

June 18, 2009
i killed 2 rabbits with this gun with 2 shots to the head at about 10-20yds so i highly reccomend

5 Stars

Money well spent
May 27, 2009
At this price point there is no better gun on the market. I've seen several reviews that pick this gun on the loading port. This loading system is more efficient than a mag any time in my opinion, and no jams. Just pull back the loading slide and hold the gun with your left hand and the slide under your thumb, drop the bb's in.... easy as pie. The trigger pull is a bit long, but that is certainly attributed to the mechanics of the firing mechanism. Mine is smooth and you can give it a half pull until you hear the bb drop into the pipe and then squeeze off your shot like a 2 stage trigger. I'm getting 60 strong shots another 15 at lower velocities out of one 12g cartridge consistently. As far as accuracy, I'm able to put 15 shots into a quarter sized group from 5 meters just about every time.... nothing to complain about I'd say. I picked this thing up for $30 at Wally world and I'd have to say that for a semi-auto plinker, this is by far the best money I've ever spent, bar none. I've also noticed complaints about the not so realistic feel of the gun. Guess what, it's a bb gun, get over it. For $30 you won't find better IMHO.

5 Stars

April 29, 2009
this gun is awesome its way powerful and accurate it hits a soda can from about 50 feet and goes straight through it can also hit a stop sign from 150-200 feet easily the fps is high as for the kid below me he is my younger brother and he is a whimp: the trigger is not hard to pull it is easy to load bb's and it doesnt leak co2 u just have to screw in fast and it gives more like 60-70 shots per 12 gram co2 Pros: fps! accurate!! easy loading(co2 bb's) inexpensive!! nice feel when shot! AWESOME!!!! durable!! cons: power decreases after about 40-50 shots but thats not bad if u have lots of co2::::::))))))))

5 Stars

great gun
April 26, 2009
I would give this a 9/10. This is my first co2 gun. You can hit a can from 30 feet, a stop sign from 130. I dont like the built in mag cause it takes a while to load, so i wouldnt recommend it in war.It has high fps (470ish). When you put the co2 in, screw it in tight or it may leak, so dont think your gun is broken. Each co2(12g Crosman) gives about 45 shots. Pros High fps accurate no jams simple to use cons Trigger is somewhat hard to pull twist on handle looks fake outside is plastic(highly durable, not that bad) takes a while to load (who cares if your not in war)

5 Stars

great item
March 31, 2009
great gun it has a smooth bore but is still very accurate. i have droped it a few times and it still works great. at 480 fps it is a great buy.

5 Stars

Great BB Pistol
March 15, 2009
Bought two of these for myself and for my brother and we couldn't be happier. I mean, we paid $30 for each of them and besides the magazine-less design, this gun does what many guns can't do under $60, $70, or even $80. 480 fps will keep you hitting your target through your entire CO2 cartridge. Just buy thousands of BBs and many CO2 cartridges. You are going to need them.

4 Stars

Good for the Price.
February 22, 2009
I have had this gun for about a month, I carry it with me everywhere. The gun is somewhat realistic except for the screw hanging out of the bottom, which is easily concealed by the pinky finger when in firing position. The gun is very accurate for such a low priced weapon, the CO2 goes in nicely and the BB's are easy to load even though it lacks the external clip feature, making reload time a bit longer than desired. The gun tends to jam if you try and shoot with an extremely low tank. I have taken my entire gun apart and put it back together due to this, so it is best to discard the CO2 before it is completely empty. I especially like the dual accessory rail, on the top and bottom. I outfitted my bottom rail with a laser site, and the top rail with an LED flashlight, using simple accessory attachment found anywhere. I use this gun for small hunting, target practice, and completely legal personal defense.

Null Dragon
5 Stars

Can't beat it
October 28, 2008
I bought this somewhere else before I found airgundepot... For the price it is fine, functions well and suprising accuracy, if you can take a trigger pull that is 5 times the weight of the gun! Great beginners BB CO2 get it from the depot. looks exactly like my Colt Officer's model 45ACP.

4 Stars

first timer
September 26, 2008
This is my first CO2 bb gun. I wanted the crosman C11 and actually purchased it but i'm from NJ so its not going to ship here for legal reasons, anyway. Im really happy with it so far. Im not a pro and certinally have not been shooting long enough but for the price that I paid for this gun im very pleased.

5 Stars

August 26, 2008
I bought this gun as a quick firing side arm for hunting small things and for plinking. I never liked CO2 because you have to buy the cannasters over and over. Because of this gun i almost only buy CO2 now. It lets you load in bbs at any time and you can load up to 15 at a time. The weight is perfectly balanced and it feels great to fire. If you want to buy this for plinking then it is a great gun, to just easily load and shoot until your happy, or run out of cans. If you want to use this gun for hunting then it is best to know that you should replace the tank every time you go out until you get used to how long it takes to empty a tank of the air. For me i can go through tons of clips, too many to count. When this gun runs low on air it gets a tiny bit weaker, but thats usually only when there are only a few shots left anyways. It is good to shoot off 4 shots if useing this because it will help to make sure that al least one bb hist the target, and also once in a while a bb decides to go in a different direction. It is not the best gun for scoring targets becuse you might lose a point or two, but it is good enough to practice with on targets or cans.

5 Stars

August 20, 2008

5 Stars

July 30, 2008
YOU GUYS ARE COMPLAINERS! this gun is great, sure its not made of full metal, and has a co2 screw in at the bottom, but who cares! this is a great gun. even though its plastic, it is very durable, ive handeled it roughly and works fine. plus, buy the daisy extra polished zinc bb's and youll be shootin right on. plus, i get about 10-8 full clips of power and accuracy on this gun. for all of you rich people, sure, get a 200 dollar gun that shoots 360-400 fps, but for 40 bucks and 480 fps! buy it!

5 Stars

work fine
July 24, 2008
as advertised, work fine, I am pleased

Air shooter
4 Stars

Very accurate!
June 9, 2008
A little hard to pull the trigger, but accurate!

4 Stars

June 8, 2008
i like this gun but a lot of things i dont like: leaks, long trigger pull, not that good looking, and worst of all it has that screw for the co2 sticking at the bottom. I WANT THE CROSMAN C11

5 Stars

Dont listen to bad reviews!
June 6, 2008
Great gun one of daisys best! i've had this gun now for 2 1/2 years! great gun, very powerful, modest accuracy, and tons of fun, equip with pistol scope or red dot sight and this becomes a backyard sniper! never in 2 1/2 years has mine leaked co2 ever! i've only cleaned the barrel 3 times!

Dread Pirate Lavenderbeard
3 Stars

cheaply made
May 8, 2008
I'm not a fan of daisy air reifles but it seeme in michigan there is little choice in what I can find for a hunting back up. I would have perferred a gamo pistol but they can't ship them to Michigan. I tried to get the store to special order me a pt-90 but no luck, so i got stuck with a daisy powerline 15 xt. It has good power right out of the box, makes plenty of racket when firing and is about as accurate as any bb pistol, which isn't much but it can set down a nice stream of steel downrange in a hurry and is basically easy to load. The down side is it looks like a cheap toy.

4 Stars

April 19, 2008
this gun is cool and strong,I even got around 50 shots out of my CO2 cartridge before it started to weaken but even then it was still perty stong

3 Stars

April 15, 2008
This gun is definitely worth the price and is good for first time shooters. The built in clip on the top is a pain in the butt to reload. I've noticed that this gun burns c02 a lot slower than my other c02 guns. The trigger pull is very hard and often gets stuck halfway. Overall, I am fairly impressed with the quality of this gun and it provides you with hours of fun.

4 Stars

ok gun
October 15, 2007
I got this gun a few monthes ago and it was great but after a week or two it started to leak the co2

5 Stars

very nice gun
August 13, 2007
i got one of these when i was 10 and its been two and a half years and its still kickin very powerfull and very costworthy,only bad thing about this gun is that its a gas eater but it worth it

5 Stars

El Salv
July 24, 2007
Es una buena pistola de aire, comparada con otras muchos mas caras, tiene muy buen rendimineto, 15 disparos por carga es mejor que el average y con la mira lecerica se puede dar un disparo justo a una corcholata, a 15 mtrs. Its a good piece and a good price

3 Stars

good gun
July 17, 2007
i bought this a gun a while a go i don't like the clip or the fact u can see the thing used to tighten the co2 but this gun has power it can take out thick glass on half of a co2 but it also goes threw c02 quickly

5 Stars

June 25, 2007
It's powerful but if your in your backyard shooting, shoot against something soft so they don't bounce back and hit your house

i dont know
5 Stars

June 23, 2007
it goes through 5 empty soda cans

5 Stars

Simply Awesome
June 12, 2007
There are better BB guns out there, but not many, and not for such a fantastic price. This thing is powerful, enough to kill a small animal, and shoot through several soda cans or beer bottles, and tow well placed shots can destroy a wine bottle! I have even dented old road signs. The 15 round magazine is clumsy to load, but so what, it is so much fun to shoot.

gunman G
5 Stars

Awesome Pest Control
June 9, 2007
I bought this gun a few years ago for target shooting and pest control and you can kill birds easy at 50ft

4 Stars

great gun
June 8, 2007
great bird dropper, awsome power, even better accuricy

5 Stars

a whole lot of fun
June 3, 2007
i have this gun and it is sooo fun the shoot and mes around with it. it says that it shoots 480 FPS but i think it shoots harder

r stephenson
4 Stars

More fun than barrel of monkeys
January 10, 2007
I bought 2, had so much fun I bought a 3rd for my wife, , so she would let me have it, so I would have one. My buddies bought one each, too.

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By John Smith from Orlando, Florida on May 5, 2012
Can some one please tell me what the bottom rail is?
I think the top one is 11mm dovetail but what is the bottom one?
Is it also is another 11mm dovetail and can be used for mounting a laser sight (such as the Daisy Accu-Laser® sight)?
By Staff on May 7, 2012

The bottom rail is weaver rail.

By Charles from Brownsville Texas on August 3, 2012
Where do I put the bbs in the gun? Also, how do I replace the co2?

By Robert from Ma on August 13, 2012

There's a built in magazine on the left hand side of the barrel. You fill them one by one.
The co2 goes behind a removable cover on the handle then is tightened in with the key on the bottom of the handle.

By d darin from detroit mi on December 21, 2011
when installing a new co2 cartridge as i tightin the bottom screw all the co2 leaks out before it seals. had this gun for months it just started doing this
By Staff on January 9, 2012

I would recommend contacting Daisy about this defect as the item is likely under a warranty.

You can reach daisy by calling 800-643-3458.

By Ricardo P. from Washington on May 14, 2012
Does the correct removal of half full cylinder damages the gun in some way?
By Staff on May 17, 2012

it would not damage the gun, it would simple drain the cylinder.

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