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Diana Model 34P

Available in 0.1770.220.1770.22Superior quality German airgun made by Diana
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The most popular rifle sold by Diana now comes in a black stock made from a durable, all-weather injection-molded synthetic. This German rifle will keep you shooting accurately and powerfully for decades.

The Model 34P is produced with the same German-engineered precision as the RWS Model 34, but incorporates a synthetic stock with a ventilated rubber butt pad, an auto safety, two-stage adjustable trigger, rifled steel barrel, and TruGlo fiber-optic sights.

While it doesn't have some of the frills that more expensive guns have, it goes head-to-head where it really counts!

The well-balanced stock makes it easy to hold and shoot the RWS 34P. Quality is evident in other places, too: a two-stage adjustable trigger, fiber optic front and rear (fully adjustable) sights, and a finely rifled barrel. No need to worry about cocking difficulty, as that's where this rifle really shines (just 33 lbs.).

It's ideal for plinking, paper targets and spinners as well as varmint hunting and small pest control. If you're a serious airgunner on a budget, the RWS 34P was made for you! RWS is known for standing behind their guns, and their warranty has always been viewed as the best in the business.

An all-round gun that's accurate, fun and easy to shoot. Ideal for plinking, spinners and more.
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Diana Model 34P
50 Reviews
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By john b.
Model 34P Diana
August 15, 2019
I had this air rifle for many years still shoots accurately no issue, so far.Many squirrels hit the ground!
I believe it is the best air rifle for the money!
By Mike G.
Maple Creek Sask.
Great for Gofers on my Golf course
July 30, 2019
I play 9 holes very early each morning as time is no hinderess for retired seniors . I use my 177 scope mounted to help rid the course of its Gofer problem. I use a heavier pellet that kills quickly no matter if it's a head shot or somewhere else on the pests . Range varies from 10 yds . To 50 yds. I do find that the mushroom type pellets are a little difficult to load into the breach and have to be lined up perfectly and pressure is required to fully seat the pellet in the breach before closing the barrel. Any suggestions anyone .
ConsHard to load mushroom type pellets 177
By Brent N.
Central coast, CA
I love this rifle - and it is very accurate
July 26, 2017
I have the .177 cal rifle. I use this with a 12-power Hawke scope. It is hard to miss tree squirrels in my orchard at 50 yards. I don't have any trouble cocking it. It is a joy to shoot. They were out of the wood stock when I bought mine, so I got the plastic. I actually like it better. This is a utility gun and the plastic stock is very durable. I don't have to worry about scratching or dinging it and as it isn't smooth, it is very easy to grasp anywhere and hang onto it.
ProsVery comfortable to hold and the trigger is very smooth.
Cons1) I was surprised at the kick. Not that it is a problem, it is just more than I was used to. Even though I use a Hawke air rifle scope, I need to site in the scope periodically, probably due to the kick. When it is sited in, I've frequently put several pellets on top of each other on an "x" on the target at 20 yards. But I have to site it every 4 or 5 times that I shoot. 2) The gun is a little heavy for a hand-held shot at a distance. However, if you have something to rest it on, even your knee in a sitting position, it is very accurate.
By George
Second time around
July 14, 2017
I purchased my 34p .22 refurbished and mounted a utg 3_-9x40 truehunter also you need the utg droop compensator corit to shoot well. This gun is nothing but a phenom and super accurate too . But you must master the springer grasshopper before yoj vet consistant . I would recomendend it . And ino airtanks . Freedom .
ProsLight weight , well made and extremely accurate.
ConsUmarex has a problem with these guns coming dry . So get some silicone spray give it a shot and make sure its lubed . After break in she only gets better .
By Kenny
Shelter Island,New York
Renews my love of shooting
July 14, 2017
Love my new gun. Powerful both me and gun becoming more accurate each day. Lot of fun
By Brian
Kansas City
Rws 34p refurb
May 4, 2017
Was so excited to find a refurb. What a beautiful gun! However, mine produced a grinding sound when trying to cock the rifle. Then the barrel was almost impossible to return to the locked position. I'm not certain what the problem was, but had to return.
ProsThe stock, bluing, sights, and especially the trigger are all top of the line. It is heads and tails above all the Chinese/Turkish/Spanish stuff out there.
ConsSomething obviously wrong with cocking mechanism in the one I got
By Frank
Telford Pa
Rws 34 Panther.
February 24, 2017
I was very inpressed with the accuracy of this gun. The trigger feels good.
ProsI received a really good deal on the reconditioned rws pellet gun.
ConsThe plastic seems really flimsiy around the front of the gun. The rest of the stock seems good.
By Geo J.
Otsego, MI
Great quality but poor accuracy
November 30, 2016
I purchased my RWS 34P .22 caliber in March 2013. I have been very patient learning the artillery hold and finding the best pellet for this rifle. I have tried several pellets including JSBs in 13.4g, 14.35g, 15.9g and H&Ns, RWS Superdomes and HPs, CPHPs, and others. As of 11/29/16 I have not been able to shoot a consistent 10 shot group under 2" at 25 yards. My RWS came with a Hawke Sport HD 3-9x50AO scope. The rifle is of a very high quality and the scope seems to be also. I am just not able to shoot the kind of groups I need to shoot with this rifle. I expect to be able to shoot 1" groups consistently at 25 yards and this rifle just won't do it no matter how I hold it or what pellet I shoot in it. I have read many reviews indicating that this rifle is fully capable of shooting those types of groups but my RWS 34 can only do it occasionally and NOT consistently.
ProsGreat quality
ConsNot accurate
By Roy
grand haven Michigan
Rws 34
November 14, 2016
Airgundepot has the best prices and discounts out there, awesome 22 cal rifle, accuracy is right on, that's number one on my list.
By Andy
Great Value
August 7, 2016
Only thing I have ever heard bad is learning to do the artilery hold, but that helps one be a better shooter in all cases.
ProsGreat quality, maintains same exact point of impact for years.
By Jim
Hotchkiss, Colorado
Great gun
July 27, 2016
This gun is my second 34. Was unable to wear the old one out. Gave it to my grandkids who are trying to do that now but don't think they will get it done. Decided I needed a new one and it is really nice. Like the new trigger!!

Great close range (50 yds max) pest gun w/good pellets. Ground squirrels, rabbits and an occasional prairie dog.

By Michael
Valatie, NY
Best bang for the buck bar none.
June 17, 2016
I purchased a 34P in 22, after getting poor results from a Benjamin Trail NP All Weather, also in .22, that was powerful but had the worst trigger I have ever seen on an air rifle. The 34P was just as powerful, but more importantly, it was consistently accurate. I think it's the best air rifle for the money in the entire industry. Quality for the common man. I own a few of them, both calibers and I liked it so much that just purchased a used 34P T-05 trigger with the 1st edition synthetic stock.
ProsPowerful enough, great in the weight department, nice shot cycle, great T-06 trigger, responds well to a tune, from John N PA, from the Tom Gore/Vortek website.
ConsDiana could create deeper scope mount, stop pin holes, which I believe they are starting to do on their newest N-tec rifles. Otherwise it hard to improve on this rifle.
By David U.
Great Rifle
October 25, 2015
Did lots of research before I bought this rifle in .177. The open sites on my rifle were perfectly sighted in with the Crosman 7.9 grain Premier pellets. It also shoots a 7.7 grain wad cutter pellet without any sight adjustment needed.
This rifle has pretty fair open sites and is deadly accurate for me out to 35 yards. If you have good vision you don't really need a scope and I don't see where a scope would be of much benefit unless you are going to sandbag yourself in for every shot.
The trigger is fantastic and you will love it!
By Jared
Nashua, NH
My 2nd 34!
October 12, 2015
I've owned my original RWS 34 for well over a decade, and it's always been my most reliable air rifle. I saw this 34P, refurbished, and couldn't resist at that price. It's a little quieter than my older 34, and I like the new sights much better. Still like the feel of wood over synthetic, but this will do well as a 2nd 34. One with my father, for those visits, and one here with me. I'll let you guess which will be which!
ProsQuality, accuracy, power, and trust
By David
Great price - great rifle.
October 7, 2015
A really nice rifle; cocks easily, shoots well, and a great price.
By Billy
September 1, 2015
Requires consistent "artillery hold" and only likes RWS Superdomes.
ProsExtremely accurate. Love the T06 trigger.
ConsRequires lots of practice to shoot accurately. Very hold sensitive.
By Mike
Saint John, IN
Diana RWS 34P
December 23, 2014
Excellent rifle - I plan on putting a nice scope on this in the near future, but the fiber sights are really nice. Within 15 shots I had this rifle dialed in at 30 yards and was hitting a small 2.5" metal plate target made for 22 caliber rimfire, but the Diana 34P hits hard and is really fun to shoot. The trigger is great out of the box, it is fully adjustable but no adjustments were needed. I wanted something that was built to last and after researching for a while I decided on this rifle.
Pros Quality sights, trigger, Accurate
By Billy
North Carolina
Great Rifle!
October 23, 2014
I own a RWS 34P in .22 cal. and it is an amazing rifle. I am on a budget so for .177 cal. I went with a Ruger Blackhawk since it is a Chinese copy of the RWS 34P. Big mistake. I had to send one back because it was very inaccurate even after 250 break in and numerous brands and types of pellets, sent another one back because the barrel was loose and when I tried to tighten it the pivote screw striped out. The third one was very accurate, but hold sensitive to the extreme and after about 1000 pellets it just gave up and accuracy was a thing of the past. That's why I bought a refurbished RWS 34P.
ProsVery accurate, mine shot 1/4" groups at 20 yards right out of the box, using RWS Superdomes. Save yourself some grief, buy a RWS 34P refurbished, its only 50% more than the Chinese imitation, but you get German craftsmanship and German steel.
ConsLooked a little used, not brand new, but I bought it to be used, so thats not a deal breaker. Refurbished does not carry the lifetime guarantee, but neither do the Chinese clones and this is a much higher quality product.
By Mike
central Alabama
October 19, 2014
A few of weeks ago I ordered an RWS 34P from Airgun Depot. It arrived via Fed Ex in perfect condition 5 days later.
Printed on the barrel is the RWS emblem and, DIANA - P 34 - T 06. The fit and finish are very good.
ASAP I went out to my range with some PREMIER .22 cal 14.3 gr hollow point pellets and my chronograph for tests.
A 15 shot string averaged 691.6 fps. The extreme high was 705.7 and the extreme low was 684.0. Most shots
were within 6 fps of average. The point of impact at a range of 33 yards was about 2 inches low and 1 inch left of
center using the sights as adjusted at the factory. The group size was 1.75 inches.
The recoil is very mild. The report as heard by observers is similar to a 22 rimfire CB but to me when shooting it
seems louder. I think this is because with my cheek pressed against the stock the noise of the spring is
amplified. It definitely makes that air rifle signature "spring twang".
The T 06 trigger is EXCELLENT and I am satisfied with the factory setting. I take up the zero weight first stage
quickly and then squeeze the second stage. I don't have a trigger scale but it seems to break at about 2.5
pounds. The break is clean and there is no over travel. Nice!
I adjusted the sights for maximum point blank range using a 2.2 inch diameter target. For this pellet's
BC of .028 and a sight height of 1.1 inch that works out to be 44 yards maximum with a zero of 38 yards
(and 6.5 yards).
Theoretically, with the above setup I can hold the same sight picture from 0 to 44 yards and hit a 2.2
inch diameter target. Actually, I will hit a drink can 70% of the time at a range of 33 yards when
using a rest. Beyond 33 yards the supplied sights are too "coarse" for a greater level of accuracy but I
do get some hits at the 38 yard zero point.
I do not like scopes on airguns. They are very likely to be knocked off alignment while loading, the
sight line is not reliable if there is any barrel droop and they do not offer any significant
advantage over open sights at short ranges, but the P34 has a scope rail if you want to use one.
The RWS 34P is a fine rifle for a fair price.
ProsQrality Price from Airgun Depot
N.E. Indiana
Nice air rifle
September 10, 2014
I was able to get a refurbished 34p in Jun. I have sighted it in using the open sights that came with it. It is as accurate as I need it to be with the open sights. I use it mostly to keep the furry critters out of the garden and flower pots. And for that task, it is more than adequate. It is not hard to cock and has good accuracy with all the pellet weights that I have tried, which are mostly 13-18 grains. It is a good quality German air rifle.

ProsPrice, accuracy, easy to charge, quality.
ConsNon to date.
By LongP
Killeen TX
Much better than Ruger Blackhawk (Chinese copy)
March 25, 2014
Purchased a Ruger Blackhawk not too long ago, you can definitely tell the difference between a German made and a Chinese copy. Spend a little more but get much more in term of quality and accuracy. I have no problem hitting quarter at 25 yards, 12oz soda cans at 50 yards, soup cans at 100 yards; you must purchase an UTG droop compensator mount to get this kind of accuracy (Model DNT06). Most of my shootings are within 50 yards so this set up with Leaper 4x32 works wonderfully. Can't get .22LR ammo so this will do for now.
ProsAccuracy, price, German quality
By Charles
Marion AR
The Best
March 17, 2014
Accurate right out of the box. The feel is solid without being heavy. I like the fact that there is suggested maintenance.
ProsAccurate Easy to shoot Not hard to cock
ConsHair trigger, easy to adjust though.
By Del P.
Independence, Ks
exceeded expectations
February 23, 2014
Looked like new. Ten shots, half inch @ 25 Yds. again and again T06 crisp and easy to "learn." Excellent sights. Best feature is not hold sensitive..
By Andy
Good value
September 7, 2013
My RWS 34P- .22 Caliber Air Rifle ,,,,I LOVE it, constant accuracy, no dieseling, cleaner shooting, much lighter. longer bbl and way better balanced
And it is better made. I would rather the sites be more like firearms have, that require screw driver of hammer to adjust so that they would be tougher in the field. I kinda wished the sales man I spoke with before would have suggested this rifle or even the Hatsan 125th,
I wish there was a place where you could go see airguns, gun stores here just don't stock any.
ProsThe balance, the accuracy, the machine work, the engineering the weight, its light for a spinger, and this one is weather resistant
ConsNo body told me about this until I had got that other brand. I am very upset.
By OsageArcher
Memphis, TN
Great accuracy, a little slow, a pleasure to shoot
June 13, 2013
Out of the box this .22 is one heck of a good looking rifle. And it shoots as well as it looks - with the stock iron sights I was getting sub-1" groups at 10 yards, within the first few minutes of receiving it. A tuna can at 25-30 yards is an easy target, every time. The trigger is fine for me without any adjustment at all, you can almost forget it's there and then it surprises you when it goes off - it lets you concentrate on the target.

It really likes the Crosman 14.3 grain domed pellets. But they average only about 680fps. I may have to "spring" for a 350 for more speed, ha ha...
ProsAll-around great shooter
ConsA little slow
By Stepan
May 27, 2013
Great product out of box, very nice design, high quality and happy with airgundepot service.
ProsFiber optic, power , accuracy , design
By Jay
Wasn't Expecting This
March 25, 2013
I have a number of air rifles, but have never been able to find the right balance between weight, power, and accuracy. When ordering the RWS 34P I was hopeful, but not entirely prepared for the excellent craftsmanship or aforementioned balance. After breaking this rifle in, sighting in the Hawke 3-9x50 IR, and testing the limits of this air rifle, I began to sense my expectations had finally been surpassed.

The rifle's weight makes hours of hunting fun. The balance point is easy to find. The cocking effort is negligible. When it comes time to take a shot the trigger is smooth enough you can forget its there. The RWS 34 is more accurate than I am by far, but that hasn't stopped me from bagging small game at over a 100 yards. Even at that kind of distance, there is still a satisfying thud to reaffirm you did everything right.

In short, if you are torn between this air rifle and anything within this price range, you are absolutely missing out on the perfect hunting/target companion (unless you buy the RWS 34).

Some helpful tips:
The best pellet for the RWS 34 is the Crosman premier domed 14.3 grain hunting pellet, which is also one of the cheapest pellets available. The trigger is a T06, which improves over the T05 and requires a different droop compensating mount. If buying a separate mount, make sure to get one that is compatible with the T06--T05 mounts will not fit.
If target shooting, look up duct seal pellet traps. They run about $70 or $20, if you make it yourself. Strongly recommend this trap because you will be shooting tight groups and most metal pellet traps are junk after a week.
ProsLife-time warranty Accuracy Reliability Durability T06 Trigger
ConsNeeds droop compensating mount!
By John S.
Very pleased, VERY pleased.
March 1, 2013
Man, I have nothing negative to say about this rifle. Shoots great, easy to handle and cock, fantastic quality and feel. I think I not only found a new fun hobby, but a great rifle to do it with.
ProsLike it all.
By Gary
Central Point, Oregon
Right out of the box NICE!!!!!
November 14, 2012
The 34 Panther .22 is a VERY NICE!!! I was torn between the wood stock and the composite stock. I am sure the wood stock is nice but this composite stock is VERY NICE!!!!! The Grip is in the right place. My Benjamin Trail all weather stock does not have the grip texture in the right place at all and areas that are very slick.
The stock on the 34 P is Narrow to the point of being Perfect & AWESOME!!! The feel is perfect, LOP is perfect!! Balance, perfect!! Feels great in the arms!! I have a Benjamin Trail, the stock is BULKIER!! Very wide fore and does not feel right. It actually feels much lighter than it is. Airgun depot shipped this gun VERY quickly. I received it in 2 days.
ProsVery nice looking gun, quality through out, and it puts my Benjamin Trail NP to SHAME. German Quality is much better than "Chinese quality" (there is two words that don't belong together).
ConsSo far this gun is beautiful. I am very happy with this purchase. I am getting more RWS guns.
By Conor
Sunnyside, WA
Accurate and Easy to shoot
January 20, 2012
This is the most accurate mid-powered springer I have yet come across(I have 11 airguns.....)! Really nice trigger and sights are nice.
By New S.
San Jose, Ca
A great all round pellet rifle
November 15, 2011
Quality is very nice. Still breaking this in with a half a can of Superdomes into targets. While the .22 is great, I may have gone with .177 for more fps and range. Not using it as a hunter so ft pounds at 40 or 50 yards is not a concern. Staying with the open sights for now. Front sight blade seems a little thick for anything past 35 yards or so. I still need a lot of work to get my standing 25 yard groups smaller. Power is good. Trying to find the right hold.
ProsQuality. Seems like a great place to start.
June 28, 2011
I like the gun except for a couple exceptions. Once you site it in you need to stay with the pellet you used to site it in. Every time I changed pellets it shot differently. Also, the fiber optics break easily so I bought a scope.
By Robert l.
RWS 34
June 5, 2011
Very difficult to cock. Safety very easly turned off when cocking very unsafe. After a dozen pellets pellets lost speed spring degraded. My assumption is this was a defect piece otherwise could not account for such poor performance. Was scrape on arrival.
By accurate
best .177 cal ever
December 14, 2010
this pellet gun is the most accurate gun ive ever shot i use the superpoint pellets i would reccomend that pellet has great penetration and i would reccomend this gun
By Andrew
November 15, 2010
This is a great gun. Some people complain about it being heavy, but I think it makes it shoot better. I shot a squirrel at 40yd....droped him out of the tree. I love this gun. I shot the whisper that my grandpa has, and the panther is just a much better gun. The quality of the panther is great!
By Phill
August 23, 2010
This airgun is BOSS. I knocked a racoon out of a tree at about 20 yards and a crow at 15 so this rifle is awesome, powerfull and acurate.
By Pat
RWS 34 .22 CAL
May 10, 2009
excellent gun. read all these reviews and i was hesitant to spend this much on an air rifle--definitely worth it. especially bc of the life time warranty. shoots straight. one down side--very heavy
By Trevor
Rws 34 22 caliber
April 28, 2009
This is a great gun. Very accurate, and packs a serious punch. Easily hits 1 inch diameter targets at 60 yds with open sights, and thats even using my pretty low quality crossman plinking pellets!

WARNING: may be hazardous to starlings of all ages who crap on my dad's cars and eat my grandma's birdseed, or just tick me off by there presence in my yard.
By Alex
Accurate and Powerful out of box!!!
April 22, 2009 is the deal, i just received this rifle about an hour ago..i pulled it out of the box, read the manuals. About 10 minutes ago i saw a squirrel, loaded a Beeman Crow Magnum pellet .22 caliber, pointed it at the squirrel and let it dropped and crawl a foot and died..OK like i said..OUT OF THE BOX, i did not sight in the rifle at all. This rifle is Powerful, Accurate and a lot of fun. ITS A MUST BUY!!!
By Phill
April 8, 2009
Awesome rifle. Easy to load, easy to cock. high quality, powerful, acurate. Perfect sight system.
By phil
RWS panther
February 25, 2009
perfect rifle, powerful and acurate. Hi quality. fun thing would get another one.
By Mango-Meister
Awesome Gun
September 24, 2008
I bought this gun (.177) for varmint hunting (have a fruit orchard). It is EXTREMELY accurate, well built and a good bargain. I read someone's review who has this gun and recommended Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy Pellets; this is what I bought to shoot through this gun. I have dime sized groups at 25 yards...often the pellet holes overlap. The gun is about average to cock...about the equivalent to other air rifles I have.
Note that you will need to buy a scope mount specifically made for this gun (Leapers I think) or you will need to shim your scope to dial it in...I shimmed mine because the Leapers scope mount wasn't available when I bought it. Shimming has worked fine though. I have shot almost 20 squirrels with this gun (19 were head shots) and they die instantly (which is important to kill something humanely). Loudness is moderate for this type of air rifle...not too loud or quiet; no twang from the spring, just the pop from the air). All in all, a great, great gun.
July 14, 2008
I first got a Walther Falcon Hunter and was extremely unhappy with the 5 pounds of trigger pull. They said that it could not be lowered. Sent it back and got the RWS. It is a really neat rifle and handles well. I've only shot it 30 or so times so far. I would buy this gun again. It will pinch you where the manuel said it would!
By Ed M.
RWS 34 Panther
January 17, 2008
Excellent ballance, power and accuracy
By Orlando D.
January 2, 2008
Ordered this gun as a trainer for my small but athletic 15-year old daughter. I anticipatred that she might have a hard time with the 33lb action. The first time I tried cocking it, I had to put the barrel over my knee to break it, u-oh! After about 15-20 cycles, the action loosened up enough that my daughter could cock it without problems. It is very well made and has the nice feel of a quality firearm. Shoots extremely accurate, even in the hands of the inexperienced, using benjamin sheridan diablo .22 pellets. Matched with a Centerpoint 3-9x50 scope and one-piece mount (it looks real cool and the 50mm AO helps with longer range targets). Both of us are having a lot of fun with this gun.
By Jerry
best at over 100yds
September 3, 2007
I've never shot a pellet gun with such accuracy. I'm hitting a 2.5' target every time at over 100yds with, get this, Crossman 177 pellets! I'd buy another any day!
By RL P.
rws panther.177
August 29, 2007
August 19, 2007
By Manuel L.
refurbished RWS 34P .177
November 30, -0001
This is a real bargain! Before it arrived, I was not sure I will be getting the new generation RWS 34 with the T06 trigger (as per picture). This German rifle is as good as new, no dents or dings on the stock and action, accurate and well built.
By Tom T.
Diana RWS Panther
November 30, -0001
Once mounted with the RWS scope the very destructive squirrels in my back yard plus one young ground hog have been permanently negated. What a fun gun
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