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Baikal Drozd BB Gun - .177 Caliber - Ultimate Shatter Kit!

Baikal Drozd BB Gun - .177 Caliber - Ultimate Shatter Kit!

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  • List Price $380.99
  • Code: Drozd-Kit · 0.177 cal · 450 fps ·
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If you were to buy all these accessories separately in our store, it would cost over $255. Buy the kit and save over $15 off our already low prices, and save over $60 off MSRP. Some competitor's Drozd kits don't include any bbs-we include 4000 quality bb's as well. THIS IS THE BEST DEAL AROUND ON THE DROZD- HANDS DOWN!

Kit Includes:
One Drozd BB Gun, magazine and bb loader
3000 Now get 4000 Daisy Zinc Plated Premium BB's
Qty. 25- 12 gram CO2 Cartridges
Shoulder Stock with Extender
68 Shatterblast targets
4 Shatterblast Stakes

The first time we saw this Baikal, CO2 powered, select fire BB gun, we were impressed. Now that we've had a chance to plink with it, we are truly amazed! The DROZD is powered by a standard CO2 cartridge and six (AA) batteries to give you the ultimate BB gun. The factory claims 360 fps, but our tests have shown speeds over 450 fps consistently!

There are three switches on the Drozd bb gun:
-The first powers up the electrical firing mechanism
-The second is for the selection of fire (1 = single shot, 2 = three round burst, 3 = six rounds burst)
-The third switch controls cycle speed ( 300 rds/m, 450 rds/m, 600 rds/m). The pistol style magazine holds 30 BBs at a time and the CO2 cartridge!

With the magazine inserted and the butt stock installed, you have the fit and feel of a military style weapon that shoots BBs for your shooting sports pleasure.

Due to new government regulations, all Baikal Drozds feature an orange barrel or tip.

Model: Drozd
Caliber: .177
Velocity: 541 FPS
Ammo Type: BB
Body Components: Composite Body and Metal Internal Barrel
Overall Length: 13.75 in (stock not attached)
Barrel Length: 10 in
Barrel Style: Rifled
Fire Mode: Single Shot, Triple and Six Shot Bursts
Cocking Effort: N/A
Trigger Pull: TBD
Trigger Adjust: N/A
Action: N/A
Power plant: Co2
Gun Weight: 3.5 lbs
Front Sight: Blade
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Warranty: 30-day limited
Country of Origin: Russia

Package includes:
Baikal Drozd BB Gun, one 30 round magazine, one speed loader, 4000 Daisy BBs, 4 Daisy Shatterblast Stakes, 68 Daisy Shatterblast Discs and 25 12gram Daisy Co2 Cartridges.

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  • ManufacturerIZH-Baikal
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity450 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • MechanismCO2
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Baikal Drozd BB Gun - .177 Caliber - Ultimate Shatter Kit! Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 27 Review(s)
D in Ohio
5 Stars

love it!
January 3, 2011
It is a great gun! Happy I purchased this one.

5 Stars

October 25, 2009
great gun; all steel. co2 gives 90-120 shots. Everything I could wish for in a gun

Dave from Philly
4 Stars

CO2 leaks
December 13, 2008
The CO2 in the magazine leaks out in the middle where the CO2 can meets with the pin. I've replaced the seal and still same leak. Any Ideas people?? Other than that, everything its smooth and plenty of fun.

5 Stars

September 26, 2008
just as everyone described. too much fun!

M in iowa
5 Stars

tons of fun
March 25, 2008
I got this gun as an addition to my gamo whisper for varmint control. more to scare off critters. I have to say it's just really a pleasure to shoot on the range. it does go through co2 pretty quick, but the fun factor is what this gun is all about. I got the extended barrel and silencer kit, and it is actually really accurate for a 'short' gun. I'm having more fun hitting the shatter blasts than scaring away the critters.

Mike S
4 Stars

New user
February 25, 2008
Very nice quality gun. Lots of fun to shoot. The 3 position switch for fps allows some conservation of CO2. But as others have said this thing slurps up CO2 at a high rate! Higher fps settings increase rate of fire too. The maximum 600fps setting is a lot of fun! I would like to see a remote CO2 resoviour fitting to allow use of paintball style CO2 tanks. And also I would like to see some spare magazines to allow fast change out. Please!?

5 Stars

More Bang For The BUCK!
January 12, 2008
Everything you need to get shooting!!!!!

Tom the Bomb
4 Stars

Mikey like the Drozd
November 28, 2007
This is fa serious piece of BB machine gun, made by a very innovative Russian company (Baikal - check out their site). As usual, you get a lot for your peso here, with real steel sprinkled throughout and composite elsewhere. The extended barrel and suppressor give it an even more serious demeanor, although it took needle-nose pliers to release the installed barrel. however, as with most CO2 guns, you will need three or four magazines so that the CO2 bottle doesn't get cold and drastically reduce the power. Change out after each empty and reload all at once. This thing eats CO2, so come well suppled with a box and lots of BBs. I am going to try lead balls as well, which will probably mean more barrel cleaning but should result in less wear. I will save my coated BBs for a non-rifled barrel. This gun is accurate as long as the CO2 hasn't cooled the power out. I would not mount a scope because of the power fluctuations. Drozd is really a fun gun, very realistic and a blast to shoot, if you have extra mags. Mikey really like!

5 Stars

October 16, 2007
Only had this bad boy for less than a week and it's the already the most fun I've ever had shooting. I've owned many handguns,22,38.357,44,&45s are all much more expensive to own and shoot. You can shoot the DROZD (with careful awareness ) in your yard or even in the house.(remember bbs bouce) It's doesn't go BANG like the real thing but the select fire of 1,3,or 6 rounds makes up for that in the first 30 rounds. It's not the most accurate pistol for driving nails but for shreading a target it's only competition requires a machine gun license. If you can find them, .177 plastic Zaps fly from this gun about twice the velocity of their metal counterparts. DROZD reliability is confirmed by all the information you'll find seaching it on the internet. There are tweaks and aftermarket parts so becoming a DROZD owner won't be a lone venture. If you like to shoot, the DROZD is the best .

5 Stars

pretty impressive
September 17, 2007
This is one fun gun. I have shot a lot of semi auto guns, while in the Army, but this one if for the books. It is fun, accurate and gives the feel of being in the middle of a firefight, and having the advantage. It has the feel of a real weapon, sounds like one and is well constructed. The only problem that I have found is, it is hard to put those CO2 bottles in. I haven't gotten that down to a science yet. I would highly recommend this gun to everyone.

robert moore
5 Stars

not bad
July 2, 2007
well for a bb gun to have a electronic control and 6 round burst i was impressed, i am a shooter of many diffarent firearms but the drozd is more fun and cheaper than shooting bullets at the gun range, so i would refer this gun to all my shooting buddies.

Jason Saylor
4 Stars

Drozd gun package
May 19, 2007
the Drozd was Filthy, covered with a brown dirty coating out of the box. after cleaning the entire gun for 3 hours it works perfectly, I guess the guys in russia should install a air cleaning system in their warehouse! Not AGD's fault though you should look into this problem and check each new Drozd before you sell it. (note from Airgun Depot...we have never ever seen this before and we've sold hundreds of these. I think there may have been too much vodka at the Russian factory that day:)

5 Stars

Great Fun!!!!!
May 9, 2007
CO2 don't last long enough. But it sure does get the fun mood going.Great gun for fun.

Dave in Chatsworth
5 Stars

I like it!!!
May 3, 2007
I should have bought this a year ago. I love it, but my nieghbors don't.

4 Stars

out of the box
May 2, 2007
Too much fun!!! use lead .177 ball. dont even chance messing up the rifling w/steel bb's. very accurate on single shot at 30 ft. of course spray-n-pray is great too.and right when you're having all this fun, you run out of ammo.30 rds is way too few.this bb gun is capable of putting many rodents on the endangered speices list! 60 shots w/good power on one co2 (single shot and 3 rnd burst) [6 rnd uses more co2 and is a little weaker] over all well worth the $ and as long as they are still legal you should have one or five.

Clark W. Griswald
5 Stars

April 24, 2007
Point the Drozd away from your toes.........These guns are sweet, and can be modified for more velocity, and accuracy. A must have!!!

4 Stars

can be better
April 21, 2007
This is a great gun , with only one problem i think we all have. not enough rounds to shoot. With the larger co2 cartrides availble you would think someone would make it compatible with this gun. to get aleast 100-300 shots perload

5 Stars

April 16, 2007
Buy it! The rate of fire is a bit slower than I would have liked, but i got over it and I assume most other people will too. Someone pointed out that it's loud. That's true and if your neighbors anti-gun cowards, you may find a SWAT team forming up near your house if you fire it outside. p.s. It is powerful enough to take out a patio door.

5 Stars

April 12, 2007
it was flippin sweet. you gotta buy this gun because it is like a machine gun

5 Stars

Nice Drozd
April 8, 2007
Nice Gun. Worth every penny!

4 Stars

Fun but needs to be improved
April 7, 2007
This is a wonderfully built toy, but the 30 rounds needs to be improved. The use of a hose and larger tank is hardly worth the extra hassels. The hose replaces the co2 with it sticking out the side of the handle, this makes it hard to refill the BBs and is a bit ugly.

5 Stars

Well worth the $
April 5, 2007
I enjoy shooting this more then my firearms.

5 Stars

Great Fun!!
March 7, 2007
A great weapon!! Lots of fun! Very well constructed - both the gun and the magazine. It is a shame there's only 30 shots per clip and the CO2 gets used up really fast but the gun is still fun to shoot :-).

4 Stars

lots of fun!
February 12, 2007
this thing is fun & surprisingly accurate! makes a mess of tin cans. loses quite a bit of power on 6 round burst, pretty good on 3 round, & very strong & accurate on single shot. all in all worth the money.

5 Stars

January 2, 2007
i bought this gun off the street about 4 years ago and has not failed me once

5 Stars

it rocks
December 18, 2006
This gun is top in manufacturing and it rocks BUY THIS GUN OR BE OBLITARATED BY THE POWERFUL STARWARS COMIC

5 Stars

December 17, 2006
when i first used this gun it felt like i was firing an m-16 back in the war

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