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Drozd Mock Suppressor and Extended Barrel Kit

Drozd Mock Suppressor and Extended Barrel Kit

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This gun has a special return policy read more about it here.

The Drozd Mock Suppressor and Barrel Extension Kit works with the Drozd Blackbird!

Each Drozd mock suppressor kit is custom made entirely of aircraft grade aluminum. They are then bead blasted to give them a “Tactical” matte finish and black anodized just like a real gun. In addition the breech end of the barrel is heat treated to harden it (a MUST when you go full auto using steel BBs). The mock suppressor is for looks only. IT DOES NOT ACTUALLY SUPPRESS SOUND WHICH WOULD BE ILLEGAL (but it sure looks cool)

Kit Includes:

  • Qty. 1- 15 1/4 inch rifled steel barrel that has been heat treated to fully harden it. No other Drozd barrel replacement can make that claim. This barrel is of much higher quality than the standard issue Drozd barrel and the rifling will not wear out from the usage of steel bb's
  • Qty. 1- Drozd Mock Suppressor

This kit installs within minutes and will install on any Drozd. No adapters needed! All you need is a pair of needle nose pliers. Be sure to read the instructions that come with this kit.

If you are returning a Drozd or Blackbird, PLEASE KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL BARREL. Should you ever need to send your Drozd or Blackbird in for warranty issues, EAA will not accept the gun unless it has the original barrel attached!
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  • ManufacturerJimC Innovations
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypeBarrels
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Drozd Mock Suppressor and Extended Barrel Kit Reviews
5 Stars based on 16 Review(s)
St Augustine, Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Well worth the price.
August 21, 2012
The modification was simple and it improved the accuracy and range of my Drozd.
Pros - more accurate and improved velocity. Cons - I don't believe that a rifled barrel really helps accuracy when shooting BB ammo.

5 Stars

Barrel Extension
January 14, 2008
First rate add-on. It should have come that way from the factory, but a very clever and useful enhancement.

Jeffery S. Webster
5 Stars

Buy this!
January 13, 2008
Awesome!! buy it!!

5 Stars

January 12, 2008
This gun is a blast to shoot! Well constructed over all Very Happy with this item. Thanks Airgundepot.

Tom the Bomb
5 Stars

change that barrel and more!
December 6, 2007
THE BEST WAY TO SWAP OUT THE BARREL ON A DROZD 1. Put an empty magazine in the gun 2. LEAVE IT THERE!!! 3. Unscrew the red cap, but not the barrel 4. Clean the barrel and the cap threads with a cotton ball or cleaning patch and something that wonât hurt the seals. No petroleum distillates or hard-care cleaning stuff. Maybe alcohol and not much of it, if you donât have Beeman degreaser. 5. Put some medium threadlocker on the threads of the barrel (not the red cap) and reinstall it good and snug. Not too tight now, Leroy, or you will regret it later 6. Let the threadlocker dry. 7. Leave the empty magazine in the gun. 8. Twist the red cap and the barrel will come with it, already set at the proper depth for a reinstall and with no damage to the barrel threads (like when you use needle-nose pliers) 9. If it is really tight, get an old inner tube, cut it open and wash out the powder and generally clean it up Then cut it up into storage sized pieces. Do this once and you will have enough flat rubber to last you the rest of your life 10. Cut out a strip of rubber and open the jaws of your slip-joint pliers and then tighten down on the rubber JUST ENOUGH to break the barrel loose and then unscrew the both of them at once! 11. Neat, huh? 12. Install your extended barrel just good and snug. (Careful now, Cousin Leroy, it is really easy to mash those skinny little threads on the breech end of the barrel and then it just goes round and round and you have to get another one! Canât be fixed.) 13. Try the gun. If it suits you in practice, you can threadlock the suppressor the same way, but there is no need to, since the long barrel is easy to remove anyway. 14. Now you can take the magazine out and hopefully your Drozd wonât self-disassemble. IF YOU SCREWED UP AND THE GUN FALLS APART Remember the first line in âA Hitchhikersâ Guide to the Galaxyâ âDONâT PANICâ 1. The little square hickey-doo that fell out is the breech. It has a seal on the back end and the bottom fits into a slot in the frame. Place it at the front of the chamber and slide a magazine in until they lock together. 2. Get hold of the blamed thing so that it is all one piece, taking special care to see that the top rear cover fits correctly. 3. Screw in a the barrel of your choice, and then add the suppressor or red thingy to lock the gun together. 4. Now you can take out the magazine and the rascal should stay together. HOW TO FIX THAT WEIGHT IMBALANCE If you want to balance the gun out a bit, pour your pleasure in BBâs into the rear stock. The stuff the stock full of cotton ball pieces until the BBsâ donât rattle any more. Do the stuffing with the stock vertical, or all the BBâs will be in the bottom. The more you put in, the steadier the gun will be! Mine weighs more than the gun and this really helps in aiming. I used epoxy inside the holes at the back of the stock extender to permanently glue them together. Donât put it one the âmaleâ ends (on the stock) or it will squish out. You could also glue the stock to the gun. Be careful what kind of glue you use as plastic is easily deformed by the stuff in lots of glues. Epoxy for plastic is easy to find. Use that. Now go out in your yard and get knee-deep in BBâsâ¦.

Tom the Bomb
4 Stars

Take it off, take it all off
November 28, 2007
This kit is really nice, all metal and the suppressor is coated with flat something-or-other. It took needle-nose pliers to start the turnout of the barrel on mine, but they (apparently) didn't mar the muzzle, although you probably will not ever use it again anyway. REMEMBER NOT TO REMOVE THE MAGAZINE AT ANY TIME WHILE CHANGING THE BARREL! Also, the gun wants to fall apart in the middle while the barrel is out, so do this with care, whilst sitting in a chair or at a bench (not out in the yard). Cleaning is a breeze, as the barrel - once installed not too tightly - just screws right out! I am going to try lead BBs (its up to you) to see if they perform better, although I expect to clean the barrel much more often, an easy task. Mikey like.

5 Stars

looks great on the gun
November 13, 2007
I can say it is what they say it is

mike machael
5 Stars

drozd mock supresser
October 21, 2007
great fantastic" fast delivery,easy install,works and looks great" I wish they could come up with a large capacity clip.I may buy another Drozd because of this accessory" PS. iF YOU BUY A SECOND OR THIRD CLIP AND PRE LOAD IT YOU CAN STILL USE EACH ONE AT LEAST TWO LOADINGS EACH FOR SHOOTING FUN.

5 Stars

Drozd suppressor kit
October 17, 2007
This is awesome' easy to install and use.velocity is higher and looks great, delivered on time" A poor mans Machine Gun" I only wish a higher capacity magazine could be rigged because the 30 rounds empties fast,Reguardless this is great.

5 Stars

September 4, 2007
JimC did an awesome job on this addition, fit and finish is firearm quality, and simple to install and tune your gun to the new device. Too bad AGD doesn't offer more of his mods and tuning tips. Works great out of the box, but really compliments additional mods. Heck what is the drozd for anyways right?

Jesus Castor Torres
5 Stars

Jungle Thunder!!
August 31, 2007
Wow! live on Guam and boy, this kit makes my drozd sizzle!! instead of breaking glass, I have a blast at shoot ad opening coconuts, shooting down Papayas and even our local nuts callled Pugua! This is not a toy, but it surely makes you feel like opening a great toy during christmas! Since the velosity is increased of the drozd to over 600fps, with the full auto this gun can be lethal. Becareful. Especially, using lead perfet round BB' and adding a bulk CO2 adaptor. Unleases the full potential of the gun as each next shot is as potent as the first. If you want to only have 1 bb gun make it a drozd from Airgundepot. Great service and products. A . Thanks Airgundepot!!! Jess : ' )

5 Stars

extended barrel
August 25, 2007

Shaun Hartgrove
5 Stars

Quality in the box
August 9, 2007
This kit well exceeded my expectations in overall quality of the parts, but also in the simple way the directions were written; easy to follow and even a few pointers! Highly recomended!!! Airgundepot hit the mark on this one!!

Tom Q.
5 Stars

Drozd Fake Suppressor and Extended Barrel Kit
June 19, 2007
Fast Shipping & Excellent Communication

Ronald Money
5 Stars

Drozd barrel extension and suppressor
June 15, 2007
Just received the fake suppressor and barrel extension and as BLURTED says, it IS a must have. Also discovered that installation is even easier than the instructions indicate. Instead of trying to use pliers and a rag, which is almost impossible, a 5/32 ball end allen wrench fits perfectly into the end of the barrel. Removal of the old and installation of the new couldnât be any easier. Keep the goodies coming guys!

5 Stars

Drozd Extended Barrel
June 7, 2007
If you own a Drozd, this is a must have upgrade. The quality, fit, and finish is second to none. I hope more of Jim's creations make it to airgundepot.

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