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Baikal Drozd BB Pistol Kit, .177 cal

w/Mock Suppressor and Extended Barrel Kit

Baikal Drozd BB Pistol Kit, .177 cal

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  • List Price $454.99
  • Code: drozd-suppressed · 0.177 cal · 550 fps ·
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Custom Made Drozd Mock Suppressor with Barrel Extension Kit. Increases velocity 100 FPS For a total of 550-600 FPS!

This kit includes:
Drozd BB Gun
Mock Suppressor
15 1/4" Heat Treated Replacement Barrel (increases velocity 100 FPS for a total of nearly 550 FPS!)
The kit installs in minutes. Tools needed: needle nose pliers.

Each Drozd mock suppressor kit is custom made entirely of aircraft grade aluminum. They are then bead blasted to give them a “Tactical” matte finish and black anodized just like a real firearm. In addition, the breech end of the barrel is heat treated to harden it (a MUST when you go full auto using steel BBs). This means the rifling in your new barrel will not wear out from use of steel bb's! The fake suppressor is for looks only. IT DOES NOT ACTUALLY SUPPRESS SOUND WHICH WOULD BE ILLEGAL (but it sure looks cool).

PLEASE KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL BARREL. Should you ever need to send your Drozd in for warranty issues, we will not accept the gun unless it has the original barrel attached!

The first time we saw this Baikal, CO2 powered, select fire BB gun, we were impressed. Now that we've had a chance to plink with it, we are truly amazed! The DROZD is powered by a standard CO2 cartridge and six (AA) batteries to give you the ultimate BB gun. The factory claims 360 fps, but our tests have shown speeds over 450 fps consistently!

There are three switches on the Drozd bb gun:
-The first powers up the electrical firing mechanism
-The second is for the selection of fire (1 = single shot, 2 = three round burst, 3 = six rounds burst)
-The third switch controls cycle speed ( 300 rds/m, 450 rds/m, 600 rds/m). The pistol style magazine holds 30 BBs at a time and the CO2 cartridge!

With the magazine inserted and the butt stock installed, you have the fit and feel of a military style weapon that shoots BBs for your shooting sports pleasure.

Due to new government regulations, all Baikal Drozd feature an orange barrel or tip.

Model: Drozd
Caliber: .177
Velocity: 541 FPS (with out Barrel Extension) 600 FPS (with barrel extension)
Ammo Type: BB
Body Components: Composite Body and Metal Internal Barrel
Overall Length: 13.75 in (stock not attached)
Barrel Length: 10 in (normal barrel) 16 in (with extended barrel)
Barrel Style: Smooth Bore (normal barrel) Rifled (with extended barrel)
Fire Mode: Single Shot, Triple and Six Shot Bursts
Cocking Effort: N/A
Trigger Pull: TBD
Trigger Adjust: N/A
Action: N/A
Power plant: Co2
Gun Weight: 3.5 lbs
Front Sight: Blade
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Warranty: 30-day limited
Country of Origin: Russia

Package includes:
Baikal Drozd BB Gun, speed loader, one 30 round magazine and Mock Suppressor and Extended Barrel kit.

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  • ManufacturerIZH-Baikal
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity550 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • MechanismCO2
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Baikal Drozd BB Pistol Kit, .177 cal Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 16 Review(s)
5 Stars

September 24, 2010
i got this gun just a month ago and it is the funnest gun ever with its 6 shot burst mode. one thing its loud but that's a good thing because ever one is going to hear it and be like damn he must have the drozd i with i had one that's what will happen i know it.

5 Stars

Still fun after 2 years!
December 4, 2009
I bought my Drozd with suppressor kit over 2 years ago and it's still a blast to shoot. I love the looks, the feel and the weight. (Be careful with the neighbors - it looks like a submachinegun). Not a great gun for varmints but great for cans and plinking. My only complaint is that it eats CO2 cartridges fast - but keep in mind that you can empty 60 rounds in a heartbeat.

4 Stars

Drozd w/ Extended Barrel Kit
March 20, 2009
If you decide to purchase the extended barrel kit with fake supressor, be careful when changing the Stock barrel...! If your not careful the whole front half of the gun may come loose and fall off. It seems the barrel and the Tip collar and or fake supressor, are the only thing holding the frontal half of the gun together. Alighning the New Barrel with the thread block inside the gun was a bit of a task but I some how managed to do it without cross threading the new barrel. Changing the Barrel took a bit longer than I expected, but I managed. It would be nice if Airgun Depot sold the guns with the supressor and new barrel already installed for new commers. All in All, the Gun is a Great performer, and if you watch marks video, Yes the Gun really does sound like that. Way CoooooL !!!

5 Stars

drozd and AGD rock
February 21, 2009
You will love this gun!!! Many mods you can do to make it the way you want. Get the bulk air for sure. Air Gun Depot delivered in 4 days and had great customer service.

5 Stars

Drozd review
January 20, 2009
Very nice gun for the price. Well built and accurate. I bought two extra magazines when I ordered mine with extended barrel and suppressor kit. Balances it nicely. Thirty round clip is standard on submachine guns and you must use constraint to use one efficiently. These guns are good fun and practice at an affordable cost. Thanks alot guys.

5 Stars

Quality Product
January 1, 2009
I was very impressed with the quality of manufacture for a Russian import. Very well engineered. The most fun airgun I have ever shot! I went through a dozen CO2 cartridges, that's how much fun it is to shoot. I wanted a longer barrel for accuracy, and the Airgun Depot had the best quality barrel suppressor kit. It's a little more expensive than others, but worth the money. The suppressor is all steel construction with good tolerances. The gun is heavier than it looks and the suppressor adds a lot of unnecessary weight, but it looks so cool, you can't help but think of the movie poster for Quantum of Solace. The best part is the threaded end will allow for other accessories such as muzzle breaks. Two important things to know. 1. The suppressor or the red tip on the short barrel hold the gun together, otherwise the front will slide apart. 2. Rapid fire of 6 rounds chills the CO2 cartridge and the performance drops off. Buy multiple magazines and switch between them between reloading to allow the CO2 to warm back up. Great gun. Great service by Airgun Depot.

1 Stars

Dont Like it
December 28, 2008
I bought one with the supressor kit. Under Powered, Not very accurate, Waste of money in my opinon. Very overpriced for what your getting.

Jimmy B
4 Stars

Great gun, conversion was hard
November 21, 2008
I just got this gun in the other day, with the barrel extension and fake suppressor. I basically destroyed the original barrel trying to get it out because I couldn't get a good hold on it and it was in there really tight. If they added $10 or $15 to the cost for Air Gun Depot to install the extended barrel, I would have paid it in a second. Not only that, you need to make sure you read the instructions carefully. Failing to do it right could force you to break down the gun entirely, so it says. Once I got the barrel out, the new one went in great. But I also broke a little plastic piece near the end of the gun because I didn't notice I wasn't clearing it. Happy with the gun, not happy how difficult the extended barrel install was. The reason for the 4 star rating.

5 Stars

droz is awsome
April 6, 2008
this is pure power. and its acurate and is metal. its hard to break. the bellets gofastso dont waste them putit on 3

5 Stars

April 6, 2008
it is power and acurate you dont need a laser thats my opioun i love breaking glass whit dis

Brian Johnson
5 Stars

BJ's Drozd review
January 13, 2008
Great gun; lots of fun to shot. Defnitely get an extra mag or two for less down time between shooting sessions. Fantastic customer service with regard to extended barrel installation.

M. Gabler
5 Stars

EAA Drozd Air Pistol
January 11, 2008
A great air gun. It has a lot of power and spits out BBs consistently.

5 Stars

Drozd Gun
December 16, 2007
I have had this gun since 2004 when they 1st came out. This gun hasnt let me down yet. I have the laser which constantly has to be readjusted which is a pain. I am going to take it off as it dosent help anyway. This gun is best at 3 shot high power. The BBs get used up real fast so make sure you know what you want to shoot at. This gun can do some damage, be careful.

5 Stars

Drozd W/Suppressor
November 29, 2007
Itās a blast to shoot!! Two considerations thoughā¦the rear sights a little flimsy and not very reliable when it comes to accuracy. I think the engineerās main objective was just to blast the hell out of everything, and it does that well!! The other issue I had was replacing the extended barrel. BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERTIGHTEN!! The threads on it are extremely fine and yes, I striped them just by hand tightening it in place. Iām pretty savvy when it comes to fixing things, so I repaired it myself in a machine shop. I figure I broke it, Iāll fix it. But I donāt recommend it. All in all, Iād still give it five stars. It works well and does what itās supposed to.

4 Stars

Drozd Air Pistol w/ Suppressor Kit
November 25, 2007
Good fun here; conversion process, i.e. removing stock barrel is a bit tricky (be sure to read and understand the enclosed instructions) but worth the effort. I used some light synthetic grease on the barrel threads and suppressor threads to ease installation and allow simpler disassembly for cleaning the barrel. Good projectile velocity and relatively tight groups even with six-shot burst mode selected.

5 Stars

The Drozd is BADDDD
October 28, 2007
The Drozd is one bad gun. Order came on time and got to shoot it that day with CO2 powerlets and steel bbs. It is surely not a toy. I've never seen bb guns/pistol like this one for this price. Way to go!!!

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