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Gamo Varmint Hunter 1200 fps .177 cal Tactical Air Rifle w/Scope, Laser, & Light

Gamo Varmint Hunter 1200 fps .177 cal Tactical Air Rifle w/Scope, Laser, & Light

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  • List Price $298.99
  • Code: varmint-hunter · 0.177 cal · 1000 fps ·
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Gamo Varmint Hunter New Version! Scope & tactical kit included. This New Hunter will change the way you think about hunting with airguns! Offering 1200fps with PBA or 1000fps with standard lead, you're sure to be ready for the elements. A free tin of 50 ct PBA Raptor ammo included!

Varmint Hunter by Gamo, with 4 power scope, laser sight, torch light, and pressure cables! Sports Gamo's traditional rifled steel barrel. Sculpted into the black tactical synthetic stock is a Monte Carlo comb and cheekpiece. A two-stage adjustable trigger with manual safety and automatic anti-beartrap safety are standard. Butt padd - ventilated rubber for recoil absorption. Cheekpiece – thin cheekpad molded on each site for both right hand & left hand shooters. Checkering – non-slip texture design on grip & forearm. Scope ramp – grooved receiver Scope stop for added support to insure against scope slippage.

  • Caliber- .177
  • Velocity: 1200 FPS with PBA, 1000 FPS with Lead Pellets
  • Ammunition: Any .177 Pellet
  • Weight: 7.15 lbs
  • Length: 43’’
  • Trigger Pull: 3.74 lbs
  • Trigger: Second Stage adjustable
  • Cocking Effort: 38 lbs
  • Single Shot
  • Break Barrel: Single Cocking System
  • Automatic Cocking Safety system
  • Barrel: Fluted Polymer Bull barrel
  • Manual Safety
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity1000 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled- Break Barrel
  • Cocking Effort38 lbs
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight6.20 lbs
  • Overall Length43.80"
  • LoudnessMedium High
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • OpticsScope
  • RailDovetail
  • UsePest Control / Plinking /Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Gamo Varmint Hunter 1200 fps .177 cal Tactical Air Rifle w/Scope, Laser, & Light Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 67 Review(s)
Brandon Tillan
San Bruno, California
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great first gun
December 5, 2012
Overall good/powerful gun. Accurate as can be with the right scope and it's very easy to use. The standard scope this gun is issued with is not the best but for a starter it's decent.
Accurate Easy to use Not to loud Good for pest control
Scope Mounting rail

Cheyenne, WY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Adult Air-Rifle.
October 4, 2012
I have owned this rifle for about 5 years. The scope has always been dead on. It is tricky to zero it, but when you do, it's solid. The laser and flashlight are crud. The laser drifts and the only way I can recalibrate it is going through the scope. I also removed the scope and used it on my Sig 522 and had 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards. I removed the scope, added my tactical scope, and after a few hundred rounds, and added it again and it still held PERFECT groups. This is a great air rifle. I have not needed to repair anything after 5 years and it still pumps out 1200 fps. Definitely a good buy for the low buck.
Scope Quality Look Quality Gamo
Mounting bracket is low grade aluminum.

Edison, New jersey
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great rifle
December 31, 2011
very good rifle with sharp looks and very well balanced

Bill Sheppard
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing air rifle!
November 19, 2011
This was my first "Adult Airgun" and I am impressed. After mounting the scope and bore sighting it, I set up the target holder at 50 ft. and proceeded to fine tune the scope. First shot was 1/2" low and 1/2" left. Made the adjustment and then put five shots inside the 9 ring. This is the most accurate and powerful air gun I have ever shot. Easy to cock, easy to load and well balanced. Now, bring on those pecan stealing crows!
I like the looks, feel, and balance.
I haven't found anything I don't like.

5 Stars

Gamo Varmit Hunter
July 28, 2011
This is a solid gun, here is the thing with Gamo. The power plant is the same on all the break barrels, big cat, whisper, hunter etc. Some have said the trigger is not fixable which is incorrect. Check you will find what you need. As you shoot the factory trigger will wear in, don't even think about accuracy until around 1,000 rounds give or take a few hundred. I have many springers and they are very good ONCE you learn them. Also Crosman Nitro pistons retro kits work in these as well. Pyramid air sells them.

5 Stars

Gamo Varmint Hunter 1200 fps .177 cal. Tactical Air Rifle w/Scope, Laser, & Light
June 15, 2011
I removed the Laser & Light from the Scope mount because they are Illegal in OK for hunting. I did order the Scope Stop from Gamo as this is a necessary item that needs to be included with the Scope. Nice pellet rifle. It should come with iron sights though. Very pleased.

Tired of Squirrels
3 Stars

... and cleaning up
April 7, 2011
have had this gun for about 4 months now, and have removed more than 25 squirrels from my urban yard. The gun is a little louder than I'd like, but most of my shots are from inside through a cracked window, so I don't think the neighbors can really hear. The scope needs adjustment after 30-40 shots and the laser does not hold more than a few shots. Haven't used the flashlight at all.

Happy girlfriend
5 Stars

Best gift ever!
December 19, 2010
My boyfriend has been wanting a scope and laser pellet gun for over a year. And for the last year I have been searching for the perfect one. I seriously have looked at so many other web sites, and stores. When I gave him the gun he was sooo happy he just lit up like a little kid. Since then he and all of his friends have had so much fun with it. He is so happy with it. I would definantly recommend this to anyone.

5 Stars

October 14, 2010
I havent even fired a shot wit this gun yet,but however when testing the power of the rifle it was incredible.From all the reviews i read looks like all i need is a new scope which seems logical becuz when putting on the scope it did not sit flush on the rail for some reason.The laser an flash light are just a bonus,unless i could use them on a different scope.With all that said its worth the money an better than a cheap wallmart gun.

5 Stars

Good piece
August 30, 2010
I'd essentially agree with Mike L, with a couple differences. After reading his comments, I rechecked my laser (I probably treat my weapons better than he does his :) ). It stayed on target after being smacked around some. Maybe he got a loose one? I use Predator Polymag PBA pellets. These fit the chamber nicely, and I get

Mike L
5 Stars

Gamo Varmint Hunter
July 28, 2010
bought this rifle for my wife. Here are a few do-dads you may, or may not find interesting. 1. It's fairly hard to cock for a female. 2. The "fluted heavy barrel" is nothing more than a standard barrel with some cool looking plastic on the outside. It is NOT a heavy barreled rifle! 3. Who needs a flashlight on the scope? 4. The laser will not hold a zero no matter what you do. Go ahead and zero in, take note of the "red dot on crosshair", then lightly tap the laser. Take another look...all that time you spent zeroing the laser was a waste. But hey, all the gadgets on the scope might earn you some coolness points. Whatever... 5. I've tried two types of pellets through this gun so far: Crosman Destroyers and the Gamo Raptors that came with it. The Destroyers fit very loosely in the "chamber". I get variations in groups with this pellet. The Raptor fits very snuggly. It's groups are somewhat tighter. I'm a distinguished USMC marksman, take my word when I say this rifle will deliver drastically different groups with different pellets. Like a match rifle, find the pellet that shoots the best group for your rifle. 6. The trigger leaves a lot to be desired by my standards. And since this has the plastic assembly, it can't be replaced by a high performance trigger. Summary: All said, it's a pretty good air rifle for the price. I've killed rabbits, birds and a few other rodents with ease. It would be a much better rifle with a quality scope instead of the kid's scope that comes with it.

5 Stars

good gun
July 19, 2010
Very useful.

5 Stars

awesome gun
June 24, 2010
this gun is awesome. i shot a rabbit fron 35yards away.very accreute gun.the scoop is trash.I suggeust buy it!!!!

5 Stars

June 23, 2010
It is a really cool gun.And really accrute.Shot a squirl 20 yards away

5 Stars

gamo VH
June 8, 2010
the gun is good, accurate, powerful and attractive. try this, sight in the scope for lead lellets, then sight in the laser for PBA pellets, the 2 different pellets fly different

george frick
5 Stars

great gun & fun
December 28, 2009
i bought this gun christmas 2009 (a few days ago). i am 62 years old and haven't had a pellet/bb gun in over 50 years. WOW! i had read most reviews & i got my hands on this gun the next day at a bass pro shop. the pictures just don't do this gun justice! this is a beautiful weapon and powerful,accurate. i have a friend that's a gunsmith and he set it up for me. i am blind in my master eye but i can put the crosshairs on a target. i get nickel size groups at 25 yds! the lazer & light is like getting gravy on your potatoes. both work great for me. i enjoy setting up targets in a dark room and shooting with the flashlight/scope or flashlight/laser! the price on the website was cheaper but when i had this beauty in my hands i just had to have it right then! if your thinking of buying a .177 pellet gun i would recommend looking at this one. i love this thing & i'll be buying more air rifles & pistols to add to my collection! the technology today has exponentially exceeded any pellet gun of 50 years ago. I'm @ a loss for words! LOL BUY IT you wont be dissapointed.

5 Stars

Great Air Rifle
October 18, 2009
This gun is great had it for 3 months and have already killed 1 Racoon, 1 Possum, 2 Squirrels and numerus birds . Shoots very well with the Crosman Premier Hollow Points but killed a squirrel at 40 yards with Crosman Pointed Pellets. I love the break barrel very simple compared 2 the numatic air rifles. Dont like the scope, not consistent. Changed to a 4-20 scope because of close range shooting and never missed yet. Shoots tight groupsat 20 yards. Highly Recomend this gun to avid airgun hunters.

4 Stars

cons and proz
June 7, 2009
cons: the scope goes back and unzeroes itself after every 100 shots. it also wears a little hole in the gun. its loud so you cant use it in a neighborhood. the scope is basically garbage youll need a 3-9x42 scope not a 4x32. pressure bads are a joke they dont stick. proz: this gun packs a very large punch easilly can kill pests and small game even some larger game like foxes. the scope it came with though not a god one is very easy to sight in. it feels just like a realy rifle and i guarantee that the gun wont break its built very solidy. and the recoil is just amazing it makes it feel like a real gun!!! all together i give it a four star because it really is just an amazing gun get it to completely understand

5 Stars

May 31, 2009

4 Stars

April 25, 2009
this is a great gun the break barrel gets a little old but other than that dont expect to miss very! powerful do not shoot in your back yard with it it will go through almost any thing if close enough BUY IT great gun.

5 Stars

great gun, dont know about scope
December 31, 2008
This gun is great. it looks sharp and is powerful enough to blow huge holes in my 1/2" wood backstop. dont worry about noise, i live in a developement and it doesnt bother my neighbors, unless u dryfire it(not reccomended, bad 4 springers) be sure to clean the barrel before u fire it. It deiseled on me first time. sparks flew out the barrel due to flammable grease in it. now for the scope. Hmm. it feels a little more solid tham it looks. i tryed sighting in but the scope slipped through the rings. it came with different mounts than shown in the picture, and no scope stop. the mounts i got with it are much better than in the picture: they each have 2 screws for the rail and 4 screws on the tube part, each having 6 screws total, and the back one had a stop pin in it. it probably slipped due to oil i accedentally got on it. i wiped the oil off, and tightened the mounts alot more, and problem solved. u will have to adjust the laser every few hundred shots, it just wont hold zero, the flashlight is good, but it hardly fits on the scope. should come with a higher power scope. accurate enough to hit soda cans at 50-75 yards. just be sure u have a place to fire it: i use it in a 20-acre abandoned lot that used to be a nursury. people use it as a junk dump now. be careful! this thing could kill a man with good shot placement! make sure u have a proper backstop.(at least 1" plywood or a big hill)

zane R
5 Stars

amazing gun
December 26, 2008
this is the most incredible gun i have ever shot i have killed many squirrels with it doves and rabbits.i only use PBA raptor pellets. the farthest kill i have shot is about 70 yards this gun although is loud,it is very very accurate. just be careful not to keep it cocked longer then 2hours because it will decrease in fps.but if you do not over cock it you can hit a nickle at at least 30 yards. it may seem expensive but it is worth it if u are varmit or small game hunting with it.

5 Stars

Good Gun.
December 25, 2008
This gun is very good. its durable and weather resistant. The scope in not very good but the laser and light are nice. i recommend this gun to everyone looking for a good gun to get rid of pesky varmints or to just fool around.

5 Stars

good gun
December 25, 2008
got it 4 christmas from dad took it in backyard in 20 minutes had a dead squirrel a little 2 loud keep it away from other people they think its a dang killer

5 Stars

kidz gun
November 16, 2008
this is a gr8 gun for kids i just bought 1 for my 11 year olds birthday. he luvs it it is perfect

4 Stars

decent gun
September 24, 2008
this gun is ok, and has held up to my use, but not too good at hunting, takes a few shots to even kill a squirrel...i think im going to a .22 now still is a great target gun though, has held up well in my 8 months of ownership

5 Stars

durable good gun
August 21, 2008
great durable gun but kind of slow use because its single shot so you have to load in a new pellet every time u shoot and also if u put in the balls the speed decreses to 580 fps the big speed is just for the pointed pellets and i would say this is a good starter rifle very accurate so u never have to miss a shot but i really think this is a great for kids to learn how to use air rifle and if u were shooting someone the time to cock load a new butt the put the barrel in the right positon the aim they would easy get away but a great target shhoting gun

5 Stars

Great Gun
August 20, 2008
Bought this gun not to long ago, 8/14/08. Even though this is a really powerful gun, I use it in my backyard. The PBA ammo that comes with it hits hard, has great penetration, and has good accuracy. Once you install the scope, and sight it in (if needed), then you're ready to have lots of fun. It's fairly easy to load, and fun to shoot. I've shot it at a half-dollar which made a huge dent, some soda cans which explode when you hit them, and other things I could find around the house. It is actually really fun and safe to use this gun in the backyard, which is about 50 feet from the shooter to the target. Also, I enjoy shooting it longer distances. The furthest shooting distance I can get is from an open window inside the house to the target outside is about 200 feet or so. Even when you up the distance, the gun keeps its accuracy and power. I haven't tried to shoot any pests/animals yet, but I know the gun would do it's job. This gun is good for target shooting, and hunting small game. Even the PBA ammo is great for target shooting. I would consider the noise level as comfortable for inside shooting, and good for outside shooting. The only bad part about inside shooting is (I've only tried the PBA ammo) that the end of the barrel smokes after you fire it sometimes, giving the room a bad odor that doesn't last too long, though. This gun is a good buy for the money, and is a great pick for any age.

Mark H
5 Stars

Solid Performer
June 13, 2008
Bought this gun to clear pigeons that had been roosting on my roof and eves. Sighted it in at 30 feet and could easily shoot smaller than dime size groups with soft hollow point pellets. Plenty of punch--even at 30 feet the soft hollow-points usually go all the way through a pigeon. The torch light has been invaluable for taking pigeons out at night up in the eves. Have only used the laser a small amount but seems to work fine. After about 30 shots of the soft-lead pellets, shots started to wander off aim-point by about half an inch at 30 feet, but after a good barrel cleaning they were back to spot-on. Haven't tried the harder pellets yet.

5 Stars

June 1, 2008
I have had this gun for about a year and it is the best air gun i have ever seen. I can easily hit penny size targets from at least one hundred yards away. And this gun is so powerful that I used a domed crossman pellet and completely blew a hole through a metal spoon from about 10 yards away!

5 Stars

May 25, 2008
This air rifle is well worth the price. After getting mine sighted in, I can knock a golf ball off a fence post, over and over, at 80 ft. away. Since this is my first spring type air rifle, I found that it took some getting used to. Definitely very different from a firearm. The quality of the rifle is excellent, and the delivery time was only a few days. The only problem I've had, is the velcro sticky tape, for the laser and light switches, won't stay stuck to the stock. Not a big deal. Oh, and this rifle is just as effective after dark when propertly sighted in. I love it. If you have an actual varmint/damage problem, this will solve it.

5 Stars

sweet gun
May 20, 2008
iv killed about 50 birds its really acreat

5 Stars

May 17, 2008
very accurate rifle, kinda hard to sight in but once its sighted in its unstopable

5 Stars

March 29, 2008
This is an amazing gun. I've already killed two rabbits, 8 doves, 4 squirrels, and a few other birds. The scope and optics are very accurate. I killed both rabbits with my laser sight. One thing that surprised me was that the torch light works very well. A lot of Illumination comes out of that tiny light. This gun has plenty of power and is great for small game and pest control. Pretty loud for suburban areas.

Josh McC
4 Stars

Alright rifle
March 18, 2008
The varmint hunter is a highly accurate rifle once i replaced the stock trigger with the GRT III trigger. I hate the plastic barrel but it doesnt effect the accuracy this rifle will cut holes once you learn to shoot it. Price is a lil steep the crosman Storm Xt is half the price and seems to shoot harder and also can be modified with the after market trigger. Id recomend this rifle for anyone looking for a good all weather gun.

Brian g
5 Stars

can't go wrong
March 9, 2008
The varmint hunter came out of the box looking good the scope mounts right up and the light and laser didn't work right away. so I got new batteries the light went and works good . Gamo sending out a new laser now . but i did notice something in my tinkering with them . i notice a lot of people on this site and others have trouble with the laser wandering off target after a few shots . if you remove the screws as you are mounting the unit they are loose so i took them out and put loctite on them turned the back in and now the stay tight when the new laser comes i will remove the windage and elevation screws and put loctite on them. think this will help kepp the wander to a minimum as the loctite won't let the screws move from vibration . I buy loctite at the building supplier. the rifle is awesome as it is fast and deadly on those pesky racoons got three already and the others are mighty jumpy now when a door opens . no more picking up garbage early in the mornig

4 Stars

one flaw
February 25, 2008
Groupings are tight, but no matter how much I tighten the scope mounts, the scope will start sliding back after 3 to 5 shots. Not great for the zero. I still recommend the rifle, but the packaged scope isn't ideal for the slipping issue. Investing in something with parallax correction would be better.

5 Stars

worth every cent
February 12, 2008
My first air gun and this gun has kick, Iwas very impressed with the look ,and scope is great all around great gun.

5 Stars

great gun
January 25, 2008
this gun is great. accurate and hard hitting. plenty of fire power. I didn't purchase it from this site though. although im not sure all carry this product, i purchased it at my local wal-mart for only $158 plus tax.

peggy @
4 Stars

January 15, 2008
this is a great air rifle. every thing was great except the laser it will not stay adjusted. thanks peggy

Josh M
5 Stars

Vamint Hunter
December 23, 2007
This gun is amazing. Once you get it sighted in its no problem to get the laser adjusted and it stays where you put it.The light works pretty good at night but only goes about 20yds.Although i havent killed anything with it yet im planning on taking it squirrel hunting instead of a .22 this holiday season.

5 Stars

good gun
December 17, 2007
this gun is awsome i took out 10 pound rabbit.

Roland Zumwalt
4 Stars

good gun
November 4, 2007
the gun preforms great the laser sight kinda wanders after a few shots.

5 Stars

awesome gun
October 25, 2007
i had bought this gun about a year ago it was my first airgun i must say this is an awesome gun is very accurate my dad had gotten a broomstick at over 200 yards im ordering a wood stock for it so its a gun i can be proud of beautiful,strong and accurate you wont be dissapointed

Gary Foster
4 Stars

Very good value
October 1, 2007
Bought this pellet rifle to clear some "suburban terrorists" (racoons and oppossums and such) out of my back yard after they attacked one of my dogs. Dialed it in at about 30 yards and can drive tacks with it. I've already started making a dent in the local "terrorist" population. This rifle has plenty of oomph to take down a 30 lb 'coon with a head shot at 25 yards and is very quiet with hollowpoint pellets. If, like me, you're a bit worried about whether this has enough behind it to take down some of the bigger varmints don't be worried. It's fine, as long as you shoot accurately and use your head in selecting your ammunition.

4 Stars

My experience
September 28, 2007
I just purchased three of these. Pros - Actually it is a fine rifle. Cons - The laser/flash light switch extensions are junk. Three of mine were NG on receipt.

5 Stars

Solid Feel
September 18, 2007
The gun has a solid rugged feel for the money... a good value not cheaply made. The scope was a bit difficult to attach and the mounts could have been better. Other than that I rate the rifle "A plus".

4 Stars

awesome gun
September 13, 2007
was worried about the neg reviews but bought it anyway. very powerful. east to site in. didn`t think the light would do much but it was very bright, i think its a led light. shines on those armadillos easily at 100 feet or so. shot one of those bastards in the ass. ran off like a bat out of hell,hasen`t been back since. I hope the gun stays sited in. as loud as my neighbors 22 with shorts in it. use the pba ammo. envy of the neighbors. just don`t been seen with it everyone will think your a friggin sniper and call the sheriff. worth the money paid 233 with ammo and shipping

john bishop
5 Stars

very impressed
September 8, 2007
great gun durable accurate and extremely fast perfect for the pests that knock over my trash cans

The killer
5 Stars

Awesome gun
September 2, 2007
This gun is the best I hit a dime@150yards six times

Mantas Korsakas
4 Stars

July 29, 2007
This is a powerful air gun, no doubt about it. Only reason for an 8/10 is the scope and keeping the thing sighted. As soon as distance changes by 10-20' accuracy drops. If youāre shooting targets, then this is for you as distance can be fixed, but if itās for your vermin control then things get "squirrelly". Other than that, im very impressed with the quality of the air gun, ability to scope in at night with the help of the flashlight, laser, and power at such a great price. Thanks AirGunDepot

4 Stars

Over all nice
June 17, 2007
Over all a nice gun. very powerful yet i have trouble keeping the sights tuned. I have to adjust them constantly. If your looking for power this is the gun for you.

purple martin guard
5 Stars

very nice
May 30, 2007
The Varmint Hunter is more accurate than I expected - though a little louder than I'd like. It will knock a Starling off a bird house at 35 ft. Beware the nighttime marauding 4 legged masked bandits that destroy my wife's expensive bird feeders!

James Matter
5 Stars

awesome gun
May 14, 2007
This is the most powerful air gun I've seen. It is also extremely accurate- takes about 1/2 hour to sight in correctly @ 75 yards. Bought it for my 8 year old-probably too much gun for an 8 yr. old w/o close supervision. Add scope, laser, & flashlight & it's an awesome looking gun.

Devin Zachmann
4 Stars

Rimfire Nemesis
April 27, 2007
Great website. Info was detailed. As for the air rifle. Awesome return for 200 BUCKS. My eye caught the slim look of the rifle and the first thing I thought was "that is a nice looking youth rifle". Boy was I wrong. This rifle is one bad mamma jamma. Once I found out which pellet my rifle liked, the holes in my target wanted to start holding hands at 30 yards. Mine likes the RWS hollow point. The two stage trigger is better than most for the money. The scope is adequate at best. Mine is on it's way to the back of the reloading room. But It will get you by for a day or two. For a Few Dollars More I would a 22 cal. version. Laser works, flashlight does too. But it's not Surefire quality. All in all. A good buy!

5 Stars

The best gun ever
April 26, 2007
shot a tip or a pin @ 50 yards away with no proplem

5 Stars

April 25, 2007
this gun is a very good gun!!! i hit a dime at 75 yards!!

Tom Scudder
5 Stars

April 22, 2007
Unbelievable.......and More!!! It's amazing what you can do when you get a SUPER SHOOTER!!!

rick daniel
5 Stars

best bag for the buck
April 12, 2007
shot apprx.200 rounds first two hours sighting gun in, can shoot a penny @ 50 yards no problem staying insight

Scott Banish
5 Stars

Better than expected
April 6, 2007
This air gun has exceeded my expectations. For the money, it has more features and performance than any other I have used. The accuracy is remarkable when the scope and red dot are coordinated. Pest control and target shooting are a dream with this gun. If you want a 1000 fps unit, seriously consider this great buy.

Richard Barnes
4 Stars

Gamo Pellet Gun
February 22, 2007
I love the gun. When I first sighted it in I was shooting a 3 shot group of 1" at 20 yards, but now I find I can't keep it sighted in I have to keep resighting every day. It will be 2" off from center and I need to resight it in every day. Every thing seems tight and I don't bang it around and use the same pellets, any suggestions ?

5 Stars

February 18, 2007
it is the best i have ever used

5 Stars

February 15, 2007
awesome rifle!

Pro Shooter
5 Stars

Best on the market
February 15, 2007
Iv'e shot with many airguns, and this offers the most for durability, accuracy, and velocity, so you get good knock-down power. The other day, I shot the tip off of a ballpoint pen from 30 feet. If thats not accurate, I don't know what is. I highly reccomend this rifle, especially for hunting small/medium/medium-large game.

5 Stars

December 20, 2006
this gun is perfect for getting ride of those small pests around your house

5 Stars

Gamo varmint Hunter
November 30, -0001
Overall , this is a very solid air rifle! The first time that I fired it, it was very loud, but impressive. Very well constructed, and packs a powerful punch. The scope was a challenge , while it would not stay in position after mounting. So sighting in the scope was a bit of a work out. I had to fashion a metal stop plate to prevent the scope from moving after medium use. Other then the scope issue, I was able to shoot a grouping of five shots from 50 yards a quarter in size easy. Very air rifle

5 Stars

Gamo Varmint Hunter pellet gun
November 30, -0001
The Gamo Varmint Hunter, is a hard hitting, streight shooter. I am very pleased with it.

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By matt from scunthorpe U.K. on June 13, 2012
Hi There i have just bought this gun but can not get it to shoot. Regards Matt from U.K.
By Staff on June 13, 2012

The gun is a simple break barrel model so if your gun is not firing, it is quite possible that it is defective.
Feel free to contact our returns department by filling out the RMA form on our site.

By Promod Kumar from Noida (India) on April 17, 2012
Sir, I want to purchase this gun in India so. what is the full cost incl. all taxes ? Any license required for this gun
By Staff on April 20, 2012


Our international customers are responsible for understanding and following the laws and regulations of the area they wish to ship to. We will not be responsible if the shipment is held by customs.

If you do not find your country on the shipping list, it is possible we cannot currently ship there.

If you have determined that the items you wish to buy are allowed to be shipped to as well as used in your area, you can simply place the order through our website, which will calculate shipping automatically.

By Art GRAHAM from Pembroke, MA on January 3, 2012
varmint hunter new version scope with grooved receiver scope stop and added support andpressure cables is this guns site stability improved with the changes?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 3, 2012

Normally when manufactures upgrade something, they typically upgrade any gripes that consumers had with anything. So, I'm assuming so.

By David from Gainesville Ga on May 7, 2012
My wife is totally against guns in the house because of our kids. We are having problems with rogue dogs attacking our small dog in our yard. Would this rifle alleviate my dog problems or at least seriously deter them?
By Staff on May 9, 2012

This gun would easily deter them and possibly kill a couple depending on where you hit them.

It is less likely that you would kill them since it is a .177 though.

By E.x. "John" (appears with your question) from Winston salem nc on May 7, 2012
Is it powerful

By Staff on May 9, 2012

This gun is powerful enough to injure/kill any animal raccoon size or smaller.

It has nice range for target practice as well.

By trent from kentucky on May 7, 2012
is this gun a deal? this would be my first pellet gun and i dont know much about them
By Staff on May 9, 2012

The Gamo varmint Hunter is a great gun even for beginners.
$145 is a pretty awesome price for a gun as well.

As far as what the gun is capable of, 1200 FPS can easily be used for killing small animals, scaring away large ones, or simple target practice.

I hope this helped

By Tom from Chicago, illinois on July 8, 2012
Could this gun be lethal to a person?

By Staff on July 9, 2012

Any air rifle has the potential to be deadly. They are not toys and should not be used as such. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By justme from mibile al on April 21, 2012
By Staff on April 23, 2012

I am sorry but we do not sell owners manuals to specific gun or carry extras for replacement. The manufacturer will carry them though.
Also, you may be able to find an owners manual on the internet.

By darcy from saskatchewan on November 14, 2011
what is barrel length of gamo varmint hunter air rifle

By Bill Sheppard from Texas on November 14, 2011

The actual length of the barrel is 17-3/4 inches or 450.85 mm.

By Tyson from Lennox, SD on May 30, 2012
Is it going to be in stock again.

By Staff on May 31, 2012

I am sorry but the Varmin hunter has been discontinued by the manufacturer so we will not be carrying it anymore.
By Staff on May 31, 2012

I am sorry but the Varmin hunter has been discontinued by the manufacturer so we will not be carrying it anymore.

By Tyson from Lennox,sd on May 30, 2012
Is it going to be in stock again.
By Staff on May 31, 2012

I am sorry but this gun was discontinued by the manufacturer so we will not be carrying it anymore.

By bob from boston MA on May 14, 2012
is the scope good for a first time hunter? and how far can it see?
By Vince from Maryland on May 18, 2012

Not sure how far you can see with it, but yes the scope works great.
By Trever from MI on May 18, 2012

The scope is easy to operate and seems to work very well. The key is to use the same ammo for consistency. I'm not sure on the exact distance it can see but it works well for most uses I have had for it. Take your time sighting it in with the ammo you plan to use and approximately how far you will be shooting and it will be spot on. If you change ammo just adjust as needed.
By William R from Gonzales, TEXAS on May 18, 2012

The scope is excellant. It is very similiar to a high powered rifle scope. It's heavy duty and once sighted in, holds it's settings. The scope is capable of targeting farther than the effective range of the rifle. I have mine sighted in to 50 yards.
By dan from florida on May 18, 2012

this scope is good for a first time hunter, only if they have used scopes before on a target range and know how to ajust them. the scope see's at good distances,further than the weapon can hit a target.....
By thadeous Abbott from new york on May 22, 2012

I'm not a big fan of the scope because you have to adjust the sights by using a screwdriver other than that it's not bad.the gun itself is a great guns I'm really enjoying it

By Liam from Washington on April 27, 2012
Why does it say there is checkering on the pistol grip when it doesn't have a pistol grip?
By Staff on May 2, 2012

Thank you for making us aware of this typo, we will have it corrected shortly.

By Harvey L Bryant Jr from chesapeake va on April 28, 2012
will it kill a squrell?
By William R Sheppard from Gonzales, Texas on May 2, 2012

Yes. A well placed shot will take a squirell down quickly.
By cyril from holden, la on May 2, 2012

absolutelly! just make sure you sight your rifle and spend enough time with it to make sure you know where the pellet is going.ALWAYS TAKE TIME TO MAKE FATAL SHOT. DON'T HURRY THE SHOT.
By Jay from Nashville, TN on May 2, 2012

Most definitely! You've gotta do you part with the aiming though!
By Ralph Liberatore from Pittsburgh on May 2, 2012

Without a doubt and humanely.
By Trever from Michigan on May 2, 2012

Since mine I have killed pigeons, a raccoon, and two opossums. The coon was close quarters and probably a little bit too much for this gun. But I think it would work on a squirrel very well.
By Bradley from NC on June 15, 2012

YES i have killed 10 so is very accurate!

By Emerson from minnesota on May 15, 2012
How do I make it sound less?
By Staff on May 16, 2012

There isn't much you can do to silence a gun. suppressors can be attached to some but they are merely for looks.

By Emerson from Minnesota on May 16, 2012
How do you make it not as loud?
By Staff on May 17, 2012

There isn't much you can do for the gamo air guns as far as making them quieter. some of them can use a suppressor as an accessory but it is more for looks than function.

By Jay from Louisiana on July 17, 2012
I must be using the wrong size pellets, because I can't seem to be able to load the pellet after cracking the barrel. The gun was given to me with no instructions. Looking for a little help.

By Joe from Indiana on May 18, 2012
The name of the gun includes "1200 fps", but the specs say 1000 fps. Which is correct/accurate?
By Staff on May 21, 2012

1200 is accurate for this gun. the .22 caliber is 1000 FPS

By fred from calif on April 13, 2012
on your ad sent to me said that the gamo varmint hunter shoots 1200fps and the spec said 1000 fps.
By Staff on April 16, 2012

Sorry for the mix up. The .22 caliber is 1000 FPS but the .177 caliber is 1200 FPS.

By john from new jersey on May 2, 2012
can you mount a sight on this
By Staff on May 3, 2012

It comes with a scope that is easily mounted on the rifle, if you mean open sights then no you can not.

By bill douglas from on May 21, 2012
is this loud for neighbors to hear?how does it compare to gamo whisper or shaddow
By Staff on May 24, 2012

this gun is a semi loud gun.
However, it was recently discontinued and we will not be carrying it anymore.

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