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Gamo Whisper Air Rifle

Available in 0.1770.220.177Packing Power & 52% Quieter Than Standard Spring Air Rifles
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This air rifle will change the way you think about hunting with airguns! Offering high velocities with a weatherproof stock, this air gun is ready to hunt in all elements. The non-removable noise dampener reduces the noise up to 52% quieter from standard spring air rifles.

"I'm extremely pleased with my Gamo Whisper. Got this baby for pest control and got rid of them thanks to this rifle. Very accurate (excellent grouping all the time), extremely powerful (awesome knock-down power!), and pretty quiet."

  • Scope Ramp: Raised Rail
  • Venitlated Rubber Buttpad For Recoil Absorbtion
  • Single Cocking Break Barrel System
  • Automatic Cocking Safety System
  • Cheekpiece: Thin Cheekpad Molded on Each Side For Both Right and Left Hand Shooters
  • Checkering: Non-Slip Texture Design on Grip and Forearm
  • Manual Trigger Safety
  • Barrel: Fluted Polymer Bull Barrel
  • Non-Removable Noise Dampener (with up to 52% reduction)

Our Test

We've tested this rifle at our range and it really is as quiet as it claims, although the difference is only noticeable to those downrange or to the side of the shooter. To the shooter the noise dampening is not significant because the sound is suppressed and pointed back towards the shooter to lessen the carry. The Whisper is a great varmint control gun in areas where you are concerned about disturbing the neighbors.


GAMO has been designing high quality airguns for over 50 years. Each airgun goes through a thorough inspection process, being tested for overall quality, power, accuracy and finish before it leaves the warehouse. Precision is a critical part to any shooter which is why Gamo manufactures all of their steel barrels and metal parts right in their own warehouse. Building upon this experience and success, the Gamo Whisper was designed for varmint hunting and is perfect for pest control.
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Gamo Whisper Air Rifle
138 Reviews
64% (89)
28% (38)
3% (4)
1% (1)
4% (6)
26% Recommend this product (36 of 138 responses)
By Rudy
Pretty mean
October 12, 2019
My Whisper has proven to be well worth the cash. With the high performance pellet this airgun is very accurate and as fast as advertised. The adjustable cheek rest on the stock is a little cheap but the gun overall is pretty mean. I regularly shoot at varmints up to 80 yards and the pellet still has enough oomph behind it to be effective. Not that any airgun should be treated any differently but this one definitely warrants care akin to a firearm.
ProsFast, accurate, well made
ConsNot "whisper" quiet but the suppressor is helpful
By Bo S.
Best deal for the price
December 4, 2016
Grew with Benjamin pump which builds muscles & ability to win awards later with other firearms. It was accurate and with 10 pumps would easily go through 1x6 fence planks and much more. This is what a kid should start on. That said, it wasn't stealth quiet & might sound like a .22 in a neighborhood whose Deed Restrictions are anti-firearms.

Older & wiser with more money, this GAMO was amazing for me!
Almost silent
One pump does it all? WOW, thanks!
Speedy pellets that do the same job as Benjamin
Best place to sight it in is of course an indoor range but some require no lead = copper easy to find. Why? NO WIND!

Some of those that downgraded their reviews due to precision may be ignorant
that very lightweight rounds such as these are very affected by Nature = wind, heat, etc.
+ many blame their tools when its operator error, of course some guns may have arrive d damaged ... e.g. I just received light bulbs, one broken since an idiot packed them inside only a padded envelop!
ProsQuiet as movie fantasy silencers Very accurate for this caliber One easy pump does a LOT of work, ready to fire Easy to use safety Good scope
ConsUsually out of stock - for good reason
By gregg B.
loud vibration sound
January 17, 2015
Got the gun and used if for target practice, for about a month. Then there was a large vibration sound after each shot. I have had issues with the scope and keeping it accurate after shots.
But first month was great.
By M40A2
whisper fell silent in 30days
September 30, 2014
Purchase sale price $129.99 good deal at first then mainspring broke.otherwise very accurate magnum rifle quite with 10.34gr jsb pellets. Broken spring after 30day return policy 3x9-40 including scope recle rotating 45 after 500 rounds but gamo made good replacement within 4 business days.order a new mainspring and do the rebuilding my self.
Proslight weight accurate quite with right pellet good for sm game.
Consgamo Quality control,parts,hassle to order through FFL.
Indianapolis, IN
Very happy.
August 25, 2014
Very happy with this gun. Performs well for the price. No Complaints.
ProsWell built, accurate.
By Tex
Not very accurate.
August 5, 2014
I bought one for each of my kids. Neither of ours holds groups. Ours are both very inconsistent. My kids won't use them.
ProsLooks nice.
By hunter
great gun
July 7, 2014
great gun for dove/rabbit/crow hunting
Prosshoots great
Consscope is cheap!!!!
By michael k.
mcfarland, CA
amazing gun its accurate scope is awesome!
July 2, 2014
This gun is awesome, the scope is awesome, It does its job on taking down small game. And its back yard friendly I think ha
ProsEverything is awesome
ConsNothing at all
By Scott
Gamo QC is poor
June 25, 2014
This is the second Gamo .22 caliber Whisper I have purchased that was bored .177 caliber. Be careful. The .22 caliber Whispers manufactured in Spain, may be .177 caliber when you open the box.

The Whisper is an excellent air rifle, if you get what you order. I own 5 Gamos and like them all.
Prosgreat accuracy
Consthe scopes are not very good, replace it for better results
By Daniel W.
Santa Clarita, CA
Quality and Value
June 11, 2014
Great gun, accurate after initial scope adjustment. Fun to shoot
ProsShoots very accurately up to 25 yards. reasonably accurate up to 50 !! for the price, it's a winner !!! Nice Scope !!!
ConsIt doesn't say "Beeman" on the Barrel
By David
wainfleet, on
love it
April 1, 2014
this rifle is definitely worth it. very accurate and good quality
By Steve
Porterville, CA
Very Accurate
March 19, 2014
This is a well manufactured Air Rifle. It is accurate and fun to shoot. The included scope works great is more than you need for the effective range of an air rifle.
Picture two middle aged guys sitting at a patio table smoking cigars and shooting at one inch clay targets 30 feet out to 50 yards.
Fun to shoot, cheap to shoot and ACCURATE. Also you get the joy of shooting without any noise issues and/or the excess energy of a firearm.
However it does have enough power to dispose of rural vermin at reasonable distances.
ProsAccurate, well made, price
By Paul
Biddeford, ME
Gamo Whisper is a Winner
March 11, 2014
I purchased this air rifle to rid our yard and trees of some very aggressive squirrels. They may be cute with their fluffy tails, but can be very destructive of property. They are constantly raiding the bird feeders as well. This gun has been awesome. After sighting the scope I can really say that the accuracy is sweet. As far as a whisper... well it's a bit louder, but no one in the neighborhood has complained. I would highly recommend this gun to you.
By Jim
November 19, 2013
I have read a lot of reviews on the Gamo Whisper. This airgun is extremely accurate, I have shot it at targets several times and it is pretty easy to get really tight grouping with the scope and gun combo. it is also extremely deadly on varmints and birds. I have killed several pigeons at about 40 yards.
By Kevin
Fairfield CA
Trigger Squeeze!!!!
June 23, 2013
I am just giving a little feedback about my recent purchase of the gamo air rifle. I am a weapons instructor and I am very experienced with rifle shooting, so I can tell you that the trigger squeeze on this air rifle is very difficult to control. No matter how slow and smooth you try to squeeze the trigger the spring comes forward on the trigger assembly causing a very noticeable jerk of the whole weapons system making for a very hard time on shot consistency. I would say that 4 out of 5 could be placed into a 1 inch grouping at 25 meters, but you will always throw one of your shots, at no fault of your own, due to the heavy jerking caused by the trigger assembly.
ProsAll around it's a great weapon. It hits very hard and can take out large squirrels all day. It is a quiet weapon when you use lead, if you use the steel shot it literally sounds like a .22 rifle when it impacts something solid. Your neighbors will not know what your are up too if you use the lead ammo.
ConsTrigger has a very hard snap to it when squeezed causing the weapon to throw your shot groupings towards your strong side.
By Victor G.
Scottsadle, AZ
Great Gun
June 9, 2013
My dad purchased a Gamo rifle for me 54 years ago; I still use the gun to teach my foster boys gun safety. I purchased the whisper 22 for more stopping power and target shooting.
ProsGun is great quality. kept 1/2 in group out of the box after mounting scope at 40 yards. Great scope that is easy to mount and adjust. Location of safety is easy to use and teach the boys gun safety. Gun is too difficult for my 10 and 12 year old to cock.
By Bob M.
Not Accurate
April 18, 2013
I could not get this gun to shoot a consistent group, with or with out the scope. I let my marine neighbor shoot it and he couldn't get it shooting straight either. Don't waste your money, it is not worth it. And the noise level is more than expected
Consnot accurate at all, long trigger pull
By Chris
St.augustine, FL
No accuracy
March 19, 2013
I've tried every pellet and 3 different scopes. No luck. Getting 3 inch groups at 20 feet and also some fly outs to 5 inches off every 5 or 6 shots.
ProsLight weight Not too noisy compared to others
Conszero accuracy Trigger is longggg
By Trey
Accuracy in Question
February 24, 2013
After remounting the scope which came with this gun three times, purchasing a new 'better' quality scope, trying to shoot the gun with open sights, and finally remounting the original scope, I cannot achieve any type of reasonable accuracy. The mounts/rings seem secure (two different sets) and the barrel lock seems secure. I broke out my bench rest equipment and shooting at 15 yards. I continue to get two or three shots in a 3/4" group and then the next shot might be 1 1/2 inch high and the following shot 1 1/2 inch low (3 inch spread). I have used three types of pellets - all with about the same results. This gun was to be for varmint control and I don't have enough faith in the gun to even use it. I bought this gun because of its reputation but sadly it has left me sorely disappointed.
ProsStyling Ease of cocking
ConsAccuracy Noise
By Wayne
Boyds, Maryland
Powerful Airgun
January 28, 2013
I bought the Gamo Whisper two weeks ago. It was smoothly shipped to my home on schedule. The Scope was easily mounted. The firing was powerful, but not whisper. Overall, it was worth the money I spent.
ProsAlmost everything.
By Billy
Nice Rifle!
January 26, 2013
More than happy with this rifle, very solid gun. This thing hits hard and the open sights are dead on. I would buy it again.
ProsNo Cons.
By Daniel
San Jose, CA
Whispering for its punch
January 2, 2013
Bought this gun as an Xmas gift for my dad, he had to spend some time sighting in the scope, but it was made easy with the targets it came with. It sure does have some power behind it, after finding the flattened pellets as proof. I chose this gun due to having the silencer, but I gotta say don't think it makes a big difference considering the power. It has just as much noise as any pellet gun, I'll see how long it takes for my neighbors to notice the sound. Overall it feels and operates like a quality made gun, the quality feels like one of my actual rifles, Strong!! My dad is so far very very happy with this pellet gun, he looked as happy as Ralphie from A Christmas Story! But he noticed that on the box it says comes with some PBA ammo, but search box and didn't find any..
ProsThe over all quality, feel, balance, location of safety, power.
ConsThe level of sound is not a whisper.
By Steve
not such a whisper
January 1, 2013
I must have gotten a bad one because I can't get this thing to group less than 3" at 30 yards. My 22-250 shoots less than 1MOA so it's not me. The trigger on this thing is crap. I would not pay $200.00 for this gun.
ProsVery powerful.
Consaccuracy quality of parts noise trigger
By Wyatt
Washington, Illinois
Great buy!!!
December 25, 2012
So I received my Gamo air rifle today and I love it. I sighted in the scope very easily and was having fun shooting in no time. This rifle has a lot of power, can't wait to pop some rabbits and squirrel's for some good eating. I watched a lot of reviews on the rifle and the video's always seemed loud when they shot the rifle, but it really is not loud at all. I am very impressed with this air rifle. I recommend this air rifle to anyone wanting a Gamo air rifle.
ProsEasy to set up Good looking Well built Fun, Fun, Fun
By David
Alabaster, AL
Excellent neighborhood gun
December 8, 2012
I have had this .22 cal gun for about two years now. Love it. I live in a quiet neighborhood and when I moved in, the former owner had been feeding the squirrels for years. After I hung the birdfeeders up, they moved in and I took aim with this gamo. You only hear the thump of the spring, but no crack like you hear in a normal pellet gun. Excellent for the neighborhood. After a few months, the neighbors told me they had noticed the squirrel population had been reduced. Nobody heard anything to make them suspect anything.

Decent scope for the purposes, not blown away by it, but it does the trick. Need to use quality pellets in it or the gun will spray. After a few rounds, the break barrel loosens up and is really easy to use. Overall, a really light gun and easy to tote around the woods when you're not in a neighborhood.
ProsGood bang for the buck Powerful Excellent for neighborhood squirrel blasting Light weight Consistent accuracy
By jake
gamo whisper
December 4, 2012
Should be called the BANG, it is far from a whisper. Nicely built for the price. We'll see how the scope holds up. Pretty cheesy mount, took 10 shots to get a 3/4 grouping of 2 before the rain came, so we shall see. Hopefully I can adjust the trigger pull, it is a bit stiff. Would be nice to have seen through mounts to use the open sights, they look a bit high for the rear sight though.
ProsSeems well built, and durability will be in the future.
ConsScope mounts and noise. Not real sure if i'm getting 1200 ft/sec with the raptor pellets.
Hendersonville North Carolina
Bringing the boom
November 25, 2012
The gamo whispers is an awesome air rifle. Super accurate, only took 3 to 4 pellets how to dial in the scope. Very accurate from short to long distance. One complaint; package says it was supposed to come with free pellets. The only pellets I got were the ones I purchased.
Merchant Response:Includes: Scope: 3-9x40mm Air Rifle Scope With One Piece Solid Mount and .177 Caliber Air Rifle
ProsI like the accuracy and the ease of loading.
ConsThe scope mount Is one solid piece. There's an anti shock bar attached to the rifle and the scope is mounted to it for placement for the scope. However, after shooting the rifle a bunch, the mounting hole gets "worn out" and that could affect the anti shock of the scope.
By Karl
Best Airgun I have ever bought
October 20, 2012
This is no toy. On my first test in the backyard, I shot at my fence thinking it would stop the pellet, boy was I wrong. It went through my fence and the neighbors fence. For plinking small game, this is an awesome riffle. If you had to survive in the woods, this would be the riffle to take.
ProsPower is awesome. Built in silencer wont wake your neighbor. Very accurate once sighted properly.
ConsNot much to's no AR rifle, but it gets the job done.
By jb
Phoenix, AZ
Whisper is not accurate, aim is...
October 9, 2012
The gun is light the scope is excellent. The aim is so true I love it, better than the more expensive gun I had been borrowing. However, whisper is just not true, it is much louder than the gun. I was using although that is to a large extent because this guns stock is hollow versus a wooden stock. Still, it just isn't that quiet! Nice to handle and shoot overall for the price.
ProsThe scope & price
ConsThe noise
You'll love this rifle
September 11, 2012
By james p.
miami FL
August 19, 2012
Had great expectations. Initially disappointed and finally satisfied. I received the rifle and the the front sight was missing. It came lose in the box and when I replaced it it was a piece of junk. Replacing it was useless. The rear sight moved so much that the combination of front and rear sights felt like a clown target practice. Since I planed to use the scope the sights were removed.

Sighted in the scope and it shot like a charm. I invited a fried whom is an avid airgun shooter and the @#&T hit the fan. He couldn't hit the bulls eye. The scope was defective. If you bobbed your head up and down while looking through the scope the target would move up and down.

I finally purchased a Tasco scope and am pleased with the result.

The noise level SEEMS high. However, it seems high to the shooter. The noise is directed back. To a spectator standing forward of the shooter the noise level is reduce.

Be careful with the penetration power. This is not juniors 10 year old toy.

ProsPower and accuracy
ConsSights and Gamo's scope
By Dick
Gamo Whisper air rifle .22 noise reducer 95 w/scope
July 30, 2012
I couldn't hit anything to begin with until I stopped resting it on an old suitcase and just steadied the rifle against my bedroom window frame. In the last 3 days I've gone 5 for 5 on those pesky squirrels. All I have to do is hit almost any part of the squirrel and the little beast won't be wrecking another birdfeeder. So now I'm experiencing dead on accuracy at 40 to 50 yards and happy as a lark with my $214 investment. I haven't tried beyond 50 yards because I don't have to. The furry varmits come right into range in the back yard.

As for the noise reducer, I thought it would be more quiet than I was led to believe. Yes, it's about the same as the sound of a stapler, not so, unless you're talking about a 3 foot stapler - I don't think they make'em that big, do they? It makes a decided "crack" which the neighbors could easily hear, especially if the were outside. However, I live in a residential area inside the city limits, and no one has said anything yet. I think, if they are hearing me picking off the squirrels, they are so happy with the absence of squirrels, they could care less about the noise. I will say that the rifle noise is muffled by about 50% and it's not very annoying at all, especially since I finally figured out how to shoot the thing.

All-in-all, I seriously doubt you'll be disappointed with this rifle if you have the same needs as mine. It's easily the best $200 I've ever spent. I got more than I paid for and can't imagine you'll find yourself crying in your squirrel stew and wishing you would have upgraded with a more expensive model.
Proseverything, including the weight
Consnothing, very easy to handle and the scope is adequate
By Rod W.
Verona, Wisconsin
Gamo Whisper
June 19, 2012
I bought this pellet rifle about two weeks ago. When I pulled it out of the box, I noticed that the rear sight was adjusted heavy to the left, seeing that I centered it right away and started shooting at targets, only to find out I had to move the rear sight back to the far left again. I was able to maintain a good grouping on my target, that being a 3.5" floppy disk. I later put the scope on the rifle. After reading the other reviews, I thought it would be a good idea to use a light weight thread lock on the screws and let it sit overnight.
Once the scope was sighted in, I was pretty much parking the pellets anywhere on the target that I was aiming at and I'm no pro at shooting. In regards to the type of pellets that I'm using right now, the Crosman Wadcutter and Pointed are working out just fine for this rifle. I fired a few rounds of the alloy type pellets, you will hear a small crack when fired. The lead rounds work fine for me. The only other sound you will hear when you pull the trigger will be the sound of the spring being released.
As far as the trigger action goes, again I'm not a pro shooter, but the action feels fine for what I'm using it for, once you get used to it.
ProsIn the right hands, this rifle is a nail driver and the cocking action isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was able to get the gun sighted in and rock'n, in under 300 rounds.
ConsThe iron sights need to be improved, you shouldn't have to jack the rear sight so far to the left to dial it in.
By Dennis
Indepedence MO
Good value on sale for $210
June 16, 2012
Best gun for the money. Consistent shooting. Very quiet if you shoot pellets 7 grains or heavier (lead). The 1200 fps ammo breaks the speed of sound. You will hear a distict 'CRACK!" when this happens. Using quiet ammo, it takes a head shot to drop a squirrel more than 10 yards out. I have several hits using Gamo Red Fire, and Gamo Rocket and Crosman Destroyer. On my gun the open sights were slightly skewed off center to the left, but accurate. When you install the scope use a medium duty thread locker and let it sit overnight. If you fail to do this, the vibrations from the spring unloading WILL loosen the scope. It will get quieter after 5-10 shots. Then most of the noise comes from the spring. I shoot in my backyard in the city all the time. On mine the scope is kinda funky. I sighted it at 3x power. It is accurate, however, if I zoom in to full power the shots hit high and right about six inches!! at forty yards. At forty yards I can hit a small bird on 3x power. Head shots on squirrels are kinda tough at this range cause they don't hold still more than 2-3 seconds. The trigger totally stinks. I ordered a replacement from Charlie Datuna, $35. I highly recommend this. It is easy to change if you have the handyman skills to install a garbage disposal.
ProsOverall I am satisfied with this gun. I am having fun with it.
ConsIf I had the chance to do it all over again... I would by a .22 caliber Gamo Whisper with a gas spring, add a Charlie trigger, and buy a $50 fixed 4x power scope.
By Wesley
SE Minnesota
Great garden raider eliminator
June 8, 2012
The rifle was priced very well. The scope easy to mount and sight in. I am very pleased with my purchase. Not too sure the little garden raider that is no longer eating our garden plants was too happy!
ProsTotally satisfied
ConsThought it might be a bit quieter than it is.
By David G.
Bulverde Texas
High Quality Gun at an Affordable Price
May 19, 2012
I like the feel of this air gun. It took about 10 minutes to read the instructions and set the rifle up. I mounted the scope and sighted it in per the instructions. It's very accurate and reminds me of shooting a 22 cal rifle.
ProsLove the scope on this rifle.
By Charles
Marion Arkansas
Great Plinker
February 19, 2012
Shot my Whisper for the first time today. I like the results. I am not interested in a tight group on a paper target but whether I can hit a water bottle or a can cleanly. With the Whisper I get just that. Excellent Plinker.
ProsGood iron sights.
By Steve
Accurate, powerfull and fairly quiet
January 22, 2012
I've had my Whisper for about a year now and it hasn't let me down yet. I initially bought it to help with a squirrel problem I had and it did the job. It also took care of a few groundhogs. I took the scope off because I found that it wouldn't mount on securely as it should and would move. Even with the open sights it's easy to get very accurate shoots. The fiber optic sights help you fix on to your target very quickly. The noise of the spring makes this gun sound louder to the shooter than it really is. If you use heavy pellets, bystanders/neighbors will only hear a soft pop and a whizzing. People comment about the trigger but I don't have any issues with it.
ProsAccurate Powerful Easy to cock
ConsLoud spring. (like any other break barrel riffle) Loose scope mount
By John
Holland, MI
nice gun
January 14, 2012
I bought my whisper 4 years ago. Not long after it was stolen. I just got it back yesterday. It still fired perfectly. It appears to have never been used in the last 4 years. I remember the only time I got to use it was to hunt down a muskrat that was destroying the edges of my mom's fishing pond. I remember it was practically silent using lead but made quite a racket using gamo raptors which were the high tech cutting edge pellet then. I have since then stopped using those and switched back to lead realizing they might fly a bit slower but airgun hunting isn't about speed of getting the shot down range. It is all about getting mass accurately down range and into a small target. The gamo whisper is capable of doing that accurately and quietly as long as you are not breaking the sound barrier. I was having trouble keeping the scope on it much less sighting it in before it was stolen. I'll try again in the spring. Too cold out at this time to do more than store the guns.
ProsGun looks great. Quiet with lead pellets
ConsScope vibrates right off the gun in around 3 shots.
By Sako_5 5.
Backwoods NC
Gamo whisper
December 23, 2011
I got this rifle as a gift back in 2009. Out of the box it is a nice rifle. The polymer stock is clean, well made, and comfortable. The gun is no problem to drag around the woods all day, especially if you mount a sling on it like i did. Ive heard many mixed reviews on the scope, but lets remember were only shooting 75-80 yards max. For what it is, its clear, easy to adjust, and holds its zero if properly mounted. By properly mounted, i mean i had to tighten every screw and adjust the scope stop. Once that is done, its rock solid. The iron sights arent the best, but i do like the tru-glow fiberoptics. They are great for low light hunting. The trigger has something to be desired. I adjusted it to its lightest, and its ok. Id say its around 6 lbs, however if you are like me and shoot lots of service rifle, you wont have a problem. Break in took about 500 rounds. Ive found that heavy pellets shot the best, i use the Champions choice Diablo match pellets, and have made a few 100 yard shots on a calm day. The silencer does work, as it sounds more like a muffled thud and not the typical crack. Bottom line, learn how to mount the scope, break it in properly, and find pellets it likes, and youll have a great, well rounded, reliable pellet gun for around 200$. The gamo whisper gets 4.5 stars.
ProsReliable, comfortable, good looking, accurate, powerful, fairly light,
Conslong sight in period, scope needs proper mounting
By Kurt B.
Orange Park, Fl
Should have bought it here
December 14, 2011
I purchased my Whisper from Gandor Mountain and realized I over payed by $150.00. Still, I love the Gun.4 Stars
By Michael
Dunedin, FL
Well worth the money
December 2, 2011
I purchased this rifle in the hopes that it would be as quiet as advertised and accurate enough to get the job done on small varmints. As a former competitive shooter, I am impressed with the accuracy as I sighted in several three shot groups of one ragged hole at 10 meters. I cannot vouch for the quietness of the weapon, though my neighbors are unaware I've used it on my property, so that may be something. I have taken down several rabbits using the psa ammo available. One shot kills, including a hit that took a smaller rabbit completely off its feet. Overall, I'm pleased with the purchase.
ProsAccurate Good stopping/knockdown power Lightweight
ConsLengthy, mushy trigger -- a good 2 stage match trigger and this weapon would be perfect.
By Dave
Quincy, Ma.
Quiet, powerful and light.
November 15, 2011
The Gammo Whisper .22 cal is a great buy. it has the punch of a .22 airgun, with the noise level of a something like a staple gun. most .22 air's are quite loud, but this one is as quiet, possibly quieter, than my .177 Co2 pistols. it came with a very nice quality scope that is fully adjustable. it uses a lot of composite plastic material which keeps the weight down considerably. when you raise it to your shoulder this becomes very apparent. it's very light for a full size rifle. some people feel that heft equals quality, but these days many products like this have a lot of thought put into them as far as ergonomics goes. it's easy on the body. and also the break-barrel pump is smoothe and simple to manage. Gammo quality can speak for itself when you try one. this is a gun that will last a very long time.
ProsQuiet. Light weight, easy to carry and manage. Good quality scope. Very Accurate and powerful.
ConsThe trigger, guard and saftey latch are all composite plastic. even though I don't suspect they will be damaged any way through handling, or even dropping, it would feel better with a nice solid metal trigger, guard and safety. I don't think it would have added any considerable weight to make those pieces some kind of metal.
By Darren L.
Gamo whisper air rifle .22 calibar
August 14, 2011
great gun my 10 yr old loves it, took a squirrel at 60 yards with scope, nice and quiet, sounds like staple gun.
By Jarrod K.
Gamo Whisper .22
August 4, 2011
Upon purchasing the Gamo Whisper, I figured since it was a Gamo it would be somewhere near top-notch, and damn was I right.

This thing packs a punch. The only organic targets I've shot are apples. A .22 hollow point pellet practically blows the apples apart, rotten or fresh. A half inch of ply-wood is easily blasted apart, but an inch of plywood will stop the pellet, but another shot or two in that same hole and the board is splintered. My makeshift range in the basement (a nice quiet place to put the silencer to the test, works well, and sight in the gun.) has targets mounted on 1 inch plywood, a few cardboard boxes with 3 inches of foam in each, and an old wooden door. I need a new backstop already, the pellets just shear through the plywood, practically ignore the boxes, and with a few well aimed shots the door is destroyed. I'm going to need some heavy metal to stop these pellets, and if a half inch of ply-wood doesn't stop a pellet, neither will the skull of small game. Buy this gun, it is a must-have
By Al
Gamo Whisper
May 23, 2011
Bought this gun, as the brocs and cauliflower plants kept getting eaten but wasn't sure what was damaging my plants...I got this gun and was zeroing my scope , and out of the blue, a rabbit showed up in the backyard. Put my Gamo up and one shot about 25 yards away...head shot...The gun worked great. very powerful . and the garden got rid of the rabbit !!

The only thing that I didnt find accurate is the scope, and it kept moving off the mount even after tightening all the loose nuts..but it kept coming off the mount.

I ended up replacing the scope and it worked much better than the one sent with the gamo, but still the scope kept moving off the mount with repeated firing. I think the mount of the gun doesnt hold the scope well, so I ordered a new mount and rings , hopefully this will help keep the scope steady.

Otherwise I think the gun is excellent, accurate and powerful.
By richardb
Good value & relatively quiet air rifle.
April 26, 2011
Although it doesn't seem overly quiet when firing, from 15 meters to the side or back, all you can really hear is the "sizzle" of the pellet in the air. The trigger is a little rough, but with a GRT III aftermarket trigger, the combination is a tack-driver. Good power behind this air rifle, too. You need one of these in your airgun battery ... As long as you upgrade the trigger.
By Roy W.
great gun
January 19, 2011
Bought for my son he loves it shoots great the power is awesome.
By Dylan
Great gun
January 16, 2011
Its pretty quiet, because I have close neighbors. It seems louder to you than it does if youre a few feet away. Its very reliable, nice scope. I had a squirrel problem chewing on our house... Got about 30 if not more... haven't had squirrels for about a year. They must have told their friends.
By Nathan
Good gun
January 4, 2011
Good gun. Scope that came with gun was excellent. No problems sighting in at all if you know anything about guns. Great value.
By Nathan
Great gun
January 4, 2011
Great gun a little heavy. Scope was not nearly as nice as one that came with whisper. Gun shoots fantastic and scope is great for price. Only complaint is a little loud. They need to make this in whisper version in the .22 cal.
By Rick I.
Great gun
January 1, 2011
This is a great gun. A lot of power, accurate and well built. The first one I received was damaged but Air Gun Depot sent another after I returned this one.
By John
Not my favorite
November 22, 2010
It deserves a space in a collection simply for innovation. However I do not use it much. I find the noise supressor makes it hard to sight in or acquire a target. With PBA ammo it is just as noisy as a regular gun and pests are just as dead, so In my professional opinion, Nothing is gained from the noise reducer so I go for other guns first. In my tests I did not see any significant drop in noise even with lead pellets between this gun and another of equal power.
By Jim
Gamo Whisper
November 3, 2010
Bought this gun and it is without a doubt the best pellet rifle that I have ever owned. It is very accurate and quiet ... yes quiet. The reviews I read before I purchased this gun said that this is not a quiet gun, I beg to differ. It is not quiet if you use the hi velocity pellets, but if you are using regular pellets, it is very quiet. Best purchase I have made ... very happy with the gun and the service ... OUTSTANDING!!!
By William B.
Great gun!
November 3, 2010
I found this gun to be outstanding! It is very accurate, and has alot of power. The gun is a bit loud so if you live close to your neighbors be careful. :0) *Shipping was fast, got it in 4 days (Ground shipping)! - Thanks Airgundepot!
By David B.
Gamo Whisper
October 31, 2010
I am a big game hunter,elk, moose, deer, etc. I had a pump up crossman that I used to run off varmits and shoot pigons. It worked OK at the time not knowing any different.

When I received the Gamo I was impressed with the fill of it and the way it looked like a real rifle. I put the scope on it and went out to sight it in. Didn't have any trouble getting it on the mark. The I checked the penetration of the pellets in the blocks of wood the I was shooting. I would compare it to a 22 short. About 3 in the mourning I spotted a coon in the garden, about 40 yards away. The coon will not be in anyones garden again.
By Scott
Gamo Whisper
October 16, 2010
Shoots nice having just a little trouble getting it sighted in.. But I thing that is the ammo I am using
By Lee L.
Gamo Whisper
October 1, 2010
The scope leaves a lot to be desired and the trigger leaves a lot more.
By seth
August 23, 2010
I am only 12 but i am an air rifle expert. i recieved the Whisper for Christmas for '09. it is a extremely great air rifle. I have killed a bird at about 10 yards. The reason that i am including this is because i hit the bird behing the eye on one side but tore most of the head off on the other side. The gun is called whisper for a reason! it wont wake up your neighbors in a neighborhood. The balistics for this gun are AMAZING! the gun is inaccurate at 100+ yards. Please correct me if i am mistaken. This gun is a definate powerhouse. For best accuracy; stay with one pellet always! I currently am waiting to see if the gun has the power to kill a coyote. Due to the ballistic coef. this gun matches up.This gun makes a great birthday or Christmas present, and a great rodent exterminator!
By Paul W.
Gamo Whisper Air Rifle .22 Caliber
August 5, 2010
Very nice to handle once you site it in. Light weight and enjoyable.
By ratkilla
July 29, 2010
i had a problum with thoes tall rats peple call "chipmonks"

i call them dead

head shots at 30 yards. i drop'm like flys. this thing is good with crowmags

and a nice bipod. i got this CRAP ncstar bipod. the springs fell off and so did the legs. the scope is fine once you sight it in.

my longest shot was 1000 ft at a watertower. hit 5ft low

good gun for all pests from rats to racoons
By Dan L.
Gamo Whisper
July 28, 2010
No as quiet as I expected but much more powerful. Is a little difficult to sight it in, but once you have it dialed in it is VERY accurate. I begun by using 3/4 inch pine siding as a target back stop but after the first 2 shots went through the target and the pine siding and distroyed a gallon of weed killer in my shed I was forced to move to a more secure area. The loading is very simple and best of all fast. GREAT GUN.
By Herb S.
Gamo Whisper
July 27, 2010
I wouldn't call it quite a "Whisper".

It is a bit louder than I anticipated - however is a very well made / quality airgun. It is extremely easy to use and as accurate as the shooter pulling the trigger. 8 for 8 chipmunks at 20 yards. I live in a residential area and shoot this gun quite often without drawing any attention from the neighbors.
By Gumby
No More Woodpeckers!
July 18, 2010
We have a severe woodpecker problem here. Last year they did over 500 dollars worth of damage to our house. 3 down and still a few more to go. This gun was the perfect solution for my problem. Very accurate for the 20 to 30 yard range that I shoot from. I hope the other woodpeckers pass the word along that feeding time at "Gumby's" is over!
By Brad
July 15, 2010
I have read a lot of reviews complaining about the scope. Here is what I experienced on my Gamo Whisper Deluxe with 3 x 9 scope. Every screw, and I mean every one of the bolts and screws in the mounting rings were loose. I had to focus the scope initially and that took a lot of turns of the eye piece to do so. Then I set the eye relief which was comfortable for me. I tighten down all of the ring mount screws (diagonal alternate each screw)
Then proceeded to sight it in at the intended distance to target, for me only 35 yards. I found the best consistency with Crossman Max and Gamo red tip deep penetration ammo. The gun shoots well and I will probably upgrade it to the nitro air piston. The included gold ammo shoots much faster so with it, I am about a inch high than with the aforementioned ammo. I will use it for greater distances if needed. Love the weight of the gun, it is fairly easy to pump and feels solid. I do recommend this gun.
By Bill
Review Gamo Whisper
July 9, 2010
Great rifle. Have been shooting this rifle now for 6 weeks and it is extremely accurate and quiet, at least with the 1000 fps pellets. The 1200 fps break the sound barrier and therefore make a loud crack which you'd expect. I find the scope accurate putting pellets into a 1" target at 30 yards, and the trigger seems fine once you get used to it. Well worth paying extra for the RWS Superdome pellets, as they are devastating on squirrels, chickmunks, crows etc. and always right on when target shooting. Highly recommend.
By rubenskatefreak
Great gun
June 17, 2010
This gun is accurate as hell. At around 30 yards standing up with beeman crow-magnum pellets 1 inch groups. Really quiet too. Ive shot a couple of skunks at night time and have missed and have been able to get a second shot at them because the noise the gun makes doesnt scare them that much. The only thing i dont like is the scope that came with the gun. Its not very easy to zero. Other than, its an awsome gun. I dont see much skunks anymore.
By Andrew
June 8, 2010
This is a powerful and accurat rifle. It seems to shoot the best with pba ammo. The day I sited it for the first time, I seen a rabbit 35yd and hit him right through the head.
By JimInMT
second review Gamo Whisper
May 21, 2010
Regarding spring piston, it seems like, if Gamo REALLY wanted to reduce noise, they should have made ALL of them ONLY with air pistons, because the spring is very noisy (to which others have also attested at other sites on the web, comparing its apparent noise to actually greater than a good RWS or Beeman of comparable quality). That said, it is a pleasure to have a full sized pellet rifle that is not as heavy as a standard hunting rifle (5.8 or so versus 8-9 pounds).
By JimInMT
Gamo Whisper .17
May 21, 2010
A bit loud when heard from my end of the barrel, probably the spring. I have not heard it fired by someone else, so cannot attest to any "52% noise reduction" (how do they derive that precise a figure, anyhow!?) - it sounds as "loud as" my old "child's" RWS rifle, which seems also more accurate at short range [under 30 feet]. I do NOT like the scope, as it seems to be off after a few shots, and I always liked iron sights - the glowing sights on this gun are amazingly easy to see, even in low light. I "should have" got the .22 for what this does... however, too late.
By joe
the gun
May 7, 2010
this gun is good not loud so can shoot it in you back yard i had the recruit b4 this and that killed in 1 shoot this gun just makes my day with its power great gun
By america
good gun
April 10, 2010
good gun for varmint hunting only had it for two should get this gun perfect for a 11 year olds birthday
By dstump54
awesome gun
March 3, 2010
great gun. took me a while to sight it in but its dead on now. killed 4 red squirrels a crow and a gray squirrel. always looking out the window for something else to pop. and quite so my neighbors cant hear me.
By Someone
February 13, 2010
Got this gun for christmas and wow I was amazed! This gun is accurate & powerful & reliable. This gun will have no problem taking down these animals squirrels,chipmunks,crows,other kinds of birds, rabbits, ground hogs, maybe even a turkey if you hit it in the write spot!! The only cons I have for this gun is the scope sucks but what the hek its free. I don't know if it's my gun but this thing is loud!!! Not a good thing at all! It cracks like a .22 but i dont know if its my gun but who cares great gun 5/5 for sure. Great overall definantly recommend it, hopes this helps.
By Hawaiian L.
January 27, 2010
got my gun a few days ago and tried it a few times, i really like how it shoots and its pretty quiet. if i had a choice i would buy it again, scope was dead on when i hit my target at about 75 yards.
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