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Sure Flight Airgun Darts, 12 pack

Turn your airgun into a dart gun!
Only $9.99
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  • Code: AGD-P1408 · $9.99 · .177 · · 12 ct
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An incredible new twist to use your airgun. Sure Flight Airgun Darts! These darts are high-quality with the fletching made from South African mohair. Perfectly paired with a standard dartboard, you can now play your favorite dart games like around the clock, chase the dragon, or cricket with a fun new twist using an airgun! You will receive 12 .177 caliber airgun darts with various fletching colors. We find lower powered airguns that fire pellets below 400 fps work best. Single-pump pneumatic pistols work as well as smooth bore CO2 revolvers with cartridges that have a rubber spacer located at the back of the cartridge.

Please note that any damage to rifled barrels that was caused by airgun darts may invalidate some manufacturer warranties.

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  • ManufacturerGolden Eagle
  • Caliber.177
  • Ammo TypeDarts
  • Pellet ShapeArrow
  • Pellet Quantity12 ct
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By NelsonOctober 9, 2018

Just received my package of darts and they work great in my 1875 Remington revolver. However, the package contained eight darts instead of the advertised ten. Kind of disappointed with the false advertising but the darts themselves are fine.

Lots of fun

Realize that there may be less than the advertised ten darts in the package when it arrives.

By MichaelUSASeptember 24, 2018

I�ve been using these darts for a few weeks now and they work great. Very accurate to about 15 feet, some deviation after that. I�ve had the fur come out of about 5 of them so far, but saved the tips to try and stick them on the end of Q-tips cut in 1/2, should work well. If you buy about 3 packs, you won�t mind the few you loose here and there when the fur wadding occasionally pulls out of the back. Be sure and pull them from your dart board with a pair of pliers or multi tool, they�ll last longer.

Easy to load, work well with the gun.

If your not careful the fur pulls out of the back of the dart.

By RobertUSAJuly 9, 2018

Need a bunch they will fall apart if not handled carefully when pulling them out,not as accurate as the pellet but hey there darts right.


A little fuzzy at the end needs to be trimmed so as to not hang up.come apart after a while,just get some more no big con.

By RobertUSAFebruary 14, 2018

Tried these in the 1875 Remington. Will have to modify cartridges to work well. Not bad for the price.

well made


By BobUSAJanuary 10, 2018

Quality of darts are good. Mohair feathers hold up well on darts after hitting dart board target. After firing at 12' I find them pretty accurate using the Colt SA revolver. When using the cartridges from the Colt you must remove the back washer that holds the bb to be able to put the dart in, other wise it will not fit. The instuctions on the package states to use in break barrel guns not more than 300 fps.

Good quality Flies straight Holds up hitting dart board target Reusable 12 pack has differnt colors It is fun using darts

Need to remove washer that holds bbs in cartridge when using Colt SA Revolver

By L T.November 27, 2017

These are hard to find in a store as i shopped and called everywhere ...

they fiy straight

shipping costs

By JamesUSAJune 12, 2017

Works very well with my Colt peacemaker pellet gun. Shoots well up to 20 feet or so. Unique twist on playing darts. Fun!

By Bobgm3June 7, 2017

This reminds me of when I was a kid and I had a Crossman pistol that would shoot darts. Everyone who try's shooting these loves it. We had friends over last week and their college age daughter wouldn't put the Dan Wesson 715 down! The darts work perfectly and are very high quality. You want them!

Priced right and great quality and very fun!

that I'm not shooting them right now!

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Will the darts work in the Crosman CR357? Thanks Sean

asked Sean from USA

Can you use these darts with Black ops pellet cartridges? Thanks John

asked John from USA

Darts are loaded in the gun muzzle.not in the shells.

Mark from USA

Is there a way to get the darts in a bigger caliber

asked Pete from USA

No. They only come in .177 cal.

Mark from USA

Package says 10 pack but write up says you will receive 12 darts. Which is it?

asked Ken

Do you have .22 cal. darts?

asked Andrew James Elliott

Would these work well in an old Crosman 2100 air rifle for shooting squirrels or rats? I know the various types of standard pellets will do the deed, but I've never shot darts and have no clue as to what would be the result.

asked CrosmanFan

Ifu remove the feather,will it be accurate, or will it tumble?, or lose velocity?

asked Tony
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