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Hello, My name is Rick Eutsler

Rick Eutsler - Blog writer for AirgunDepot

Rick Eutsler – Blog writer for AirgunDepot

Hello, my name is Rick Eutsler. Many of you may know me from my work on YouTube and also my website A little over seven years ago I found myself in a situation having just moved out to the country but yet could not shoot firearms because I lived in town limits. Having 2 acres of land and not being able to shoot was quite frustrating to me.

One day I was visiting a friend of minewho lived back in town and he introduced me to a break barrel airgun. In fact it was the Crossman G1 extreme. I had never seen such a contraption that could deliver such power with only one cock. Needless to say I was hooked.

One day while at my favorite gun range, I noticed they had break barrel rifles as part of their offerings. I wound up getting a Gamo Hunter 440, this was back when Gamo was building guns out of wood and steel. I quickly found that I enjoyed shooting airguns just as much, if not more than my firearms. The fact that I could sit in my backyard and target shoot absolutely thrilled me.

Not being satisfied with just one airgun, I quickly started looking at all the other various options. My next purchase was a 22 caliber Beeman GH 150 followed shortly thereafter by a chronograph, the ProChrono digital, so that I could verify the stated velocity on the box. I was shocked to find the 800FPS claim actually equaled about 650FPS in real life.I realized very quickly was that almost all manufacturers tend to exaggerate their “up to” velocity numbers.

Rick Eutsler, Jr. with Crosman MTR77 NP

Rick Eutsler, Jr. with Crosman MTR77 NP

As my thirst for all things airgunsgrew,I found various blogs and forums that were a wealth of information. But, they all seemed to betailored to hard-core hobbyists, focusing on airguns that I could only dream about owning one day and some of the material was frankly way over my head. So, I decided to try andwrite about more cost conscience airguns from a real world, new to the sport, not quite knowing what Im doing, perspective. In short I wanted to write about airguns for the common non-airgun persons view. I also wanted to provide objective overviews of real-world performance of airguns that I owned and tested. This way, new airgunners could know in a short concise way, if something was going to fit their needs.

It didnt take long for things to pick up. In fact its quite interesting that Im back here writing for airgun Depot. If you look back in the archives youll find that I did a series years ago on the BAM family of airguns. Airgun Depot was one of the first companies that I worked with and Im happy to be able to work with them again.

I still review and write aboutairguns and airgun accessoriesfrom the same perspective. Sure there are going to be times were we’ll dive in to the nitty gritty details, but generally speaking,our goal with this blog is to provide real-world, practical, easy-to-understand information about all types of airguns and the sport. We hope that you will join us as weand look at what makes this such an exciting and enjoyable pastime.

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