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H&N Grizzly .357 Cal, 82 gr - 85 ct

82 Grains
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  • Code: HN-96335608201 · $14.99 · .357 · 82 grains · 85 ct
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The H&N Grizzly hollowpoint pellet has a unique nose because of the special star-shaped cuts in it. Those cuts will deliver maximum energy and mushrooming. In fact- H&N states it'll mushroom a whopping 165%! If you're going hunting and need some real knockdown power- get H&N Grizzly pellets!

H&N Grizzly Pellets Features
  • 82 grains
  • Hollowpoint
  • 85ct
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  • ManufacturerHaendler & Natermann
  • Caliber .357
  • Ammo Type Slugs
  • Ammo Weight 82 grains
  • Pellet Shape Hollowpoint Slug
  • Pellet Quantity 85 ct
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By BillyUSAJanuary 1, 2018

this bullets or pellets not bad prize at 9.00 but i have double pack for 27 buck there 100 and each can that give 200 round of ammo that just great for some starting there big bore air rifle i have got bulldog 357 and these bullet fit these grizzly are lite at 85 grain that will hit the target same power at nozzlers

good deal

there no con yet but id there are will tell later

By DominickUSANovember 14, 2017

I bought these with the intent to use them for plinking but quickly found them to be killer pellets! Bought five (5) more tins to have plenty on hand!

Very cheap per pellet 9 cents per shot! Good ballistically out to 100 yard. Have not shot anything further.

Weight segregation should that 80% weight was 80.5 gr, and 20% where scattered 75gr to Once segregated they shot good CTC groupings .75" @ 50 yards about 1.25" at 75 yards

By JohnUSADecember 15, 2016

These things pack a punch at 40 yards

Heavy great for hunting

Not good for long distance

By JorgeUSAOctober 14, 2015

nice finish and oiling... well shaped... but they just don't get along with my hatsan bt65 .357

Good quality pellet...

they make a 3 inches group at 25 yards on my hatsan bt65 .357... maybe with a different airgun would work..

By TimothyUSAMay 20, 2015

Pellet's soft lead ,so when they hit they expend all of there energy and mushroom very well !

I about 18 yard range in house , so I tried the H&N Grizzly ! they work great ,soft lead , No over penetration at back stop , 19 yards accuracy great ! No pellets zinging around cellar after they hit big plus don't have to use expensive pure lead hunting bullets to sight in open sights or red dot's ! ! !

Not really a con but I couldn't find any other weights , should try making 95 100 gr. and a nice 120 gr hunting pellet !I I get some royalties lol

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Will these fit the hatsan carnivore 357 magazine

asked Jason Shearer

Thats what I want to know too !

Nasario from USA

do these work well Benjamin Bullpup .357

asked Sean from USA

Will these be good for white tail deer ? I will be using them in a benjamin bulldog

asked Spencer from USA

It says .357 in the advertisment but the pictures are of the old .35/9mm and NOT the .357s. They do make new ones now tho that ARE .357s... So which ones are theses that you guys are selling really??? Are they the .35/9mm ones in the picture OR are they the New ones that are actually .357s. This does matter and make a difference to serious shooters

asked Ben

What I got were labeled .35s... Definitely not happy about that. I have plenty of those. What I thought I was buying was the .357. The tins even have the old stickers, not like what's displayed here. Not happy with this purchase at all.

Dennis from USA
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