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Baikal IZH-46M Match Competition Target Pellet Pistol - .177 Caliber

Baikal IZH-46M Match Competition Target Pellet Pistol - .177 Caliber

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The IZH46M one of the best .177 target air pistols in the world. In the years since its inception, this amazingly accurate air pistol has won major air pistol matches around the world. It is common to see an IZH46M at an air pistol competition going up against some of the powerhouse names. The unique point about the IZH46M is that its used for competition as well as fun. Standard features: easy cocking under lever mechanism, micrometer fully adjustable rear sight, five way adjustable trigger, adjustable international target grip, hammer forged rifled barrel and more. 90-day limited repair warranty on factory defects of metal parts & 30-day warranty on seals & stock.


  • Model: IZH-46M
  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity: 460 FPS
  • Ammo Type: Pellets (Lead Only)
  • Body Components: Metal with Wood Grips
  • Overall Length: 16.8 in
  • Barrel Length: 10 in
  • Barrel Style: Rifled
  • Fire Mode: Single Shot
  • Cocking Effort: 18lbs
  • Trigger Pull: 1.1 lbs
  • Trigger Adjust: Two-Stage Adjustable
  • Action: Bolt-Action
  • Power plant: Single-Stroke Pneumatic
  • Gun Weight: 2.86 lbs
  • Front Sight: Post
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable
  • Warranty: 90-day limited repair warranty on factory defects of metal parts & 30-day warranty on seals & stock
  • Country of Origin: Russia

Package includes:
Baikal IZH 46M Pellet Pistol

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  • ManufacturerIZH-Baikal
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity460 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Barrel StyleRifled- Fixed Barrel
  • MechanismSingle-stroke pneumatic
  • UseCompetition
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Baikal IZH-46M Match Competition Target Pellet Pistol - .177 Caliber
24 Reviews
83% (20)
17% (4)
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42% Recommend this product (10 of 24 responses)
By David
El Paso, Tx
Excellent, not selling for a while.
January 29, 2018
Had one and used it. Extremely accurate. Unfortunately I sold it years back. Hopefully it will come out again.
ProsDurable your AK47 in APs.
ConsPumping while competing can strain your arm and make you fatigue. This is great for beginners serious about competition AP shooting.
By nick b.
yorkshire england
how to upset your competitors
August 15, 2016
Let the results speak for themselves in first year four competitions 3 golds and a silver. When competitors see the gun they have a giggle its one of those pump up russian things not like my expensive german thingy machine . They arenot smiling when you take the medals
By Michael S.
Mendocino, CA
Love to Shoot
December 21, 2014
single shot....very accurate. This pistol satisfies everything a shooter could ask for. I shoot this pistol daily and am happy I have it as part of my daily routine. I love to target shoot. Some days are good....others not so.
Prosgood exercise.
Consgot to pump it and load each shot.
By Bill K.
Bucyrus, Ohio
1st pellet pistol purchase.
April 24, 2014
My first experience with an accurate air pistol was at the CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry. They have a number of IZH 46M loaners. After shooting theirs I purchased one from AIRGUN DEPOT, good price and very quick delivery.
This pistol is amazing. I have had it back at Camp Perry a number of times at their indoor 10 meter range. Using CMP (Vogel) pellets and shooting off a support hitting inside the ten ring is no problem. After talking to the CMP staff I may enter some of their competition matches, when/if I become more proficient.
Out of the box the sights were right on at 10 meters and the trigger was very crisp and light. The changes I made were: 1) sanded off the sharp edges on the grip and added finger grooves to better fit my hand. 2) reduced the trigger over travel 3/4 turn. 3) installed the smallest front sight blade. 4) put thread lock on the rear sight mounting screw.
I'm very new to this game and have a lot to learn but with this pistol the journey should be fun.
ProsVery accurate. Wonderful trigger. Easy to pump. Very consistent velocity, 11.4 ft/sec spread in 10 shots. All metal and wood. With care it should last a long time. Great service from AirGun Depot.
ConsExpensive, but compared to other competition air pistols it is a good value. The grip needs a little work to be comfortable. Sometimes its a little difficult to load a pellet. Could it be my fat, arthritic fingers?
By Brad S.
Great purchase
March 31, 2014
Just shot 50 rounds through the pistol it's dead on at 10 meters! Love this gun!
By Dennis
Very Accurate
March 16, 2014
This is the finest and most accurate pistol I have ever own. No matter what I feed it everything goes in the 10 ring at 25yrds. A solid well made Russian pistol at a reasonable price. Well worth the money and ease to shoot with adjustable trigger, adjustable rear sights and hand grip. The hand grip is over sized, I think that is intentional so the manufacture can not satisfy ever ones custom size to shooting, so there is plenty of room to customize the grips to your own hand. With a dremel tool I had customized mine in about 20 minutes.
ConsAs shooting be careful that the O rings on the breach.
By Scott
New Hampshire
I love this gun
February 7, 2014
I got it about a week ago, so have only shot it a few times, but I really like it. I don't compete in air pistol any more, but enjoy target shooting, and really appreciate how accurate this gun is, and how good the trigger is. I would fully recommend this gun to buyers like me who are looking for an accurate gun to practice marksmanship with, and don't want to deal with external tanks or compressors.
ProsAccuracy, adjustability of trigger. I like the dry fire feature, but find it less than ideal since the feel is slightly different than when it is fully cocked. Also, let me comment that they packed this really well and so it arrived well protected and in good shape.
ConsThe grip is a little thick and blocky, but I guess that means there is more than enough material to customize it. I will be taking a dremel tool to mine eventually.
By Allan
A great air pistol
February 15, 2013
After shopping around, I found the izh-46m to be the best pistol for the value. It shoots great and is consistently accurate. The only modification I made was to the grip. I used a dremel and rounded some of edges.
ProsValue Accuracy Easy use Able to dry fire
ConsGrip is a little bulky No safety
By Tom
Seattle, Washington
Really great air pistol
December 23, 2012
I call this the AK 47 of precision air pistols. Simple and well engineered to be manufactured for the masses. They put their money where it needs to go, into the trigger mechanism and really great barrel. The rest is designed just to do what it needs to do and hold up to years of hard use. A very simple and elegant design that doesn't wast a penny on shine. If you just want to shoot a really good pistol and not wast a huge amount of money, the Baikal gives you a real option without compromise.
ProsI like it's simplicity of use. It's comfort and accuracy and its excellent sights and trigger. All outstanding. No scuba tanks, no Co2 bottles, just add pellets and shoot anywhere. The pistol is very quiet and is not effected by dry firing with or without air charge.
ConsThis gun is precision shooting for the masses. I fear that the poor folks are going to start showing up and winning. You will want to keep an extra set of breech seals around. They can get pulled out and lost. Mine was shipped with a spare set and a set can be had for about $10.
By Tom S.
Now having owned this for about 2 years
January 1, 2012
I can tell you it is the best air gun of any kind I have owned. I LOVE it. I wrote a while ago about the seals popping out, but that was due to my own ignorance at the time. Now, no problem. It is still spot on and a joy to shoot. It is worth every penny. I am not a competition shooter by any means, but when I use this pistol, I shoot pretty close to one. I can now (most of the time) cluster in a little bit bigger than a dime in off hand shooting at 10 meters. It is so quiet that no one will know you are shooting except for the ping of the trap. If you are looking at it, get it. You will not regret it
Consno safety.
By bing
izh 46m
September 21, 2010
I have acquired one of this izzy after a long-long wait. I have had several air pistols for the last 30 years but could not be happier until this beauty. It is very fun to shoot, once you start shooting, you don't want to stop. It always hit the bulls at 5 meters with a scaled 10 meter-target. It doesn't failed to amazed me; I shoot it almost everynight at our garage.

Mine arrived with the mount and a BSA scope on it, but later removed it as it looks more intimidating without one.

So easy to maintain, great adjustable sights and trigger. I hand-fit mine with a dremel; a little fine sanding; and covered it with a clear coating.

It will be with me until nature do us part :)
By David
September 15, 2010
This was my first competition air pistol. Its very accurate and durable. I would recommend this for shooting fun and for beginner competitors. Due to the lever, it will take some muscle power to get you through an entire competition. I sold mine and wished I didn't. If you are looking for a lower cost competition pistol, this is your best choice.
By R B.
IZH Baikal 46 Target Pistol
December 3, 2009
Have had my IZH for 10 years and it gets hard use. Still works like new and a tack driver. I also have a FWB 65 MK II I bought at the same time and an old Hammerli Master CO2 that I bought in early 70s. The Hammerli is effected by temperature changes whereas the other two don't suffer in this regard. While the FWB is considered one of the great target guns of all time and is extremely well made ... which it should be considering it cost about 4 times what the IZH does. But the bottom line of a target gun is how it shoots. Frankly the IZH FOR ME is the best of the bunch. The trigger is fuilly adjustable unlike the FWB which has limited adjustability. I was able to get it perfect with a few days of fine tuning. It may not have the ultimate trigger like the latest FWB or my Diana 75s T0 1 match target rifle but it is darn close.
Over the years I consistently get very good 10M scores with it...better on average the my FWB.

The only negative is that you will need to do some filing and sanding of the handle to get it to fit as well as my FWB stock grips. But it has plenty of material so easy to take off and shape where necessary.
The version I have is the original...the 46M is the newer model which has slightly higher velocity but in a target pistol that is irrelevant.
The only reason I wouldn't give it a 5 star rating is the finish is a little less fine than the high priced stuff but that is really irrelevant too!
By Raul
great pistol
May 29, 2009
I had wanted a "match" pistol to help me with bullseye competition. I felt it was too expensive to drive to the public range at Ben Avery. I was amazed at how much a good pistol cost. I was prepared to pay the high price for one of the top gun when I read about this pistol on the internet. I took a chance and I am very happy with it. Only real bad thing about it is the grips. You will be spending alot of time with the Dremel tool, but once it got set you will fall in love it.
By Tom S.
Excellent except for on small thing
January 25, 2009
I have now owned this gun for about two months. I shoot it about three times a week, about 30 rounds each time. I love to shoot this gun. It is easy to use, incredibly accurate, and extremely quiet. I have owned several airguns. RWS, Crosman, and Avanti. My RWS is too loud to shoot on our small lot. The Crosman is a toy, and sadly, I sold the Avanti long ago. Anyway at 10 meters this whisper quiet gun will shoot inside a quarter for me (sometimes) and I am by no means a great shot. I suspect in better hands, it would be in a dime. The grip did need minor adjustments but I have large hands. The trigger is the best I have ever used although I would like it if it had a safety. I shot a hole in my garage drywall by accident because of the sensitivity of the trigger. Keep away from it until you are pointing down range. Sights are great IMHO. The only problem has been the seals, which popped out. It comes with extra's but no instructions on how to properly install. Instruction book is a bit weak. When I emailed the company. They sent a curt reply to call their 800 number which I can't do because I work when they are open.
I shoved new seals into the grooves but they are a bit crooked and I am not sure they will stay in place. Nevertheless, this is a good gun, worth the money. Just be sure you find out how to repair the seals before they pop out. But for this problem, which is partly my lack of knowledge, I would give this gun a 5 plus rating.
By Bob G.
December 11, 2008
Absolutely a professional air pistol. Very well made of all metal including the beautiful sights. rear sight is wide for a good view of the target. Wood grip is a piece of art work. any hard edges can be smoothed out with a dremel tool to make it even more comfortable in fitting your hand. Adjustable hand rest on bottom of grip allows your hand to fit snug to allow for even more control in your shooting stance. Very well balanced for me. The operation of this pistol is smoother than expected,every piece that moves, moves freely with precision. Read the manual before you try and operate this gun, there is an order to its operation!! COCK; PUMP;LOAD;CLOSE COCKING MECHANISM AND LOCK;AIM AND THEN DO YOU LIGHTLY TOUCH THE TRIGGER AND JUST THINK OF GETTING THIS SHOOT OFF TO THE TARGET.( be very carefull with your first shot if you are not used to a fine trigger with a 28 ounce pull) The trigger is fully adjustable to put it right in your comfort zone. Out of the box my first 2 shots with Gamo Match Diablo 7.71gr pellets into the bullseye at 10 meters in my basement range. If you are serious about shooting, Go buy one it will put a smile on your face when you see how nice it shoots and handles..
By Carl
Worth it all!!
July 7, 2008
Placed my order on a Saturday, expecting to have to wait weeks for delivery. To my amazement, on Monday I learned that my pisol was on the way. I eagerly tracked the UPS shipment, all the time hoping that when the delivery day came UPS would be earlier than their normal 7p.m. visit. Right on time, just after 7p.m. the driver rang the door bell. I signed for the pacage and eagerly cut it open with my trusty Gerber.
Near dark, I rushed to the back yard where my bulllet trap had been set up to get off a few shots before it got plum dark in Savannah. I eagerly cocked the pistol, carefully aimed at the bullseye and NOTHING! Over the next couple of days, I read, re-read and read again the manual. Tried and tried again, but the thing just wouldn't fire. Finally, in frustration I emailed EAA in Florida telling them that my 46M "won't fire". Next morning shortly after 0700 I had a message from EAA telling me to call the 800 number extension 15. Immediately jumped on the land line only to reach a recording telling me to leave my message and phone number and they would call back between 3 and 4 pm in the afternoon. After hanging by the phone each of the next three afternoons without hearing anything I again turned to an email just after 3pm the next business day complaining that I was being neglected. That must have done the trick because within minutes I was talking to a 'real person' in the gunshop who told me to ship it to the Florida address. Within minutes I had a shipping label from my FedEx account and was on the way to Kinko's to drop the shipment. Next morning I tracked the package in Cocoa Beach, 'Out for Delivery'. By 2 that afternoon the package had been delivered.
EAA didn't waste any time with the repairs, they must have repaired it the afternoon they received it. Little more than an hour ago the door bell rang and there was 'Brown' with my 46M, the first day after the long 4th of July weekend.
So, rushing to the backyard again I had time to get off ten rather quick slow fire shots at 10 meters in the fading light. Perfect, this beauty shoots much better than my seventy-three year old trembling limbs can hold.
So wish I could have enjoyed a pellet pistol of such fine quality fifty years ago when I was a competitive pistol shooter.
Late as it is in my life I am going to really enjoy the pistol I'm certain that I will never be able to take full advantage of this fine Match Pistol but with the price of fuel I can't afford to drive the sixteen miles to the range more than a couple time a month.
My small and somewhat arthritic hands don't handle the generous grip as well as they once might have. Once I have finished fitting the grips I'm certain the targets will look better to me.
Out of the box, the trigger is better than any match pistol I ever owned as a competitor. Better that the K-38 wheel gun that was always my favorite for slow fire.
Will run it through the chrony after I've put a hundred or so pellets through it just to see how consistent the velocity is.
While I was initially greatly disappointed when it would not initially fire I am really comfortable to know that It has just been checked out by the gunsmiths at EAA and appears to be nothing less than "perfect".
I would recommend this beauty to all without reservation. Can't say too much about the quality service from EAA.
By Morrie
Great Pistol
May 28, 2008
This is a very accurate target pistol, more so than me. It has a nice trigger pull right out of the box. Great value for the money, and I was impressed with Airgundepot also, quick delivery that I could track very easy. RWS hobby pellets, 7.0 gram work well in it. I expect to improve with this easy to shoot gun.
April 6, 2008
I have been shooting pistols, centerfire and rimfire for about 40 years. I have owned some very accurate tuned revolvers and target grade automatics. I have shot pistol in competition, and used them for hunting. All that said, this IZH46M is probably the single most accurate pistol I have ever shot. I bought it for practice indoors and for outdoor plinking. It would be plenty good for any competition unless you were competing at a world class level. Mine shoots 7gr RWS basic pellets at a consistant velocity of 440 FPS. The trigger is great and all I had to do to get it to fit my hand perfectly was to move the adjustable palm rest. This gun is top notch and if you are thinking of buying a top quality extremely accurate air pistol, this is it.
By Stephen
Great Fun
February 25, 2008
This pistol is fun to shoot. Very accurate and quality make and materials. I recomend this pistol.
By John N.
Stunning Accuracy
August 22, 2007
This gun is so accurate and fun to shoot that I lost mine to my brother. He's a big target shooter and when he tried it out he just couldn't let it go. His wife doesn't shoot, but she was deadly with this fantastic pistol. The first thing I did when I returned from that visit was to order another one. This pistol is a fantastic value and will make you a bullseye shooter in a hurry.
By Steve
May 14, 2007
This air pistol far exceded my expectations.It's workmanship and accuracy are amazing for a gun costing under $300. All my friends are impressed with it and are looking forward to getting theirs.
By Jr
April 8, 2007
I shot a friends izh very accurate and now Im pricing them on the net to buy my own.
By R P.
Best non CO2 match pistol at any price
January 9, 2007
Bought this Russian built IZH46M single cock pneumatic to improve my bullseye pistol slow fire scores. I have a Crossman with a red dot but I can out shoot that pistol. True story, I just received it on a Thursday. Had only 2 days to practice prior to a sectional air pistol match. I am currently unclassified NRA shooter so had to shoot with the masters. When I went to the match, I thought I was way out of my league. Many people with well over $1000 pistols and very serious. I didn't have time to find match pellets so was shooting a mix of some wal-mart crossman pellets I had laying around. By the end of the match, I think I angered more than a couple people. Shot a 541 of 600 for third overall. Believe it or not that was the first time I'd ever seen a real 10 meter target. I had been practicing at home with a reduced size 21 ft B2 target for my bullseye pistol. I never intended to compete seriously with it. So little experience that I had to adjust my sights about a third of the way through the match. Two clicks up because I didn't have a chance to fully sight it in. I suspect I could have shot a 560~570 if I would have been better prepared. Felt very good. Best money I've spent in a LONG time. How will it stand the test of time? Yet to be determined. If it craps out in 3 years, I'm just going to buy another one.
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By thor from sacramento on February 6, 2012
Are parts easy to get? Which ones would commonly fail? Does it shoot better after break-in? How many shots would that be? Finally, should I buy one?
By Jason from Loveland, CO on June 17, 2012

I've had mine for better than 10 years, though in storage for 5. I've yet to have a part break. Just got it out the other day, still super accurate.
The trigger on this gun is phenomenal! I have it adjusted to about a half-oz pull, very little movement at all.
Its been a while since I chronographed it, but my chrony showed about 416 fps, +/-2.
Pumping is very easy, adjustment is good to great and the grip is super comfortable.
Anyway, buy it. You'll like it.

By Jim from Hampton Roads, VA on February 7, 2012
how is Baikal IZH-46M recharged? My dad used to be old soviet pro shooter and wants to buy this or Feinwerkbau, but they had soviet gear back then. How is it recharged in home conditions in US?
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

A hand pump I think....
By Lee from wny on May 24, 2012

Mechanism: Single Stroke Pneumatic
one pump does it...amazing pistol

By ed from uxbridge on on July 26, 2012
Is this pistol available with left hand grips?

By Diane from Minnesota on July 31, 2012
I bought one of these for my son and he is using it for the 4-H shooting sports club. One of the little seals popped off and could not be found. Luckily it came with a couple extra. Why would it pop off? Do you know if I could order more of those little seals to have on hand? Thanks.

By Sakari Rautanen from Finland,Turku on June 4, 2012
Where I can find the o-rings ( 2 pcs) ( item 19 in spare parts book) for this gun?

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