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PACT Professional-XP Chronograph w/ IR Light Kit

PACT Professional-XP Chronograph w/ IR Light Kit

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Made in the USA

Because knowing the velocity of your loads in your gun will allow you to refine them for the best possible accuracy at distance, remove the guesswork from holdover and insure optimum bullet performance on game with the Pact Professional XP Chronograph. Compare the actual velocity of a particular charge to the predicted velocity. This will help you determine if you're getting adequate ignition or if you're moving into the danger zone on pressure even though you're still below the "max." load. This insight is the difference between a load that goes "bang" and one that really performs. Tells you where to set your point of impact at 100 yards, for any down range zero (dead on at 300 yards for example) or where to set your point of impact at 100 yards to achieve Maximum Point Blank Range for your bullet load combination. The software in all PACT Chronographs was written with this analysis in mind. Our mission is to help you produce the finest possible ammunition and hit your target.


  • New Glint Guard 2TM bullet detection system offers even greater accuracy and sensitivity in the widest range of light conditions.
  • Screen mounting system for faster setup exactly indexes the bullet detectors to the correct separation for maximum accuracy.
  • Massive bullet library includes the Ballistic Coefficient of every bullet from every major (and most minor) bullet manufacturers.
  • New PC interface lets you download your ballistic data to your computer and upload new bullets from your computer to your PACT chronograph.
  • Built in alpha-numeric printer provides you with a complete and legible permanent record of your bullet and ballistic data at no extra charge.
  • Complete statistical analysis of your velocity data allows you to tune your loads to perfection.
  • Built in full-function ballistic computer uses your actual chronograph and bullet data to optimize your zero at the range. Corrects for windage, elevation, and temperature.
  • Calculates the free recoil of any gun/load combination.
  • Calculates the actual Ballistic Coefficient for any bullet.
  • Calculates the Kinetic Energy, Momentum, Taylor Knockdown and IPSC Power Factor of any load.
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  • ManufacturerPact Inc.
  • ConditionNew
  • Accessories TypeChronographs
  • WarrantyLimited Lifetime
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PACT Professional-XP Chronograph w/ IR Light Kit
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