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RWS Airguns- Model 34 .22 Cal

With RWS 4X32 Scope and Lockdown Mounts
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  • Code: 216-6159 · 0.22 cal · 800 fps ·
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*Note: Video shows a model with a flashlight and laser combination. This Model does NOT include the flashlight and laser.

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RWS 4X32 Scope and RWS 1 Piece Lockdown Mount Included! This is our most popular RWS model. Accuracy, power and style combined into one affordable rifle. Using our time proven spring piston powerplant housed in a breakbarrel rifle, the Model 34 in .22 caliber is capable of smoking the 800fps plateau. Though designed as a workhorse airgun devoid of extra trimmings, this rifle is still graced with polished blued metalwork, a full sized hardwood stock and two-stage adjustable trigger, an automatic safety,and a finely rifled barrel. For those shooters looking for a magnum airgun on a mini budget, look no further than the RWS Model 34. Lifetime warranty.



WEIGHT: 7 1/2 LBS.

STOCK: Ambidextrous

CALIBER: .22 (5.5mm)

VELOCITY: 800 Feet Per Second



RWS 4X32 Scope Included!


Meisterkugeln, Super Point, Super-H-Point, Superdome


*Note: Video shows a model with a flashlight and laser combination. This Model does NOT include the flashlight and laser.

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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity800 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleBreak Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • OpticsScope
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • WarrantyLimited Lifetime
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RWS Airguns- Model 34 .22 Cal
26 Reviews
85% (22)
15% (4)
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12% Recommend this product (3 of 26 responses)
By Spencer
New York
December 30, 2012
This gun is very accurate for a break barrel. My groups at 25 yard fit inside of a dime. It also has the power too. I've been able to take out large raccoon's with one clean shot and small pests at far distances.
ProsYou get what you pay for.
ConsIt is a bit heavy for accurate freehand shots. I recommend finding a rest for most of your shots.
By Pablo
Houston, TX
RWS Model 34 is Top Shelf
August 14, 2012
A quality product will last long beyond the sensation of a low price. Don't be fooled by a Chinese made product badged with a recognized name. Unlike my first Benjamin that lasted 26 years, my last Benjamin air rifle lasted less than two years. RWS Model 34 is well made, tight tolerance, and shoots so sweet. After 50 shots at 55'-0", I had the open sites dialed in on a 1" target. I am so impressed with open sites, I have not added the base or scope to the rifle. This is the real deal, serious pellet rifle for the long term owner. My only regret is my purchase does not support enough American workers. On the other hand, I'll choose German craftsmanship over cheap, over-priced junk 10 out of 10 times
ProsExcellent quality at a very reasonable price.
ConsIf it only had "Made in America" stamped on the receiver.
By William
Lockport, NY
March 29, 2012
GREAT GUN!!! Best springer I've used. Very small group shots at 25yds. Added 3-9 scope ,laser and nite lite. Stock could use some checkering ,nice smooth Finnish .for me ,shoots best with Predator polymags.
ProsShoots right on! Very good quality . Great trigger
ConsStock could use some checkering .
By badassgun
RWS 34
June 23, 2010
this is an extremely accurate gun. i took down a 75 lbs turkey with a well placed head shot. ive also killed a ton of rabbits squirells gophers birds and snakes with this gun. the screws come loose often, but a little lok tite will solve that problem.
By Miles W.
Great Gun
August 27, 2008
I have owned model 34 for the about 20 years or so, and it it the most reliable air rifle I have ever owned. I have either owned or used several other air rifles and they just did not compare to this fine rifle. Solid and reliable even after almost 2 decades.
By Jim C.
Great gun
July 4, 2008
Just got my model 34 with scope. Very impressive gun. The open sights are awesome, the front blade comes to a sharp point which makes it very easy to hit things at a good distance and I normally need a scope on my rifles. I don't think I'm going to bother with the scope for awhile. My 8 yr old son and I were nailing cans in backyard out to 60 to 120 feet this morning, without much trouble. Impressive power. Very solid gun. I would recommend this gun to anyone albeit I haven't tried any of the others.
By Tony A.
think twice
May 23, 2008
this gun is solid, acurate, powerful enough to kill ratcoons and pritty much anything the same size or smaller. however the scope mounts are the biggest peaces of [email protected] i've ever seen. they come loose, strip, and just cant handle the recoil. im quite upset that i payed high end money for a high end gun and got scope mounts that can last long enough for me to sight in.
By Gordon B.
Model 34 Review
March 10, 2008
The rifle is excellent quality, powerful, and accurate. I was disappointed with the scope mount and scope. Despite appearing well made, the scope mount is not rigid enough for this rifle. Also, the scope tended to drift. After replacing the scope mount with an adjustable Beeman 5039 one-piece and replacing the scope with a Bushnell Banner, I now have a very accurate pellet rifle. I would suggest buying the rifle without the RWS scope and mount. The extra money spent on the Beeman mount and Bushnell scope are well worth the investment.
By Rob
RWS Airguns- Model 34 .22 cal w/RWS 4X32 Scope
March 2, 2008
Gun was accurate out of the box using open sight at 15 yds. Overall finish is excellent and quality craftmanship from Germany. After 300 pellets cocking is getting smoother but closing the breech once cocked is still not smooth. Trigger pull was nice and smooth from the get go. Scope mount rail is terrible, scope stop pin hole is too shallow and ineffective. Buy the gun without the combo scope and mount. RWS mount and scope is terrible...mount hard to use and allen wrench stripped so easily. Scope is compact...can't use on a 1 pc mount, clarity and brightness is poor. BTW fast shipmemt from AGD but packaging was poor... 3 box of pellets, extra mount, muzzle brake, and scope was put inside the gun box with no extra packaging material. Received muzzle brake plastic container cracked, pellet tin case dented, minor dents and scratch on gun stock. Come on AGD you guys are better than that.
By John H.
January 12, 2008
So far so good, I like the gun,but am a little disapointed with the scope mounts. Gun is accurate with the open sights,but scope mounts keep loosening up...
By Michelle
Very Happy
January 3, 2008
I bought this gun as a gift and did a lot of research on .22 caliber air rifles, and this one seemed to be the best one to get for a reasonable amount of money. The person I bought it for really likes it. He says it shoots accurately and has a lot of power, He seems to have a lot of fun shooting varments and things around his house. The only complaint he has had is one that seems fairly common, that the screws on the scope easily strip. He mounted the scope, it came loose, and he is having trouble getting it re-mounted. The gun itself, however, he has not had any complaints about.
By Dan L.
Love the rifle hate the mts
September 24, 2007
Rifle si powerfull easy to cock and very acurate, but the scope mounts are easy to strip screws and will shift if not tight. The open sites shift enough to cause loss of acuracy so a scope is a must. With my bad eyes I need a scope anyway. Order this with out the scope and just get quality mounts and scope the rifle deserves better than what it comes with.
By lee
iLL so far
July 23, 2007
Knock down power, accuracy, it has it all. It also remains accurate after I shoot it which is pleasant after my Gamo varmint hunter experience. Definately a valuable component of any recreational shooters collection.
By Montana
Very Nice
July 21, 2007
This is my second air gun; my first is a Gamo .177, which is a nice little gun for target shooting. However, the RWS model 34 is exceptional. This is a great package deal; the only thing I would change is the scope. Be very careful with the RWS C scope mounts, as I damaged one of the Windage screws when I over tightened it. I am dead on at 150 ft with plenty of power to take down gophers.
By Greg W.
July 12, 2007
This gun is awesome! I bought the .22 caliber and I was suprised on the very first shot. The gun shoots smooth and was accurate right out of the box. My newphew and I shot holes all over a paper cup at 40 yards. I am most impressed by the hard hitting power and mimimum recoil. I have not shot pellet guns in twenty years and after years of hunting with rifles and shotguns I decided to go back to air rifles for the sport and challenge. This is the right gun. Wow! After shooting my brothers .177 (another brand), I know I have made the best choice. 5 stars!!!!
June 29, 2007
I ordered what I though was the best gun for the buck and boy did i pick a winner.
The fit and finish OOB is excellent.
The only complaint is the scope is a bit underwhelming but the gun is an excellent buy.

I had my doubts about its abilty to take out woodchuck and raccoon sized game but this thing does it fine, woodies under 40 yards are no problem what so ever.
I was putting headshots on woodies at 30-40 yards with flat iron sights!
The accuracy of this gun is real quite amazing even with open sights, a real tack driver with a scope for sure.

Overall, its a great buy with or with out a scope.
I am truely,very impressed and so was my brother. Even he wants one now!

Over 40 yards you might want a bit more punch for anything bigger than squirrels but under 40 Im sure it will even take fox with headshots.

Great buy!
Very nice rifle
June 28, 2007
Nice rifle.
Fit and finish out of the box is excellent.
Scope and mounts are a bit underwhelming but other than that this baby is a great home pest machine.
Woodchucks at 30 yards is about your limit unless its head shots but it sure does the trick.

Im particularly impressed with the accuracy of the iron sights.
Im sure once i get the scope dialed it will be a real tack driver.
Over all, you really cant go wrong with this rifle.
Great gun
June 26, 2007
I picked this gun for sub 30 yard woodchuck/squirrel shots and ill say its a fine gun, fit and finish out of the box is very nice.
the accuracy with the heavier 22 cal pellets is superb but the lighter pellets tend to wing high.
I nailed a 'chuck 1st thing this evening at about 25 yards with a crow mag and dropped him cold.
I was impressed for sure.

Its also fairly easy to cock and not really too much heavier than a 22 semi.

Do wish it had a bit more power though and im hoping it loosens up with use but i guess that can be made up for with the tack driving capability.

Over all though I'm very impressed with it.
Almost as much gun as i as hoping for.
June 24, 2007
This gun is amazing. Very accurate and very powerful. My scope had a defect but i received a new one, very wide view and bright, excellent overall gun
By Dave
Excellent Choice
June 22, 2007
I ordered this one after deciding to spend a bit more money on a rifle that would be of a higher quality and maybe last a longer time than the $100.00 range of chioces, although the Crosman Quest nearly won out (I may get one in .177, though!) I have always heard great things about RWS Diana rifles and I'm very pleased with it so far. I got mine in .22 and have shot lots of rounds thru it. The whacking power seems pretty good to me, but I have yet to loose it on any varmints. I am using Crosman pointed and Daisy flats (the Daisy's are made in China and have visible inconsistencies but seem to shoot ok) and I dialed in the open sights. I havent set it up for distance yet but I have just mounted the scope that came with it and I'll work on sighting that in this weekend. Air Gun Depot was also a great choice to buy from and I will be purchasing items from them in the future because they did everything right.
One odd note is that when I tried to register my warranty online with UmarexUSA it wouldnt accept it. HHmmmm, I guess I'll have to physically mail it.
This rifle is awesome and I dont think anyone would be disappointed with it, unless they are totally jaded, but for the rest of us it's all good.
By Gail
June 15, 2007
this is everything that I had wanted in a pellet rifle! The accuracy on this gun is great! Have killed 12 rabbits and 2 ground hogs in my backyard already. Do take time to get some thread lock for the screws on the scope. Your screws will loosen up and throw your scope off. Other than that I couldn't be happier!! Also take time out to browse around this website. They have a lot of useful information here if you just take time to read it.
By Ken
May 25, 2007
This rifle is a very accurate.The power is really amazing the scope & mounts all went smooth.I was shooting bottle caps at 30yards.This was after about 15 shots to get sited.I would recommend this rifle to anyone who wants to enjoy shooting or small game hunting.The warranty and price makes this a sweet deal.
By Mike
May 15, 2007
I didn't know much about air rifles when I bought this one, but I made my choice based off the reviews I found. As with the other reviews, I agree that this is a nice rifle and it's very powerful. I haven't had the chance to use it on an armadillo yet, but I'm sure it'll do the job! The only downside is that I'm having trouble zeroing the scope, but that's most likely my fault...
By Phylis C.
April 23, 2007
My husband loves the RWS Airgun.
By Wayne
Skwerl Smackin'
April 2, 2007
I bought the RWS Model 34 in .22 cal. for pest shooting and I couldn't be happier ! After zeroing the scope at 22yards I waited for the skwerls to come and tear up the bird feeders again.On the first shot the squirrel jumped a split second before I squeezed the trigger and I missed! The next two critters weren't so fortunate, one was out about 27 yds. Both were smacked hard and didn't move an inch after the shot.
I am also happy with the overall quality of the rifle and scope, It puts my son's Gamo Hunter .177 to shame.
The choice of the RWS combo and Airgun Depot Was great!!
Thanks, Wayne
By Red
Extremely Accurate!
November 26, 2006
Extremely accurate airgun. Great Value for the money. Love the trigger on this gun. You can tell that this gun is very well made. I haven't had a single problem with it. I've taken down many squirrels with this rifle. Get the .22 cal for the knockdown power.
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By larry from evart mi. on July 25, 2012
I ordered separate mount and rings; is there gonna be any drilling involved?
By Conor from Sunnyside, Washington on August 25, 2012

There shouldn't be, it should just clamp right on there.

By osar from argentina on June 21, 2012
How long it takes to replenish stock?

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