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Stoeger Airgun Pellet Trap

Stoeger Airgun Pellet Trap

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The Stoeger target trap is a great for indoor and outdoor use. Designed to safely collect pellets from your air rifle. See the accessories tab to also purchase the Stoeger targets that fit well with this trap.
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  • ManufacturerStoeger Arms
  • ConditionNew
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Stoeger Airgun Pellet Trap Reviews
2.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Richmond, VA
2 Stars

Not durable
August 1, 2013
I received as a free Stoeger promotion along with 100 slip-in target cards when I bought a Stoeger X20S Suppressor. After 100 rounds at 20 yards the angled rear plate is badly deformed and pellets are now punching completely through. I have used 14 grain domed lead pellets exclusively. Given that it was free I can't complain. But I would not pay money for it.
Short life span

San Diego, CA
2 Stars

It's a joke
February 10, 2012
It's small! Only 5.5" square x 1.75" deep. Thickness is .065" including the thick paint, so it's 16ga I assume. I imagine 16ga is enough, but it'll certainly deform with each shot, and I bet the steel core pellets will go right thru it, after all they go right thru a quarter. It has a little wire kickstand in back that you can see in the pix, but it won't hold the thing up even if you're not shooting at it. It looks like it's supposed to lock in place like the pix, but it just doesn't. I even tried to bend it so it would work like intended, but no luck. Even if it did it would simply get knocked over first hit. It's compact which means you can print two targets out on one sheet of paper, considering it didn't come with any. It was free with my Stoeger purchase. Since it came free with my Stoeger X20S rifle (which is not what they claim it to be in either quietness or power), does this mean I now have to pay to ship this heavy little thing back when I return the gun? I tried to remove it from my cart because I knew I'd never use it because I know it will be really loud. Funny that Stoeger gives the loudest accessory with a gun people buy to be as quiet as possible. I think there's a law that states if you receive something in the mail you didn't ask for then you don't have to pay for it or return it at your expense. I gave it 2 stars because it doesn't work, there are no targets, not even one token target, and the outrageous price: Reg $24?!? On sale for $20? I could see that if it was a 12" cube with angles that would catch the pellets at the bottom. I can't say this one won't because I didn't use it, but the back angle isn't much so I can only assume half of them will bounce back out. Not just that but probably take the thin printer paper target out with it since they're not secure and basically just set in there. I think real usage would require a box or something to keep it from falling over backwards. A printer to make targets, internet to get targets, paper, scissors, then tape to attach the target, earplugs for the noise it will make, cat treats to get the cat out from under the bed after the traumatic noise, a vaccum to pick up the paint that will no doubt shatter off with each shot, and some time to find all the pellets that weren't trapped. Whew! Ok, I guess now that I read that I should probably change it to 1 star, but it was free to me so I'll let it have the 2. But seriously people, $20 on sale? I can buy two frikken toasters for that, a blender, a small shopvac, a dremel tool w/ bits to tune and trigger job my gun with, >1000 top quality pellets, or >2000 plinker pellets, a referb 4x scope, a nice steel muzzle brake or trigger shoe, a hard black rifle case w/ foam or a soft camo one w/ matching gun sock. I could go on and on because all those things are so much better than a piece of sheetmetal folded up into a small virtually useless box. Seriously, $20?!? Maybe $5 tops, and here I got it for free and I still don't want it.
Free. Use the box it came in to store parts. Conversation piece; over beer try to guess if it or the box cost more to make, then guess how many hundreds of percent the markup is to reach $24 and what Stoeger VP had the stones to do it.
Lots of things but currently only worrying about possibly having to pay shipping on it's heavy @$$ when I return the gun I got it with. Btw, want to know what my pellet trap is which holds much more lead, never tips over, no ricochets, and best of all by far is it's virtually silent! It's two old bath towels wrapped up like a sleeping bag as tight as can be then wrapped in duct tape to hold it together. It's about 8x8x10" and the best pellet trap I've ever used. Cost; maybe 2cents for the tape. Oh, and it doubles as a perfect muffler for new guns or freshly oiled ones by firing with the muzzle pushed against it until it stops dieseling, and we all know how annoying those first gunshot diesels are.

North Canton, Ohio
3 Stars

February 9, 2012
Marginally suitable, no targets included

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