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Umarex Morph 3X Review

This is a Community Review of the Umarex Morph 3X air pistol by Steve Scialli. The author of the following review are in no way affiliated with Airgun Depot. The views expressed below are personal opinion only.
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When I think Germany, I can't help but think of Albert Einstein or the modern engineer. Synonymous with the sciences, this country has produced some of the world's greatest inventions and inventors. X-rays, Geiger counters, space rockets, digital computers... as if it's in the DNA, the Germans simply know how to invent cool stuff.

Dating back to 1972 and with roots in Arnsburg, Germany, Umarex is another example of fine German ingenuity. Specializing in air guns, airsoft guns, and most recently powder burners, Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH & Co. KG understands the business of powerful creativity. In BB gun land, they recently pushed the envelope and brought us the Morph 3X. They dubbed it "3 guns in one" but I counted five. Each version has its own distinct personality and I found the concept playful. From agile pistol, to powerful long rifle, the Morph provides a lot of gun for the money.

Review of the Umarex Morph

Kneeling with the Morph

The lower price and playful nature of the 3X set my expectations for average power and accuracy. As it turns out, I was wrong to pre-judge. Umarex figured out a way to make a BB fly straight out of a smooth bore barrel. They also figured out a way to sheathe an entire gun in polymer and make it look expensive. All parts on the 3X have a rich feel and fit tightly together without feeling toy like. Even for an adult, the Morph makes a nice addition to the gun collection and won't look out of place displayed among costlier siblings.

The Umarex Morph

Over and under, the 3X is endowed with plenty of picatinny real estate. I measured 28" of it in all. So mount up whatever accessory catches your fancy... bipods, lasers, rifle scopes, pistol scopes, red dots, and flashlights alike. They all look cool on the Morph. Couple that with the gun's ability to alter its shape and you have a serious foundation for variety. The Morph is semiautomatic, meaning that each time you squeeze the trigger, a shot will be released down range.

Its internal magazine holds 30 BBs and is easy enough to load... but it may give those with big fingers a little aggravation. The two stage trigger is made of smooth black metal and it has a long clean pull. It's weighted appropriately and is predictable. In the end, I found the Morph's trigger quite easy to shoot straight with. The sights are good too. Although they are not adjustable and simple in nature, mine came adjusted perfectly and I had no issue getting the gun to group on target.

Hip Hold

It's not all fun & games with the 3X. It also has an austere side that will entertain the more demanding air gunner. I know a BB gun isn't about tight groups but I couldn't resist talking about what the Morph will do. It's just one more reason to love how versatile this BB repeater is. With Daisy's Premium Grade Zinc Plated BBs, my gun produced the following results...

Pistol mode: 20' from the target, open sights produced groups measuring .62" center to center. 30' from the target, those open sighted groups increased to 1.42" CTC. 30' to the target and sighting through a duplex scope, the pistol squeezed out .43" groups. With the red dot scope, it managed .51" groups. This is all quite impressive for a BB pistol, but it gets better.





Rifle mode: 20' from the target, groups shrank to .30" CTC with a red dot scope. 30' from the target and using the duplex scope again, I squeezed off 10 shots in rapid succession. To my surprise, I was left with a neat little .62" hole. The paper punching party ended at 45' when physics took over and groups opened up to 2.22". Even then, that's still plenty good enough for soup can plinking at longer distances.



RIFLE AT 45', SCOPE, 20 SHOTS, 2.22" CTC

The Morph by classification is a CO2 gun, meaning it stores compressed Carbon Dioxide inside the gun to be used as a propellant for firing BBs down range. So to power the Morph, you will need a 12 gram CO2 cartridge... or a box of them. The power is adjustable by means of turning a hidden screw, but I left my factory settings alone for this review. Umarex has done a fine job of regulating air so that you get a large number of usable shots out of each cartridge. The shot count you experience will depend on the ambient temperature and the rate at which you fire the gun. Indoors and at 75 degrees, the Morph pistol managed over 50 shots with BBs traveling between 475 & 500 feet per second. I got a total of 81 shots out of one CO2 cartridge before velocities fell below 200 FPS. Also tested indoors, the Morph rifle was good for 54 shots between 500 and 600 FPS and mustered 74 shots before velocities fell below 200 FPS. That's a lot of bang & speed out of one CO2 cartridge.



Shooting the Morph is a blast... literally. It releases giant bursts of air with each shot. While it emits a sound that is unusual enough to bring neighbors to the yard edge, it's not overly loud. In any form, the 3X feels light and agile and is very accurate. Younger shooters (and older ones) can be entertained for eons, tinkering with all the different variations and combinations. In the end, I began to see the Morph 3X as a step up from norm that would satisfy a wide audience. It's great for plinking, destroying a variety of targets, or even having a friendly family shooting match for accuracy. Umarex did a good job of making it economical too. At roughly .60 cents per Co2 cartridge you can play all day for less than $5, BBs included.

The Greek word, "Morph" means to transform into various and distinct forms. Umarex's Morph fits that description perfectly. Its value, efficiency, quality, and accuracy certainly make it stand out among an ocean of BB guns... and it will provide plenty of fulfillment to those with a need for variety. Give one a try and expect it to deliver. It's not as "stick horse" as the name and price might suggest.

Steve Scialli
August 13, 2012

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