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Air Venturi MP-5 Oil - Suitable for external metal, wood, and synthetics. Also good for cleaning barrels. NOT suitable for compression chamber lubrication.

Basic Spring & Gas Ram Airgun Maintenance

What maintenance is really required? This is a topic that comes up very often. In this article I’ll attempt to bring a little clarity to the subject as best I can. First and foremost, if your airgun outlines specific maintenance instructions, then I would recommend that you follow them as prescribed. …

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The Rotek's 200cc on board air bottle allows up to 170 full power shots.

Walther Airguns: Modern Classics in the Making

Often, working in the air gun industry it’s fairly easy to get jaded on “new” airguns. What I mean by that is that even when new guns come out they are often times only reworked existing designs. In short, “new” is not usually new. When I first saw the Walther LGU Master and the Walther Rotek PCP my …

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Walther Terrus

Will we ever see another affordable European Springer?

I remember back when the RWS 34 would set you back just around $230. Im sure there are some older airgunners that can remember it being even less, but thats about when I came into the sport. A few years ago, as things always do, prices went up and now an RWS and scope will set you back well over …

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The Dueling target may have been the most fun.  Two shooters attempt to clear the target ahead of their opponent.  First one to knock down all their targets wins!

IASS – International Air Shooting Sports

I love to shoot. I think I’ve mentioned that before in the past. In fact, I’m not partial all that much to what I’m shooting so long that I get to go shoot something. Heck, I was just looking at Nerf guns the other day for me and my 8 year old to use around the property. While I may be open to shooting …

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These little guys don't last long in the AZ heat. You better be quick on the trigger!

More fun with Airguns

As my family get’s more and more involved with airguns, I’m having to think of creative ways to add just plain fun into the mix. I can sit and shoot paper targets all day, but the rest of the family likes to see things get blasted so smithereens. Recently I posted some articles about shooting safe …

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Airgun hitting "pain" threshold.

Quiet Airguns Part 2

In the last article I was discussing spring guns and the mechanical noise they produce. Also, how utilizing a gas ram or nitro piston can reduce the buzzing and other secondary noises that go along with traditional metal spring powered airguns. In part 2, Im going to walk through the basics …

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Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.52.17 PM

So your kid has “outgrown” their Red Ryder…

  Ok, lets be honest, who ever really “outgrows” any air gun, no matter what it is they are fun for all ages, but say that your young shooter is ready to take the next step in their air-gunning experience. Whats next? Well, how about two great options, from two great airgun manufacturers. …

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DB Meter

Shooting Quiet Airguns – Part 1

Shooting on our own property, often in city or town limits, has been a hot topic for a while now. Its important to not only know the basic legalities of can I shoot or cant I shoot, but also understand what other rules and regulations may come into play. Ill use my own town for an example …

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Here's a quick shot of one of the ice skulls exploding from a pellet impact. Pretty cool!

Shooting Gallery Fun

Being able to get some trigger time right on your own property is a real treat and Airguns go a long way to making that happen. While not every community allows for the discharge of airguns in city or town limits, those that do expect property owners to be responsible about their actions. Most recently …

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Test rifle set up with 4-12x50 Hawke HD scope.

Hatsan Carnivore Review

In November of 2014 Blaine Manifold, the CEO of Hatsan USA made a trip out to our offices here at AGD. He brought along some of the new product that the folks at Hatsan had planned to release for 2015. We were excited to say the least. After showing us 4 or 5 models, Blaine asked what we thought would …

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