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Head to Head: Beretta CX4 Storm vs. Sig Sauer MCX

Semi-auto CO2  plinkers are some of our favorite airguns. Always ready for some quick plinking indoors or out, plus the fast action and close resemblance to their powder burner counterparts make them a great way to keep skills sharp at fraction of the price of going to the range. But what difference is there, if […]

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Review: New JSB Hunting Pellets

It’s no secret that around here at Airgun Depot we are fans of JSB pellets. Truth be told, why wouldn’t we be? We have had some great results running JSB ammunition in just about every gun that we have tested. JSB is a brand that most airgunners have come to trust when it comes to […]

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Head to Head: QB78 Deluxe vs Sheridan 2260MB

Now that winter is behind us, and the warmth, sights, and smell of spring is in the air, we thought we’d pit two of our favorite CO2 plinkers. Call it the Super Flyweight CO2 Rifle Division. Both of these single shot CO2 rifles are known for their accuracy, simple reliability, and for having a plethora […]

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Airgun Hunting: Petition Your State to Change Airgun Hunting Laws

One of the great benefits of living in America is having a voice and being able to influence the laws in the state you live in. It’s upon this principle that laws can change and individuals can be the catalyst for this change. We know that the visitors reading this blog and the associated hunting […]

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Airgun Hunting: Why Hunt?

Hunting, it’s one of our favorite traditions. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. It teaches important life skills such as patience and hard work, it helps us gain a respect for wildlife and nature, and it allows us to be self sufficient and play a role in where our food comes […]

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Airgun Hunting: Picking a Scope

A good optic can make or break a set up. Many airguns (especially break barrels) will come packaged with a manufacturer scope, however the reality is that often the included scope it very basic and not suited for airgun hunting. You’ll likely want to upgrade to something more durable and higher quality. Even experienced airgunners […]

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Airgun Hunting: Choosing the Right Powerplant

Getting started in airgun hunting can be somewhat of a daunting task. There are so many opinions and ideas out there of what caliber and what power plant to use for different types and sizes of game. Often times all the buzz in airguns is centered around the latest and greatest pre-charged pneumatic guns but there are […]

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Hatsan Model 135 Big Bore Break Barrel

For the last two years it seems that the motto of much of the airgun world has been “Bigger means better”, with so many new big bore guns it seems that everyone is rushing to get a gun in .30 caliber or greater to market. Sure the idea of the big bore air rifle is […]

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Head to Head: Airforce Condor SS vs Hatsan BT65 QE

Being that we have dubbed 2016 “The Year of the PCP” we thought that it would be best to throw a few of our favorite PCP rifles into the ring and let them duke it out to see who comes out on top. We constantly get questions about what makes one gun more favorable than […]

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Head to Head: Benjamin Trail NP1 vs Trail NP2

Up to this point we have always placed two competitors in the ring who have showed similar qualities but from different manufactures. We have yet to see two guns from the same manufacturer let alone the same product line. But for this matchup we wanted to do something a little different. Since manufactures come out […]

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