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Walther Falcon Hunter Edition- .22 cal 1000 FPS Air Rifle (3-9X44 Scope)

Walther Falcon Hunter Edition- .22 cal 1000 FPS Air Rifle (3-9X44 Scope)

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This Walther Falcon - Hunter Edition Air Rifle is a powerful .22 caliber rifle that features a robust spring piston break barrel mechanism for maximum velocity with just one cock of the rifle. At an amazing 1000 feet per second with a standard lead pellet, this 22 caliber airgun is an ideal air rifle for hunting small game. It is covered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo and made of a strong, weather resistant synthetic stock. Its topped with a sturdy rail for holding the included 3-9x44 airgun scope that has a unique blue illuminated duplex reticle. It also has TruGlo fiber optic sights for use without the scope. Unique to this pellet rifle is its adjustable length of pull provided by removing or adding the included inserts between the vented recoil pad and the stock. This Falcon rifle also sports a Monte Carlo stock design with a right-hand cheek piece and checkering in the grip and forearm. This Walther rifle shoots .22 caliber hyper velocity pellets at a whopping 1150 feet per second and has an automatic safety and large muzzle brake to ease its operation and handling.

Model: Falcon Hunter
Caliber: .22
Velocity: 1000FPS
Ammo Type: Pellets
Body Components: Polymer Stock with Metal Barrel and Receiver
Overall Length: 49.00 in
Barrel Length: 19.75 in
Barrel Style: Rifled
Fire Mode: Single Shot
Cocking Effort: 28 lbs
Trigger Effort: 5.5 lbs
Trigger Adjust: Single Stage
Action: Break Barrel
Power plant: Spring-piston
Gun Weight: 8.25 lbs
Front Sight: Fiber Optic
Rear Sight: Adjustable for Windage and Elevation - Fiber Optic
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Package includes:
Walther Falcon Hunter, two piece 11mm Dovetail mounts and 3-9x44 Scope

Don't forget to pick up pellets and a gun case!

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  • ManufacturerWalther
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity1000 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleBreak Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Walther Falcon Hunter Edition- .22 cal 1000 FPS Air Rifle (3-9X44 Scope)
21 Reviews
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By Steve
August 5, 2015
Not a novice rifle - Not exactly
I only give this rifle 2 stars because of the some of the drawbacks that I can overlook, but a beginner would really struggle with at first. This is basically a Hatsan Model 125 marketed for Walther.

I am a Hatsan fan, but for a Hatsan build, I honestly think Hatsan more interested in getting their "magnum" class out into the market place magnum race, rather than working thru the design. appeals to the biggest & baddest crowd. Out of the box it is good for plinking things off the back porch on a steady rest, but far from great rifle as is.

Mechanically it is sound as most other Hatsans, but consider making, or having a custom stock made and you will like it much more.
ProsMechanically is very good quality. Good FPS & power for 22
ConsThe stock....I expected more. The pull length on the stock is very long even on its shortest spacers and to mod would not be simple. I have two of these rifles and the first one broke(plastic) one side of the front forearm. A normal 2 point sling would probably bust off. If you can't carry it around all day hunting , I would try a single point sling setup to the backend some where. I would like to source a wood stock that would be much more sturdy up front and shorten the pull to a more comfortable length for me. Design is a little awkward at first use. Be aware if you get one-this is a BIG RIFLE and feels like a musket. It is very long. The butt is hollow and makes everything feel very front heavy. I filled it with silicone and it feels more balanced. The stock scope mounts on Falcon MUST to be set correctly to be accurate (I do not know if Hatsan model had better mounts with their actual 125s) Lastly it takes a little bit of time to get used to. It likes to be held in very specific ways beyond artillery hold. Notice all of the little subtle things and your groups will reduce in size. If not you will chase these groups all over. LOL.....(though not funny when you are shooting) This effect would probably be lessened if the stock was a little bit better proportioned.
By Marc
Matthews, NC
January 5, 2014
Worst gun that I have ever had
This gun is a Mess! sight it in and 1 out of 4 shots will hit on target no chance of being accurate. rested on a base 10 shots will be on average 2 to 5 inches apart.
By Darrell Vaughan
October 14, 2010
walter faclon hunter
this a real power house fox ,coon,no problem this is a good an power gun i shoot 14.3gr pellect and put them down at 40yards going try the 25cal
By Jesse
July 7, 2010
awesome rifle worth every penny
By pr0wlunwoof
May 19, 2010
Great Gun.
Had the gun for three months now put about 800 rounds through it. Killed 28 squirrels and 3 chipmunks. I bought a one piece mount for it and so far the scope has held up well. Great investment great power great accuracy. You wont be disappointed.
By Pest Hunter
April 24, 2010
The Beast
This gun is a beast! it blows a 1 inch exit hole out of grackles with daisy presicion max wadcutters! Just wait till I get some crow magnum. recoil broke the scope that came with it now I have a 3-9x50. I got a half inch group at 25 yards with gamo hunter pellets. this gun recoils hard and broke the stop pin on two one piece mounts. JB KWIKed a nut(the metal kind)to the rail and solved the problem. People that say this gun is hard to pump should start working out. I can pump this gun with out straining and I'm 12. I 'm also not one of those kids that is like 6'2 either I'm 5'2 and 118 pounds. it is very heavy with my huge centerpoint scope though.
By Benjamin
April 15, 2010
Got this rifle 2 days ago. First time I put the scope on I had a hell of a time getting it to sight in. After about 50 rounds I gave up and called it quits for the day. Went online and looked up how to "properly" mount the scope. Took it all apart and put it back together step by step. Took about 15 shots and 20 minutes and it will hold a 1/2 circle on center now.
After sighting it I went about doing what I got the gun for and that was ridding my neighborhood of squirrels. Long story but they were chewing holes in the decking of my brand new roof. Anyway I successfully killed 10 squirrels in about a 6 hour period. I am more than satisfied with this gun. At this point I've put close to 200 rounds through it and there are no signs of screws coming loose. Do understand this gun is huge at 4ft long and over 14lbs with the scope mounted. It's not a toy. You will not want to sit in the back yard and pop off 40 rounds at targets. It is a hunting rifle and in my opinion the most effecting air rifle I've ever owned.
By pr0wlunwoof
April 14, 2010
Very Effective
I have hunted since I was 10 years old, turkey, dove, snakes, squirrels, etc. Except for a firearm this is the most powerful gun I've ever used. I've had it for a total of 24 hours and I have already shot 9 squirrels.
The gun out of the box is a bit overwhelming. Other air rifles I have owned were pump type so this was the first spring action I've owned. Despite other negative reviews I have found it to be fairly easy to use. The hardest part is getting the scope mounted properly so it doesn't move from the recoil. After looking at an online guide and remounting it I have had no problems. At this point I have pout 150-200 rounds through it and can now hold a 1/2-inch pattern from 40 yards. I have ordered a new one piece mounting bracket for the scope, but I may not use it because as now the scope isn't moving.
I've had no problems with the stock and the gun as a whole seems extremely sturdy.

Buy it you won't be disappointed as long as you set it up correctly.
By boilermaker
March 7, 2010
very impressed
i bought this gun refurbished when i opened it up it was absolutley perfect you couldnt tell it from brand new gun this gun is extremely powerful got the gun feb 2010 it took several rounds to get the scope lined up (using rws pellets) but now i can shoot a 1 inch pattern at 50 yards using a gun rest this is my first springer an i am amazed at the power and accuracy of this gun . i bought it to get rid of chicken hawks picking my bobwhite quail off at our birdfeeder . it was money well spent .the rws pellets are the first i have tryed in this gun seemed to work well can anyone recommend a better one
By Dave
October 23, 2009
Great rifle
I bought this rifle about three months ago,it is my first magnum springer and it has taken me about 2000 rounds to break it in and learn how to shoot it.At first I couldnt keep the scope from creaping in the mounts finally tightened the mounts to the scope tighter than I thought I should that stopped the scope from moving in the mounts.Then the scope mounts started moving on the rail.I bought a one piece mount and cured the mount problems.Then the scope came apart internally after 600 shoots,so i bought a leapers 3-9x40.Much better ,but the leapers now has a problem with the reticle.I am now trying to get the Leapers returned for warranty work and will use it on a 22 rimfire.I have heard that Bushnell has scopes that will stand up to this gun,but I am not wanting to waste more moneyon scopes.I have been shootig with open sights now and am pleased with these but still need optics at distances beyond 35 yards.I think this is a good gun and would recomend it if it could be bought without the cheap rings and scope.So my rating is for the rifle only.
By bill
July 23, 2009
falcon .22
a great huntng rifle, scope is not so good and wont last very long. if used for hunting hallow points are a must, if using anything else you will just be poking holes.
By Dave
July 23, 2009
Walther Falcon
I bought this gun about 10 months ago and have put about 1750 shots through it. like everyone else has said the scope cant handle the power of the gun and mine broke at about 100 shots but the gun is plenty accurate with the open sights. I havent had any problems with loose screws or the stock cracking. I use this gun for target and hunting and have never had a problem shooting more than 75 shots a day. It has amazing power and i have taken rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, pigeons, and muskrats. It even had even had enough power to kill a muskrat under about 4 inches of water. If your looking for a good hunting rifle this one has the power and the accuracy and is well worth the money. I just hope you have better luck with the scope.
By Mountainjoe
June 25, 2009
Outstanding after break-in
I had to JB weld Scope to Scope mounts ,the shock of recoil is substantial enouph to peel the aluminum back on the mounts, after JB thuogh that was fixed, with out any visible differance to mount. after that was resolved it took 75 - 100 rounds for the scope to settle in and find it center and stop moving ,had to reset it after about 4 shots till then , but now doesnt move at all after 200 rounds or so ,it takes breakin doint exspect it to hold settings till after at least 100 I can and have taken out Squrrels at 50-75 yards with ease threw-and threw with crowmagnum pellets ,,but the superdome pellets will not hold but a 10 inch pattern at 25 yards ,,, the Crowmagnums 1 inch at 50yards.. it takes some getting use to at first because of the recoil but after that and scope break-in I am very pleased with this gun ,it was a little larger than i exspected ,it is as large as 30/30 and kicks allmost as bad but dead accurat and impressive ! way more powerfull than a 22 short in a real 22 rifle. almost as powerfull as a 22 long rifle...scope optics and clarity excelent.
By Jim
April 11, 2009
walther falcon 22 cal
Purchased in March 09. had a hard time with the scope not staying mounted on rifle. After about 300 rounds scope cannot handle shock that the rifle puts out.(My scopes optics all loosen up and are in the garbage) Open sites more accurate anyway. Found info. on different site that scopes will not operate well over time on brake barrels. Overall rifle is powerful, accurate, not loud, easy to load.
I would have given this product a higher rating, but the scope cannot handle the recoil.
By Bahadir vardar
April 6, 2009
Powerful but....
After reading reviews, i decided to buy this gun thinking it must be worth for $250. I read that it was made in Turkiye. As i found it was. Very powerful, but cheap material like Chinese. Sights were cheap plastic, green reticle broke immediately out of the box. I did not bother to return or call cause i got the scope ayways. As a Turkish person I was expecting better quality material instead of "cheap" plastic. After numerous times of shooting scope ccame lose several times. I have not found a solution for that yet :(
January 31, 2009
Over all it is a great springer
It took a little while to recieve my Falcon due to high demands, but the folks at Airgun depot were very nice and called and cleared up the problem. It has arrived in perfect condition. With that said... I have read many good and bad things about this rifle prior to buying it. My biggest concern was the screws coming lose, the poor scope, and the stock cracking. Now that I own it, I can give my own review. I have only had it for 4 days and shot about 450 rounds to date, so this review is based on that. No screws have walked out, nor is there any cracking of the stock around the screws. As for the scope not being able to take the recoil, I have not seen it. If anything, I will say the complete oppisite. I can carry this rifle by the scope, and it is a very heavy springer. After 250 shots, I noticed that I did not seat the scope against the stop screw (there is about a 1/4 inch gap) and it still has not moved or come lose. The scope is very large and heavy. There is no need for a screwdriver or coin to zero it in, as it can be done with your fingers, which is a nice plus. With the ability to zoom 3X9, focus, and even illuminate, it does it all. The only downside is it does not sit back far enough causing some eye strain. This does not warrent a new scope, just a small problem. As for power, IT HAS IT. I was finally able to find a springer that would make a Crossman Hollow Point expand. This is not easy for anyone who uses these pellets knows. They were going through an inch of wood, at 25 yards, on a stop I had made for my other springers, so I had to cut and put 2X4's behind it to protect my fence. It is a bear to cock, I think it is closer to 50 pounds then the 27 listed. I am 6 foot,190 pounds, and get a real workout within 40 shots, unless I use both hands for extended shooting. I do not like the cammo coloring, nor does anyone who looks at it. I really wish it came in a high polished wood version, or if it must be plastic, then a black version. It is a Falcon "Hunter" Edition so I guess we are stuck with it. The trigger is a bit stiff and gets some taking use to. It is very accurate, but you will have to fine tune the scope with every diiferent type of pellet, so it is best to find a favorite for hunting and stick with it. For targets or small game, at a low cost, the Crosman HP's have given me dime sized groups up to 50 yards. For bigger game the JSB polytips, Beeman Silvers, and Crow Mags are a great choice. The Kodiacs will give a great punch with the power of this springer, but I do not have good groups with them beyond 15 yards. If you like competition shooting, then the JSB Exacts will give the best groups. Over all it is an awesome springer rifle with insane power. Sure it has some flaws, but tell me one that does not. For the price, you can not go wrong owning this beast.
By John
January 25, 2009
A high maintenance rifle
The price is great for a springer with this power, but it comes at a heavy price in other areas. Out of the box it is a real beauty. It is shipped with a ton of oil on it so be ready to clean it up upon arrival. Now for the bad news... This rifle is to strong for its own good and will rip itself apart over time. There are a few things you can do to prevent this... Within your first 20 shots look for the 4 stock screws to start walking out. Remember that is is reversed threaded when you go to tighten them. Because of the recoil this beast has, to tight is better then to lose. Take time to find the goldy locks zone, when the scews are just right and then use some lock-tite on them to keep it there. To tight and it will crack at all 4 screw locations. To lose and it will actually break the stock in two. At around 150 shots it is going to destroy the scope. It will actually sheer the pin off of it. There is really nothing you can do to stop this other then use the open sights (which are not bad at all) or buy a better scope that can handle the recoil of this rifle (I opted for the second option). At about 250 - 300 shots the barrel is going to come lose. This is a MUST fix or it will crack the plastic stock to bits. It is not easy to find and not in the manual. Look under the rear sight and you will find it (it is metric). Around the same time, the poor quality plastic tigger is going to show its worth, or lack there of. The plastic pins are going to walk lose and sometimes will make it hard to pull or will not shoot at all. This is another problem you really can not do anything about. I think the added weight of a wood stock and metal trigger would have been worth it in this case. True the rifle is heavy as is but they put one of the heaviest scopes on it, so what is the difference. The cocking pressure is under rated, it is more like 47 pounds, so this rifle is not for the weak or target shooter. The sound is under rated as well, as it a very loud (even after break in) it is more a 4 then a 3. This rifle is very long, almost 50 inches so the extra recoil pads are pointless unless you are over 6'4 or have really long arms. The screws for those are very ugly and not given much thought when in production. Over all if you are looking for a good "hunting" rifle then this is not bad. The price is great and it does have some real power (tho it is over rated as most are). I shot many differt types through the chronnie and got no where near as those listed. They were all over 750 fps so not bad, with the Beeman Silver giving 27 pounds of energy (mind blowing for a springer). If you are looking for an all-in-one spriger for general shooting, targets, hunting, then look at others as it is a lot of effort to shoot this and the more rounds you shoot, the faster its great power is going to rip it apart. It is a real shame Walther did not actually make this rifle and give it the quality needed to sustain this power, as it would be worthy of the springer hall of fame. (It is made in Turkey by Hastan-Arms and Walther just puts their name on it).
By Andy
November 1, 2008
its amazing
this air rifle is amazing i shot a small bird in the neck 50 yards away!!!! , Very low cocking effort and phenomenally accurate for the price
By reuben
October 7, 2008
this gun is so sweet
when i first bought this gun i went camping and got it sighted and like a half and hour,and i shot a rabbit in one shot and it blew it across the ground
By dru
September 29, 2008
this gun is awsome I got a groundhog and a turkey and plenty more
By chad
September 23, 2008
This is a great gun, very accurate and very powerfull. I shot straight through a squirrel today and dropped it humanely with bearly a twitch. The scope is alnly so wonderful the reticles light up blue so you can use them in low light. I have encountered only 2 problems, the screws on the stock come loose and need tightening,the gun is as loud as a 22. rimfire when you oil the piston, but overall this is a great rifle.
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By Mike from British Columbia, Canada on November 14, 2011
Hi there,
I have a Falcon Hunter without the updated trigger. Any ideas on how to adjust the trigger pull? Thank-you.

By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 28, 2012

I believe that the trigger is nonadjustable, if it is, it won't do much to the second stage. Look on GTA Forums they have a lot of answers.

By ezequiel from florida on December 27, 2011
do you know where i could get that rifle gun stock just the stock of the rifle
By Staff on January 9, 2012

I would recommend calling the manufacturer as they may be able to supply you with the stock you are looking for.

You will want to call Umarex 479-646-4210.

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