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Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy Pellets (300 count)

Item #: BNkodiakMatch
Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy Pellets (300 count)
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Weight:10.2 grains
Knowledgeable airgunners know that the Kodiak pellet already gets the most efficiency out of magnum power airguns, and gives the best power far down range at the targets that are out 50 yards and beyond. This pellet is now available in selected, match lot marked batches for maximum accuracy. Dubbed the Kodiak Match, these pellets receive extra attention and care in manufacturing, have a super smooth surface all over, and are selected by test firing each batch. Deviation: 0.1%, Caliber: 0.178, Skirt length: 0.187, Overall length: 0.270
MSRP $11.75
Our Price $10.99 Save $0.76 (6%)
ammo typePellets
pellet shapeDomed
pellet quantity300
ammo weight10.2
product conditionNew
Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy Pellets (300 count)
4.5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
San Dimas, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 14, 2014
Pellets work just fine.

Jeremy Rowe
Thomasville , North Carolina
2 Stars

beeman kodiak heavy pellets
January 12, 2013
Accuracy was not there. I shot JBS pellets against these and JBS exact match pellets were the best I have ever shot.

Groundhog Bane
5 Stars

Serious power and great accuracy
July 12, 2010
The Kodiak Match Extra Heavy Pellets are excellent. I had a groundhog infestation in the gardens and was trying lots of pellets, but none seemed to really do any serious damage due to lightness and inaccuracy. I use a Gamo Shadow 1000fps rifle with a Powerline 3-9x32 scope. After sighting in these pellets (10 minutes) I hit the target "X" exactly in the middle. So, these are dead-accurate. They also make less noise than the hollow points I tried before, (which sounded like a .22 bullet.) All the noise I hear is from the rifle's firing mechanism. Using a rest, I have 7 groundhog kills in 5 days using 7 pellets. Each shot was a single kill shot to the head or eye, shooting from 100 feet away. I was very impressed with the knock-down power of these pellets, too. Over a 200 foot shot, the pellet dropped about 2 inches, but still hit the target (a 12oz plastic bottle.) That seems quite good to me, especially given it was outdoors and breezy. The last great thing about these, is the quantity is 500.

5 Stars

awesome! awesome! awesome!
November 26, 2009
I have bought 6 tins of different premium pellets this month and I will only shoot two of them. The: CROSSMAN HUNTING, BEEMAN SILVER STING, PBA, RWS SUPERPOINT EXTRA did not preform. The first pellet I shoot is the Crow Magnum. I enjoy it's accuracy and massive expansion. The second is my absolute favorite, the KODIAK MATCH. I shoot under a 2" group at 60 yards, and I am only a fair shooter, with a cheap(only in value) GAMO BIG CAT. Not only is it very accurate, but the 10.5gr. pellet penetrates very deep. This is best all around pellet in my book.

5 Stars

Great Product
July 14, 2008
I've just been buying Gamo pellets from the local sporting goods stores. I didn't expect to see much difference between the different pellets. When I opened the can of Beeman Kodiak Match pellets, I knew they would shoot better than the cheap ones I've been using. They are much more consistantly made, therefore they seat in the barrel better. My groups improved by an inch at 10 yards with these. I highly recommend these. They are great for hunting or target practice. My goal was to get the most accurate pellet I could find. This just might be it.

Brian Wells
5 Stars

Kodiak Match Pellets
June 20, 2008
These are great pellets. I was able to group three shots in a dime sized hole at 20 yards and three shots within an inch and a quarter at 55 yards. I was using a Gamo Varmint Hunter air rifle. These are by far the best for my rifle and only be using them in the future.

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