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Benjamin Genesis .22 Caliber Air Rifle- w/3-9x32mm Scope

Powered by Nitro® Piston
Item #: 33005
Benjamin Genesis .22 Caliber Air Rifle- w/3-9x32mm Scope
Benjamin Genesis .22 Caliber Air Rifle- w/3-9x32mm ScopeBenjamin Genesis .22 Caliber Air Rifle- w/3-9x32mm ScopeBenjamin Genesis .22 Caliber Air Rifle- w/3-9x32mm Scope
Only $199.95
Suggested Use: Small Game Hunting / Target Shooting
Fire Mode:Single Shot
Mechanism:Gas piston
Mag. Capacity:1

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The Benjamin Genesis air rifle is a jack of all trades! This airgun is great for more than one use compared to most other rifles. The Genesis is a multi-purpose tool that'll help you eradicate small garden pests, yet still let you enjoy hours plinking and shooting spinners in your backyard. The special silencer not only helps keep your neighbors happy with a lower report, but it also gives you extra cocking leverage.


  • Single Shot Breakbarrel
  • Crosman Nitro® Piston
  • Smoother cocking & shooting
  • Picatinny optics rail (no open sights)
  • Barrel-integrated sound suppressor
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock with grooves on forearm and grip
  • Dual raised cheekpieces
  • Vertically adjustable comb
  • Recoil pad
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Includes CenterPoint Optics 3-9x32 scope (mil-dot reticle) + mount (unmounted)
Please Note: Sling Swivel and Stud may be reflected in some images, but no longer comes on the Benjamin Genesis.
MSRP $270.00
Our Price $199.95 Save $70.05 (26%)
airgun mechanismGas piston
ammo typePellets
magazine capacity1
airgun useSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
airgun railDovetail Mount
overall length43"
barrel length15"
barrel styleRifled
fire modeSingle Shot
gun weight6.7
product conditionNew
warranty1 Year Limited
Benjamin Genesis .22 Caliber Air Rifle- w/3-9x32mm Scope
4 Stars based on 14 Review(s)
1 Stars

poor performance
October 21, 2014
This gun is a let down when it comes to power. It is not suitable for pest removal just a paper to rat gun. I was raised with a Benjamin 22 pump and it would/ will shoot circles around this new Genesis... Shop for something better, a Gamo 177 will remove a raccoon in one shot, Benjamin Genesis 22 cal takes 10 shots and that's not the way I do things..

upstate ny
1 Stars

could not zerow it out
August 3, 2014
The scope is junk, shot 50 pellets and could not zero it out, even withing 1", move the wind adjustment and elevation is changing as well.... oh well, after about 40 pellets the plastic plug on the stock fell off, made in America my a$$... also the trigger, if you pull it half way and back out the trigger stays engaged half way!!!! the parts inside rifle do not return to it's defult pre triggering condition, very dangerous, and safety has to be manually set back in safe position every time you brake barrel, if you don't do it the gun will be armed without safety!!!
plenty of power
quality of assembly and scope, not very safe

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Genesis .22 break barrel
July 18, 2014
power is very good. accuracy is still coming on(not broken in quite yet) the suppressor seems to actually work well. MY neighbor(AT APPROX 45 YDS.) ASKED ME WHAT THE WHAT THE PA-TINK sound was he could hear was several days after it arrived. When I showed him he said he thought I had taken up using a sling- shot but had not considered an air rifle, this unit has an adjustable trigger and it needs all of it. I have the screw all the way in now and MOST of the creep is gone but the pull is still fairly stiff for accurate work. the scope is clear and has good relefe but really needs to have an AO objective, Stock fits good,but the adj. cheak pice is prob. not nessicary. overall very pleased but the trigger pull is a bit too stif and the scope NEEDS an adjustable objective lens,
Nitro piston is smooth and hits hard ,good accuracy and good stock feel and fit. solid scope mount. scope is clear and responds to adj. well.
needs scope up grade (adj. odjective)

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Magnum wow
June 19, 2014
I wanted a hard hitting pest destroying gun. I had no idea what i was getting. First of all at this price is unbelievable for what you are getting. This gun is a beast. You better be in good shape to cock this bad boy its quite a pull. The reward for that effort is evident in each shot. With the nitro piston the scope destroying vibration is replaced by a pretty good recoil in the butt pad. Once you fire you have no doubt you have sent some lead down range with some oomph behind it. I found Daisy pointed precision max 14.3 to be pretty accurate. I also used gamo round ball 15.43 which blew through 1 inch cedar plank at 10 yards with ease. I have owned two springers in the last ten years which were 1000 fps 177 guns. This thing seems to have twice the power. I know people complain about scopes frequently but this centerpoint is certainly better than the four power gamo that came with my other gun and even better than the aftermarket Tasco 3X9 50 I have on the other. Site picture very clear and easily adjusted to zero in a few shots. The adjustable cheek piece helped with immediate comfort with this gun. The trigger is a little stiff and may cause the unfamiliar to pull off target for a while. Using 22 subsonic by itself reduces report plus the silencer so the gun is acceptable in the backyard
Big time power, adjustable cheek piece, very nice scope, quality built, silencer, adjustable two stage trigger, black out scheme with tacky grip surfaces, looks bad
trigger but it may loosen up with some real use

Levittown, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Benjamin Genesis
June 13, 2014
This is a great airgun. It is powerful and accurate. The scope that comes with this airgun is pretty good also. This has a great feel and has an adjustable cheek pad that helps a lot with aiming this airgun. I would recommend this to everyone if you need a good solid airgun.
Light weight, Good scope and very accurate.

Dennis Easley
Longview Texas.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awsom power & accurcy.
June 9, 2014
Genesis is the easiest pellet rifle I have ever shot. After break in and modifying the trigger I found it to be almost as powerful as my Trail NP 22 ca...Some say the breach is hard to open , ,use some good gel type synthetic lubricant on both sides of the latch and it will pop right open. I intend to sell my NP Trail 22. It shoots better than I can manage a rifle.At 35 Yards it is deadly with my Nc Star red dot sight.Very quite and smooth..Add a lot of Burch Wood synthetic spray around the outside of the gas piston and also a liberal amount in the air discharge port to lube piston seal and it will get supersonic for several shots. The FPS will increase and stay much higher. Be careful to use a pure synthetic lubricant ,if you use a hydro carbon base oil it could explode the air chamber and hurt you.
Make a 177 just like it. Love this rifle ,greate value.
None ,its agreat rifle in every way.

Canton, Georgia
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very comfortable, quiet and accurate
April 6, 2014
This is one of the best quality air rifles I have shot. The break over is funny in that you have to slap the barrel to unlock and begin the cocking process (unlike my Gamo big cat - just pull down on it). The ergonomics of this rifle are awesome with its adjustable cheek rest and soft rubber hand grips. It hugs your shoulder almost like it belongs there. This gun is very quiet and is very suitable for shooting in those small neighborhoods. The scope is quite adequate for an air rifle. I have heard several review complaints about the focus being blurry after adjusting zoom past 7. Just a little secret for all those reviewers. The objective lens is adjustable and will clear things up. Just remove ring from end of scope, then turn the threaded section(this will adj the objective lens), and then re install ring. I recommend doing this with zoom power set at 9 (full zoom) while looking at an object at least 50 or more yards away. Accuracy is acceptable though I hope to see some improvement as the rifle breaks in. Being a .22 is a bonus in this rifle setup as it produces some great knock down power for an air rifle. Overall, this is the ticket for those pesky squirrels that keep getting in your bird feeder.
ergonomic design Adjustable cheek rest Rubber comfort grips Excellent suppresor (very quiet) .22 caliber nice scope included no tank refills required picatinny rail incorporated into barrel
accuracy (but is acceptable)

norwood, MN
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My bull dog gun
March 12, 2014
Put 150 rounds through it Crosman premier pellets work the best for me 1 1/2 grouping at 35 yards
Power have to give it a full crank Fun to shot scope not bad
Trigger Scope was to a 9/40 but I got 9/32 Plug fell out of stock I'm looking for a pcp and crosman is last place because of there customer service.

Temple City, CA
2 Stars

February 3, 2014
I think this rifle waste the money. This rifle looks good and has a very good feel. The gun could make the big damage within 35 feet. I tested this gun with Crosman Field Hunting .22 Cal, 14.3 Grains, pointed pellets ammo. It getting 745fps. After 35 feet, it get inaccurate and weak. It come with 3-9x32 centerpoint scope. The scope is acceptable. I mean what you can expect with this price gun. Another thing, I am not sure the gun which airgundepot ship to me is the brand new gun. When I opened the box, it missed a screw on stock, also, it has scratches on gun body and one screw. I contacted airgundepot, the customer service let me contact Crosman. I called them many times, nobody response me. I will post the pictures about those scratches.
The silencer really does cut down shooting noise. Looks good.
The trigger is big problem. This is my fourth air rifle. My other three is gamo extreme hunter, hatson 85 and gamo silent stalk IGT whisper. I don't need to pull a mile away to shoot. I like SAT trigger. Customer service. Hope Crosman or airgundepot could help me.

lloyd gaudette
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great gun
January 31, 2014
shot it right out of the box, scope mounted easily,and was almost right on with little adjustment.Powerful and quiet and light.
I highly recommend.

san clemente ca.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

very impressive
January 3, 2014
great feel, great all around gun

Jacksonville, Florida
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Almost Great
December 30, 2013
The rifle is made of quality materials and is finished well. The Nitro Piston performs as advertised and the included Centerpoint scope and rings are of good quality. The only issue with the gun is the trigger pull. I've never owned a firearm where the trigger pull was so long. This issue ultimately affects the accuracy of the rifle. The fortunate thing however is that this is well documented among air rifle enthusiasts, and so aftermarket trigger options as well as DIYer mods can easily remedy this issue. If you're not the type willing to purchase the mod or do one yourself, then you'd probably want to go with another option. I got the gun at a great sale price and was ok doing the mod. It works great, and the gun now shoots accurately! If the trigger been properly designed and tuned from the factory, I would have rated the gun with five stars.
- Quality construction - Excellent fit and finish - Good scope - Excellent power - Quieter and smoother firing (Nitro Piston) - Easy to mod/fix the trigger - Accuracy with new/modded trigger
- Long trigger pull (from the factory) - Inconsistent accuracy with stock trigger

wheeling, WV
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great pellet rifle
December 21, 2013
The genesis is one great air rifle. It's one of the few rifles where you get more than you pay for. It is very accurate and hard hitting. I've found several pellets that provide great accuracy and shoot to the same point. I would recommend it to everyone, Buy one and you won't be disappointed.
Accurate, Powerful, adjusable stock, style, comfortable , and a great bargain for the money
did not come with the 3-9X32 mm A.O. scope as advertised on site, but did ship with a 3-9X32mm scope. No other cons. Just a great air rifle at on great price

kc kansas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

i love this gun
December 12, 2013
This gun has extreme accuracy and power! its so light in such a large package. for the price, you cant go wrong!
the pros are looks great, nice weight and feel,power and accuracy and the scope is pretty good.

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