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Crosman .22 cal Pointed Pellets (175 Ct)

Item #: CRP022
Crosman .22 cal Pointed Pellets (175 Ct)
In Stock
Only $5.75
MSRP $6.50| Save $0.75 (12%)
Weight:14.3 grains

Designed for long range penetration. This is the pellet to use for pest control or field hunting. Comes 175 per tin, and is a reliable, inexpensive hunting pellet.

MSRP $6.50
Our Price $5.75 Save $0.75 (12%)
ammo typePellets
airgun use 
pellet shapePointed
pellet quantity175
ammo weight14.3
product conditionNew
Crosman .22 cal Pointed Pellets (175 Ct)
4 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
Riverside, CA
3 Stars

Good pellets to break in a rifle
April 1, 2014
These are plenty and cheap, you can see the cast lines on them, and in each can you can find plenty of flaws I bought these because they were available and cheap. Fun for shooting bottles and random knickknacks but don't hunt with these. If you hit your target with this rifle you most likely missed the vital area and now the animal is suffering greatly. Or you miss and the animal laughs at you as you reload try possible miss a second time. The cast lines are so obvious on some that it makes you wonder why those were in the can to begin with. The tin is screw tight and I love that. I use the tin to hold better pellets that didnt come in a screw tight tin.
Cheap and shoots ok, screw tight tin is very nice, with the pellets that are actually well made and not deformed the performance is pretty nice for the price
poor quality, only 175 each can so it isn't as cheap as you thought it was. very dirty to the touch (wash hands very well) inconsistent product so hard to keep zero (just don't zero with these, waste of time)

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 4, 2013
these are looking very good so far in my gas guns not so well in the NP's, it was windy
The Crosman pellets are easy to find ,better then expected worth a try
come on 175 to a can???

Blackstone, MA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Accurate in Crosman 1322
April 19, 2013
I found these to group well in a Crosman 1322. These did not group as well in my Benjamin Trail NP as RWS Super Domes or Crosman Hollow Point pellets.
Pointed, so it should work well for larger varmints.

Paso robles, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 10, 2012
These pellets are super accurate in my benji p-rod. I can print a 2/8" group at 35 yrds. For me, they perform just as well as pellets that cost triple their price.
Cheap and accurate.
Lacks proper packaging, lots of pellet defects.

Daniel B.
3 Stars

crosman .22 pointed
April 16, 2011
These pellets arent too bad for the money. I have found that in the gun I'm using (Gamo Silent Cat .22) the Crosman Premier Hollowpoints are much more accurate. I'd say if given the choice just go for the Premiers, pass on these.

4 Stars

still a good reserve pellet
January 12, 2011
I keep these around as a reserve pellet for things like sighting in my latest exotic rifle or scope, minor pest elimination duties and demo field target events. I get lots of them cheaper and available practically everywhere so available when I'm in a bind and need ammo. I found these work well in a PCP rifle and can be used for fairly precision shooting. I can use these in my best PCP and drive them one on top of another at 25 feet repeatedly, or one of my favorite tricks, take the head off a match at 15 yards. (that takes practice, but it can be done if you trust your gun.)

J. Wallander
3 Stars

Money spent
December 9, 2009
These are decent pellets with decent accuacy. Baisically you get what you pay for, A cheap pellet. With the packaging system these pellets tend to have minor skirt damage. Out of 175 pellets you can bet 25-50 are damaged in some way. As for fun if your just going to poke paper with a red ryder these will do for the money. I would not recomend for experiencd air gunners. J. Wallander

a better shooter
5 Stars

very good !
July 25, 2008
as expected, some will be damaged in todays' package and mail delivery system. very consistent POA impacts, some minor defects on some pellets but it doesn't hurt accuracy in my crosman guns. hard hitting, good penetration, pretty nice trajectory. crosman should produce them in 500's and bulk packs like the domes and the discontinued / hard to find wadcutters.

kieran "eagle eye" eglin
5 Stars

March 17, 2008
very very good pellets i can bullseye a 3'' square target from 200 feet i found that i could penetrate a piece of wood like it was butter overall i wold give this a 10/10 and highly reccomend it

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