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Skenco UltraMag .22 Cal, 18.2 Grains, Pointed, 100ct

Item #: PY-P-901
Skenco UltraMag .22 Cal, 18.2 Grains, Pointed, 100ct
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Weight:18.2 grains

These Skenco UltraMag Metal Tip pellets will deliver an authoritative knockdown blow to pests and will deliver tremendous knockdown-power!


  • Caliber-.22
  • Grain:18.2
  • Quantity: 100
  • Nose: Pointed
  • Use: Hunting and Pest Control
MSRP $11.00
Our Price $8.99 Save $2.01 (18%)
ammo typePellets
pellet shapePointed
pellet quantity100
ammo weight18.2
Skenco UltraMag .22 Cal, 18.2 Grains, Pointed, 100ct
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Greg c
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Pros & Cons
March 5, 2014
Ok so here is what I needed - a pellet to shoot out of a Gamo big cat air rifle to kill a ground hog at 75 feet. WOW - penetration was unreal! If penetration is what you are looking for, I believe this this pellet would go through a deer skull at 50 feet or under. If expansion is your goal the predators do better in my opinion but lack the penetration of the ultra. No one pellet is a solve all. Rifle - Gamo Big Cat FPS - 815 Caliber - .22 Test medium - gator aid 1 quart bottle with thick plastic filled with water Shot distance - 125 feet Cross wind 5-10 mph Tested against Predator Polymag 16 gr Crossman destroyer 14.3 gr OK so the polymag the destroyer both penetrated the bottle just and they did not have good expansion they collapsed in in them self The poly mag only had about 3" of wind adjustment and the destroyer had about 5" of wind adjustment. Held about 3 MOA The ultramag not only penetrated the bottle but pit a dent in the back after traveling through the liquid but had no expansion. First shot I grazed the side of one bottle and it ripped a 2" gash clean through (wind adjustment was off, got a big gust). Second shot was about 1.5" into the bottle and completely passed through 3rd shot dead center and rocked the bottle that was Jammed in the snow bank. Most impressive part is that the ,oa reaper ability was about .5 MOA with the wind I had about 4" of win adjust to make for the ultramag. I zero my scope with destroyers Polymag was 3" high and Ultramag was 4.5" high These test results are practice and done in a none controlled environment. I am not an expert just an engineer for a living and wanted to share what I learned. Let's face it I am out to kill ground hogs with head shots at 75 feet - this will be my go to pellet for that work. Luckily don't need many. I will put a YouTube up later titled something like skanko ultramag
Penetration Destruction at long ranges Consistency Solid construction (very hard lead, not soft)
COST!!!!!!!! To expensive for what you get, price needs to be more competitive Lack of expansion with distance - did not get expansion until 35 feet or under.

Innisfil, Ontario, Canada
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Bone Chipper's
January 23, 2014
These are one of the most accurate, hard hitting, Hunting Pellet's I have ever had the pleasure of shooting, and with my Cometa Fusion Premier, I nailed a Jackrabbit at over 65 yd's last summer, and it was dead in a second, no follow up shots needed with these, and last fall I took a 25 pd Turkey with these pellets paired with my Benji Trail, at well over 40yd's, and when I examined the wound, I found it almost split the birds spine, there were bone fragments all throughout the wound. When Predator came out with their "Metal Mag" pellet's, I immediately purchased 4 tins,,,,I wish I had only bought one, There IS NO Comparison, The predators failed miserably in the accuracy dept,,,,I enclosed a pic of a Rabbit I took last fall with my 2289G Back Packer(original,Modded)loaded with a Metal-Tipped "Ultra Mag"
Extremely Hard-Hitting, Accurate Hunting Round
A little too long for my Hatsan AT44's magazine's, but excellent in all of my Co2/Springers

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