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Best Selling Pellets in 2012

Every year we sell a TON of pellets and ammo for airgunners - shipping them all over the world. The great thing about pellets is the large selection, over 300 different kinds, to choose from. So, which ones do customers like the most? Read below and you find out.

Late last year, we shared our top 10 best selling airguns purchased from our store in 2012. The brands featured in that list included Beretta, Benjamin, Crosman, Gamo, H&K & Umarex. Featured in our top 10 best selling pellets are the airgun brands:

So, without further distractions, here are the 10 best selling pellets of 2012:

#10: Gamo PBA Raptor Pellets

.22 Caliber

#9: Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum Pellets

.177 Caliber

#8: Crosman Destroyer Hunting Pellets

.177 Caliber

#7: RWS Superpoint Pellets

.22 Caliber

#6: Benjamin Discovery Hollowpoint Pellets

.22 Caliber

#5: RWS Superdome Pellets

.177 Caliber

#4: RWS Superpoint Pellets

.177 Caliber

#3: RWS Meisterkugeln Pellets

.177 Caliber

#2: Gamo PBA Raptor Pellets

.177 Caliber

#1: Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellets

.22 Caliber

What makes the Crosman Premier Hollow Points so popular? Here’s what customers said about them:

“The Crosman Premier .22 cal Hollow Point Pellet is an awesome pellet! The hollow point is small but is doing exactly what its supposed to do. The cheap price makes it a bonus considering the 500 pellet count! The case is quite sturdy and a huge plus is that the cover is threaded and screws on tight! So no pellets flying everywhere if dropped.”

“This pellet is accurate and capable of 1.5 inch and smaller groups at 50 yards out of my Crosman Venom Dusk.

Both my Benjamin and Crosman pump pistols digest these pellets with ease and accuracy. Good expansion even from the pistols. Fired at ten yards into 3/4 inch plywood. I miked the diameter to be .28 inch.“
With an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and a very affordable price point, it's no wonder that our best selling pellet of 2012 is the Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellets in .22 Caliber.

What are your favorite pellets?
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