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Hatsan BT65 SB Air Rifle .177 Cal Review

This is a Community Review of the Hatsan BT65-SB Air Rifle with synthetic stock by Gene Curtis. The author of the following review are in no way affiliated with Airgun Depot. The views expressed below are personal opinion only.
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This will be my first experience with a Hatsan PCP product. I have had plenty of experience shooting other brand PCP's over the years. First thing I will do is go through the packaging and what you get for your buck. Hatsan has done a very nice job of packaging the BT65 SB. Plenty of foam and room for the pcp to rest in. Of course it comes double boxed. In the box you will find all the hardware to get started with you first fill. Also included is a very nice shoulder sling and a bi pod. The shoulder sling is nice. A lightweight bi-pod is also included as well as two metal rotary clips as well, a fill probe and separate fill adaptor for the tube stand alone.

Hatsan BT65 Open Box

My first impression when I lifted it out of the box that this is one solid pcp. The stock on this one was synthetic. I am not that keen on synthetic stocks but I have to say that Hatsan again has done a fine job on this stock. It felt great in my hands and shouldered nicely. The insert grips they have embedded are perfect for a good solid grip. The adjustable comb or cheek pad is another very fine feature. Hatsan even gives you a small wrench to loosen and tighten the hardware screw for the adjustable comb. And another great feature is the adjustable butt pad. Not only can it be adjusted up or down but they have included in and out adjustment. Ergonomically, the BT-64 is made to fit a most all shooters.

Hatsan BT65 Stock

Numbers and Accuracy Tests at 35 yards

My first round of 20 shots was with the JSB 8.3 Exact pellets at 35 yards. These pellets gave me a 1 3/4 inch group. The second round of tests was with Crosman Premier Pellets (.177) 10.5 gn pellets at the same yardage and yielded a 1 inch group.

Hatsan BT65 Pellets Used for Review

Here are the chrony numbers for the JSB 8.3 gn pellets:
  • 1216 fps
  • 1208 fps
  • 1194 fps
  • 1193 fps
  • 1186 fps
  • 1180 fps
  • 1172 fps
  • 1166 fps
  • 1154 fps
  • 1146 fps
  • 1139 fps
  • 1129 fps
  • 1124 fps
  • 1113 fps
  • 1108 fps
  • 1098 fps
  • 1090 fps
  • 1083 fps
  • 1069 fps
  • 1061 fps
Below are the chrony numbers for the Crosman 10.50 gn pellets:
  • 1178 fps
  • 1171 fps
  • 1161 fps
  • 1154 fps
  • 1148 fps
  • 1140 fps
  • 1133 fps
  • 1128 fps
  • 1109 fps
  • 1098 fps
  • 1093 fps
  • 1084 fps
  • 1073 fps
  • 1065 fps
  • 1058 fps
  • 1042 fps
  • 1038 fps
  • 1024 fps
  • 1018 fps
  • 1010 fps
I started with a fill of 200 bar with the JSB 8.3 Exact pellets, and at the end of 20 shots the gauge read 135 bar.

The first ten shots with the JSB 8.3 gr pellets started at 200 bar, and ended at 174 bar.

Hatsan BT65 JSB Shots

Shots 11 through 20 with the JSB pellets began at 174 bar and dropped down to 140 bar. The ending pressure with the JSP pellets was 135 bar.

Next, the Crosman 10.5 grain pellets started out at 200 bar and after 10 shots was at 147 bar.

Hatsan BT65 Crosman Shots

The ending pressure after shot 11 through 20 with the Crosman 10.5 gn pellets dropped down to 100 bar. Below are the targets and groupings from the JSB & Crosman pellets (10 shots per target).

Hatsan BT65 Target Groupings

I did not have heavier pellets to shoot but I feel that with heavier pellets the BT65 SB would be one very accurate PCP at this range. The Hatsan BT65 SB is a very strong shooting PCP, the power was overwhelming. Way to much for a .177 PCP of this type. It is a very well made PCP but it definitely needs a muffler for the muzzle. The two stage trigger can be adjusted, but out of the box it was heavy. Because of the power, I would love to see accuracy numbers on the .22 and .25 Hatsan BT-65.

Overall, I am very excited that Hatsan has introduced their line of PCP's into the US marketplace. Their pricing seems to be very competitive and somewhat below the norm for what you get.

Hatsan BT65 - Gene Shooting

Happy Air Gunning,

Gene Curtis
May 11, 2012

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