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Hatsan Striker 1000S Synthetic .22 Caliber Air Rifle Kit- w/3-9x32 Scope

Hatsan Striker 1000S Synthetic .22 Caliber Air Rifle Kit- w/3-9x32 Scope

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  • List Price $150.00
  • Code: HC1000STR022 · 0.22 cal · 800 fps ·
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This gun was made to hunt...rodents, pest birds, bugs and more. Steady your aim with the clamp-on bipod and quickly get on target with the sharp lenses in the 3-9x32 scope (or use the TruGlo sights). The all-weather stock has textured inserts in the forearm and grip, which makes it easier to hold on in a clinch. In .22 caliber, it delivers a whopping 800 fps with lead pellets, which will give you the best accuracy. You may never find a better deal on a magnum spring rifle!

Even though FPS rates may look the same from brand to brand, that may not always be the case. Hatsan tests this rating using lead pellets, but most competitors use lighter aluminum alloy pellets. What this means for you is that your Hatsan Striker 1000S .22 Caliber Air Rifle, with All-weather syntehtic stock will deliver more knockdown power than an alloy-tested airgun with the same FPS rating. Hatsan airguns offer specialty features that come standard within the product line to provide shooters with a better shooting experience.

Hatsan Unique Features:

TruGlo® Fiber Optics: Microadjustable rear sight and front sight to lend more accuracy to every shot
Safety: A drop safety interlock device has been incorporated to eliminate the possibility of the airgun accidentally firing if it’s dropped (whether or not the safety is on).
Ambidextrous & Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grip with soft rubber inlays, giving better control and feel on the air rifle, for both right- and left-handed shooters.


  • Caliber- .22
  • Velocity: 800 FPS
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Overall Length: 43"
  • Barrel Length: 17.7"
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic (TruGlo Red)
  • Rear Sight: Fiber Optic (TruGlo Green); Adjustable for Windage & Elevation
  • Capacity: 1 Round; Single Shot
  • Cocking Effort: 29 lbs
  • Barrel: Rifled w/ Integrated Sound Moderator
  • Scopeable: 11mm Dovetail
  • Trigger: Metal, Adjustable trigger pull and trigger travel
  • Trigger Pull: 3.7 lbs
  • Buttpad: Rubber
  • Action: Break Barrel
  • Safety: Automatic w/Anti-Bear Trap


  • Precision Rifled Steel
  • Manual/Automatic Safety
  • Anti-Bear Trap Safety
  • Large Muzzle Break For Easier Cocking
  • Metal Trigger Blade
  • Micro-Adjustable Rear Sight w/TruGlo Fiber Optics
  • All Weather Synthetic Stock w/Montecarlo Cheeckpiece
  • Includes: Hatsan Striker 1000S Synthetic .22 Caliber Air Rifle, 3-9x32mm Scope w/ Dovetail Two-Piece Rings
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity800 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • BlowbackNo
  • Cocking Effort29 lbs
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight6.95
  • Hop UpNo
  • Overall Length43"
  • Barrel Length17.7"
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • RailDovetail Mount
  • SafetyAutomatic
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage and elevation
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • UseSmall Game Hunting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Hatsan Striker 1000S Synthetic .22 Caliber Air Rifle Kit- w/3-9x32 Scope
4.5 Stars based on 34 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun
August 28, 2015
Great quality, great price, Shoots great is light enough to carry ,quick to grab and load. Good gun.
Good value

Port Lavaca, Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good purchase
August 1, 2015
Purchased rifle on recommendation by my brother. Have been more than satisfied with accracy, looks, and over all feel of the rifle. Irons on rifle needed NO adjustment at 30 yards right out of the box. Scope required only minor adjustments. Scope has held settings to this point but should tighten rings on dove tail after several shots. Rifle has quite a bit of recoil or jolt from such a strong spring! This is a hard shooting rifle and if shooting in confined spaces thick wood or metal back stop should be used. 1/4" plywood splinters. After trying several different pellet brands and types the Discovery PCP hollow point is the ammo that holds best pattern in my rifle. This being my first break barrel rifle I am satisfied with it. Good rifle for my money.
Strong spring Good bright sights. Scope seems adequate (use will tell) Soft gripping areas are a plus Good solid weight to rifle
Scope sits a little high on rifle. (For me) Will experiment with other rings Trigger adjustscrew at awkward angle

San antonio, texas
2 Stars

Hatsan air guns disappoint me again
June 17, 2015
Power is incredible. Workmanship of components is great. They produce a significant amount of power. Great platform from a great arms manufacturer.
Undeniable power. Good platform. Nice sights. Heavy duty.
Poor components used in assembly barrel is Steel washer and shimmed on left side of barrel, right side is a thick plastic washer. Spacing was left side .35 inch right was .58 inch on right side. Of barrel breek hinge bolt. Alignment of gas/air port to barrel off according to visual inspection. Haven't had any luck with Hatsan air on help even under warranty they expect me to pay shipping on both my Hatsan rifles for them to check and determine if its their factory fault or mine. Will not bug another Hatsan ever again. Parts are impossible to find and I paid for these items once and now have to spend even more to make them right. I should've gone with the rivers which I've had two and shot them to death and both two more just because straight out of the box the hit and hit hard. Oh the other Hatsan is a 150 torpedo .25 cal the barrel is oversized and pellets do not seat or fall straight through. Buy at your own risk. Thank you

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great value
May 6, 2015
gun shoots well and for the price you cant go wrong fast delivery scope is junk

Las Vegas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great price and great rifle...
January 17, 2015
Excellent rifle and great price. read a lot of reviews and this supposedly has better FPS than most with same rating because they use lead pellets. not the PBA ammo Buy a 1 piece Accushot scope mount 3/8"(11mm) dove tail. Get high profile because you will see the mounts on barrel thru the scope...which is kinda distracting. It is very good and added to aesthetics of the rifle. Have not shot it much at time of this review...
- its comes with a scope stop...which was a surprise - great price. - hard hitting. true FPS with lead pellets. - scope seems very nice and clear...although I would never put a 9x on a pellet gun. way overkill
- its little heavy....which is a plus in some respects. - Not too hard to cock. but this is adult rifle so better have some strength - scope mount is worthless.

Charlestown In.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

power +
January 8, 2015
I have nothing but good to say about this rifle. All the good reviews you read are true. Half inch groups at 20 yards are the norm with crosman pellets. I have three PCPs, a nitro piston, a pump-up and a co2 and this is my second springer. This is one of the best bang for your buck deals that I have ever seen. After over 500 shots it still works perfect in every way except the screw fell out of the scope and when I called Hatsan USA they just sent me a new scope.
Value, price, power and accuracy.
I shoot a lot. I buy over $100 worth of pellets at a time. The only bad thing I can say about this gun is now my left arm looks like Popeyes.

Shawboro,North Carolina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Trapper's Friend
October 11, 2014
Great rifle for trapping, hunting small game and birds. Easy to sight.

Rod Kenton
Roseburg, Or.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hatsan is AOK
May 30, 2014
Great gun, especially for the price. Powerful, accurate, what more could you ask for.
Accuracy, power, and weight.
Not much can be said negative about it.

Sacramento, CA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Accurate but not totally
May 1, 2014
The gun was advertised with a bi-leg scope. Unfortunately, there was no bipod in the box. I wasn't that put off because reviewers on You Tube said it was a piece of junk. Now to the rifle. The Chinese scope fits the grooves on the top of the barrel (after you remove the strange plate that covers part of the grooves). Then it was out to the yard to sight in the gun. I use a target that's 33 feet from my steady surface. With a rifle rest at about chest height I used a considerable amount of strength to break the barrel (about twice as much as my .22 Gamo). The first shot was high and to the left. After nine more shots I was able to bring the holes close to the bull's eye. Tried a few more shots to see whether I could put a pellet dead on, but the adjustment on the scope only made the pattern worse so I returned to the setting that gave me a "close but no cigar" pattern.
Excellent workmanship. Great penetration (completely through a one inch pine board). Great safety that automatically engages when the barrel is broken.
Sound is not much suppressed with the built-in suppressor. Extremely hard to break the barrel to load. Included scope is not very accurate.

Mount Sterling, KY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very accurate
March 19, 2014
So far I really like this gun but the stock seems cheap and makes a hollow/echo sound.

Pacific Palisades,CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This is one fine rifle!
March 9, 2014
I hadn't owned a pellet rifle in a couple years and I decided to get one again and I'm glad I chose this Hatsan rifle. I use .22 Crosman hollow points with it and I have no trouble taking out doves, pigeons, squirrels, and even the occasional raccoon. The only cons are that the caps on the scope are a bit tricky to put on after adjustments but after a few uses I got used to it. Other than that the bipod serves no use with shooting it's only for displaying the rifle. The scope is actually pretty good once I got it zeroed in. Finally, the try-glow sights on the barrel are awesome! It's great fun to shoot with open sights. I highly recommend this rifle.
Hard hitting Easy to cock and load Look great! I like the rubber grips on the sides. Fun to shoot with open sights Tru-Glow sights really stand out nicely
Bipod serves no use besides display Scope caps can be a bit annoying sometimes

Bowdon, ND
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Another Fine Hatsen product
February 12, 2014
This is a good light weight gun, I have the .22 cal. it has plenty of knock down power, and the light weight allows for a heaver scope without compromising your shooting control, I upgraded to a RWS 6x12 CL, AO, Illuminated, and fills the bill, the scope that comes with it is not the greatest, the adjustable trigger is also a plus, very accurate right out of the box, you will not be sorry buying this rifle and the price isn't bad ether, I can do 1 inch size groups at 30 yards without much effort, Try It You'll Like It!!!
It's All Good

Manville , Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun well worth it's price
January 3, 2014
I got this gun and and right out of the box I knew This would be a good gun and sighted it in. It could use a better scope but dead on and accurate. I was putting dime size groups at 60 yards. The bi-pod Is for displaying your gun.
Hard hitting lot of power
Better scope and bipod for displaying only

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Solid Good Gun
November 17, 2013
Wonderful rifle . Best bang for your buck . Love the gun .
Lotta power !

Loveland Colorado
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great shooter
August 12, 2013
I've had this rifle for over a year, it was replaced during the recall, and the second one performs just like the first one, easily summed up in two words tack driver. The quattro trigger is fantastic, exceptionally smooth and consistent in release, have it set a little above 2.5 lbs and never had a premature fire. I replaced the scope not long after I bought it because the optics weren't as clear as I like, but this has been a great investment, very accurate and very reliable. You can't beat it for the price. Due to its size and weight I wouldn't buy this for a young teen or pre-teen shooter.
Adjustable trigger Excellent grouping with the right pellets Robust construction Non-slip stock when wet or raining
Too heavy and big for a young shooter

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great for the price. Didn't even receive bipod?
July 26, 2013
It kicks like a mule. It has an easy cocking effort considering other rifles of its class. You cannot get anything as good as this for the cost. Groups great out to 40 plus yards. In my experience with the air rifle it's favorite pellets are the crosman premier hollow points. But all rifles are made different so maybe that's just my favorite.
Cheap, but built to last. Shoots hard Considerably accurate
Kicks like a mule Pretty loud compared to nitro piston The sound is more of a klank Did not come with the bipod like stated

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good Gun
May 16, 2013
Very powerful and accurate BUT the sights on the gun are useless, get a descent scope and it is deadly ! Hollow points & Magnums are lethal on this. Killed 2 rabbits already !!
Powerfull, Sturdy, Looks
Sights are awfull !

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My first Spring Powered Air Rifle
May 4, 2013
My other air rifles and pistols are all multi-pumps and I wanted something a bit more powerful without all that pumping. My main concern was the artillery hold because I've never used it before, and I chose this gun because other reviewers said it was not hold sensitive and the price was right. I'm getting much better with this rifle. It is pretty easy to shoot and the kick isn't nearly as bad as I expected. This is now my favorite gun. It's actually not bad right out of the box but is a bit harder to shoot than the other guns I have.
-Very accurate -Safe to shoot indoors -artillery hold is great, but not too hold sensitive -Easy to shoot -Seems well made and sturdy -the price is right
-Harder to pump than I expected out of the box but once you get it oiled up it gets MUCH easier -bipod is useless on this gun, but I can use it for one of my other rifles

Brea, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Bionic air rifle, better, fast, and stonger.
April 22, 2013
My striker.22 got here on time with 2 days shipping-Confidentially and well packaged. I have handled a lot of break barrel air rifles in this price range including the crosman optimus and Hatsan beats them all hands down, in build ,quality and sounds-This is like the Mercedes of break barrels. Right out of the box it was dead on at 10 yards and with a little adjustment dead on at 55 feet and I haven%u2019t even cleaned the barrel yet- I don%u2019t even think it dieseled once on me at the range breaking it in-I looked down and had gone through 125 shots before I knew it meaning the cocking effort was like silk and no fatigue set in. It does have a little kick so no death grip on the rifle for better accuracy. It%u2019s fairly quiet for a powerful air rifle-look no more this is the rifle you have been looking for; BUY IT!!!
Great rifle for the price-you would have to spend a few hundreds more to match the quality.
Scope is not all that hot-Open sights dead on-looking to put a red dot for fun.

Thomas B. Leffingwell
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best so far
March 22, 2013
Our family has been shooting BB/pellet guns since my daughter was 5 (now 17), when I gave her a red ryder. We have had a few types of pistols and rifles (all Walmart} and we have had a blast. I purchased this gun for my sons 13th b-day and we couldn't be more pleased. Right out of the box with the first 15 rounds, we were putting quarter size patterns at 32' in our basement range. After a few days and several hundred rounds, it just seemed to get better. Scope is a little cheesy and the bi-pod is useless but the rifle itself packs a lot of bang for the buck. Since the 3rd of March (now 3/22) the only issues are the scope loosens as well as screws holding the barrel to the stock. That has happened twice after about 1000 rounds. Overall, a wonderful real feel and weight for a transition to the real deal.

F. L.
1 Stars

Mine Failed as per Consumer Product Safety Warning!!
March 5, 2013
After approx. 750 rounds of sight-in/break-in my 1000 fired IMMEDIATELY upon closing the breech when completing the cocking-charging cycle WITH SAFETY ON!! This was repeated 10 times out of the next 24 attempts to assure that the failure was not my error and the HATSAN RECALL that was issued by result of the warning issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that I received confirms that a series of these .22 pellet rifles suffered from a VERY dangerous ISSUE. -To be clear...I'm also a long experienced firearms shooter, 57 year old firefighter/first responder, and was also feeling like this was a good purchase until this weapon launched a live pellet 20 feet or so into the ground ahead of me when I cocked it. I asked Hatsan if I could upgrade and they just sent me a new 1000s. You can have it for only 89.00 and I'll ship it free! I know I won't ever trust the thing, and I don't know why Air Gun depot still sells it! Oh, and the Chinese made scope tubes literally cracked in half and FELL OUT onto the ground after about approx. 600 rounds (oh yeah, this kicks like a hot .223 round) and the "$20.00 Free Bipod" is so chintzy it should include a rebate.
"Like what?" Actually, it's pretty accurate and does fire a lead pellet with authority, that you wouldn't want going through your foot with the safety on.
Two answers: 1.) All the above. 2.) That the replacement weapon from Hatsan wasn't a brand new Gamo.

average joe
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great air rifle
February 1, 2013
Lots of research and lots of comments on how you need to spend 300.00 and up in order to find a good rifle. Absolute nonsense. This rifle drives these 22 cal. with precision and authority. Look no further. 99.00 leaves you plenty of extra cash for those thousands of rounds of special pellets. First day out I was getting quarter size groups at 25 yards. Look out rabbits, possums, and raccoons. This gun is also rated at 800 fps using a heavy lead pellet, not those ultra light ones everyone else uses. You're getting a true 800 instead of 600 fps from all the other competitors in the 250.00, and under dollar range. I almost forgot, it also comes with a nice little scope. As you can tell I am happy with my purchase. Hope this help someone.
Price, construction, and 2 lbs less than most rifles. Power, accuracy, and you get a scope to top it off.
For this price there is nothing to dislike.

Viejo Omar SL & Airguns
Argentina Buenos Aires
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Simple and super powerful
January 27, 2013
A quality rifle Hatsan. Great for small game. Single precision. It's accurate at 50 meters, which makes it a pleasure to use.
Weight, simplicity, bipod included, and looks high quality.
Improve the polymer.

Gilford, NH
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

First air rifle
January 21, 2013
I was looking for something simple and not too expensive. I needed something to thin out the squirrel population. This should do the trick.
Good weight Accurate Very reasonable price
The trigger pull is long and can't be adjusted much.

Fort Wayne In.
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not to Bad
November 28, 2012
To much kick and the scope sucks. However it's a nice gun with lots of power !
Kick back and scope

Craig Robertson
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hatsan Striker 1000s synthetic .22 Caliber Air Rifle
October 9, 2012
I absolutely love this gun. It is very powerful and very accurate. You're not gonna find a better gun close to that price range. From 25 to 30 feet out, I can hit shot on top of shot. I use Crosman premium hollow point pellets. They are cheap but work great. I use them for target practice or to hunt small game. Don't waste your money on more expensive rifles. This one I would put up against any other brand. I love the scope too. I see no need in upgrading it. This gun is also pretty quite. I could not be more happier with this rifle. I am looking to buy a Hatsan break barrel pistol next.
Very Powerful Very Accurate Well made Great gun

Steven Moskowitz
Houston, Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

22 cal. Air rifle
September 23, 2012
This one works great. This shows I call them as I see them. I gave a very negative review on my 22 cal. pellet air pistol. This one is very powerful and accurate. This one I highly recommend.
Power and accuracy

Boone, IA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Ready to go!
September 17, 2012
Being new to air rifles, I wanted to do some practice shooting that was quieter and cheaper to shoot than cartridge firearms. After reading the reviews for this rifle, I settled on it for my purchase. Right out of the box it only needed 1 click of elevation and one right click of windage and it was right on. At 20 yards I was knocking walnuts out of the tree. It seems to have a lot of power and I am impressed and happy with it. It's not hard to cock either. The only pellet i tried was the RWS super H point. The trigger is a little long but not too bad and the safety is positioned where it is handy to disengage. I will soon mount the scope and see how it shoots then but it drills now and the fiber optic sights are real nice.
Accuracy, easy to use right out of the box, powerful, sights and price.

Milford, mass
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great value
September 16, 2012
I was truly disappointed when I first tried to set this gun up. The scope rings were defective, I felt the gun was very toy like. Even though it's an inexpensive gun, I was still expecting better quality from a name like Hatsan. I've now bought another scope and rings, sighted it in and put a few hundred rounds through it and love it. Long story short, give this hundred dollar rifle a chance, it won't let you down! I am giving this gun five stars, even taking the dislikes into consideration, because honestly it's a hundred dollars!!!
Short break in period, good accuracy and decent trigger.
Shiny plastic is toy looking, a dull black finish would add a more quality look. Dovetail mounts in general aren't great, should add weaver rail. Not a dislike, but the scope is nothing more than a paperweight.

Ol' Country
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Effective power!
July 19, 2012
This is my first break-barrel, so I don't have much expertise. Compared to the Daisy 880 and Crosman 760 multi-pumps that I own, the Hatsan is much closer to a .22 rimfire rifle in terms of size and weight. It's a little tougher to shoot off-hand than the BB guns, but I'm getting better each time I take it out! I haven't tried the scope, so I can't give any feedback on that. The open sights work well and acquiring the target is quite easy--at least in normal light. The front sight starts to disappear in dim light. The power and penetration are remarkable, and the cocking effort and recoil are acceptable. Overall, the Striker is a fun plinker and a worthy pest-control tool at an affordable price.
power price solid action durable synthetic stock
nothing really except cocking effort might be a little heavy for a smaller or younger shooter

Augusta, Ga
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 14, 2012
Just got this rifle in and I could not be happier. There is nothing to assemble out of the box, just slap on the scope (if you wish), sight it in, and you are good to go. My friend has a Gamo and a Crossman that he paid almost twice as much for, and I would put the Hatsan up next to either of them any day of the week! Just a couple of things to remember/advice/point out: 1. Whether using iron sights or scope, all rifles must be sighted in for the individual shooter. 2. Use good ammunition. If you put junk pellets through it, don't expect tight groups and consistent shooting. 3. I saw a review where someone said this gun is hard to cock. Not true. Hatsman 1000s cocks just the same as any other comparable pellet rifle. 4. Someone complained about recoil, they are crazy; this is a .22 cal pellet rifle, not a 30-06. 5. Also, saw someone complain that it is loud, once again they are crazy, same noise level as any other comparable pellet gun. 6. Scope is pretty decent, but the bipod isn't so great. However, the rifle and scope alone are well worth the price (in my opinion worth more), so you won't catch me complaining about the bipod. Scope mount also has a little metal piece that keeps he scope from creeping back over time, just one of the little things that make this rifle awesome. 7. There is a thumb safety on this gun instead of a lever next to the trigger like most rifles. Took a little getting used to at first, but now I like it. Also, the safety re-engages every time the gun is cocked, but after I got used to it I really liked it. Works out nice if you are shooting with someone who is inexperienced. In conclusion, great rifle, great price, use good ammunition and take your time sighting it in and it will shoot very well.

richmond, virginia
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 21, 2012
This gun delivers, its very powerful and well built. I dont have a chrony but it seems to be shooting correctly. I haven't hunted with it yet but i'm 100% sure that it will take out small game. The stock sounds slightly hollow. The open sights are nice and the scope is ok for now..overall its just a really good gun for the careful and hunt hard!
the way it looks the power the rubber inlays give it nice out of the norm look. it's not terribly loud THE POWER cool muzzlebreak
the hollow sound of the stock,i really wanted the wood stock but it wasnt availible it's a hard gun to dislike

Raceland, LA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love'n it!
April 25, 2012
New to AGs, first rifle only had a scope. Wanted something inexpensive to learn to use open sights and found this! There were a few very minor blemishes on the synth. stock, but nothing that a few weeks use wouldn't have caused anyway. Only real issue I found was that when cocking, towards the end of the pull it can sometimes feel like it's fully engaged until you try and fire the rifle. First time it happened I thought it jammed up on me. After the 3rd time it happened I was getting worried until I realized I wasn't pulling that final 1%. After that, I simply had to remember to pay more attention to my cocking. (More my fault then the rifle's, it's just a tad misleading) Was nice that it came with the scope and bipod, but I don't plan on using either. I prefer to shoot standing, and wanted this rifle specifically for the open sights, so no need for the scope. However, the scope is nice and I may end up swapping it to my other rifle.
-accurate -good solid feel to it -awesome adjustable fiber-optic sights -very fun to learn on and for plinking -Scope looks nice, but never used it (wanted for the sights)
-The final 5% of the cocking motion seems to tense up and if not paying 100% attention, it's easy to think you've fully cocked it.

Plainfield, Illinois
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Powerful gun cheap price
April 12, 2012
I just got this gun and it is AMAZING. It is very accurate and very powerful. It's a little heavy, this gun is not for first time shooters. The scope that it comes with is nice too, I have not been able to adjust it yet. there is very little recoil and it is quiet. This is a must get for the price!
powerful accurate scope and bipod fun
a little heavy bipod is cheap

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By Bhoopendra singh from India on June 13, 2012
are you able to delever the itme in India.I am 30 year old
By Staff on June 13, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

The need for licenses and permits are determined by you local city officials. You will need to check with your city to know if you will need any permits, though in most cases no permit is needed.

By Benjamin from Pembroke,Kentucky on May 27, 2012
How reliable is this gun?
By Staff on May 30, 2012

This is a decent quality Brand.
We haven't been carrying this gun for long, but there have been very few returns on these ones.
They are pretty reliable.

By Kyle from Pottsville,Arkansas on May 7, 2012
Can this gun take an oppsum,raccoon,rabbit,crow?
By Staff on May 9, 2012

this gun can kill any of the animals in question. Raccoon and opossum may have to be a bit closer than rabbits depending on their size though.

By griffy from baltimore Md on May 30, 2012
how loud is the gun? will it desturb neighbors? i live in a suberbon neighbor hood so there house is like 25 feet from mine. also, does it have kick back?
By Staff on May 31, 2012

I would consult your neighbors first. This gun is kinda loud.

By David from Georgia on April 9, 2012
How does the Htsan compare to the more expensive Gamo 22 caliber pellet rifles?
By Staff on April 16, 2012

We are relatively new to using the hatsan products since we have only carried them a short while. They seem to be pretty great though but I cannot say at this point if they have the same durability as the gamo guns. They work great though.

By Brandon from USA on June 24, 2012
is this a pump or does it take co2
By Staff on June 25, 2012

Our Hatsan Striker 1000S Synthetic .22 Caliber Air Rifle is a break barrel. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

The Air Gun Depot Customer Care Team

By clinton antony from cochi in india on April 10, 2012
how much is the killing range?
By Staff on April 13, 2012

there are a lot of variables that come into whether or not your gun will kill an animal at a certain range. Pellet type and what you are trying to kill are the main variables. Since it is a .22 caliber, It will probably kill most small animals within 20-30 yards.

By samuel zulu from zambia in africa on June 6, 2012
Does Hatsan manufacture 0.25 caliber?
By JOE from HAWAII on July 16, 2012


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