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Beretta CX-4 Storm Video Review

See what an airgun expert thinks about this semi-auto air rifle

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Video Transcript

My wife is quick to tell me that shes not that interested in punching paper. She would rather see things happen when she hits the target. Tin cans and water balloons are some of her favorites. There are some great airguns built for just that purpose and today’s review product, the Beretta CX4, is one such airgun. Its got a 30 round magazine that launches pellets down rage just as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Umarex is the undisputed leader in licensed action airguns. The CX4 is the pellet version of the popular Beretta CX4 9mm.

This replica is very sturdy and feels great when you pick it up and pull it to your shoulder. It comes with adjustable open sights but its a lot more fun when you add optics. Ive added a Walther PS22 Red Dot sight to mine and its a blast.

The rifle has a unique 30 round magazine that reliably feeds pellets as fast as you can pull the trigger so long you load it properly and stick to wadcutters or domed pellets.

Pellets are propelled down the barrel by the 88 gram CO2 cartridge stored in the butt of the rifle. You should get 200 plus shots from a single cartridge, making the CX4 very affordable to shoot.


Basic operation of the CX4 is very simple. The 88 gram co2 cartridge goes in the butt of the rifle. Make sure to use a couple of drops of RWS chamber lube on the tip of the cartridge before you install it in the rifle.

Next youll want to load the magazine. Make sure to put the pellets in all the way or theyll jam up the action.

Once the co2 is in and the magazine is loaded, Its just a matter of selecting your target, setting the safety to fire, and going to town.

The performance and accuracy

The CX4 is a great gun for popping tin cans, water balloons, and just about anything else that you can knock over with a pellet. Velocity is between 550 and 600 fps with 7.0 grain RWS hobby pellets. A lot will depend on how fast you pull the trigger and the ambient temperature. You can expect 200+ shots from a single 88 gram co2 bottle.

With the CX4, tin cans and water balloons dont stand a chance.


If you are looking for a rifle to shoot really tight groups on paper, something for small game hunting, or pest control, the CX4 is not going to be the gun for you. However, if you’re looking for a 30 round semi-automatic can and water balloon killer than it may be exactly what you are looking for.

The large 88 gram co2 bottle delivers decent power and a lot of shots.

The German build quality is evident in the weight and the fit and finish of this rifle. Add the Walther PS22 Red Dot sight, and you’ve got a lot of fun all ready to go.

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