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Double Action & Single Action Definition

If you are new to the shooting world, specifically handguns, you’re going to get hit with a lot of terms. (This applies to both firearms and airguns) Two terms you’ll see deal with how the gun operates when you pull the trigger.   The first is “Single Action,” often identified as “SA” and the second is […]

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How Does A Pneumatic Air Rifle Work?

For air rifles, there are several different powerplants that operate them. These include spring piston, CO2 gas, and pneumatic. While you may know how spring pistons and compressed gas air guns operate, how does a pneumatic air rifle work? Using pneumatic potential energy within compressed air, pneumatic air rifles fire pellets when the trigger is […]

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How An Air Rifle Operates

If you’re new to airgunning, you may find yourself asking, “How does an air rifle work?” What makes them so different from other guns? Unlike traditional firearms, airguns use compressed air or CO2 to propel pellet, slug, or BB ammunition. This is not to say that they don’t pack the punch of firearms, as certain […]

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Trigger Creep Definition

A large part of trigger control is understanding how trigger creep can affect shooting accuracy and your gun’s overall performance. As a part of what is called the trigger pre-travel phase, trigger creep refers to the positive movement of the trigger that moves the sear and engages the mainspring of the gun. Though not necessarily […]

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First Steps With Your New Airgun

Receiving your new airgun is an exciting moment and we want those feelings to last for years. Here are some tips that you can take to get the most out of your new airgun. Start by shooting it and giving it a thorough test in the first month while you still have the option to […]

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Air Rifle Scope Mounting Basics

Your brand-new airgun just arrived, and you are eager to try it out. You also purchased an air rifle scope (make sure it’s airgun rated if you plan to install on a springer) and the recommended mounts and rings that fit, and all you need to do now to enjoy your new acquisition is to […]

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What Do the Numbers Mean on a Rifle Scope

There are a lot of numbers listed on rifle scopes that you need to know. The main numbers are the magnification and the lens size in millimeters. This will usually be seen as a number, the letter X, and a second number. The first number is the magnification of the object and the second number […]

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CO2 Cartridge Pressure

The matter of CO2 pressure may seem intimidating at first, but knowing the basics makes it easier to understand matters such as velocity and how many shots per cartridge. CO2 is carbon dioxide compressed in a cylinder tank capable of powering an airgun. This substance is a gas capable of forming a liquid when mechanically […]

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All About Ballistic Coefficient

What is ballistic coefficient (BC)? Without getting into the math, BC is basically a measure of a projectile’s ability to maintain velocity as it flies through the air. It is calculated based on the sectional density (weight of the projectile in relation to its diameter) and form factor or shape of the projectile and is […]

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Necessary Airgun Accessories

Whether you are using your airgun for hunting or just target practice, there are certain accessories that are must-have items. Here are the top necessary airgun accessories you need in your collection. 1. Holster When looking at necessary airgun accessories, a holster is one of the most debated ones, but still worth mentioning as a […]