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Big Bore Airgun Hunting Tips

It’s that time of year. Folks are already out sitting in their stands, looking to take the next big trophy buck or drop the biggest hog at the corn pile. Unfortunately, many airgunners who are new to big bore airgun hunting struggle early on to get that clean, ethical kill. We hope that this article […]

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Top Pellet Guns for Hunting Squirrels

One of the most destructive backyard critters are those cute little squirrels. While they are “cute,” they cause millions of dollars of property damage every year.  They continue to be one of the driving forces behind airgun sales for this very reason.  So what are some of our top picks for hunting squirrels and keeping […]

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Best .22 Pellets for Hunting

Pellet guns make for great hunting tools, especially when dealing with pests or harvesting small game. They are quiet, affordable, and very accurate out to 50 and 100 yards depending on your specific airgun. While the gun and the shooter behind the trigger play a huge role, it’s the pellet that’s flying downrange and doing […]

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Top Airguns for Groundhog Hunting

Before we start tossing out options for airguns, let’s take a look at our prey. The typical groundhog reaches about 8 to 9 pounds. In contrast, your typical squirrel tops out at around a pound. When looking at the right airgun for taking game, you need to make sure that you can put enough energy […]

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What are Arrow Shooting Airguns

What are Arrow Shooting Airguns?

Not too long ago there were maybe one or two options for those wanting to sling arrows from an airgun. Basically, there were the FX and a few more homemade guns here and there.  Then came the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow.  Built from the ground up to propel proprietary arrows at speeds far surpassing the average […]

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Picking a Hunting Airgun

Picking the Right Airgun for Hunting

Airguns are a great way to get valuable trigger time in, but their usefulness goes way beyond just trigger time or plinking in the backyard. They are also a great way to take all kinds of game. From rabbits to bear, the right shooter with the right airgun can make the most of just about […]

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Trigger Control

When it comes to accuracy, fundamentals are essential. Whether it’s a pistol or a rifle, the basics are the same: sight alignment, breath control, and trigger control.  Of course it sounds so simple but we all know that mastering just those three basic principals can take a lifetime of practice. Though none of the essential […]

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The Art of Breathing

As anyone familiar with shooting knows, it’s easy to understand the effect that your lungs have on accuracy. Simply hold your rifle or pistol pointed at a target and take exaggerated breaths if you want to see the importance of the art of breathing. You’ll notice how your sights move above and below your target […]

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Airgun Hunting: Petition Your State to Change Airgun Hunting Laws

One of the great benefits of living in America is having a voice and being able to influence the laws in the state you live in. It’s upon this principle that laws can change and individuals can be the catalyst for this change. We know that the visitors reading this blog and the associated hunting […]

Airgun Hunting: Why Hunt?

Hunting, it’s one of our favorite traditions. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. It teaches important life skills such as patience and hard work, it helps us gain a respect for wildlife and nature, and it allows us to be self sufficient and play a role in where our food comes […]