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Top Umarex Airguns of 2020

Umarex’s Top Airguns in 2020

For those that love airguns, they are going to know the name Umarex USA.  Pistol shooters will know Umarex for their highly realistic pistol replicas.  Hunters will know them for their PCP products and their new Arrow Shooters.  Back yard shooters just starting will know them for their affordable but functional break-barrel airguns. The short […]

Comparing Umarex’s New Arrow Shooting Airguns

Before Shot Show 2020, we felt that arrow shooting airguns were a complete waste of time.  But, having spent a few minutes with each of Umarex’s new arrow airguns, we immediately came to love both of them! In this article, we’ll explain both products and hopefully convince you to add one, if not both of […]

Testimony of an Airgunner

Testimony of an Airgunner

I hope you will indulge me in this article as I’m going to talk about some personal experiences. But I believe it’s an important point that will help us all grow as shooting sports enthusiasts, and also encourage others to join the sport.  It’s simple. Shooting airguns will make you a better shot with your […]

Anatomy of a Pellet

Anatomy of a Pellet

While the current trend in airgun ammunition seems to be moving toward slugs, there’s a good reason for most airgun shooters to stick with pellets.  But what’s the difference between them and why are pellets the better choice for most air gunners?  That’s a very good question! Basics Traditional pellets, whether they be wadcutter, hollow […]

Top 10

Top 10 Modern & Historic Airgun Replicas

Have you ever wanted to fire an MP40 or maybe handle an UZI?  Have you ever wanted to pull an M1 Carbine or how about the Sig MCX?  While you may not be able to have the opportunity to handle the “real” thing, there are some great airgun replicas on the market that certainly give […]

Airgun Training Techniques

Top Airgun Training Techniques

Proper practice and training are essential to master any skill.  How do you make the most of the trigger time you have to gain the necessary muscle memory? That’s the big question.  Proper training goes way beyond grabbing your gun, throwing some rounds in it, and sending them towards the target. Consistency, operation under pressure, […]

Qualities of a Good Hunting Air Rifle

Qualities of a Good Hunting Air Rifle

Hunting season is coming up! It’s probably a good time to look at what makes up the perfect air rifle for hunting.  Rather than look at this from the what game are you hunting perspective, let’s look at the attributes of air rifles suitable for hunting and how they fit into the various hunting scenarios. […]

Upgrading a Bundled Scope

What to Look For When Upgrading Your Bundled Scope

Many airguns today come with a bundled scope or optic, so when does it make sense to swap that out for something different or better? What do you need to be looking at when you do?  We’re going to explore those topics and more in this post. Pre-Packaged Bundled Optics So many airgun buyers ask […]

What are Arrow Shooting Airguns

What are Arrow Shooting Airguns?

Not too long ago there were maybe one or two options for those wanting to sling arrows from an airgun. Basically, there were the FX and a few more homemade guns here and there.  Then came the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow.  Built from the ground up to propel proprietary arrows at speeds far surpassing the average […]

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Example .50 Caliber Ammo

Intro to .50 Caliber Air Guns

Some folks may think that big bore airguns are a new thing and they couldn’t be more wrong.  Big bore airgunning has been around for hundreds of years and one of the biggest, most famous calibers is the venerable .50 caliber.  Not only is this the largest commercially produced airgun rifle caliber on the market, […]