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Printable Targets

Free custom Airgun Depot targets on-demand

Whether you’re looking to cut down on cost or simply want to have the ability to print targets on-demand, download one of our Airgun Depot Printable Targets today! These templates can be printed on any paper, but we found it best to print them on heavy duty 8.5×10, 110lb card stock.

Below, you’ll find the option to download:

Open & Print
Muli-Target - Printable Target
Size-Ref Target
Open & Print
Size Reference Target - Printable Target
Quick Scope Installation and Sighting Guide
Open & Print
Scope Installation Guide - Printable Target

Quick Scope Installation and Sighting Guide Instructions

  1. Mount the scope mount on the rifle. Be sure to align the stop pin with the hole in the top of the receiver of the gun near the back if so equipped.
  2. Remove the top half of the scope rings from the mount(s) and install the scope.
  3. Replace the rings but do not tighten them all the way down. Once replaced, hold the rifle to your shoulder and alight the scope to be “square” up and down / left to right, i.e. not at an angle, and adjust for a comfortable eye relief.
  4. Once “square,” tighten down the top rings but do not over tighten. Just bring them fairly snug on all four screws.
  5. To begin sighting, start at 10 or 15 feet and shoot into a safe target like a pellet trap or some other device that will stop the pellet and prevent ricochet.
  6. Adjust the scope to get the pellet hitting about near the target. At that range, 10 to 15 feet, you’ll need to turn the adjustment knobs 1/2 to full turns to see any change in impact.
  7. It may take a shot or two for the scope to finish adjusting so don’t chase 1 shot here and there with adjustments. Shoot 4 or 5 at the same place and notice where they hit. Then move the group in the direction you need to get it in the bullseye. At 10 to 15 feet it is ok if you hit about 3/4″ low from the center of the target, but make sure that your left to right is in line with the center of the target.
  8. Once you’re confident that you are close, then backup to 10 yards (30 feet) and adjust the scope again. You can use finer adjustments now because you are further away from the target. 8 to 16 clicks per adjustment should do until you are in the bullseye.
  9. Lastly, setup at your average range, i.e. if your average shot is 25 yards, then setup at 25 yards, and fine tune your scope for that range. Once done, your scope will be Zeroed for that yardage.
  10. You can use the mil‐dots in your scope (if so equipped) to adjust for changes in distance by practicing and recording where the pellet impacts at different yardages.

Many thanks to Rick at for letting us share these with our community.

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